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WMT Reports 3Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF WMT 11/15/2019
China To Lift Ban On US Poultry PDF 11/14/2019
First Look: Summarizing 3Q19 Results PDF PUMP 11/14/2019
First Look: WMT Reports 3Q20 PDF WMT 11/14/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/14/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/14/2019
AAP Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain EW Rating & PT PDF AAP 11/13/2019
AXAS 3Q19 First Look PDF AXAS 11/13/2019
Couple Takeaways From the 10-Q PDF EQBK 11/13/2019
DNB Emerging as a Source of Incremental Value; Well-Ahead of Schedule PDF CNNE 11/13/2019
IAA Reports 3Q19; Market Share Better Than Feared; Reiterate OW & Raisi... PDF IAA 11/13/2019
Incremental Takeaways On Store Tours Ahead Of Stephens Conference PDF 11/13/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/13/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/13/2019
PRTY Down (20%) on THL Distribution PDF PRTY 11/13/2019
Stephens HIX 2020 Tracker; Initial Sign-Ups Off to Slower Start PDF 11/13/2019
TSN Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF TSN 11/13/2019
Upping Buyback Program by ~85% After Fed Approval PDF USB 11/13/2019
3Q19 Earnings Recap & Review of Updated Estimates for SE & Western ... PDF 11/12/2019
ACIW 3Q Final: Evidence That BASE24 Demand Curve In Good Shape Mute Bear Th... PDF ACIW 11/12/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/12/2019
EXPGY Initial View: DTC Revamp/Investment Paying Off Now...And Think In Fut... PDF EXPGY 11/12/2019
First Look: 3Q19 Beat and CY19 Guidance Raised PDF ESTA 11/12/2019
First Look: AAP Reports 3Q19 PDF AAP 11/12/2019
First Look: CNNE 3Q Initial Thoughts & Call Takeaways PDF CNNE 11/12/2019
First Look: Five9 Laser-Focused on Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Opportun... PDF FIVN 11/12/2019
First Look: IAA Reports 3Q19 PDF IAA 11/12/2019
First Look: TSN Reports 4Q19 PDF TSN 11/12/2019
KRP Initial Look: Oil Focused EF Acquisition PDF KRP 11/12/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/12/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/12/2019
Outlining the Path Forward for Vonage; Reiterate OW/Vol. Rating; Reduce PT PDF VG 11/12/2019
Reiterate O/V Rating & $37 Price Target PDF ESTA 11/12/2019
Restaurant Delivery Update: 3Q19 Wrap-Up PDF 11/12/2019
Rev. and Agent Growth Still Outpacing; We See Profit Inflection Next Year PDF EXPI 11/12/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 11/12/19 PDF 11/12/2019
"Cheat Sheets" For The 15 Specialty Finance Cos Attending Stephens Conferen... PDF 11/11/2019
3-Year Growth & Margin Targets Raised, New Device Pipeline On-Track PDF STAA 11/11/2019
4Q19 Earnings Preview; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF HRL 11/11/2019
4Q19 Earnings Preview; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF SAFM 11/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/11/2019
ANDE Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating PDF ANDE 11/11/2019
AXP And CIT Cut Rates This Week: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 11/11/2019
CFO/CEO Meeting Takeaways: More Ambition + More Productivity Focus For New ... PDF DFS 11/11/2019
EPAY 1Q Final: Conserv '20 Subs Guide; PMX Direct Sales & Long-Term Mar... PDF EPAY 11/11/2019
FIS 3Q Final/Model Update: Early Rev Synergy Proof + Mkt Looking to '21 = B... PDF FIS 11/11/2019
Good Quarter; Today's Investor Day To Be The Catalyst PDF AER 11/11/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 11/11/2019
Industrial Products & Services - E&C and Industrial Services Valuat... PDF 11/11/2019
