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IFF 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF IFF 08/11/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/11/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/11/2020
Nutrien 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF NTR 08/11/2020
Solid 2Q20A/3Q20 Guide – Ests. & Multiple Going Up; OW/V $10 PT t... PDF MGNI 08/11/2020
Solid Results; Still Our Favorite Ad Tech Name; OW; $60 PT to $65 PDF RAMP 08/11/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (8/11/20) PDF 08/11/2020
2Q20 Initial: Revs, EBITDA, EPS & Cash Flow Beat; Now Current With SEC ... PDF ADUS 08/10/2020
2Q20 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Earnings Wrap-up - Updated Conviction Lists... PDF 08/10/2020
2Q20 Wrap: Updating Model & Estimates; Raise PT to $33 & Maintain E... PDF ACHC 08/10/2020
2Q20 Wrap: While Valuation is Full; L-T Growth Story Remains Compelling PDF LHCG 08/10/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/10/2020
Expecting Gradual (Not Sudden) Agent Growth Recovery; 2021 Set Up Still Sol... PDF RMAX 08/10/2020
First Look at 2Q20 Miss; No Railcar Orders Received During the Quarter PDF RAIL 08/10/2020
First Look: Impressive Beat + Guidance Raise; Buyers PDF BKI 08/10/2020
First Look: REPH 2Q20 Results PDF REPH 08/10/2020
First Look: Reports Modest Adj. EPS Beat, 3Q Commentary Encouraging PDF CVLG 08/10/2020
First Look: Solid 2Q, Top-Line Beat + Cash Burn Reduction PDF SIEN 08/10/2020
First Look: Special Meeting Now Set for Nov. 17th; Long Way From Here PDF CLGX 08/10/2020
First Look: TBK Encounters Problem With Factoring Acquisition PDF TBK 08/10/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 08/10/2020
IFF 2Q20 First Look PDF IFF 08/10/2020
IP: Selling The Second Graphic Tranche PDF IP 08/10/2020
LPX 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 08/10/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/10/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/10/2020
Nutrien 2Q20 First Look PDF NTR 08/10/2020
Positive 2Q Results But Uncertainty Remains, Maintaining O/V Rating and $5 ... PDF SIEN 08/10/2020
QTWO 2Q Final: Despite Cautious Comments, Demand OK; What We Got Wrong On Q... PDF QTWO 08/10/2020
Reiterate O Investment Rating & 12-Month, $430 Price Target PDF TFX 08/10/2020
REPH 2Q20 Wrap Up: Remain OW-Vol. on Valuation, PT to $5 PDF REPH 08/10/2020
Restaurant Weekly: 8/10 PDF 08/10/2020
Seeds Sown for Future Value Creation But You Don't Need That Right Away PDF CNNE 08/10/2020
Stephens LTL Yield Index 2Q20 Update PDF 08/10/2020
Stephens Quarterly Railcar Update - 2Q20 PDF 08/10/2020
Updated Thoughts on the Midwest Banks During The Dog Days of Summer PDF 08/10/2020
Updating Our CHX Model Post 2Q20 Earnings PDF CHX 08/10/2020
Virtual NDR With GWB; Our Updated Thoughts PDF GWB 08/10/2020
Weekly Reader: BLFS, CDMO, CDXS, CERS, CTLT, CYRX, OSUR, TECH, RGEN PDF 08/10/2020
10 Potential Upside Catalysts For FedEx; Naming Best Idea; Price Target To ... PDF FDX 08/07/2020
2Q20 Earnings: Puts/Takes In a Seasonally Tough Quarter; Catalysts Await PDF EVBG 08/07/2020
2Q20 Wrap: Investments in MA Strategy Should Yield Above-Market Growth in 2... PDF HUM 08/07/2020
2Q20: Solid Print on Video API Growth; We Like Vonage's Plan Going Forward PDF VG 08/07/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/07/2020
Automotive Retail Industry Rankings 2Q20 PDF 08/07/2020
Best Ever Used Car Prices In July According To Manheim, Up 13% Y/Y PDF 08/07/2020
BLD 2Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW, Target to $150 PDF BLD 08/07/2020
