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First Look: Reports 2Q Beat & Provides July Update PDF ARCB 07/29/2020
First Look: Reports Solid 2Q Beat PDF SAIA 07/29/2020
First Look: SMP Reports 2Q20 Beat PDF SMP 07/29/2020
First Look: Special Meeting Process in the Works PDF CLGX 07/29/2020
First Look: Trending Largely As Expected PDF BSX 07/29/2020
Good Credit Trends; Record Mortgage Offset By Fee Headwinds Elsewhere PDF FIBK 07/29/2020
Good Earnings Beat; Security Deposits Provide Cover; Question On Rent Retur... PDF AER 07/29/2020
Govt. Restrictions Put Brakes On An Encouraging Recovery; Staying EW For No... PDF DENN 07/29/2020
HES 2Q20 Initial Look: Solid Quarter Driven By Better Cash Operating Costs PDF HES 07/29/2020
ICL 2Q20 First Look PDF ICL 07/29/2020
ICL 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF ICL 07/29/2020
Impressive Results Highlight Strength of Core Offering & Execution; Rai... PDF OMCL 07/29/2020
It's Getting Better All The Time PDF BSX 07/29/2020
Lowering Estimates Following 2Q Due to Smaller Avg. Balance Sheet PDF HBMD 07/29/2020
LT Thesis Starts To Emerge & TL Cycle Turn Bodes Well For EPS Power Inf... PDF CHRW 07/29/2020
Market Stabilization Brings Growth Story Back Into Focus PDF SAIA 07/29/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/29/2020
MLM 2Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW, Target to $237 PDF MLM 07/29/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/29/2020
Morning Update: 2Q In-Line with Pre-Release; Cost Cuts Taking Hold; OW PDF PAG 07/29/2020
Mortgage Tailwinds Drives Strong 2Q20; Increasing PT to $28. PDF RNST 07/29/2020
NCR 2Q Review/Call: More Resilient Vs. Expectations; Not Just ATMs Anymore PDF NCR 07/29/2020
NIM Expansion Drives EPS Beat: Increasing Estimates and P/T PDF NYCB 07/29/2020
Noisy 2Q20 Results; NT B/S Growth Likely Limited to Mgtg. Warehouse PDF PB 07/29/2020
PKG 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF PKG 07/29/2020
PYPL 1st Look: Ecom Dominates, TPV Growth Very Strong, Guidance Above Stree... PDF PYPL 07/29/2020
PYPL Call: More Than Met High Expectations; Strong Trends = Good For '20/Be... PDF PYPL 07/29/2020
Recovery Clearly Underway, But Lingering Uncertainty Keeps Us EW for Now PDF SBUX 07/29/2020
Reiterate Top Pick As Earnings Gets Back To $6/Share Pre-COVID Levels PDF OMF 07/29/2020
See Multiple Reasons to Own MCD Into The Back Half of 2020: Remain OW PDF MCD 07/29/2020
SFM Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating PDF SFM 07/29/2020
Taking Down Our Estimates Near Term On A Longer Recovery; Long Term Unchang... PDF SC 07/29/2020
Tough to Envision Credit & Capital Overhang Going Away Soon; Remain EW PDF GWB 07/29/2020
Updating Estimates; Progress Made on Multiple Fronts, Credit Still A Wildca... PDF SONA 07/29/2020
Updating Our HP Model Post F3Q20 Earnings PDF HP 07/29/2020
Updating our Model Post 2Q20 Earnings PDF NOV 07/29/2020
Upgrade To Overweight: $65 Base/$80 Bull SOTP; Much More Optionality With S... PDF AAN 07/29/2020
V 3Q Final: Steady July Vols Despite So-So Macro a Positive; Favor FIS/FISV... PDF V 07/29/2020
When A Plan Comes Together...2Q Results Show Initiatives Bearing Fruit; Rei... PDF USX 07/29/2020
$1.26 EPS Triples Ests = Low Credit Costs & ~20% PPNR Beat; Plus 5% TBV... PDF UMBF 07/28/2020
