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OpenSky and the Path to A Neobank Provide Upside Optionality; Increasing PT... PDF CBNK 03/08/2021
Reiterate O/V Rating and PT on CUTR Following $125 Million Convertible Offe... PDF CUTR 03/08/2021
Restaurant Weekly: 3/8/2021 PDF 03/08/2021
Second First Look: Investor Feedback, $3B Equity Raise Too High + More Idea... PDF AER 03/08/2021
Taking Advantage of Pullback, U/G to OW-Vol., PT to $425 PDF TECH 03/08/2021
The Quick Bite: A Weekly Recap Of The Food & Beverage Sectors PDF 03/08/2021
VG Investor Day Takeaways: Focus on Execution/Streamlined API-First GTM PDF VG 03/08/2021
Weekly Reader: CDMO, CTLT, NEO, RGEN, TECH PDF 03/08/2021
What We Are Buying On The Software Pullback PDF 03/08/2021
4Q20 Sporting Goods Retail Preview PDF 03/05/2021
Acquires Freightliner Dealer Group; Adds $450 Mil. in Revenue; OW PDF PAG 03/05/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/05/2021
Diving Into the Bull Pool: A Look at Valuations Assuming Higher Oil Prices PDF 03/05/2021
Easy Money Has Been Made, But CHUY Is Still a Reopening Winner: F4Q Review PDF CHUY 03/05/2021
First Look at RUTH F4Q20 Earnings PDF RUTH 03/05/2021
First Look: Vonage Releases New LT Targets Ahead of Investor Day PDF VG 03/05/2021
Fruit Coverage Earnings Preview; Upgrading LMNR & Revising Est/PT's For... PDF 03/05/2021
GMS F3Q21 Earnings Recap; Reiterate EW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $43 PDF GMS 03/05/2021
KR Reports 4Q20; Maintaining Rating & PT PDF KR 03/05/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/05/2021
Mid-Quarter Update Expected Out Next Week PDF CMA 03/05/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/05/2021
NDR Takeaways; OpenSky Becoming a Neobank; Strong Core Bank Trajectory PDF CBNK 03/05/2021
Primed for Recovery: RUTH Is Seeing AWS Improvements and RL Margin Efficien... PDF RUTH 03/05/2021
Railcars in Storage: March Report PDF 03/05/2021
Reiterate O Investment Rating & Increasing 12-Month Price Target to $43... PDF COO 03/05/2021
Reiterate O/V Rating & 12-Month, $19 Price Target PDF SDC 03/05/2021
Takeaways from Our Smartsheet Channel Partner Conference Call; Raise PT PDF SMAR 03/05/2021
Tax Refund Tracker: Still Down Significantly Y/Y, But Big Acceleration Wk/W... PDF 03/05/2021
Thoughts on Super Regional Banks After Dissecting 2020 Mortgage Banking Rev... PDF 03/05/2021
Weekly Fuel Report (3/5/21) PDF 03/05/2021
Weekly HCIT Vaccination Tracker PDF 03/05/2021
A Look Through ACV's Anticipated S-1 & Implications to KAR PDF KAR 03/04/2021
CDMO 3Q21 Preview PDF CDMO 03/04/2021
CSGP 1st Look: CLGX Says Bid Not Superior; Decreases Clarity On The Combo PDF CSGP 03/04/2021
CSGP 1st Look: CSGP W/Draws CLGX Bid Citing Valuation Discipline & Risi... PDF CSGP 03/04/2021
DAR Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF DAR 03/04/2021
Entering a Period of Easing Compares, But Capex Guide Increase Is a Surpris... PDF TAST 03/04/2021
Fattening Up On Twinkies, Staying Overweight Hostess Post Earnings PDF TWNK 03/04/2021
First Look at CHUY F4Q20 Results PDF CHUY 03/04/2021
First Look at FAST February 2021 Sales PDF FAST 03/04/2021
First Look at GMS F3Q21 Earnings; Solid Beat PDF GMS 03/04/2021
First Look: Above Consensus FY21 Guidance; 1Q Results Beat On Top & Bot... PDF COO 03/04/2021