BLFS 2Q20 Wrap Up: Solid Quarter, Regen. Medicine Tailwinds Strengthening PDF BLFS 08/07/2020
CDXS 2Q20 Wrap Up: Solid Quarter, Recent Partnerships Bearing Fruit PDF CDXS 08/07/2020
Considerable Momentum; Stock Has Run But We See Plenty More Potential PDF EXPI 08/07/2020
CYRX 2Q20 Wrap Up: 2Q Beat, Focus Now Turns to Commercial Approvals PDF CYRX 08/07/2020
ELY Reports 2Q20; Share Gains & Recovery Driving Est's Higher; Reit. OW... PDF ELY 08/07/2020
GPRE Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol) Rating PDF GPRE 08/07/2020
Hertz Raises Car Prices 50bps Wk/Wk, Narrows Dealership Discount To Only 4.... PDF 08/07/2020
IBP 2Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW, Target to $97 PDF IBP 08/07/2020
Improved Unit Economics Should Spur Development; F2Q Review PDF PZZA 08/07/2020
Increasing Price Target, Outlook Horizon Remains Favorable PDF PODD 08/07/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/07/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/07/2020
Railcars in Storage: August Report PDF 08/07/2020
Rebound Underway But Valuation Just Too Rich; OW/V to EW/V; Maintain $470 P... PDF TTD 08/07/2020
Recovery Pauses in July, But Profit Beats Big; Increasing Target to $21 PDF CHUY 08/07/2020
Reiterate O/V Rating & $18 Price Target As Aesthetics Bounce Back PDF CUTR 08/07/2020
Reiterate O/V Rating and $23 Price Target, Guidance Implies Improving Outlo... PDF ESTA 08/07/2020
Several Cuts; 85bps New Median For Online Savings Rates: Deposit Rate Track... PDF 08/07/2020
Strong Buyers; IMT EBITDA Margin Nearing 40% & Still Early Innings PDF ZG 08/07/2020
UFS 2Q20: Big Strategy Moves PDF UFS 08/07/2020
UFS First Look 2Q20 PDF UFS 08/07/2020
Unexpected & Possibly Transformative 2Q20; Maintain OW/V PDF TRUE 08/07/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (8/7/20) PDF 08/07/2020
+47% Organic Insurance Growth; Valuation is Bordering on Awkward PDF QNST 08/06/2020
2Q EBITDA 2X Consensus; Record Profits in Sight; Raising Ests and TP to $... PDF CWH 08/06/2020
2Q20 Recap: Adding 2nd CLX String Would Meaningfully Increase MATX's EPS Po... PDF MATX 08/06/2020
2Q20 Update of Deferments, Reserve Ratios and Key Loan Exposures PDF 08/06/2020
2Q20 Wrap: Updating THC Model Post 2Q Results (& Hurricane Isaias) ; TP... PDF THC 08/06/2020
ACIW 2Q 1st Look: Rev/EBITDA/Booking Beats; Cost/Sales Execution New CEO Fo... PDF ACIW 08/06/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/06/2020
CF Industries 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF CF 08/06/2020
CORE Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Maintain OW(Vol.) PDF CORE 08/06/2020
CTVA 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF CTVA 08/06/2020
DNB 1st Look: Adj Rev/Profit Beat; Costs Still Improving; '20 Guide Looks O... PDF DNB 08/06/2020
DNB 2Q Call: Transformation Looking Good; New Investment/Better Ops=Rev Gro... PDF DNB 08/06/2020
DOOR 2Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Target to $115... PDF DOOR 08/06/2020
EPAY 1st Look: Demand Pause Worry Unfounded; Record Booking & PMX Custo... PDF EPAY 08/06/2020
EPAY Call: Org Subs FY1Q Rev Guide +12%; Solid July Bookings; Very Nice FY4... PDF EPAY 08/06/2020
EPS Miss in Throw Away Quarter; Encouraged by Positive SSS in 3Q To-Date PDF PRTY 08/06/2020
ESTE 2Q20 Initial Look: EBITDAX Beat; Healthy FCF Generation PDF ESTE 08/06/2020
First Look at 2Q20 Results PDF CHX 08/06/2020
First Look at CHUY F2Q20 Results PDF CHUY 08/06/2020
First Look at IBP 2Q20 Earnings Results PDF IBP 08/06/2020
First Look at PZZA's F2Q20 Results PDF PZZA 08/06/2020
First Look at TAST F2Q20 Earnings Shows Standout Profitability & FCF PDF TAST 08/06/2020
