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Restaurant Weekly PDF 03/16/2020
Revising Price Target to $30; Ex. COVID-19 Outlook Gets A Great Check-Up PDF ESTA 03/16/2020
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - March 2020 Update PDF 03/16/2020
Takeaways From Stephens Virtual West Coast Conference: FNF, TREE, RP PDF 03/16/2020
Updated Thoughts on BLFS PDF BLFS 03/16/2020
Updating Estimates For 0% Interest Rates & Potential COVID-19 Impacts PDF 03/16/2020
Upgrading to OW With Expectation for Outperformance During COVID-19 Outbrea... PDF DPZ 03/16/2020
Weekly Reader: BLFS, BRKS, CDMO, CTLT, CYRX, RGEN PDF 03/16/2020
4Q20: Lowering PT on Enterprise Uncertainty; FY21 Upside on Elevated WFH Us... PDF WORK 03/13/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/13/2020
Ag monitor - March 2020 PDF 03/13/2020
Better Agent Growth & New Narrative To Support a Better Multiple; U/G t... PDF RMAX 03/13/2020
CSGP: Takeaways From Our Virtual West Coast Conference PDF CSGP 03/13/2020
February Monthly Stats Look Good, But Waiting For March PDF DFS 03/13/2020
First Look: NBL Announces Capex Reduction PDF NBL 03/13/2020
First Look: YRCW Mid-Quarter Update PDF YRCW 03/13/2020
HFWA Authorizes New Share Buyback; Completes Prior Authorization in 1Q PDF HFWA 03/13/2020
Initial Channel Checks: UCC Industry Response to COVID-19 PDF 03/13/2020
Mark to Market; Reduce TPs for Coverage Universe on COVID-19 / Recession Ri... PDF 03/13/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/13/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/13/2020
Moving to Equal-Weight Given COVID-19 Challenges to Parties, Celebrations PDF PRTY 03/13/2020
Recent Weakness Creates Real Opportunity; Maintain OW/V and $60 PT PDF RAMP 03/13/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 3/7/20) PDF 03/13/2020
SUM Updated Thoughts. Relative Underperformance Unwarranted PDF SUM 03/13/2020
Take It To The Limit: Buybacks Put WRLD At Covenant Limits PDF WRLD 03/13/2020
Takeaways from Our Virtual West Coast Conference PDF SRI 03/13/2020
Takeaways From Our Virtual West Coast Conference PDF LAD 03/13/2020
Takeaways From Our Virtual West Coast Conference PDF JBHT 03/13/2020
Thesis Confirming-Type Quarter; Gross Profit Outpaces Still-Sharp Rev. Grow... PDF EXPI 03/13/2020
TRUE Remains M&A Target In Our View; Maintain OW/V $4 PT PDF TRUE 03/13/2020
WC Conf Takeaways: Resilient Today & Very Well-Positioned After COVID-1... PDF ADM 03/13/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (3/13/20) PDF 03/13/2020
Widespread Deposit Rate Cuts; Savings Hits New Low: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 03/13/2020
4% Buybacks In 1Q20-to-Date Drive Higher EPS Estimates PDF CACC 03/12/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/12/2020
AM Update: Misses 4Q, Guides Below Street; New CEO; COVID-19 Big F20 Headwi... PDF PRTY 03/12/2020
BLFS 4Q19 Conference Call Takeaways PDF BLFS 03/12/2020
COVID-19 Update: UHS Not Yet Seeing Impact on Elective Vols But Still Early... PDF UHS 03/12/2020
COVID-19 Valuations Vs Great Recession Benchmark: What May Be Cheap Vs. Pri... PDF 03/12/2020
ESTE Initial Look: 4Q19 Pre-Announced, '20 Capital Program Under Review PDF ESTE 03/12/2020
First Look: 4Q20 Print Misses Expectations; COVID-19 Impacts Front and Cent... PDF WORK 03/12/2020
First Look: APA Responds to Oil Shock, 35% Capex Reduction + Lowering Divi... PDF APA 03/12/2020
First Look: Devon Responds to Oil Crunch PDF DVN 03/12/2020
First Look: Feb. Orders Beat; Refi Lift Obv., But Teens Purchase Growth a B... PDF FAF 03/12/2020
First Look: MUR Cuts Budget in Wake of Oil Shock PDF MUR 03/12/2020
First Look: PDCE Reducing Activity in Response to Oil Environment PDF PDCE 03/12/2020
First Look: Record Quarter & Impressive Beat Across the Board; Big GM E... PDF EXPI 03/12/2020
LMNR Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate Rating PDF LMNR 03/12/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/12/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/12/2020
Notes From Our In-Depth Meeting With STL PDF STL 03/12/2020
Redfin Provides an Update on Recent Market Trends; Largely Positive PDF 03/12/2020