First Look: Above Consensus Growth & Adjusted-EBITDA, Favorable 1Q Guid... PDF SDC 03/04/2021
First Look: KR Reports 4Q20 PDF KR 03/04/2021
Fiscal 4Q21 Results Beat; Reiterate as Our Best Idea & Raising Price Ta... PDF DSGX 03/04/2021
FISV Model Update: Too-Low Value + 10% Growth + Re-Opening = Still Best Ide... PDF FISV 03/04/2021
FLMN 4Q20 First Look: '21 Volumes & Cash Distribution Biased Higher PDF FLMN 03/04/2021
Healthcare IT App User Tracker PDF 03/04/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/04/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/04/2021
Refreshing KRUS Valuation Given Recent Run: PT to $42 PDF KRUS 03/04/2021
Remain Optimistic on the WEN Setup After the F4Q Report PDF WEN 03/04/2021
SQ First Look: Announces Majority Ownership Stake In Tidal for $297 mil.; E... PDF SQ 03/04/2021
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/27/21) PDF 03/04/2021
Up on "Crypto" Creek - A Deep Dive into SBNY's Crypto-Business and the EPS ... PDF SBNY 03/04/2021
41% Apollo Stake May Not Flood Market: Board Control May Drive Strategic Bu... PDF OMF 03/03/2021
A Really Good Quarter & Year; Wait-And-See From Here PDF CLGX 03/03/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/03/2021
Attractive Long-Term Growth at Attractive P/E Multiple = Attractive GARP St... PDF ANTM 03/03/2021
AZO Reports 2Q21 Beat; GM Pressures Continue, But Comps Accelerate; Maintai... PDF AZO 03/03/2021
Biden's HIX SEP So Far Adding Modest Bump to 2021 Exchange Sign-Ups PDF 03/03/2021
F4Q Recap & Model Update; Increasing Estimates & TP w/ Impressive V... PDF VEEV 03/03/2021
First Look at Fiscal 4Q21: Solid Revenue & Adj. EBITDA Beat PDF DSGX 03/03/2021
First Look at TAST F4Q20 Earnings PDF TAST 03/03/2021
First Look at WEN F4Q20 PDF WEN 03/03/2021
First Look: Bio-Teche to Acquire Asuragen PDF TECH 03/03/2021
First Look: FY21 Guidance PDF DAR 03/03/2021
First Look: SAIA Provides Mid-Quarter Update for 1Q21 PDF SAIA 03/03/2021
FIS Model Update: Banking Growth + Re-Opening Play + Potential Repo = Long PDF FIS 03/03/2021
FL: Back On The Acquisition Front: BSX to Acquire Lumenis' Surgical Busines... PDF BSX 03/03/2021
GPN Final: Guidance Appropriately Set; Reopening + M&A Optionality + Bu... PDF GPN 03/03/2021
Increasing 2022E EPS By 10% On New Buyback Program PDF AAN 03/03/2021
Lowering PT to $25; B&G Reports 4Q Miss & Provides Little Visibilit... PDF BGS 03/03/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/03/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/03/2021
Regulation Tracker: CFPB Nomination Hearing Thoughts + State Rate Caps PDF 03/03/2021
SMP Virtual NDR Takeaways; Reiterate OW Rating PDF SMP 03/03/2021
SQ 4Q Final: Bitcoin Adds Volatility; Heavy Investing For High ROI Growth; ... PDF SQ 03/03/2021
4Q20 Earnings Season Recap: Rails & Transportation Equipment Suppliers PDF 03/02/2021
4Q20 Wrap: ACHC Lays Out Strong 5-Year Growth Vision for U.S. Centric Platf... PDF ACHC 03/02/2021
4Q20 Wrap: New Medi-Cal Rx Contract Start Delayed Again; Lower EPS Estimate... PDF MGLN 03/02/2021
4Q21: Enterprise/ZM Phone Drives Upside; New Baseline For Enterprise Growth... PDF ZM 03/02/2021
A Nice Shift in the Story; Plenty of Reasons to Get Involved PDF CNNE 03/02/2021
Acquires $430 Mil. in Annual Revenue Including #1 Hyundai Store in the U.S.... PDF LAD 03/02/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/02/2021
