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RGEN 4Q19 Wrap: Reit. OW-Vol.; PT to $114 PDF RGEN 02/21/2020
SFM Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate Rating PDF SFM 02/21/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/15/20) PDF 02/21/2020
Thoughts on E&C Coverage (DY,MTZ,PWR) Ahead of This Week's Earnings Rep... PDF 02/21/2020
Today's FTC Settlement Unrelated To Progressive Settlement PDF 02/21/2020
U.S. Health Care Costs Accelerated Through 2H19, Driven by Hospital & R... PDF 02/21/2020
Upgrading DOOR to OW on Impressive Execution and Price Traction; PT to $114... PDF DOOR 02/21/2020
USAA Loss Likely Drives Sale; OW/V $8 PT to $4 PDF TRUE 02/21/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (2/21/20) PDF 02/21/2020
4Q19 Results & Guidance Better Than Expected; Backlog Falls 24% Sequent... PDF TRN 02/20/2020
4Q19 Wrap: Attractive Growth in 2020 Despite PDGM; Vols a Key Swing Factor PDF AMED 02/20/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/20/2020
Auto Finance Tour: SC, Exeter, GM Financial + Others on March 23-34 PDF 02/20/2020
Bloomberg's Vegas Debate Debut No Show Stopper: Implications for MCO Stocks... PDF 02/20/2020
Boston NDR Takeaways: 8x8 Cannot Afford a Misstep on the Path to Profitabil... PDF EGHT 02/20/2020
ESI Drug Report Shows Modest Employer Rx Trend for 2019; Exchange Costs Ris... PDF 02/20/2020
First Look at 4Q19: Better Agent Trends; Guidance Mixed PDF RMAX 02/20/2020
First Look at BLDR 4Q19 Earnings; Sales In Line, EBITDA Beat PDF BLDR 02/20/2020
First Look: HRL Reports 1Q20 PDF HRL 02/20/2020
First Look: LKQ Reports 4Q19; Adj. EPS Beat Driven by Gross Margins PDF LKQ 02/20/2020
First Look: Modest 4Q Beat; CY20 Set-Up Appears Favorable PDF TFX 02/20/2020
First Look: PPC Reports 4Q19 PDF PPC 02/20/2020
First Look: Very Weak 2020 Guide More Than Offsets Relief From FTC Settleme... PDF AAN 02/20/2020
HRL Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate PT & Rating PDF HRL 02/20/2020
Incremental Buyers on Rosier Outlook & Further Flex Developments; Targe... PDF ZG 02/20/2020
Initial View: CERS 4Q19 Results PDF CERS 02/20/2020
Initial View: RGEN 4Q19 Results/FY20 Guide PDF RGEN 02/20/2020
January Headcount Data for the U.S. Rails PDF 02/20/2020
KAR Reports 4Q19; Looking to 2020, Cost Cutting Should Support EBITDA; Reit... PDF KAR 02/20/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/20/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/20/2020
MOS 4Q19: Just the Outlook PDF MOS 02/20/2020
PE Initial Look: Reiterated '20 Guide; 4Q Capex at Low-End of Range PDF PE 02/20/2020
PXD Initial Look: Positive 4Q19 Update; Costs Biased Lower, '20 Guide Track... PDF PXD 02/20/2020
QTWO 4Q Call: Rev Retention Accel; ~25% Org Rev Growth; Pos Long-Term GM Gu... PDF QTWO 02/20/2020
SM Initial Look: Solid 4Q19 Beat; Capital Efficient '20 Guide PDF SM 02/20/2020
SMP Reports 4Q19; Modestly Raising Est's for Stronger Op. Margins; Maintain... PDF SMP 02/20/2020
Sustainable Growth & Margin Expansion Story Poised To Exceed Guidance PDF TFX 02/20/2020
Upping Estimates On Continued Strong Revenue Execution PDF CRMT 02/20/2020
World Pulp Statistics - December 2019 PDF 02/20/2020
2020 Off to a Good Start for ABI and Design; Reiterate OW HUBB and ETN PDF 02/19/2020
