We provide our clients discretionary management of both equity and fixed income assets.

Investment Advisory Services

Stephens Capital Management (SCM) provides our clients with discretionary management of both equity and fixed income assets. The assets managed by SCM have grown considerably because we are able to adapt our strategies to a changing financial environment while maintaining a focus on long-term growth and capital appreciation.

Equity Strategy

Our equity investment objective will invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks that may include large, medium and small capitalization stocks generally through investments in pooled equity investment products such as mutual funds or exchange traded funds.  This strategy seeks to be invested in equity securities at all times. 

Fixed Income Strategy

Our fixed income strategy is based upon our analysis of Federal Reserve monetary policy as it relates to intermediate-term trends in inflation and interest rates.

The FAQ section of our site provides important details on Stephens Fixed Income investment approach. Also available online are Quarterly Letters and up-to-date Product Performance information.

Balanced Strategy

The balanced strategy will have a diversified portfolio, with an agreed allocation of portfolio assets in growth equity securities, value equity securities and fixed income securities.  The portfolio may also include some exposure to alternative asset classes, such as energy, real-estate, emerging markets or other alternative investment asset classes.

SCM in the News

SCM in the News features articles and commentaries by William Tedford, Executive Vice President and Director of Stephens Fixed Income Strategy, and Alan B. Tedford, lead portfolio manager of Stephens Fixed Income Strategy