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Credit Comes Into Focus; Reserve Build Likely For Remainder of '20 PDF CFB 04/24/2020
Discloses Preliminary 1Q Miss During Busy Earnings Day & Sr Debt Offeri... PDF XPO 04/24/2020
F1Q Recap: Performing Admirably in a Tough Environment; Remain OW; Tgt to $... PDF DPZ 04/24/2020
First Look - REAL EPS Beat as NIM, Growth and PPNR Exceed Expectations PDF OCFC 04/24/2020
First Look: MSBI 1Q20 Results PDF MSBI 04/24/2020
First Look: Reserve Build Much Higher Than Expected; 1Q20 Fundamentals OK PDF AXP 04/24/2020
FNF Offers Up the Best Risk/Reward in Title Land; Credit for FGL Not Needed... PDF FNF 04/24/2020
Hunkering Down for Now, But Should Emerge Even Better-Positioned; Reiterate... PDF BOOM 04/24/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/24/2020
Misunderstood Story Offers Value In Stretched Transport Sector; Reiterate O... PDF TFII-CA 04/24/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/24/2020
New Data Show Ambulatory Care Practice Visits Down ~60% Since Mid-March PDF 04/24/2020
ORLY Reports 1Q20; Trough Better Than Feared and Positioned Well for Recove... PDF ORLY 04/24/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 4/18/20) PDF 04/24/2020
TSCO Reports 1Q20; Strong April Start Suggests Continued Momentum; Reiterat... PDF TSCO 04/24/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (4/24/20) PDF 04/24/2020
Well Prepared to Navigate the Storm - Adj. Est. and P/T But Remain Overweig... PDF SBNY 04/24/2020
1Q20 Beats; Displaying Power of an Early Stage PSR Model; Reiterate OW PDF UNP 04/23/2020
1Q20 Beats; Prepping for Sizable NT Weakness, But a Well Positioned Busines... PDF RUSHA 04/23/2020
1Q20 EPS Review: Positive PPNR Trends Offset By Stress in Energy Portfolio PDF HBAN 04/23/2020
1Q20 EPS Review; Thesis Plays-Out as Balance Sheet Strength Shines PDF SYBT 04/23/2020
1Q20 First Look - Some Unanswered Questions but Overall There's a Lot to Li... PDF SBNY 04/23/2020
1st Look at 1Q20 Results: REAL EPS Beat; Stable Credit Trends PDF OZK 04/23/2020
ACIW 1st Look: 1Q Pre-Release; Suspends Guide; C-19 Potential Impact Though... PDF ACIW 04/23/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/23/2020
AMNB First Look: EPS Beat Driven by Lower Expenses PDF AMNB 04/23/2020
Better Than Expected Sales Trend, Cost Cuts, Drive Ests. Higher; OW PDF LAD 04/23/2020
CY1Q Earnings: How Good Will Good Enough Have to Be for Video Game Stocks? PDF 04/23/2020
Echo's Non-Asset Brokerage Model Holding Up Well Despite Slower Freight Mar... PDF ECHO 04/23/2020
Encouraged By 1Q20 Outlook But 2Q20 Likely Still Not A Catalyst PDF DFS 04/23/2020
EXP: Adjusting Estimates for Demand Headwinds, Reiterate OW/V, Target to $6... PDF EXP 04/23/2020
Expert Call: Auto Lending April Trends Update With Westlake CFO PDF 04/23/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Adj. EPS Beat; 2020 Guidance Withdrawn PDF CTS 04/23/2020
First Look at 1Q20 EPS Beat; 2020 Volume / OR Guidance Withdrawn PDF UNP 04/23/2020