First Look: 2Q Results Fall Below Consensus As COVID-19 Undermines Growth PDF ESTA 08/06/2020
First Look: ABMD Delivers A Solid Beat In The Fiscal 1Q PDF ABMD 08/06/2020
First Look: API Revenues Better Than We Expected; Driven By Video API Growt... PDF VG 08/06/2020
First Look: BECN Solid Beat. F4Q20 Sales Guide In Line, Adj. EBITDA Guide A... PDF BECN 08/06/2020
First Look: BLFS 2Q20 PDF BLFS 08/06/2020
First Look: CDXS 2Q20 PDF CDXS 08/06/2020
First Look: CORE Reports 2Q20 PDF CORE 08/06/2020
First Look: CUTR Delivers Above Consensus Operating Results PDF CUTR 08/06/2020
First Look: CYRX 2Q20 PDF CYRX 08/06/2020
First Look: Earnings Call Takeaways PDF CHX 08/06/2020
First Look: ELY Reports 2Q20 Results PDF ELY 08/06/2020
First Look: GKOS Delivers Material 2Q20 Revenue Upside PDF GKOS 08/06/2020
First Look: Largely In-Line Quarter; Not a Whole Lot for Bulls or Bears PDF RMAX 08/06/2020
First Look: Solid 2Q20 Operating Results, Guidance Favorable PDF PODD 08/06/2020
First Look: Very Impressive Results as IMT Shines Bright + Rosy Outlook PDF ZG 08/06/2020
First Look: What Happens When You Can't Buy Optimal Blue? PDF BKI 08/06/2020
FLMN 2Q20 Initial Look: Production Beat, Distribution Increased PDF FLMN 08/06/2020
GOLF Reports 2Q20; Industry Improving, Raising Est's; Maintain EW(Vol.) Rat... PDF GOLF 08/06/2020
Good Quarter, Guide Looks Conservative...ATSG Continues To Be Misunderstood... PDF ATSG 08/06/2020
Increasing 12-Month Price Target, Reiterate O/V Investment Rating PDF ABMD 08/06/2020
Increasing Price Target, Reiterate O/V Investment Rating PDF GKOS 08/06/2020
Inventory Constraints May Limit NT Unit Sales; Expense Structure Adjusts; E... PDF CVNA 08/06/2020
KAR Reports 2Q20; Incrementally Positive After 2Q; Raise PT; Maintain EW Ra... PDF KAR 08/06/2020
KRP 2Q20 Initial Look: Quarter In Line PDF KRP 08/06/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/06/2020
Moderating Estimates: Thesis Remains On-Track PDF STAA 08/06/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/06/2020
MUR 2Q20 Initial Look: EBITDAX Beat on Better LOE PDF MUR 08/06/2020
One of the Few COVID Growth Stories in Our Space; Impressive 2Q20 Performan... PDF RM 08/06/2020
OSUR 2Q20 Wrap Up: Significant COVID-19 Opportunity, But Hard to Forecast PDF OSUR 08/06/2020
PDCE 2Q20 Initial Look: Solid Quarter Driven by Oil Beat PDF PDCE 08/06/2020
QTWO 2Q Call: ~60% User Penetration; Expect Some Deal Slippage; EW On Valua... PDF QTWO 08/06/2020
Quality EPS Beat On Lower Funding Costs And Expenses; Better Rental Outlook... PDF AL 08/06/2020
Solid 2Q20 Results & TCL Development; Maintain EW/V; $115 PT PDF ROKU 08/06/2020
SSS Improve But Expectations for Soft Halloween Limit Catalysts; EW PDF PRTY 08/06/2020
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – August 2020 PDF 08/06/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 8/1/20) PDF 08/06/2020
Strong Quarter But BDGE Deal Keeps Us Sidelined: Adjusting P/T and Estimate... PDF DCOM 08/06/2020
SYF: Model Maintenance PDF SYF 08/06/2020
Taking EPS To High End Of Range; Reiterating Overweight On Strong Beat, Out... PDF RCII 08/06/2020
TALO 2Q20 Initial Look: EBITDA Beat; 2H Volumes Biased Modestly Lower PDF TALO 08/06/2020
Target to $45; Incremental Buyers on Attractive Valuation + Rosy Outlook PDF FNF 08/06/2020
Tough Times But Solid Results; Maintain OW/V; $150 PT to $115 PDF NXST 08/06/2020
USCR Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW, Target to $31 PDF USCR 08/06/2020
We Got the FCF/Profitability We Were Looking For; Raising Target From $8 to... PDF TAST 08/06/2020