Taking Share But Convertible Offering Creates Dilution, Lowering PT to $10 PDF SIEN 03/12/2020
TALO First Look: 4Q19 EBITDA Beats; Adjusting '20 Spending Outlook PDF TALO 03/12/2020
UNH Provides Update on COVID-19 Observations for UHC and Optum PDF UNH 03/12/2020
1Q20 Guidance Updated at Industry Event PDF USB 03/11/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/11/2020
Biden Outperforms Bernie on Mini Super Tuesday; What's Next for Our Stocks PDF 03/11/2020
BLFS 4Q19 Initial View PDF BLFS 03/11/2020
CASY Reports 3Q20; Updating Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF CASY 03/11/2020
CDMO 3Q20 Wrap Up: Reit. OW-Vol./$10 PT PDF CDMO 03/11/2020
CI Expects Immaterial Impact from COVID-19; Confident on Outlook for 2020-2... PDF CI 03/11/2020
CMS Issues Coronavirus Guidance for Home Health Agencies PDF 03/11/2020
Could a Volatile Tape Threaten Bank Deals? PDF 03/11/2020
COVID-19 Update: GPN Reit Guide; FISV Reit Guide/Ups Synergies; MA Lower Vo... PDF 03/11/2020
CVGW Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol.) PDF CVGW 03/11/2020
Evolution not Revolution; We Believe TSCO Is Positioned to Accel. Through 2... PDF TSCO 03/11/2020
First Look at 4Q19 Results PDF NEX 03/11/2020
First Look: Matador Responds to Oil Shock PDF MTDR 03/11/2020
First Look: SIEN Reports Results, Announces Below Consensus Guide & Deb... PDF SIEN 03/11/2020
First Mortgage Readout Since Emergency Rate Cut; Big Weekly Spike PDF 03/11/2020
Investor Day Recap: LT Outlook for >10% EPS Growth & Stock at Trough... PDF WAB 03/11/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/11/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/11/2020
NDR Takeaways: COVID-19 Weighing on Near-Term Outlook; Long-Term Story Inta... PDF CTS 03/11/2020
Notes From the Road With VBTX PDF VBTX 03/11/2020
THC Not Yet Observing Disruptions to Normal Hospital Operations From COVID-... PDF THC 03/11/2020
Transitioning RAMP Coverage; Maintain OW/V; PT From $56 to $60 PDF RAMP 03/11/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/10/2020
ANTM Reaffirms 2020 Guidance; CFO Discusses Conceptual COVID-19 Impacts on ... PDF ANTM 03/10/2020
CDMO 3Q20 Initial View PDF CDMO 03/10/2020
First Look: CADE Cashes in Winning Ticket with Termination of IR Collar PDF CADE 03/10/2020
First Look: CVGW Reports 1Q20 PDF CVGW 03/10/2020
First Look: WAB Announces Long Term Financial Targets Ahead of Investor Day... PDF WAB 03/10/2020
FLMN Initial Look: '20 Guide Reiterated; Solid Line of Sight Wells PDF FLMN 03/10/2020
HUM Reiterates 2020 Adj. EPS & Quarterly Cadence; No COVID Impact Yet t... PDF HUM 03/10/2020
Italy Expands Quarantine to Entire Country; Estimating Impacts to LKQ; Reit... PDF LKQ 03/10/2020
MCD is Holding its Own at Breakfast During WEN Launch; Not a Zero-Sum Game PDF MCD 03/10/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/10/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/10/2020
Outlining a Short-Term Game Plan for Record-Low Rates + COVID-19 Impacts PDF 03/10/2020
Quality Gets Sale Done: $3 Bil. Student Loans Sold, $525 mil. ASR PDF SLM 03/10/2020
The One To Buy PDF HP 03/10/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (3/10/20) PDF 03/10/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/09/2020
Assuming Coverage of the Restaurant Industry and MCD, WEN, DPZ, PZZA, DENN PDF 03/09/2020
First Look: CASY Reports 3Q20 PDF CASY 03/09/2020
First Look: FANG Reduces '20 Activity in Response to Commodity Weakness PDF FANG 03/09/2020
First Look: IVC Divests Dynamic Controls PDF IVC 03/09/2020
First Look: PE Responds to Oil Shock; Reduces Activity PDF PE 03/09/2020
FISV 4Q Final: Ltd Virus/Cycle Risk, Investor Day Catalyst, Rev/Profit Visi... PDF FISV 03/09/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 03/09/2020
Lowering Estimates To Reflect Slower Macro & Further Reduction In Energ... PDF KEX 03/09/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/09/2020
Mid-Quarter Update PDF CMA 03/09/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/09/2020
Paper & Wood Monitor - March 2020 PDF 03/09/2020
Recommend Subprime Lending Sector on Recession and Low Rate Fears PDF 03/09/2020