Industrial Products & Services - Industrial Distributor Valuation PDF 11/11/2019
JKHY Final: 9% Grth Part Timing; Like New Prods; Same Strat Despite Mkt Com... PDF JKHY 11/11/2019
Management Meetings PDF ASB 11/11/2019
MGLN Awarded 5-Year PBM Contract in California; Bump TP to $67 (from $65) PDF MGLN 11/11/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/11/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/11/2019
Notes from 2019 BAAB PDF 11/11/2019
October-Ended Calendar 3Q19 Grocery & C-Store Earnings Preview PDF 11/11/2019
October-Ended F4Q19 Food & Agribusiness Earnings Preview PDF 11/11/2019
QTWO 3Q Final: Like TAM/Sec Trend/Owning More Digital Value Chain; Fully Va... PDF QTWO 11/11/2019
RAMP 2Q Final: Rev Retention+ARR Growth+ID Link Wins=Improved Growth Visibi... PDF RAMP 11/11/2019
Rapid Value Creation Post-Merger w/Ops. & Divvy/Buyback Catalysts; Reit... PDF NEX 11/11/2019
REPH 3Q19 Wrap: Reiterate OW-Vol., PT to $23 PDF REPH 11/11/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 11/11/2019
Sequential Retrans Trends in 3Q19 PDF 11/11/2019
Stephens Quarterly Railcar Update - 3Q19 PDF 11/11/2019
Stephens Quarterly Restaurant Review - 3Q19 PDF 11/11/2019
What's A Best-In-Class Platform Worth? AER Investor Day Takeaways PDF AER 11/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/08/2019
Another Consistent Quarter; Next Catalyst Is January 2020 Investor Day PDF ECN-CA 11/08/2019
Core IMT Moving Beyond Recovery Mode; Slower Flex Rollout Avoids P&L Di... PDF ZG 11/08/2019
CORE Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain OW(vol.) Rating & $42 P... PDF CORE 11/08/2019
EPAY 1Q Call: See Digital Banking-Driven 2H Growth Accel; Like PMX Direct S... PDF EPAY 11/08/2019
EPAY 1st Look: Beat/Reit; Subs Growth/PMX Accel; Expect Better Bookings On ... PDF EPAY 11/08/2019
Extra Cost Saves Likely to Help Soften the Cartus Blow; Path for EPS Growth... PDF RLGY 11/08/2019
FCF Guidance Raised as Harvest Accelerates; Reiterate OW PDF WTTR 11/08/2019
First Look at 3Q19: Weak Top Line, Slight EBITDA Miss, Guide to Low End. PDF USCR 11/08/2019
First Look REPH 3Q19: Big Beat and Raise PDF REPH 11/08/2019
First Look: Depreciation Beat And Good Lease Revenues Drive 7% EPS Beat PDF AER 11/08/2019
First Look: Financial Outlook Update at STAA's Investor Day PDF STAA 11/08/2019
First Signs Of A TRUE Turnaround? Maintain OW/V and $8 PT PDF TRUE 11/08/2019
GPRE Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol) Rating PDF GPRE 11/08/2019
Making it Clear - CNOB as Top Pick and Best Idea PDF CNOB 11/08/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/08/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/08/2019
New Milliman Report Shows Expansion of In-Home MA Benefits for 2020 PDF 11/08/2019
Nuggets From the UNH 3Q19 10-Q; Bumping TP to $285 (from $273) PDF UNH 11/08/2019
Plenty to Like With the Core Franchise; We Think Acquirers Likely See the S... PDF QNST 11/08/2019
Railcars in Storage: November Report PDF 11/08/2019
Solid 3Q19 Results Highlight Differentiated Model; Reiterate OW Rating PDF ATSG 11/08/2019
Stephens Monthly Airline Update PDF 11/08/2019
Store Closings, Restructuring Weighs NT But Beneficial LT; Remain OW PDF CWH 11/08/2019
The Holy Grail - 2019 PDF 11/08/2019
USCR Call Does Little to Clear the Air. Volume Constraints Likely Persist PDF USCR 11/08/2019
We're Not Letting Isolated & Transitory Events Skew the Thesis; Remain ... PDF BKI 11/08/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (11/8/19) PDF 11/08/2019
3Q19 Earnings Season Recap: Rails & Transportation Equipment Suppliers PDF 11/07/2019
3Q19 Was Fine; Operational Execution Is Key Until "The Big Deal" Announced PDF RCII 11/07/2019