1st Look at 2Q20: PPNR Driven by PPP Fees; ACL Ratio Now 2.01% PDF VBTX 07/28/2020
1st Look at 2Q20: Solid Profitability; Bargain Purchase Gain Boost TBVPS PDF FBMS 07/28/2020
1st Look at 2Q20: Strong Mortgage Drives PPNR Beat; New CFO Announced PDF RNST 07/28/2020
2Q In Line w/ Pre-Release; 3Q Off To Strong Start; Big Acquisition Pending;... PDF ABG 07/28/2020
2Q20 First Look: Solid Beat, Strong Margins, Near-Term Outlook Remains Clo... PDF MLM 07/28/2020
2Q20 Initial: Key Metrics Modestly Above Positively Revised Street Views PDF CNC 07/28/2020
2Q20 Op. EPS Upside on Better NIM; Raising Estimates PDF HTLF 07/28/2020
2Q20 Results & Re-Established Guidance Better Than Feared; Reiterate Ov... PDF WAB 07/28/2020
2Q20 Wrap: After Big 2Q Assist From CARES, Looking to 2H20 Clues on Run-Rat... PDF UHS 07/28/2020
2Q20 Wrap: After Sharp Growth Acceleration in 2Q, CNC Adds Some Caution on ... PDF CNC 07/28/2020
2Q20 Wrap: Staying Focused on L-T Growth Strategy Despite Ongoing C-19 Impa... PDF EHC 07/28/2020
A.M. Update: 2Q In-Line with Pre-Release; Strong Momentum; Acquisition Pend... PDF ABG 07/28/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/28/2020
AMED 2Q20 Initial: Reports 2Q Headline Beats & Reissues 2020 Guidance PDF AMED 07/28/2020
CSGP 1st Look: Rev/EPS Beat; OK Bkings; Traffic > Pre-Virus; '20 Guide &... PDF CSGP 07/28/2020
CSGP Call: Much Higher Resilience Esp Suite/Loop/STR; Guide Mutes CRE Mkt F... PDF CSGP 07/28/2020
Early Results of SGB Acquisition Appear Favorable; Increasing PT to $26 PDF FBMS 07/28/2020
Earnings Outlook More Challenging as NIM Falls 40bp Q/Q - Reducing Est. and... PDF FULT 07/28/2020
First Look at 2Q Beat: 3Q Guide Just Shy of Consensus; In-Line w/ Our Estim... PDF OMCL 07/28/2020
First Look at 2Q20 PDF NOV 07/28/2020
First Look at 2Q20: Solid Adjusted EPS Beat & Provides Inline 2020 Guid... PDF WAB 07/28/2020
First Look at DENN F2Q20 Earnings PDF DENN 07/28/2020
First Look at MCD 2Q20 Earnings PDF MCD 07/28/2020
First Look at SBUX F3Q20 Earnings PDF SBUX 07/28/2020
First Look: 2Q20 Earnings Call Takeaways PDF NOV 07/28/2020
First Look: 2Q20 Results Beat Consensus by a Mile PDF USX 07/28/2020
First Look: DXCM Delivers PDF DXCM 07/28/2020
First Look: Higher Revenue and Lower Provision Drive Solid EPS Beat PDF DCOM 07/28/2020
First Look: NEO 2Q20 PDF NEO 07/28/2020
First Look: OCBI 2Q20 Results PDF OCBI 07/28/2020
First Look: Post Big 2Q Beat On Strong Air Results & Good Cost Controls... PDF CHRW 07/28/2020
First Look: SONA 2Q20 Results PDF SONA 07/28/2020
Increasing Price Target as High-Growth Opportunity Set to Inflect Again in ... PDF DXCM 07/28/2020
Initial Look: Solid 2Q20 Results; 2H20 Volumes Tracking PDF MTDR 07/28/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/28/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/28/2020
NEO 2Q20 Wrap Up: Reit. OW-Vol./$40 PT PDF NEO 07/28/2020
PKG 2Q20 First Look PDF PKG 07/28/2020
Primed to Move; Latest Thoughts + 2Q20 Preview PDF BKI 07/28/2020
Profitability Inflection Confirmed With 2Q Results; Reiterate OW PDF MYFW 07/28/2020
Reports Solid 2Q Results & Guides Above Consensus For FY20; Reiterate O... PDF TFII-CA 07/28/2020
Revenue Misses the Mark in 2Q20; Closer to Profitability Inflection Point PDF TCF 07/28/2020