First Look At 1Q20 Results PDF ODFL 04/23/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results; Reserve Strengthening a - / Return to Buybacks ... PDF FAF 04/23/2020
First Look at Domino's F1Q20 Results PDF DPZ 04/23/2020
First Look: 1Q20 Fundamentals Fine; Credit Reserve Build Inline With Peers PDF ADS 04/23/2020
First Look: ADM To Adjust Ethanol Grind In Reaction To Tough Market PDF ADM 04/23/2020
First Look: ASB 1Q20 Results PDF ASB 04/23/2020
First Look: FRME 1Q20 Results PDF FRME 04/23/2020
First Look: HBAN 1Q20 Results PDF HBAN 04/23/2020
First Look: TSCO Reports 1Q20 Beat PDF TSCO 04/23/2020
Flash Preview: Revise Estimates & TP for C-19 & CARES Act Impacts; ... PDF LHCG 04/23/2020
Flash Preview: Revise Ests for C-19 Impacts & CARES Offsets; Maintain $... PDF AMED 04/23/2020
Flash Preview: Revising Ests on C-19 Impacts & CARES Offsets; $84 TP Ma... PDF EHC 04/23/2020
FNB First Look: 1Q "REAL" EPS In-Line PDF FNB 04/23/2020
Good Liquidity Through Retail Sales, But Pawn Weakness Keeps Us On Sideline... PDF FCFS 04/23/2020
March '20 Contract Awards: Overall Deceleration Continues PDF 04/23/2020
Margin Driven Beat in 1Q20; Guidance Withdrawn; Remain Equal-Weight PDF CSX 04/23/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/23/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/23/2020
Optionality For More Asset Sales And Share Repurchases Makes Us More Positi... PDF SLM 04/23/2020
Quick Market Callouts; A Little Bit of Heartbeat Coming Through PDF 04/23/2020
Reiterate NAVI As Most Defensive Stock In Coverage For COVID-19 PDF NAVI 04/23/2020
Sec. Gains & Lower Tax Rate Help Offset Higher LLP in 1Q20; CECL Deferr... PDF FRME 04/23/2020
Solid “REAL” EPS Beat in 1Q20; PPP Fees Help in Multiple Ways PDF WTFC 04/23/2020
Solid PPNR Trends; Lowering PT to $25; Maintain Overweight Rating PDF OBNK 04/23/2020
Strong 1Q20 Results Show Leverage When Market Eventually Improves; Reiterat... PDF KNX 04/23/2020
TUNE IN; Electrical Equipment/Multi-Industry Upcoming Expert Calls to Consi... PDF 04/23/2020
Updating Our Model Post 1Q20 Earnings PDF BKR 04/23/2020
Utility Expert Call Takeaways; Capex Should Continue to Grow; T&D Clear... PDF 04/23/2020
We're In No Hurry To Own, But Are Incrementally Positive On ADS Following 1... PDF ADS 04/23/2020
Well-Run Franchise Facing a Tough NT Run; Reit. EW on Valuation PDF FAF 04/23/2020
1Q20 EPS Loss Stands Out; Expect Margin to Bottom in 2Q20 PDF CMA 04/22/2020
1Q20 EPS Review; Solid PPNR Trends, ACL Now over 2.1% PDF FITB 04/22/2020
1st Look 1Q20: Credit Slide Continues; Guidance Pulled Due to Pending MOE PDF TCBI 04/22/2020
1st Look at 1Q20: PPNR Beat; Updated Disclosures to Vulnerable Sectors PDF OBNK 04/22/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/22/2020
Catch Up With Kermit Post AIA Cons. Reduction; U.S. Nonresi In Contraction PDF 04/22/2020
EGBN First Look: PPNR Miss Due to Lower Fees and Elevated Expenses PDF EGBN 04/22/2020
Expert Call with Ken Simonson: AGC COVID-19 Survey & Implications for U... PDF 04/22/2020
Factoring Headwinds in NT; TPay Pipeline Remains Vibrant; Lowering PT to $2... PDF TBK 04/22/2020