4Q19 Guide Down; Defending Dataxu; Maintain OW/V $155 PT PDF ROKU 11/07/2019
ACIW 1st Look: Delayed Contract Signed But Bookings Still Light; CEO Retiri... PDF ACIW 11/07/2019
ACIW Call: "Final Stages" On 2nd Delayed Deal; OW Despite Lower Bookings Gu... PDF ACIW 11/07/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/07/2019
AM Update: 3Q and Guide Falls Well Below Ests.; Weak SSS and Margin Pressur... PDF PRTY 11/07/2019
BRKS 4Q19 Wrap: Solid Finish to the Year; Valuation Keeps Us on the Sidelin... PDF BRKS 11/07/2019
Changing CY19 Best Idea From AVNS To Cash PDF AVNS 11/07/2019
China Trade Progress Headlines Positive For Protein & Ag Space PDF 11/07/2019
CSGP NDR Thoughts: Remain Positive On Ad Spend + STR M&A + Sha... PDF CSGP 11/07/2019
ESTE 3Q19 Initial Thoughts: Production Solid, EBITDAX Beat PDF ESTE 11/07/2019
First Look - Conference Call Takeaways: Stock Up Big...Buy More PDF NEX 11/07/2019
First Look at 3Q19 Results; Solid Bounce Back-Type Print PDF ZG 11/07/2019
First Look at FY1Q20 Results; Rev. Beat/Profit Miss/Strategic Review Kicked... PDF QNST 11/07/2019
First Look: 3Q Miss; But Strong 4Q Guidance; Cartus Sell a Mixed Event PDF RLGY 11/07/2019
First Look: Beat & Raise But That's Not All PDF SIEN 11/07/2019
First Look: Beat & Raise, Operating Momentum Building Steam PDF CUTR 11/07/2019
First Look: CORE Reports 3Q19 PDF CORE 11/07/2019
First Look: Credit Drives 6% EPS Miss, Though Top-Line Growth Remains Focus... PDF RCII 11/07/2019
First Look: Posts Modest EPS Miss; Maintains FY19 Outlook PDF MATX 11/07/2019
FLMN 3Q19 First Look: Quarter In Line, Guidance Updated PDF FLMN 11/07/2019
Great Q; Still Some Ground to Cover; But Path to Profitability Getting Clea... PDF RDFN 11/07/2019
Growth Still Seeking Re-Acceleration; Buildium Opens Up New Opportunities PDF RP 11/07/2019
Halloween Disappoints; Expectations Reset; We See Adj. EBITDA Growth in F20... PDF PRTY 11/07/2019
ICL 3Q19 First Look PDF ICL 11/07/2019
ICL 3Q19 Just the Outlook PDF ICL 11/07/2019
Increasing Price Target As Momentum Continues To Build PDF CUTR 11/07/2019
KAR Reports 3Q19; Focus Now on Cost Reductions & TradeRev Shift; Mainta... PDF KAR 11/07/2019
KRP 3Q19 First Look: EBITDA Beat; 4Q19 Tracking PDF KRP 11/07/2019
LHCG 3Q19 Wrap; Raising Ests w/ 2020E EBITDA +6% on PDGM Relief; Remain OW PDF LHCG 11/07/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/07/2019
More Signs of Progress; Fine-Tuning Estimates as Business Model Evolves PDF IVC 11/07/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/07/2019
October Lower Used Car Prices Supports Caution of Lender Residuals and Volu... PDF 11/07/2019
QTWO 1st Look: Small Beat/No Raise; Small User Miss; No Big Digital Banking... PDF QTWO 11/07/2019
QTWO Call: Closed Big Wins; No Raise B/c Fewer Term Fees; 15x M&A Multi... PDF QTWO 11/07/2019
Reiterate O/V Rating & $14 Price Target, Whole Lotta Shaking Going On PDF SIEN 11/07/2019
Reminder: Save the Date - Investor Plane Trip PDF 11/07/2019
Remodeling For More Conservative MAX Delivery Schedule; Still 20% Y/Y 2020E... PDF AL 11/07/2019
Retail Units In Line, Adj. EBITDA Miss on Elevated Costs; Remain EW PDF CVNA 11/07/2019
Solid 3Q19 Results; Maintain OW/V; $250 PT PDF TTD 11/07/2019
SQ Initial Look/Call: Think It All Comes Down To Cash App; Uncertainty = EW... PDF SQ 11/07/2019
Stephens Conference Preview: Post a Resilient 3Q19 Earnings ’20 Growt... PDF 11/07/2019
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – November 2019 PDF 11/07/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 11/2/19) PDF 11/07/2019
Summarizing 3Q19 Results; Assigning OW to NEX as Synergy Guidance Raised PDF NEX 11/07/2019