WSBC Deferred Loan Balances Fall by 38% In Less Than Two Weeks PDF WSBC 08/06/2020
2Q Swings to Profit, Tops Ests.; Revs, Margin Beat Forecast; A Perfect Back... PDF W 08/05/2020
2Q20 Initial: ~37% Adjusted EBITDA Beat Supports Strong Baseline For 2021 R... PDF LHCG 08/05/2020
2Q20 Initial: Despite Returning CARES Funds, ENSG Posts 2Q Beat and Raise PDF ENSG 08/05/2020
2Q20 Initial: HUM Reports 2Q Beats Across the Board; Maintains Adj. EPS Gui... PDF HUM 08/05/2020
2Q20: Raising PT on Broad-based API Usage and Expanding Upmarket Opportunit... PDF TWLO 08/05/2020
A.M. Update: 2Q Swings to Profit, Tops Ests; Rev Growth and Margin Expans... PDF W 08/05/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/05/2020
AVLR 2Q Final: Subs Trends OK; $1 bil. To Deploy; Remain Confident Buyers PDF AVLR 08/05/2020
BECN F3Q20 Preview; Adjusting Estimates, Price Target to $36 PDF BECN 08/05/2020
CERS 2Q20 Wrap Up: Another Solid Quarter, Outlook Remains Positive PDF CERS 08/05/2020
CF 2Q20 First Look PDF CF 08/05/2020
CMP 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF CMP 08/05/2020
Compass 2Q20: First Look PDF CMP 08/05/2020
CTVA: 2Q20 First Look PDF CTVA 08/05/2020
DVN 2Q20 Initial Look: Solid 2Q + Special Dividend Announced, '21 FCF Incre... PDF DVN 08/05/2020
F1Q Loss, SSS Better than Feared; Choppy Recovery; Low Multiple Discounts R... PDF BOOT 08/05/2020
First Look at WEN 2Q20 Earnings PDF WEN 08/05/2020
First Look: 2Q Results Exceed Pre-Announced Range; Guides 3Q Above Consensu... PDF MATX 08/05/2020
First Look: GOLF Reports 2Q20 PDF GOLF 08/05/2020
First Look: July Preliminary Class 8 Orders PDF 08/05/2020
First Look: Material Beat; Qtr. EBITDA Nears Last 2 Years Combined PDF EXPI 08/05/2020
First Look: Modest Top-Line Miss + Earnings Beat, Story Remains On-Track PDF STAA 08/05/2020
First Look: Nice 2Q20 Guide Beat; 2020 Reiteration; Watching PL Write-Offs PDF RCII 08/05/2020
First Look: NXST 2Q20 Should Calm Investors; Maintain OW/V PDF NXST 08/05/2020
First Look: OSUR 2Q20 PDF OSUR 08/05/2020
First Look: Reports Strong 2Q Results, Raises FY20 Outlook PDF ATSG 08/05/2020
First Look: Solid Quarter on Industry-Leading Insurance Growth + Good Guida... PDF QNST 08/05/2020
FISV 1st Look: EPS Meet/Rev Miss; Very Strong +38% Sales; Reit '20 EPS +10%... PDF FISV 08/05/2020
FISV 2Q Final: Improving July, Low Valuation, 2H Catalysts Coming; Remain O... PDF FISV 08/05/2020
FISV Call: July Trend: Clover GPV +32%, Total-Co & Merchant Org Growth ... PDF FISV 08/05/2020
FMC 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF FMC 08/05/2020
IAA Reports 2Q20 Beat; Rev./Unit Drives Strength, Continuing QTD; Reiterate... PDF IAA 08/05/2020
INGR Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW(Vol.) Rating PDF INGR 08/05/2020
MA 2Q Final: Think July Trends Hold In 3Q/Macro Cloudy; Prefer PYPL/Deal St... PDF MA 08/05/2020
Market-Driven Pressures This Year But Accounted For; Own for Rosier 2021 Se... PDF TREE 08/05/2020
Merger Augments Large Virtual Health Platform; Synergy Targets = Show Me St... PDF TDOC 08/05/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/05/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/05/2020
PXD 2Q20 Initial Look: Further Efficiencies Gains + Stronger 2H Outlook PDF PXD 08/05/2020
QTWO 1st Look: 5 Tier-1 Wins; User Growth Accel Again: 3Q/FY Guide > Str... PDF QTWO 08/05/2020
Solid 4Q, Significant Growth Embedded in Portfolio; Reit. EW-Vol. on Valuat... PDF TECH 08/05/2020
SQ 1st Look: CashApp/GPV Nicely Beat Expectations; How Much Is Stimulus Dri... PDF SQ 08/05/2020
SQ Call: Think SQ Turned Corner Into Fin Svc Co; Traditional/Neobanks Look ... PDF SQ 08/05/2020