Stable Credit; Strong Core Profitability Trends Starting to Emerge PDF IBTX 07/28/2020
Thesis Intact Post 2Q20 Earnings - Maintain OW Rating and P/T PDF UVSP 07/28/2020
Tweaking Estimates Following 2Q Results; Near-Term Pipeline Solid PDF OCBI 07/28/2020
USAK 2Q Recap PDF USAK 07/28/2020
V 3QFY20 1st Look: Volume Trends Improving Through July; Nice Cost Control PDF V 07/28/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (7/28/20) PDF 07/28/2020
1st Look at 2Q20: Stable Credit; Mortgage Drives PPNR Beat PDF IBTX 07/27/2020
2Q20 1st Look: Solid Beat Ex. MSR Impairment; Credit Trends Look Good PDF FIBK 07/27/2020
2Q20 Cloud Communications Preview; Coverage Vignettes PDF 07/27/2020
2Q20 Initial: Revs & Adjusted EBITDA Above Street; EPS a Tad Light PDF EHC 07/27/2020
Adjust Quarterly EPS Progression Ahead of 2Q20 Print; Quick Thoughts on Sto... PDF CI 07/27/2020
Adjusting Estimates Following 2Q20 Results; Remain EW PDF GBCI 07/27/2020
Aftermarket Auto 2Q20 Earnings Preview PDF 07/27/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/27/2020
Credit Slip Driven by Energy Portfolio; Maintain $10 PT/EW Rating PDF CFB 07/27/2020
Diverse Business Model Drives Strong 2Q Results; Remain EW PDF TOWN 07/27/2020
Early Adopts CECL; Expenses Highlight PPNR Beat, But CPRs Pressure Growth/N... PDF WAFD 07/27/2020
Encouraging Credit Trends but NIM in Long-Term Vice - Adj. Est. and P/T PDF PBCT 07/27/2020
EPS and PPNR Upside in 2Q20, At-Risk Loans Fall to 6.6% PDF LKFN 07/27/2020
Fees Boost EPS With Core ACL Now Over 1.00%; Maintain EW Rating PDF MSBI 07/27/2020
First Look - EPS Beat as NIM and Fee Income Decline Offset by Expenses PDF CBU 07/27/2020
First Look - Lower Expenses and LLP Drive Solid EPS Beat PDF NBTB 07/27/2020
First Look At 2Q20 Beat PDF USAK 07/27/2020
First Look: 21% Divi Yield + Excellent 2020 Loss Guide + Beating Bull Case ... PDF OMF 07/27/2020
First Look: HBMD 2Q20 Results PDF HBMD 07/27/2020
First Look: Reports Significant 2Q20 Upside Relative To Expectations PDF TFII-CA 07/27/2020
First Look: TCF 2Q20 Results PDF TCF 07/27/2020
First Look: Transformational Deal in Place With Optimal Blue PDF BKI 07/27/2020
Golf Equipment 2Q20 Earnings Preview PDF 07/27/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 07/27/2020
Growth Outlook Remains Solid; Maintaining OW Following 2Q PDF CBNK 07/27/2020
Hertz Raises Car Prices 20bps Wk/Wk, 6% Discount To Dealerships PDF 07/27/2020
Initiating DNB at OW: Strong Prods+Value-Driving Mgt Team+Investment Should... PDF DNB 07/27/2020
LLP & Deferred Comp Beat, While NIM Resets Lower; Adjusting Ests PDF COLB 07/27/2020
Loan Fees and Cost Controls Drive PPNR Beat; Maintain EW Rating / $12 PT PDF BSVN 07/27/2020
Maintain OW Rating Following 2Q PPNR Beat and Solid Deferral Commentary PDF WSBC 07/27/2020
Maintaining Equal-Weight Following 2Q20 Results PDF WBS 07/27/2020
Maintaining Overweight Following In-Line 2Q Results PDF AMNB 07/27/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/27/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/27/2020
Noteworthy Nuggets from EHC's Updated Investor Slide Deck PDF EHC 07/27/2020
Peer Leading Profitability Continues; Increasing EPS Forecasts; PT now $30 PDF FFIN 07/27/2020
Preview Call Starting In 30 Minutes; 2Q20 Cloud Communications Presentation... PDF 07/27/2020