With FY19 Nearly Done, Focus Shifts To Improved Profits & FCF In FY20 &... PDF MATX 11/07/2019
WRK F4Q19 First Look PDF WRK 11/07/2019
WRK F4Q19: Just the Outlook PDF WRK 11/07/2019
1Q20 Wrap: Small Molecule Strength Drives Beat; FY20 Guide Appears Conserva... PDF CTLT 11/06/2019
3Q19 EPS Beats; Magnitude of 2020 Headwinds Remains the Unknown; Remain EW PDF WNC 11/06/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/06/2019
Another Beat And Raise Quarter, With Good Setup For 2020 PDF RM 11/06/2019
Another Strong Quarter From Avalara Gives Confidence in the Path Ahead PDF AVLR 11/06/2019
Buy RUBI On Any Weakness; Maintain OW/V; $12 PT PDF MGNI 11/06/2019
CMP 3Q19 Just the Outlook PDF CMP 11/06/2019
Core Profitability Remains Top-Tier Among Peers; Maintain OW Rating PDF BSVN 11/06/2019
DOOR 3Q19 Recap; Bold Price Action Adds Uncertainty for 2020, Reiterate EW PDF DOOR 11/06/2019
EXPD's 3Q Demonstrates Solid Execution In Tough Operating Environment; Reit... PDF EXPD 11/06/2019
FANG 3Q19 First Look: Oil Miss & EBITDA Lower; 2020 Guide PDF FANG 11/06/2019
First Look 3Q19 Results: EBITDAX Beat; '20 Guide In Line with Expectations PDF DVN 11/06/2019
First Look at 3Q19 EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Raised Slightly PDF WNC 11/06/2019
First Look at 3Q19 Results; Core Gross Margin Starting Its Climb Higher PDF RDFN 11/06/2019
First Look at 3Q19 Results; Gross Margin Lift for the First Time Since 2016... PDF EXPI 11/06/2019
First Look at 3Q19: Mixed Results on High Expectations, Reiterated FY19 Gui... PDF VMC 11/06/2019
First Look: Above Consensus 3Q, Guidance Raised, CY20 Set-Up Looks Favorabl... PDF GKOS 11/06/2019
First Look: BRKS 4Q19 PDF BRKS 11/06/2019
First Look: Disappointing Results as VG Works Through Upmarket/VBC Transiti... PDF VG 11/06/2019
First Look: GPRE Reports 3Q19 PDF GPRE 11/06/2019
First Look: In-Line EBITDA and Modest EPS Beat PDF ATSG 11/06/2019
First Look: In-Line Rev. & Solid Profit Beat; Attention Turning to Next... PDF BKI 11/06/2019
First Look: IVC Misses The Mark, Respiratory Needs Oxygen PDF IVC 11/06/2019
First Look: KAR 3Q19 Conference Call Takeaways PDF KAR 11/06/2019
First Look: Material Beat Increases CY19 Revenue Growth Guidance To ~40% PDF DXCM 11/06/2019
First Look: Summarizing 3Q19 Results PDF WTTR 11/06/2019
FISV 3Q 1st Look: Beat Rev, Pmts/Fin Growth Accel, First Data Growth a Nice... PDF FISV 11/06/2019
FISV 3Q Call: NA GBS 7% Growth; ~7% '20 Org Rev Growth/~25% EPS Growth Goal... PDF FISV 11/06/2019
Five9 Takes Care of Business in 3Q; Valuation Still Holding Us Back PDF FIVN 11/06/2019
HUM 3Q19 EPS Wrap; Upside Momentum Likely to Continue in 2020 on Core MA Tr... PDF HUM 11/06/2019
HUM 3Q19 Initial View; Adjusted EPS Beats Street by +10%; 2019 EPS Guide Ra... PDF HUM 11/06/2019
Increasing Price Target & Estimates: Everything Is Awesome, Except Valu... PDF PODD 11/06/2019
Increasing Price Target To $200, Reiterate O/V Rating PDF DXCM 11/06/2019
LHCG 3Q19 Initial; EPS Beat & Raise; Growth Expected to Accelerate in 2... PDF LHCG 11/06/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/06/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/06/2019
NT Earnings Power Likely Pressured from Op. Ex. Build & NIM Headwinds PDF CFR 11/06/2019
PDCE 3Q19 First Look: Lower 3Q19 Oil Volumes; 4Q19 Outlook Tracking PDF PDCE 11/06/2019
PE 3Q19 First Look: Quarter Largely In Line PDF PE 11/06/2019
RAMP 2Q 1st Look/Call: Rev Beat/Raise+Subs Beat+109% Retention=Mute Growth ... PDF RAMP 11/06/2019
Reiterate O/V Investment Rating: Mid-Teen MIGS Growth + Avedro = WIN PDF GKOS 11/06/2019
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