Strong Print, But High Bar + a Few Buyside Nitpicks = Lower Stock; Remain O... PDF WEN 08/05/2020
TDOC & LVGO Set to Merge PDF 08/05/2020
TREX 2Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates. Maintain $140 Price Target PDF TREX 08/05/2020
Updated Thoughts on RGEN PDF RGEN 08/05/2020
Updating WSBC Model For Preferred Equity Raise PDF WSBC 08/05/2020
VMC 2Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Price Target to $136 PDF VMC 08/05/2020
2Q20 Initial: EBITDA and EPS Beats; Volume Recovery Strong for U.S., U.K. L... PDF ACHC 08/04/2020
2Q20 Wrap: Publishing New Model to Restate Financials ex MCC; Revise EPS Es... PDF MGLN 08/04/2020
A Strong Quarter From TXRH; Target Going From $62 to $67; Staying OW PDF TXRH 08/04/2020
Acquisition Pace Ramps; Adds $500 mil. Revs, $1 bil. YTD; More Pending; OW PDF LAD 08/04/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/04/2020
AVLR 2Q 1st Look: Rev/EBIT Beat; June Best Non-Dec Bill Month Ever; Guided ... PDF AVLR 08/04/2020
AVLR Call: Like Secondary; 3Q Subs Guide +20% YOY; 2H Guide Conservative PDF AVLR 08/04/2020
Clean Print Driven By Improving Channel/Partnership Momentum; Raise PT PDF FIVN 08/04/2020
CLR 2Q20 Initial Look: 2H20 Exceeds Expectations; Solid '21 Maintenance Cap... PDF CLR 08/04/2020
CMS Proposes 2021 OPPS and ASC Rate Update at +2.6% PDF 08/04/2020
Conundrum PDF AVNS 08/04/2020
FANG 2Q20 Initial Look: Quarter Pre-Announced, Cost Guidance Lowered PDF FANG 08/04/2020
First Look at BLD 2Q20 Earnings Results PDF BLD 08/04/2020
First Look at DOOR 2Q20; Impressive Margin Expansion Despite Volume Headwin... PDF DOOR 08/04/2020
First Look at USCR 2Q20 Results: Margin Focus Pays Off PDF USCR 08/04/2020
First Look at VMC 2Q20 Earnings Results PDF VMC 08/04/2020
First Look: 2Q Exceeds Above Consensus Estimates, 2H Outlook More Favorable... PDF AVNS 08/04/2020
First Look: Airfreight Yields Drive Strong 2Q Beat PDF EXPD 08/04/2020
First Look: ANDE Reports 2Q20 PDF ANDE 08/04/2020
First Look: Better-Than-Expected Quarter; But Soft 3Q Guidance PDF TREE 08/04/2020
First Look: CERS 2Q20 PDF CERS 08/04/2020
First Look: IAA Reports 2Q20 Beat Driven by Rev./Unit PDF IAA 08/04/2020
First Look: Impressive Title Results Lead to Core Beat; F&G Chips in 13... PDF FNF 08/04/2020
First Look: INGR Reports 2Q20 PDF INGR 08/04/2020
First Look: KAR Reports 2Q20 Results PDF KAR 08/04/2020
First Look: Lower-Than-Expected Volumes Drive EPS Beat; Some Demand Positiv... PDF CURO 08/04/2020
First Look: Post-Call Quick Thoughts; 3Q20 Guidance Shortfall Explained PDF TREE 08/04/2020
First Look: TECH 4Q20 PDF TECH 08/04/2020
First Look: The Foley SPAC Flurry Continues; CNNE Investing Another $150 Mi... PDF CNNE 08/04/2020
FIS 1st Look: 2Q Beat, Bank/Cap Mkt Pos Growth; Merch Growth Better/+4% In ... PDF FIS 08/04/2020
FIS 2Q Final: 1Q Merch Worries Now Muted; Fintech Big-Bank Win A Differenti... PDF FIS 08/04/2020
FIS Call: Top-30 Win/Sales Up Double-Digits/+7% Backlog=Peer-Lead Fintech W... PDF FIS 08/04/2020
FMC: 2Q20 First Look PDF FMC 08/04/2020
Impact of Fraud Weighs on Results - Remain Equal-Weight PDF STBA 08/04/2020
LPX 2Q20 First Look PDF LPX 08/04/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/04/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/04/2020
Mosaic 2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF MOS 08/04/2020
NCR 2Q Final: Neg Hardware Trend Masking More Resilient Software Businesses... PDF NCR 08/04/2020
Pushing Back Loan Growth And Demand Expectations To 2021 PDF CURO 08/04/2020
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