Quick Look at Key HC Services Provisions in Latest Senate C-19 Package PDF 07/27/2020
Recovery in Milk Price Futures Important; Commercial Deferrals on the Decli... PDF ICBK 07/27/2020
Restaurant Weekly: 7/27 PDF 07/27/2020
Risk Rating Migration/CECL Drives 2Q Loss; Maintain EW PDF WSFS 07/27/2020
RRC: Adjusting Estimates Following 2Q20 Update PDF RRC 07/27/2020
SASR Posts Solid Results in First Quarter Following REVB Acquisition PDF SASR 07/27/2020
Stable NIM in a Tough Environment - Increasing Estimates and P/T PDF STL 07/27/2020
Strong 2Q Results But Investor Skepticism on Reserve May Limit Shares From ... PDF CHCO 07/27/2020
Strong Mortgage Banking Drives 2Q Beat; Remain EW Due to Valuation PDF UBSI 07/27/2020
Thesis Remains in Tact Following 2Q20 Results PDF CIVB 07/27/2020
Trouble Is Brewing for the Consumer; Implications for Restaurants PDF 07/27/2020
Trump Rebate EO Survives the Chopping Block in Last Minute Decision on Frid... PDF 07/27/2020
UHS 2Q20 Initial: Revs & EBITDA Beat Across Both Acute Care & BH Se... PDF UHS 07/27/2020
Updating Estimates For MATX & KEX Ahead Of 2Q20 Reports PDF 07/27/2020
Updating Forecast For Solid 2Q20 Results PDF GNTY 07/27/2020
Updating Forecasting and Increasing PT to $18; Maintain OW Rating PDF TSC 07/27/2020
Updating MOH Model for Recent Contract Activity / C-19 Quarterly EPS Impact... PDF MOH 07/27/2020
Weekly: BLFS, CDMO, CTLT, CYRX, RGEN, TECH PDF 07/27/2020
Well-Positioned for the Path Ahead - Adj. Estimates and Remain O/W PDF OCFC 07/27/2020
2Q20 1st Look: EPS 3x Forecasts; Mortgage & Profitability Jump Higher PDF MYFW 07/24/2020
2Q20 1st Look: Noisy Beat; Mortgage Shines, But Mods Increase 5% vs. April PDF GBCI 07/24/2020
2Q20 Review; Stable-to-Improving Credit - $20 mil. of PPP Fees Expected PDF BY 07/24/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/24/2020
Commercial Fears Weighing on the Stock; Probably Overdone at this Stage PDF FAF 07/24/2020
Credit Trends Move in the Right Direction; Continue to Watch Franchise Loan... PDF FFBC 07/24/2020
Downgrading to EW/V; Deserved Re-Rate But Seeing Limited Upside from Here PDF CLGX 07/24/2020
First Look - 2Q20 Beat on Provision While NIM Declines - Deferrals Down in ... PDF OCFC 07/24/2020
First Look at 2Q20 Results PDF SLB 07/24/2020
First Look: Beat On Lower Credit Provisions Than Guide; 2Q Fundamentals Mis... PDF AXP 07/24/2020
First Look: FFBC 2Q20 Results PDF FFBC 07/24/2020
First Look: UBSI 2Q20 Results PDF UBSI 07/24/2020
First Look: WSFS 2Q20 Results PDF WSFS 07/24/2020
Friendliest Creditors In The World; More Buybacks, Worse Net Worth PDF WRLD 07/24/2020
Good PPNR Driven by Loan Growth; Increasing EPS Forecasts PDF OZK 07/24/2020
Highlight from EPS Reports This Week: Quantifying the COVID-19 Opportunity PDF 07/24/2020
Increasing Est. Following Solid 2Q; Investigation Risk Keeps Us Equal-Weigh... PDF EGBN 07/24/2020
Increasing Estimates Following 2Q as AUB Takes the Hatchet to Expenses PDF AUB 07/24/2020
Internet, Video and Online Gambling Coverage Update PDF 07/24/2020
Looking Past All the Near-Term Noise; Bigger Picture Path Remains Intact PDF FITB 07/24/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/24/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/24/2020
Questions On Reserve Level But Encouraged On Forbearance And Spend Trends PDF AXP 07/24/2020
