About StephensChoice

StephensChoice is a proprietary process of selection and monitoring of actively managed mutual funds. Our objective is to build a "Best of Breed" portfolio of actively managed funds across an array of asset classes. The portfolio enables investors to build an asset allocation that provides diversification and market return exposure for their risk tolerance and time horizon.

Once chosen, selected actively managed funds are regularly monitored in a thorough and demanding manner. Actively managed funds unable to meet our high standards are replaced.

Current Lineup

We search out those actively managed funds that demonstrate niche expertise in an asset class. Few actively managed funds survive our unique and rigorous fund selections process.

Current StephensChoice Lineup

Asset Allocation Models

To simplify the asset allocation decision for investors, our investment professionals have developed five Lifestyle Asset Allocation Models that provide appropriate allocations for the risk tolerance and time horizons of typical investors using the actively managed funds identified through the StephensChoice process. These models may use the actively managed funds from each asset class and are rebalanced periodically.

Asset Allocation Models

StephensChoice Retirement Solution

As a turnkey solution for your retirement program, the StephensChoice process provides a full range of plan administration and education services.