CORE Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW(Vol.) PDF CORE 03/02/2021
CYRX 4Q20 Wrap: Reiterate OW-Vol./$75 PT PDF CYRX 03/02/2021
F4Q Wrap-Up and Updated Estimates PDF DPZ 03/02/2021
First Look at F4Q Beat; 1Q Billings Guide a Little Light; FY22 Guidance Sol... PDF VEEV 03/02/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Preliminary Results; Very Impressive Rev. Beat PDF EXPI 03/02/2021
First Look: Adjusted EPS Miss But Recovering Trends Are Encouraging PDF AER 03/02/2021
First Look: AZO Reports 2Q21 Results PDF AZO 03/02/2021
First Look: DAR Reports 4Q20 PDF DAR 03/02/2021
First Look: February Preliminary Class 8 Orders PDF 03/02/2021
First Look: KAR Announces CEO Transition PDF KAR 03/02/2021
First Look: ODFL Provides Mid-Quarter Update For 1Q21 PDF ODFL 03/02/2021
FMC: Deal with UPL Frees Up Capacity and Cash PDF FMC 03/02/2021
GKOS Model Maintenance PDF GKOS 03/02/2021
IPI 4Q20: Water Recovery Well Underway PDF IPI 03/02/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/02/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/02/2021
Organic Growth Likely to Shine In 2021/2022; Optionality Provides Appeal PDF VBTX 03/02/2021
OSUR 4Q20 Wrap: Reiterate EW-Vol./$12 PT PDF OSUR 03/02/2021
Past The Low Point; Slow But Steady Improvements To Lease Revenues In 2021 PDF AER 03/02/2021
PBCT Discloses Goodwill Impairment - Thoughts and Potential Ramifications PDF PBCT 03/02/2021
Shaky Start to the Year; Already Pulling On The Pricing Lever? PDF APPF 03/02/2021
SR Banks: Analyzing Upside from Excess Liquidity & Higher Reinvestment ... PDF 03/02/2021
Takeaways From the Virtual Investor Day PDF VCRA 03/02/2021
TCBK Announces Dividend Increase & 2.0 Mil. Share Repurchase Plan PDF TCBK 03/02/2021
Updating Estimates Post Earnings: APA, FANG, KRP, MTDR, PDCE, PXD, RRC, &am... PDF 03/02/2021
Weekly Commodity Monitor (3/2/21) PDF 03/02/2021
4Q20 Wrap: COVID Headwinds in 1Q21 But Mid to High Teens EBITDA Growth Seen... PDF LHCG 03/01/2021
4Q20 Wrap: Margins Support Higher EBITDA Forecast Despite Some N-T Revs Bum... PDF ADUS 03/01/2021
4Q20 Wrap: Trimming EBITDA Estimates Post Formal 2021 Guide; Maintain $133 ... PDF UHS 03/01/2021
A Good Close to a Challenging Year; Foundational Items in Place PDF RMAX 03/01/2021
ACIW 4Q Final: Strat Review + Mgt Delivering On Growth/Margins = Remain Lon... PDF ACIW 03/01/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 03/01/2021
Ain't No Party Like a West Coast Party; Takeaways From Virtual Bank Field T... PDF 03/01/2021
ANDE Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterating EW(Vol.) Rating & PT... PDF ANDE 03/01/2021
BLDR 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate OW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $54 PDF BLDR 03/01/2021
CSGP 1st Look: Ups CLGX Bid By $6 + Antitrust Assurance + Pay Prior Breakup... PDF CSGP 03/01/2021
DOOR 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate OW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $136... PDF DOOR 03/01/2021
First Look: 4Q21; Zoom Trading Higher AH on Stronger Than Expected FY22 Gui... PDF ZM 03/01/2021
First Look: Across-the-Board Miss; No 2021 Rev. Guidance; Reit. UW/V PDF APPF 03/01/2021
First Look: CORE Reports 4Q20 PDF CORE 03/01/2021