Reserves Build to a Healthy 1.9% But Drive 2Q Operating Loss PDF HFWA 07/24/2020
Right Mix of PPNR Upside and Better Credit Trends Positive for Sentiment PDF HBAN 07/24/2020
Sharp High Margin Commercial Declines Yet Record-Type Results; Nod to New M... PDF STC 07/24/2020
Solid 2Q with Strong Fees and Improved Credit - Remain Overweight PDF VLY 07/24/2020
Stepdown in NIM; Deferral Trends Encouraging PDF ASB 07/24/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 7/18/20) PDF 07/24/2020
Strong Mortgage Results; Efficiency Programs Restarted & Deferrals Goin... PDF BANR 07/24/2020
Taking Up EPS On Better Card Balances And A Longer Time For Loss Emergence PDF DFS 07/24/2020
Three More Online Deposit Rate Cuts This Week: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 07/24/2020
TSCO Reports 2Q20; Raising Estimates & PT as Market Share Continues; Re... PDF TSCO 07/24/2020
Updating Model to Exclude MCC From Our Formal Estimates; Raise PT to $83 PDF MGLN 07/24/2020
Updating our Model Post 2Q20 Earnings PDF SLB 07/24/2020
Valuation Presents Oppy for Long-Term Investors, But Two Things Keep Us EW PDF BJRI 07/24/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (7/24/20) PDF 07/24/2020
1st Look at 2Q20 Results: Good EPS Beat; Revenue Miss from NII Headwinds PDF TSC 07/23/2020
1st Look at 2Q20 Results: Impressive Revenue Trends; PPNR ROA >2.7% PDF FFIN 07/23/2020
1st Look at 2Q20: PPNR Beat Driven by Mortgage Tailwinds; ACL Ratio Builds PDF OBNK 07/23/2020
2Q Stewart Title Results: Very Positive FICO Read, Slightly Positive CSGP ... PDF 07/23/2020
2Q20 1st Look: -$0.18 Loss on Reserve Build to 1.88%; PPNR Beats PDF HFWA 07/23/2020
2Q20 1st Look: Expenses/Mortgage Drive Beat; 1.7% ACL & Deferrals Movin... PDF BANR 07/23/2020
2Q20 1st Look: PPP Contra-Expenses Drive Beat; Reserve Built to 1.7% PDF COLB 07/23/2020
2Q20 Adj. EPS Miss & Impairment Charge; Pushing Harder on Cost Initiati... PDF TRN 07/23/2020
2Q20 EPS Beat; Guidance for OR Improvement in 2020 Despite ~10% Volume Decl... PDF UNP 07/23/2020
2Q20 EPS Review: Another EPS Beat; Quality and Consistency Visible Again PDF SYBT 07/23/2020
2Q20 Industry Railcar Data: Backlog Falls 15% Sequentially PDF 07/23/2020
2Q20 Results Relatively In Line; TL Conversion Story Will Take Time; Remain... PDF CSX 07/23/2020
2Q20 Well Ahead of Street From Successful Cost Cuts; Remain Overweight PDF RUSHA 07/23/2020
3Q Guide Looks Conservative & Biz Set For Inflection As TL Cycle Turns;... PDF LSTR 07/23/2020
97bps ROA in 2Q20 Not too Shabby; Maintain EW PDF FRME 07/23/2020
A.M Update: 2Q Beats Almost Four-Fold; Digital Investments Drive Efficienc... PDF AN 07/23/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/23/2020
As TL Market Tightens, Brokerage Trends Near Inflection Point; Reiterate OW... PDF ECHO 07/23/2020
Behavioral M&A Activity Slowed As Expected in 2Q20 Amidst C-19 Disrupti... PDF 07/23/2020
Buy On Weakness: 2Q Fundamentals Strong, Credit Well Reserved, Outlook Posi... PDF SLM 07/23/2020
Cash Trumps Mkt. Share in a Downturn; Tech. Will Win the Next Cycle; Reit. ... PDF BOOM 07/23/2020
Cloud Communications 2Q Preview | MONDAY | July 27 | 1:00pm ET/12:00pm CT PDF 07/23/2020
Digital Gains Are a Real Positive, But Margin Pressures Will Linger Near-Te... PDF CMG 07/23/2020