4Q19 Results & 2020 Guidance Relatively In Line; Set-Up Remains Attract... PDF WAB 02/19/2020
4Q19: CEM Demand Drove Billings Far Above Expectations; Raising PT to $115 PDF EVBG 02/19/2020
A.M. Update: 4Q Tops Ests; Strong Growth in Dealerships; Echo Park Profit... PDF SAH 02/19/2020
AAP Reports 4Q19; Modestly Revising Estimates & PT; Maintain EW Rating PDF AAP 02/19/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/19/2020
Bad Deal, But Still A Good Business: Maintaining OW, Lowering Target To $35... PDF ALLY 02/19/2020
CXO Initial Look: Solid 4Q19 EBITDAX & Oil Beat; '20 Outlook Largely Tr... PDF CXO 02/19/2020
EFX 4Q Final: Updated Model Reflects Best Guess on Re-Instated Long-Term Gu... PDF EFX 02/19/2020
FANG Initial Look: '20 Guidance Reiterated; Healthy Dividend Increase PDF FANG 02/19/2020
First Look at 4Q19: Adj. EPS Beats; 2020 Guide Seems In line Operationally PDF TRN 02/19/2020
First Look at 4Q19: IMT Shines + Upbeat Guidance PDF ZG 02/19/2020
First Look: 2020 Guidance Now Official; Few Initial Thoughts PDF CLGX 02/19/2020
First Look: Another Strong Revenue Growth Quarter PDF CRMT 02/19/2020
First Look: CPRT Reports 2Q20 PDF CPRT 02/19/2020
First Look: GPC Reports 4Q19 Results PDF GPC 02/19/2020
First Look: HOMB Expands Marine Division PDF HOMB 02/19/2020
First Look: SMP Reports 4Q19 Results PDF SMP 02/19/2020
Franchise Segment Drives EPS Beat; EchoPark Profitable and Growing; OW PDF SAH 02/19/2020
Initial Look: Permian Oil Beat; Dividend Raise; Provided Prelim. '21 Oil Gr... PDF DVN 02/19/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/19/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/19/2020
MOS 4Q19 First Look PDF MOS 02/19/2020
NTR 4Q19: Just the Outlook PDF NTR 02/19/2020
Nutrien 4Q19 First Look PDF NTR 02/19/2020
Open Architecture Approach Reinforces Thesis View PDF 02/19/2020
Printing & Writing - January 2020 PDF 02/19/2020
QTWO 1st Look: Met Rev/Beat EBITDA/User Miss; Invest=Low EBITDA Guide; 4 Ti... PDF QTWO 02/19/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (2/19/20) PDF 02/19/2020
WMT Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF WMT 02/19/2020
4% Beat To Consensus, Though 2020 Likely A Muted Year, Will Come Out Strong... PDF AL 02/18/2020
4Q19 Initial: Mixed 4Q Results; Core HH&H Trends Likely in Focus on Cal... PDF AMED 02/18/2020
4Q19 Recap & Model Update: Should We Prepare For West Coast Port Shutdo... PDF EXPD 02/18/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/18/2020
Benign Trends Continue For January PDF DFS 02/18/2020
Better Results at Second Glance; Deck is Set for Continuation of Strong Tre... PDF FNF 02/18/2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Weighs On Outlook: Consensus Appears At Risk PDF STAA 02/18/2020
Credit Improving In Month Of January, Though Balances Lower Y/Y PDF SC 02/18/2020
DuPont Brings Back the Outsider PDF DD 02/18/2020
E&P Weekly: Updated Thoughts For NBL & VNOM Reiterating OW Ratings PDF 02/18/2020
First Look at 4Q: Hits High End of Guide; 2020 Outlook Slightly Below Stree... PDF WAB 02/18/2020
First Look at DOOR 4Q19 Earnings Results & CY20 Guidance PDF DOOR 02/18/2020
First Look at VMC 4Q19 Earnings Results & CY20 Guidance PDF VMC 02/18/2020
First Look: 4Q19 Results; Consumer Segment Strategic Review The Headline PDF VG 02/18/2020