First Look: CYRX 4Q20 PDF CYRX 03/01/2021
First Look: MUSA Provides 2024 EBITDA Guidance of $700 Million PDF MUSA 03/01/2021
First Look: OSUR 4Q20 PDF OSUR 03/01/2021
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 03/01/2021
Initial Look: February PMI @ 60.8% vs. Consensus of 58.8% and January 58.7%... PDF 03/01/2021
IPI 4Q20: First Look PDF IPI 03/01/2021
January '21 Texas Cement Shipments Up 9.3% YoY; Same-Day Up 20% YoY PDF 03/01/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 03/01/2021
Midwest Banks: Couple Small-Cap Bank Ideas PDF 03/01/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 03/01/2021
Robust Demand Continues With Lease Placement Visibility Extending Beyond 20... PDF ATSG 03/01/2021
Slow Start: Tax Filings Down 30.5% Y/Y, Refunds Sent -55.7%: Tax Refund Tra... PDF 03/01/2021
Stephens 2021 Russell Reconstitution PDF 03/01/2021
Stephens 2021 Russell Reconstitution - Financials PDF 03/01/2021
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - February 2021 PDF 03/01/2021
Takeaways From Our Call With A Zoom Phone Expert; 4Q21 Preview PDF ZM 03/01/2021
Takeaways From Our Expert Call With ACT Research PDF 03/01/2021
The Quick Bite: A Weekly Recap Of The Food & Beverage Sectors PDF 03/01/2021
Two Banks Lower Online Savings Rates Last Week: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 03/01/2021
Updated Look at Telehealth Industry Following Cigna's Acquisition of MDLive... PDF 03/01/2021
Weekly Reader: CDMO, CDXS, CERS, CTLT, REPH, TECH, WST PDF 03/01/2021
4Q Beat on Merger Progress + FCF Haul; Reit. OW as PT Moves to Street-High ... PDF CHX 02/26/2021
4Q EPS Beats; SSS Accelerate into 1Q21; Lifting PT to $100; Reiterate OW PDF FND 02/26/2021
4Q Recap & Model Update; Secure Cloud Platform Gaining Momentum; Remain... PDF ZIXI 02/26/2021
4Q Revs, Unit Sales Beat, EBITDA Loss Misses; Sales Accelerate in F21 PDF CVNA 02/26/2021
4Q20 Results Remain Under Pressure, But Major Positive Inflection Ahead in ... PDF FTAI 02/26/2021
4Q20 Wrap: HH&H Growth Accelerating; SL Headwind Should Turn to 2H21 Ta... PDF PNTG 02/26/2021
4Q20 Wrap: Some N-T Hospice ADC Headwinds But L-T Secular Growth Drivers In... PDF AMED 02/26/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/26/2021
AZO 2Q21 Preview; Expect SSS Beat, But Freight Could Weigh On GM; Maintain ... PDF AZO 02/26/2021
BLD 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate EW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $215 PDF BLD 02/26/2021
California Inquiry For PRG/AAN A Concern; Looking For More Aggressive Growt... PDF PRG 02/26/2021
CDXS 4Q20 Wrap: CDXS Investing for LT Revenue Opportunity PDF CDXS 02/26/2021
CERS 4Q20 Wrap: Reiterate OW-Vol./$8 PT PDF CERS 02/26/2021
Consumer Will Continue to Take Time; But Reset Opens a Buying Window PDF TREE 02/26/2021
CSGP Final: 4Q Data = CSGP Resilience Despite Tough CRE; Like CLGX Optional... PDF CSGP 02/26/2021
DD Model Maintenance PDF DD 02/26/2021
First Look at BLDR 4Q20 Earnings, Beat and EBITDA Guide Above PDF BLDR 02/26/2021
First Look: REPH 4Q20 PDF REPH 02/26/2021
First Look: SIVB Cap. Call Fraud; One-Off Issue, Asset Class Still Intact PDF SIVB 02/26/2021
GOLF Reports Strong 4Q20, but Full Year '21 Outlook Light; Maintain EW PDF GOLF 02/26/2021
Healthcare IT App User Tracker PDF 02/26/2021
Highlights From Stephens Hosted NDR With HUM's CFO PDF HUM 02/26/2021
