Family Advisory

Warren A. Stephens
Chairman, President and CEO

“Three generations of my family have built, and continue to contribute to, the success of Stephens. Passing on the legacy established by my father and uncle to my three children, who are actively involved in the business, is one of the proudest accomplishments of my career. And sharing what we’ve learned along the way with other families is among the most important and rewarding things we do at Stephens.”

Mickey McFarlin
Managing Director, Investment Banking 
“In spearheading Stephens’ Family Advisory business, I take inspiration from our own firm, which is a family-owned enterprise. I can see first-hand the importance of considering all aspects of a business – not only financial matters but also the values and aspirations that make founding, running and passing on a family legacy so important. We are uniquely positioned to share with our clients what we’ve learned about transitioning a significant family business from generation to generation.”
Brad Eichler
Executive Vice President, Head of Investment Banking
“We connect family businesses that need capital with those that are looking to invest their capital. We bring unique ideas to companies and family offices, ideas that leverage our extensive network of clients and other contacts across industries and geographies. We apply the same focus on superb execution to our work with families that we bring to our large global clients.”
Martin M. Rhodes
President, Chief Executive Officer, Stephens Insurance
“Through Stephens Family Business Advisory, we consider both the risks and the opportunities inherent in running a family business or family office. It’s that holistic, connected perspective that really sets us apart.”
Kevin Scanlon
Executive Vice President
Director of Private Client Group
“Our Family Business Advisory Group connects you to everything we’ve learned as a family-owned business, and everything we do, so that your family business or family office can continue to thrive. The advisors in our Private Client Group will provide unique strategies based on a deep understanding of your individual needs and keen insights from our team of award-winning research analysts.”
Dana F. Silaski
Managing Director, Investment Banking
“We recognize that there’s something special about a family-owned business. It’s important to understand the family dynamics involved, the goals for the family as well as the business. Only then can you develop and implement strategies that truly work for everyone.”
Matt Summitt
Vice President,
Investment Banking                                                                                                                                                                                      
“When you work for a family-owned business, you understand that culture, values and trust are as important as the bottom line.”

 For more information about our Family Advisory Services, contact us at or 800-643-9691.

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