Select U.S. Banks Remain Vulnerable to Energy Price Shock PDF 03/09/2020
Super Regional Banks: Navigating the Evolving Interest Rate Environment PDF 03/09/2020
U.S. Listing Paves Way For Multiple Expansion; Reiterate Overweight Rating PDF TFII-CA 03/09/2020
Update From SECO 2020 PDF 03/09/2020
Updated Thoughts on BRKS PDF BRKS 03/09/2020
Weekly Reader: BLFS, CYRX, REPH PDF 03/09/2020
With Corona, We are Miles Away from Ordinary; Bear/Bull Case Keyed on Durat... PDF 03/09/2020
*Updated: Auto Finance Tour: SC, Exeter, GM Financial + Others on March 23-... PDF 03/06/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/06/2020
CMS Issues COVID-19 Coverage Guidance for Government-Sponsored Health Progr... PDF 03/06/2020
COVID-19 Weighs Heavily on China for F2Q, But Seeing Early Signs of Improve... PDF SBUX 03/06/2020
CYRX 4Q19 Wrap Up: Reit. OW-Vol/$21 PT PDF CYRX 03/06/2020
KR Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate Rating PDF KR 03/06/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/06/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/06/2020
NCR NDR Takes: Still EW On Ltd Near-Term Catalyst But Strategy Starting To ... PDF NCR 03/06/2020
Oilfield Services Valuation Tables PDF 03/06/2020
Railcars in Storage: March Report PDF 03/06/2020
Reiterate O Rating While Increasing Price Target to $375 PDF COO 03/06/2020
Several Online Banks Cut Deposit Rates (But CIT Raises): Deposit Rate Track... PDF 03/06/2020
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – March 2020 PDF 03/06/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/29/20) PDF 03/06/2020
Updating ANTM Model for Beacon Acquisition; Adjusting Quarterly 2020 MLR Ra... PDF ANTM 03/06/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (3/6/20) PDF 03/06/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/05/2020
CNC Minor Model Maintenance PDF CNC 03/05/2020
CTS Provides COVID-19 Update PDF CTS 03/05/2020
F4Q20 Results In-Line; Reiterates Long-Term Guidance Across the Board PDF DSGX 03/05/2020
First Look at Solid GMS F3Q20 Earnings PDF GMS 03/05/2020
First Look: CYRX 4Q19 Results PDF CYRX 03/05/2020
First Look: Fiscal 1Q Modestly Below Consensus, FY20 Earnings Guidance Rais... PDF COO 03/05/2020
First Look: KR Reports 4Q19 PDF KR 03/05/2020
GMS F3Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Target to $30 PDF GMS 03/05/2020
Management Meetings PDF TCF 03/05/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/05/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/05/2020
Moving To The Sidelines After A Great Run; Lowering Our Rating to EW/Vol. PDF ZM 03/05/2020
NDR Takeaways: Valuation Intriguing, But a Multi-Year Road to Better Return... PDF R 03/05/2020
Pending Acquisition Adds Restorative Component , Increase ITero Relevance PDF ALGN 03/05/2020
REPH 4Q19 Wrap: Reit. OW-Vol., PT to $18 PDF REPH 03/05/2020
Roll On: Reiterate O/V Rating and 12-Month, $17 Price Target PDF IVC 03/05/2020
SQ 1st Look: Updated 1Q/FY20 Guidance Following Convertible Debt Raise; Rei... PDF SQ 03/05/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/04/2020
Aircraft Conference Takes: Many Headlines But For Lessors Likely A Benign 2... PDF 03/04/2020
AZO Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate OW Rating PDF AZO 03/04/2020
Biden Now on Cruise Control for Dem Nomination as Bloomberg Drops Out PDF 03/04/2020
CNC 2020 Guidance Wrap: Biden's Surge Takes the Sting Out of a Tepid Guide PDF CNC 03/04/2020
First Look at Relatively in line F4Q20 Results PDF DSGX 03/04/2020
First Look: Favorable Study of High Risk PCI Results Published PDF ABMD 03/04/2020
First Look: FY21 Guide Above Est.; Impressive Phone Traction; Focus on COVI... PDF ZM 03/04/2020
First Look: ODFL Mid-Quarter Update PDF ODFL 03/04/2020
First Look: REPH 4Q19 Results PDF REPH 03/04/2020
FIS Best Deal Stock: Long-Term Big Core Growth Accel, Lower Val, Conserv Gu... PDF FIS 03/04/2020
Increasing Annual EPS 2% On Share Buyback Announcement PDF OMF 03/04/2020
January '20 Contract Awards: National Deceleration; VMC Markets Lap Tough C... PDF 03/04/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/04/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/04/2020