First Look: A Legal Win for SDC PDF ALGN 02/18/2020
First Look: AAP Reports Mixed 4Q19 Results PDF AAP 02/18/2020
First Look: KAR Reports 4Q19 Miss & 2020 Guidance PDF KAR 02/18/2020
First Look: Math Works; What's Long-Term Strategy For Full Service Bank? PDF ALLY 02/18/2020
First Look: TALO Announces '20 Guide PDF TALO 02/18/2020
First Look: WMT Reports 4Q20 PDF WMT 02/18/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 02/18/2020
January Loan Growth Slows Significantly For U.S. Consumer PDF AXP 02/18/2020
January Losses Higher Than Expected But Growth Faster, Would Reduce 1Q20 EP... PDF ADS 02/18/2020
JD Power Used Car January Price Index Points Up 2% Y/Y PDF 02/18/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/18/2020
Mixed January Month: Slow Loan Growth, Slightly Better Losses PDF SYF 02/18/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/18/2020
NDR Takeaways: Tale Of Two Cycles: Excellent Fundamentals, Tough Politicall... PDF ENVA 02/18/2020
New Outside ACIW CEO; Sale Less Likely; Lower Tgt/Downgrade To EW PDF ACIW 02/18/2020
Stephens LTL Yield Index 4Q19 Update PDF 02/18/2020
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - February 2020 Update PDF 02/18/2020
Takeaways From The Road PDF KEX 02/18/2020
Weekly Reader: BLFS, BRKS, CDMO, CTLT, RGEN PDF 02/18/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/14/2020
Arkadelphia Moving on Without Sun Paper? PDF 02/14/2020
AVLR 4Q19: Another Beat/Raise; Stock Weak B/c High Expectations; OW Rating PDF AVLR 02/14/2020
Changing Best Idea From AVLR to Cash PDF AVLR 02/14/2020
CPRT 2Q20 Preview: Expect Rev. Beat; Building Cash=Optionality; Maintain EW... PDF CPRT 02/14/2020
Diving Into the Viral Vector & Cell Therapy Opportunity at CTLT PDF CTLT 02/14/2020
Don't Let Transitory Headwinds Fool You; BKI Core is Rock Solid PDF BKI 02/14/2020
Health Care Cost Institute Releases New Data on Commercial Group HC Cost Tr... PDF 02/14/2020
Increasing 2020E EPS 8% On Better Depreciation Rate; 7% Above Guidance PDF AER 02/14/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/14/2020
Model Maintenance Ahead of 4Q19 Earnings Release PDF WAB 02/14/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/14/2020
Neogen Model Maintenance PDF NEOG 02/14/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/8/20) PDF 02/14/2020
Takeaways from NDR; Diversification Advantages; UK Turning the Corner; OW PDF PAG 02/14/2020
We Are More Confident in Public Warning Wins; Conservative FY20 Guide Expec... PDF EVBG 02/14/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (2/14/20) PDF 02/14/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/13/2020
ANDE Reports 4Q19; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating & Price Target; Ests. Unde... PDF ANDE 02/13/2020
CF 4Q19 Just the Outlook PDF CF 02/13/2020
Disappointing 4Q19 Miss as P&S Growth Stalls; Lowering PT But Remain OW... PDF RUSHA 02/13/2020
EFX 4Q Call: Core USIS Decel But More Visibility Into Tech '21 Margin Benef... PDF EFX 02/13/2020
First Look at 4Q19 Results; About as Expected Against Lighter Expectations PDF BKI 02/13/2020
First Look at 4Q19: Adj. EPS Miss & 2020 Guidance Below Street PDF R 02/13/2020
First Look at FNF 4Q19 Results; Beat but Left a Little on the Table PDF FNF 02/13/2020
First Look: Beat On Better Depreciation Than Expected PDF AER 02/13/2020