IBP 4Q20 Earnings Recap: Reiterate EW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $125 PDF IBP 02/26/2021
Increasing 12-Month Price Target to $105 PDF GKOS 02/26/2021
Increasing Target To $72; Significant Growth Guidance Achievable At High Ma... PDF RCII 02/26/2021
MGNI Virtual NDR Takeaways PDF MGNI 02/26/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/26/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/26/2021
New Opportunities Drive Even More Upside To High Growth Capital Light Story... PDF ECN-CA 02/26/2021
Not Nearly as Sensitive to Rates as the Price Action is Telling You; Buyers... PDF FNF 02/26/2021
Owner-Operators Do it Best, Options Abound As War Chest Grows - Reit. OW PDF WHD 02/26/2021
PCA Details Massive Jackson Conversion to Liner PDF PKG 02/26/2021
REPH 4Q20 Wrap: Reiterate OW-Vol./$5 PT PDF REPH 02/26/2021
Shifting Best Idea Label From EAT to Under-Loved WEN as Jan Comps Flex PDF WEN 02/26/2021
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/20/21) PDF 02/26/2021
SUM 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate OW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $32 PDF SUM 02/26/2021
USCR 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate EW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $60 PDF USCR 02/26/2021
Weekly Fuel Report (2/26/21) PDF 02/26/2021
Weekly HCIT Vaccination Tracker PDF 02/26/2021
4Q ARR Beat; 2021 ARR Guide In-Line; SaaS Acceleration In Focus; Remain OW PDF PING 02/25/2021
4Q Beat; Strong Demand, GPU, SG&A Narrows; Guides Well Above Street Est... PDF CWH 02/25/2021
4Q Profit Tops Estimates; Revs +45%, A Little Short, But Accelerate in 1Q;... PDF W 02/25/2021
4Q Recap & Model Update; Remain on Sidelines As Growth is Tested PDF TDOC 02/25/2021
4Q20 First Look: Solid Top-Line Beat But Margins Fall Short; '21 Guidance M... PDF ZIXI 02/25/2021
4Q20 Initial: 4Q EBITDA Above w/ CARES Assist; Acute / BH Vols Soft vs. Str... PDF UHS 02/25/2021
4Q20 Initial: In-Line 4Q20 Print; 2021 Guide Finds Street at High-End of Ra... PDF LHCG 02/25/2021
4Q20 Initial: Margins Drive Adj. EBITDA and EPS Beat; Strong Cash Flows PDF ADUS 02/25/2021
4Q20 Initial: Solid Results in U.S. Behavioral; De-Leveraging Actions Under... PDF ACHC 02/25/2021
ACIW 4Q 1st Look: 4Q Beat; Mixed 1Q/'21 Guide; 2 New Directors; Strat Revie... PDF ACIW 02/25/2021
ACIW Call : Good Op Improve/Sales; Better 2H Bank Spend; Broad Portfolio Re... PDF ACIW 02/25/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/25/2021
AM Update: 4Q EPS, EBITDA Top Estimates,, Revs Short; Guide Pending PDF W 02/25/2021
AM Update: 4Q Tops Est By Wide Margin; Strong Demand, GPU, SG&A Narrows... PDF CWH 02/25/2021
APA 4Q20 First Look: Solid Quarter. '21 Capex Higher, 4Q21 Oil Biased Highe... PDF APA 02/25/2021
Citizens Pay, Digital Strategy, and Optimism on 2021 Loan Growth Discussed PDF CFG 02/25/2021
Deposits Still Pouring In - Adj. Est. and P/T PDF SBNY 02/25/2021
First Look at 4Q20: Adj. EBITDA Misses & Normalized FAD Beats PDF FTAI 02/25/2021
First Look at DPZ F4Q20 Earnings PDF DPZ 02/25/2021
First Look at PZZA F4Q20 Earnings PDF PZZA 02/25/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Beat; Homes + / Consumer -; 1Q21 Guidance Mixed PDF TREE 02/25/2021
First Look: CDXS 4Q20 PDF CDXS 02/25/2021