Robust New L-T Growth Targets at Analyst Day; Raise TP to $100 (from $91) PDF EHC 03/04/2020
Strong FY19 Results Despite Trade Headwinds Underscore Differentiated Model... PDF ATSG 03/04/2020
Super Tuesday Results: Better than Expected for MCO & Hospital Stocks PDF 03/04/2020
CNC 2020 Consolidated EPS Guide ~3% Light vs. Street on NY Rate Cut Headwin... PDF CNC 03/03/2020
CORE Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Maintain OW(Vol.) Rating PDF CORE 03/03/2020
E&P Weekly: Updated Thoughts on APA, CDEV, DNR, MTDR, QEP, & TALO PDF 03/03/2020
Fed Cuts Interest Rates 50 bps; Negative EPS Revisions Likely; More to Come... PDF 03/03/2020
First Look: AZO Reports 2Q20 PDF AZO 03/03/2020
First Look: GKOS Insider Activity PDF GKOS 03/03/2020
First Look: Mid-Qtr Update; February Tonnage Decelerates Meaningfully PDF SAIA 03/03/2020
First Look: Preliminary Class 8 Orders PDF 03/03/2020
Industrial Products & Services - E&C and Industrial Services Valuat... PDF 03/03/2020
Industrial Products & Services - Industrial Distributor Valuation PDF 03/03/2020
IPI: 4Q19 Just the Outlook PDF IPI 03/03/2020
January '20 Texas Cement Shipments Down (1.9%) YoY PDF 03/03/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/03/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/03/2020
NCR 4Q Final: Mix Shift Masks Growth Accel; Investments Bearing Fruit; Stil... PDF NCR 03/03/2020
Redemption of Sr Notes Lifts F20 EPS +$0.23 and F21 EPS +$0.31; Reiterate O... PDF GPI 03/03/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (3/3/20) PDF 03/03/2020
4Q19 Earnings Season Recap: Rails & Transportation Equipment Suppliers PDF 03/02/2020
4Q19 Wrap: Margin Expansion Story Hits Pause Button for 2020 on New Investm... PDF MGLN 03/02/2020
4Q19 Wrap: Reducing Ests & TP; Remain OW on Expected 2H20-2021 Growth R... PDF LHCG 03/02/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/02/2020
Automotive Retail Industry Rankings 4Q19 & FY19 PDF 03/02/2020
Calavo Announces Departure of CFO & Controller; Downgrading to EW(Vol.)... PDF CVGW 03/02/2020
Dems. "Moderate" Lane Finally Consolidating as Both Pete & Amy Drop Out... PDF 03/02/2020
Expert Call on Non-Prime Lending Regulatory / Political Environment - March... PDF 03/02/2020
First Look: CORE Reports 4Q19 PDF CORE 03/02/2020
First Look: February PMI @ 50.1% vs. Consensus of 50.3% and January’s... PDF 03/02/2020
First Look: PODD Voluntarily Pauses Omnipod Horizon Pivotal Trial PDF PODD 03/02/2020
First Look: Reports Solid 4Q19 Results; FY20 EBITDA Guide Should Be Good En... PDF ATSG 03/02/2020
For Declining Rates: Prefer SYF/ALLY Best; CIT Most At Risk PDF 03/02/2020
Framing COVID-19 Impacts On Our Airfreight & Surface Transportation Cov... PDF 03/02/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 03/02/2020
IBP 4Q19 Earnings Recap; Reiterate EW and Price Target of $71 PDF IBP 03/02/2020
IPI 4Q19: First Look PDF IPI 03/02/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/02/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/02/2020
Naming AL To Timely Stock Picks List PDF AL 03/02/2020
NBSK and Fluff Prices up $15 PDF 03/02/2020
Neogen Acquiring Australian Distribution PDF NEOG 03/02/2020
Reefer Madness? State-Level Data Suggests Legalization Drives More Accident... PDF 03/02/2020
SCOTUS Agrees to Hear ACA Case; 2020 Set Up to be Quite a Year for HC Servi... PDF 03/02/2020
Takeaways From Stephens West Coast Bank Field Trip PDF 03/02/2020
Timely Stock Picks PDF 03/02/2020
V 1st Look: Lowers 2Q Rev Guide For COVID-19; Think Largely Priced In; Stil... PDF V 03/02/2020
Weekly Reader: BLFS, BRKS, CDMO, CERS, CTLT, REPH, RGEN, TECH PDF 03/02/2020
4Q19 Initial: Beat on HC Margins; 2020 Outlook Well Below on Flat Revs / EP... PDF MGLN 02/28/2020
4Q19 Results & Guidance Disappoint; Positive MirrorEye Updates & Ne... PDF SRI 02/28/2020
4Q19 Wrap: As UK Sale Comes Into View, Focus Shifts to L-T U.S. Biz Prospec... PDF ACHC 02/28/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/28/2020
COLB Discloses Departure of CFO Greg Sigrist & Interim Appointment of E... PDF COLB 02/28/2020
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