First Look: DXCM Continues To Execute As CY20 Guidance Appears Conservative... PDF DXCM 02/13/2020
First Look: Impressive Beat + Cash Finally Put to Work on $350M Accretive D... PDF FAF 02/13/2020
First Look: PODD Announces Voluntary Correction for Omnipod DASH PDMs PDF PODD 02/13/2020
FIS 4Q 1st Look: 4Q Beat; '20 Guide: Rev Beat, EPS Miss, Major Synergies Ra... PDF FIS 02/13/2020
FIS 4Q Call: Big Bank Core Transform...Finally = Big Long-Term FIS Growth B... PDF FIS 02/13/2020
ICL 4Q19 First Look PDF ICL 02/13/2020
ICL 4Q19 Just the Outlook PDF ICL 02/13/2020
Impressive Close to a Record Year; 2020 Starting Off on the Right Foot PDF FAF 02/13/2020
Increasing Price Target as CY20 Outlook Looks Increasingly Favorable PDF DXCM 02/13/2020
January-Ended Calendar 1Q20 Food & Agribusiness Earnings Preview PDF 02/13/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/13/2020
MLM 4Q19 Recap; Reiterating OW Rating, Price Target Goes to $309 PDF MLM 02/13/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/13/2020
Slight Adj. EPS Miss in 4Q19; Guidance for 2020 Well Below the Street PDF R 02/13/2020
Solid 4Q19 Results & ’20 Guide; Maintain OW/V and $155 PT PDF ROKU 02/13/2020
Unique and Profitable Sushi Concept Poised for National Expansion: Resuming... PDF KRUS 02/13/2020
Updated Model Following Aim Banc. Acquisition Conference Call; Maintain EW PDF HTLF 02/13/2020
We Still See a Breakthrough Story Developing; Incremental Buyers PDF RDFN 02/13/2020
4Q19 Recap & Model Update: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do PDF XPO 02/12/2020
4Q19 Results Miss Street / Guidance; Muted 2020 Outlook as Cycle Slows PDF WNC 02/12/2020
A.M. Update: Slight 4Q Miss; Big Growth in Used, F&I But S/P Short PDF LAD 02/12/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/12/2020
BG Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF BG 02/12/2020
CF 4Q19 First Look PDF CF 02/12/2020
CSGP/RentPath Call: Good Deal Even With Rev Haircut; Free Tools Effort Work... PDF CSGP 02/12/2020
CSGP/RentPath Pre Call: Think Bid Works Despite Pushbacks; Thesis Likely Wo... PDF CSGP 02/12/2020
Drug Price Legislation Update; McConnell Downplays Senate Movement on Rx Bi... PDF 02/12/2020
EFX 4Q 1st Look: 4Q Beat But USIS Miss; '20 EPS Guide Miss Not As Bad As Fe... PDF EFX 02/12/2020
Expanding Presence in Southwest With $280 mil. Acquisition of AIM Bancshare... PDF HTLF 02/12/2020
F1Q20 Earnings Preview; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating, PT PDF HRL 02/12/2020
First Look 4Q19 Results; Very Good Quarter & Momentum Building PDF RDFN 02/12/2020
First Look at 4Q19 EPS Miss on Parts & Services Weakness PDF RUSHA 02/12/2020
First Look at 4Q19 EPS Miss; 2020 Guidance Below the Street PDF WNC 02/12/2020
First Look: ANDE Reports 4Q19 PDF ANDE 02/12/2020
First Look: BG Reports 4Q19 PDF BG 02/12/2020
First Look: Quicken Relationship Deepens; Nice Development PDF BKI 02/12/2020
First Look: Quicken Relationship Deepens; Nice Development PDF BKI 02/12/2020
First Look: Quicken Relationship Deepens; Nice Development PDF BKI 02/12/2020
GPN 4Q 1st Look: 4Q Beat; '20 Guide Midpoints Small Miss But Think Conserva... PDF GPN 02/12/2020
GPN Post Call Thoughts: Rev Growth Accel As Promised; 8.5% Org Growth Guide... PDF GPN 02/12/2020