First Look: CERS 4Q20 PDF CERS 02/25/2021
First Look: GOLF Reports 4Q20 Beat PDF GOLF 02/25/2021
First Look: No 2021 Guidance, 4Q20 EPS In Line, Expect Muted Stock Today PDF PRG 02/25/2021
First Look: Positive 4Q Trends & Clinical Data, 1Q Guide Will Be Focus PDF GKOS 02/25/2021
First Look: Reports 4Q20 Adj. EBITDA & EPS Beat PDF ATSG 02/25/2021
First Look: RMAX Beat & Raise of Old?, Solid Print PDF RMAX 02/25/2021
First Look: SAFM Reports 1Q21 PDF SAFM 02/25/2021
First Look: Strong 4Q, Initial CY21 Guidance To Be Focus of Call PDF TFX 02/25/2021
Increasing 12-Month PT To $61, Accelerating Growth & Adj. EBITDA Expans... PDF VCEL 02/25/2021
Increasing 12-Month, Price Target to $79, Investor Day To Frame LT Opportun... PDF ALC 02/25/2021
Increasing Price Target to $125 As STAA'S Promise Is Priced For Perfection PDF STAA 02/25/2021
KRP 4Q20 First Look: '21 Guide Largely Tracking PDF KRP 02/25/2021
LT Strategy Bearing Fruit for the Leader in Grid Edge Intelligence; Reit. O... PDF ITRI 02/25/2021
MA 1st Look: 1Q Trends: Stable/Better Except For Weather; Readthroughs To P... PDF MA 02/25/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/25/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/25/2021
PDCE 4Q20 First Look: EBITDAX Beat, Guide Tracking, Buyback & Dividend ... PDF PDCE 02/25/2021
Product Innovation and Unit Growth Still the Story; Remain Buyers After F4Q... PDF PZZA 02/25/2021
Quality Beat But Suboptimal Agent Count Results in Chips Left On The Table PDF RDFN 02/25/2021
Reiterate O Investment Rating & Increasing 12-Month Price Target to $45... PDF TFX 02/25/2021
RGEN 4Q20 Wrap: Same as it Ever Was, Numbers Moving Higher PDF RGEN 02/25/2021
SAFM Reports 1Q21; Revising Estimates & PT; Reit. OW Rating PDF SAFM 02/25/2021
SFM Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating PDF SFM 02/25/2021
SMP Reports 4Q20 Beat; Customer Loss Priced In, Risk/Reward Attractive PDF SMP 02/25/2021
Solid 4Q20/1Q21 Guide; SpotX Rev/AEBITDA/CTV Accretive; Maintain OW/V &... PDF MGNI 02/25/2021
Southwest Banks: A Closer Look at Loan Growth Potential Via Regulatory Fili... PDF 02/25/2021
Strong 4Q20 Beat; Updated LT Guidance With Compelling Multi-Year Growth Tar... PDF SRI 02/25/2021
TREX 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate EW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $100... PDF TREX 02/25/2021
4Q20 Initial: 4Q Results & Initial 2021 Guide Track Largely In Line w/ ... PDF AMED 02/24/2021
4Q20 Initial: HH&H on Track But SL Shows COVID Pressure; 2021 Guide Rea... PDF PNTG 02/24/2021
4Q20 Miss, High Level Guidance for Y/Y Earnings Growth in 2021; Remain EW PDF TRN 02/24/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/24/2021
CSGP 4Q Call: Renewals Up; Pos ILS Comp News; '21 Margin Up Despite Mkting ... PDF CSGP 02/24/2021
First Look - CADE Underperforming Today PDF CADE 02/24/2021
First Look at 4Q Results and Guidance PDF TDOC 02/24/2021
First Look at 4Q20: Adj. EPS Miss; Guide for Y/Y Improvement in 2021 Earnin... PDF TRN 02/24/2021
First Look at CHX 4Q20 Results PDF CHX 02/24/2021
First Look at DOOR 4Q20 Earnings; Solid Beat & 2021 Guidance Above Expe... PDF DOOR 02/24/2021
First Look at IBP 4Q20 Earnings, Mixed Results PDF IBP 02/24/2021
First Look at ITRI 4Q20 Results PDF ITRI 02/24/2021
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