First Look at 1Q Results: REAL EPS Beat From Solid Fees; ACL Builds to 1.53... PDF BOKF 04/22/2020
First Look at 1Q20 EPS Beat; 2020 Guidance Withdrawn PDF CSX 04/22/2020
First Look at 1Q20 EPS Beat; COVID-19 Headwinds to Accelerate Going Forward... PDF RUSHA 04/22/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results PDF BKR 04/22/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results; Big Beat & a Fading Glimpse of What Could H... PDF FNF 04/22/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results; Impressive +670bps Title PT Margin Expansion PDF STC 04/22/2020
First Look At 1Q20 Results; Pulls Outlook, But Provides "Hypothetical" Scen... PDF LSTR 04/22/2020
First Look: BECN Pre-Releases F2Q20 Results, Withdraws FY20 Guide PDF BECN 04/22/2020
First Look: BSX Announces Refinancing PDF BSX 04/22/2020
First Look: Conference Call Takeaways & Read Throughs PDF BKR 04/22/2020
First Look: Credit Reserving Is The Headline, But Fundamentals Tough Too PDF DFS 04/22/2020
First Look: In-Line Fundamentals And EPS, Even With Higher Reserves PDF SLM 04/22/2020
First Look: Increasing Liquidity; Good Retail; Tough Pawn Demand PDF FCFS 04/22/2020
First Look: ORLY Reports 1Q20 Miss; 2QTD Update Better Than Feared PDF ORLY 04/22/2020
First Look: Reports 1Q20 Beat, April Volumes Down Mid-to-High Single Digits... PDF KNX 04/22/2020
First Look: Reports In line 1Q20 Results & Provides 2Q Outlook PDF ECHO 04/22/2020
First Look: Thesis Plays Out With Strong FFELP Performance; Positive SLM Re... PDF NAVI 04/22/2020
First Look: WTFC 1Q20 Results PDF WTFC 04/22/2020
Flash Preview: Reducing Estimates & TP to Reflect C-19 and Recession Im... PDF UHS 04/22/2020
Flash Preview: Trim Ests & TP on C-19 & Recession Impacts on Behavi... PDF ACHC 04/22/2020
FMC Delivers Another Strong Quarter PDF FMC 04/22/2020
Michael Hallowes - Public Warning Expert Call | TOMORROW | 11:00 am ET/10:0... PDF 04/22/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/22/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/22/2020
Morning Update: 1Q In-Line w Pre-Release; COVID-19 Actions Underway PDF LAD 04/22/2020
New FISV Model For Segments/COVID: Conservative Ests & Still Buy At 16x... PDF FISV 04/22/2020
No Way to Spin 33 1/3 Here; Bad ABI Print as Expected; AIA Cons. Est. Come ... PDF 04/22/2020
Readthrough From TMO 1Q Report: Strength in Bioproduction and Pharma Servic... PDF 04/22/2020
Resuming Coverage With an EW Rating and a $780 Target Following 1Q20 Earnin... PDF CMG 04/22/2020
Revenue Growth Continues; CECL Adoption Delayed; Lowering PT to $17 PDF TSC 04/22/2020
Solid Results; Lowering EPS Forecasts as ACL Builds; Maintain OW PDF GNTY 04/22/2020
Stable 1Q20 Core Trends; Lowering EPS Forecast Due to Lingering Headwinds PDF SFNC 04/22/2020
Strong 1Q20 Beat; Guide Lowered But PSR & FX Helps Soften the Blow; Rem... PDF CP 04/22/2020
Strong PPNR Trends; Reserve Build Likely in Near Term; Lowering PT to $55 PDF BOKF 04/22/2020
Takeaways from Our Contact Center Expert Conference Call PDF 04/22/2020
THC Flash Preview: Lowering Estimates and TP on C-19 / Recession Pressures PDF THC 04/22/2020