INGR Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterating OW(Vol.) Rating & PT... PDF INGR 02/12/2020
January-Ended 4Q19 Grocery/C-Store Earnings Preview PDF 02/12/2020
Leveraged Lending in the News; Banks Evolving Role and Company Exposure PDF 02/12/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/12/2020
Model Update Following CFR 10-K Review PDF CFR 02/12/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/12/2020
Paper & Wood Monitor - February 2020 PDF 02/12/2020
Slight 4Q Miss on Higher Tax Rate; Big Growth in Used, F&I; LT Story In... PDF LAD 02/12/2020
Thesis Intact Post NYC Sit Down - Updated Thoughts PDF SBNY 02/12/2020
V Investor Day: Growing Opps; B2B, eCom, Fintechs, Europe, Plaid, Contactle... PDF V 02/12/2020
4Q19 Op. EPS Rises +38%, Used, F&I Lead SSS, GPU's Expand, SG&A Nar... PDF AN 02/11/2020
4Q19 Wrap: Core Trends on Track in 4Q But L-T Growth Targets Feel Aggressiv... PDF MOH 02/11/2020
A Look Into FCF Potential; Adj. Est., PT to $38 & Reiterate OW PDF BECN 02/11/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/11/2020
CMP 4Q19: Just the Outlook PDF CMP 02/11/2020
Compass 4Q19: First Look PDF CMP 02/11/2020
CSGP 1st Look: WSJ Reports May Buy RentPath; Would Fulfill Positive Thesis PDF CSGP 02/11/2020
ELY Reports 4Q19; Guidance Shortfall Driven by Coronavirus & FX; Reiter... PDF ELY 02/11/2020
First Look at MLM 4Q19 Earnings Results; Initial CY20 Guidance PDF MLM 02/11/2020
First Look: BRKS Acquires Lab Software Company RURO PDF BRKS 02/11/2020
First Look: INGR Reports 4Q19 PDF INGR 02/11/2020
First Look: Strong January Title Orders; Purchase Accelerates to +6% YOY PDF FAF 02/11/2020
GPRE Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW(Vol) Rating & PT PDF GPRE 02/11/2020
JKHY 2Q Final: Card + Outsource Accel = More Sustainable Growth; Upping Tar... PDF JKHY 02/11/2020
LPX 4Q19 First Look PDF LPX 02/11/2020
LPX 4Q19: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 02/11/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/11/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/11/2020
Morning Update: 4Q19 EPS Tops Ests; Strong Segment Performance, SG&A St... PDF AN 02/11/2020
NCR 1st Look: NCR To Add Carlyle Vet To Board PDF NCR 02/11/2020
NCR 4Q Initial Look/Call: 4Q Beat; Guide Better Than Looks; Product Progres... PDF NCR 02/11/2020
Raising EPS 4%; Own For 13% Divi Yield, 10% Y/Y Growth @ 7.6x P/E PDF OMF 02/11/2020
Raising Estimates & Increasing Price Target: Story Has A Long Way To Go... PDF STE 02/11/2020
RAMP Final: Long-Term Post-Cookie Value Higher; Weak B/c Mgt's Call For Con... PDF RAMP 02/11/2020
Solid 2019 & 2020 Outlook; Maintain EW and $17 PT PDF TGNA 02/11/2020
Stephens Quarterly Railcar Update - 4Q19 PDF 02/11/2020
Updating Thoughts on Specialty Distribution (WSO,POOL) Ahead of 4Q19 Earnin... PDF 02/11/2020
VNOM 4Q19 Initial Thoughts: Solid Quarter, 2020 Guide Tracking PDF VNOM 02/11/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (2/11/20) PDF 02/11/2020
2020 Rail Shipper Survey: The Outlook for Volumes, Pricing & Service Th... PDF 02/10/2020
4Q Recap: Macro Headwinds Temporarily Muting Internal Initiatives; Reit. EW... PDF FWRD 02/10/2020
4Q19 Earnings Wrap-Up - Trends, Themes and Fresh Conviction Lists PDF 02/10/2020
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