E&P 2Q Earnings Preview Addendum: MUR + PXD PDF 07/23/2020
EFX Call: 2Q Mortgage Better Than Expected/July Still +35%; Pos For FICO FY... PDF EFX 07/23/2020
F3Q20 1st Look: Expenses Down 5% Q/Q; Early Downgrades Evidenced PDF WAFD 07/23/2020
First Look - NIM Decline and Elevated Provision Drives 2Q Miss PDF UVSP 07/23/2020
First Look - Solid 2Q Results as Core NIM Stable and Asset Quality Trends O... PDF STL 07/23/2020
First Look at 2Q20 Results PDF PTEN 07/23/2020
First Look at BJRI F2Q20 Earnings PDF BJRI 07/23/2020
First Look at OZK 2Q20 Results: Solid PPNR; ALL Ratio Now 1.59% PDF OZK 07/23/2020
First Look: 2Q20 EPS Beat; Guidance for OR Improvement in 2020 PDF UNP 07/23/2020
First Look: AMNB 2Q20 Results PDF AMNB 07/23/2020
First Look: AUB 2Q20 Results PDF AUB 07/23/2020
First Look: Beat Us And Street On Credit Reserve Ratio, Card Rev Miss PDF ADS 07/23/2020
First Look: BY 2Q20 Results PDF BY 07/23/2020
First Look: CBNK 2Q20 Results PDF CBNK 07/23/2020
First Look: EGBN 2Q20 Results PDF EGBN 07/23/2020
First Look: EPS Miss From Higher Credit Provision; Very Conservative Macro PDF SLM 07/23/2020
First Look: FITB 2Q20 Results PDF FITB 07/23/2020
First Look: FRME 2Q20 Results PDF FRME 07/23/2020
First Look: FWRD Makes 2Q20 Pre-Announcement PDF FWRD 07/23/2020
First Look: HBAN 2Q20 Results PDF HBAN 07/23/2020
First Look: Miss On Credit Provision Guide, But Higher Card Balances A Posi... PDF DFS 07/23/2020
First Look: NIM Miss With Improvement in Deferrals PDF WBS 07/23/2020
First Look: SASR 2Q20 Results PDF SASR 07/23/2020
First Look: TSCO Reports 2Q20 Beat & Guides 3Q Ahead of Consensus PDF TSCO 07/23/2020
First Look: WSBC 2Q20 Results PDF WSBC 07/23/2020
Four-Fold EPS Beat; Digital Capabilities to Enable Reduced Cost Structure; ... PDF AN 07/23/2020
Increasing Est. Following Solid 2Q - Maintain P/T and Equal-Weight Rating PDF BMTC 07/23/2020
Increasing Price Target to $245 As Momentum Builds Exiting Quarter PDF ALGN 07/23/2020
June '20 Contract Awards: LTM Highway Awards Show Modest Growth PDF 07/23/2020
Long-Term Deferral Questions - Here's Some OCC Literature That May Help PDF 07/23/2020
Lowering 2020 EPS On More Subdued Second-Half Pawn And Retail Expectations PDF FCFS 07/23/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/23/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/23/2020
NCOs Remain Elevated; ACL Ratio Build Continues; Maintain EW Rating / $33 P... PDF TCBI 07/23/2020
PDGM / C-19 Slowed Home Health M&A in 2Q20; Record Hospice Deal Flow Co... PDF 07/23/2020
PPNR Strength and ACL Build Stood out in 2Q20; New PT is $50 PDF WTFC 07/23/2020
Raising Ests On Better Loan Balances, Some Fundamental Tailwinds From 2Q20 PDF ADS 07/23/2020
Record Mortgage, Credit Story Sounds Good So Far; Remain EW on Valuation PDF NBHC 07/23/2020
See TEMN Improving US Digital/Core Mkt Position; FIS/FISV/JKHY/QTWO Implica... PDF 07/23/2020
Street Shrugs Off Big Beat, But Upside Remains As TL Cycle Continues to Inf... PDF KNX 07/23/2020
Strong 2Q Beat; Firing on All Cylinders; Raising Estimates and PT to $248 PDF LAD 07/23/2020
Strong Revenue Trends; PPNR ROA Shines; Maintain PT of $29/OW Rating PDF OBNK 07/23/2020
SUM 2Q20 Recap; Adjusting Estimates and Price Target to $19; Reiterate EW PDF SUM 07/23/2020
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