The Open Book Approach - How to Assuage Investor Fears in an Adverse Tape PDF WBS 04/22/2020
Updating Forecasting for 1Q20 Results; Lowering PT to $22 PDF BXS 04/22/2020
Updating Thoughts on Specialty Distribution (WSO,POOL) Ahead of 1Q20 Earnin... PDF 04/22/2020
Visibility Emerges Into the Remaining Tranches of CARES Funding for Provide... PDF 04/22/2020
1Q20 “REAL” EPS Beat; Near-term NIM Headwinds & Franchise P... PDF FFBC 04/21/2020
1Q20 EPS Review; Exposure to Industries at Risk Under 5% PDF ONB 04/21/2020
1Q20 EPS Wrap: Vols Decline Sharply in April, Preparing for the Phased Reco... PDF HCA 04/21/2020
1Q20 Initial; HCA Suspends 2020 Guidance, Buyback & Dividend; C-19 Acti... PDF HCA 04/21/2020
1Q20 PPNR Upside; Energy Portfolio Creates Overhang PDF ZION 04/21/2020
1Q20 Preview - Updating Estimates, Targets + Thoughts on What Lies Ahead PDF 04/21/2020
1st Look at 1Q20 Results: EPS/Revenue Beat; Credit Remains Stable PDF TSC 04/21/2020
2020 = Reset, Net Cash = Optionality; Resuming EW-Vol./$14 PT As We Await M... PDF OSUR 04/21/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/21/2020
Balance Sheet Strength Visible From MOE; Cost Savings Will Take Some Time PDF TFC 04/21/2020
Best Positioned Card/Point Of Sale On COVID-19 Impacts; Reiterate Overweigh... PDF SYF 04/21/2020
Congress/White House Reach PPP Re-Load Deal; Best For GPN And SQ PDF 04/21/2020
EFX 1st Look: USIS Ex Housing/Mix Accel = Post-Breach Progress; Ltd C-19 Im... PDF EFX 04/21/2020
EFX Call: EWS/Refi Resilient, USIS Ex Mortgage Less So; Scenario '21 PE Val... PDF EFX 04/21/2020
EFX Slides 1st Look: April Ex Mortgage Growth -30% USIS Online, -15% EWS Ve... PDF EFX 04/21/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Adj. EPS Beat; 2020 Guidance Lowered Due to COVID-19 PDF CP 04/21/2020
First Look At 1Q20 Results PDF TFII-CA 04/21/2020
First Look at 1Q20: Mortgage Biz Drives Solid Core PPNR PDF BXS 04/21/2020
First Look: 1Q20 "REAL" EPS Beat on Margin and Loan Growth PDF WBS 04/21/2020
First Look: BG Announces Agreement To Sell 35 U.S. Grain Elevators PDF BG 04/21/2020
First Look: BLDR Raises Debt by $250 Million Due 2027 PDF BLDR 04/21/2020
First Look: CMA 1Q20 Results PDF CMA 04/21/2020
First Look: Details Light On Reserving; Earnings Call Is Focus; Good 1Q20 PDF SYF 04/21/2020
First Look: FFBC 1Q20 Results PDF FFBC 04/21/2020
First Look: FITB 1Q20 Results PDF FITB 04/21/2020
First Look: March EHS Show First Real Signs of COVID-19; Tough Road Ahead PDF 04/21/2020
First Look: Reports 1Q20 Beat; Debt Free Balance Sheet PDF HTLD 04/21/2020
GPK 1Q20 First Look PDF GPK 04/21/2020
GPK 1Q20: Just the Outlook PDF GPK 04/21/2020
Keeping 1Q20 Credit Loss Estimates Unchanged Following March Data PDF OMF 04/21/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/21/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/21/2020
N. Am. Freefall Mitigated by Working Capital Release & Cutting Costs/Ca... PDF HAL 04/21/2020
NT Trends Challenged, But HTLD Is Well For Post COVID Recovery; Reit EW On ... PDF HTLD 04/21/2020
Quality Name w/ Secular Tailwinds, Clean BS & Solid Mgmt Team; Resuming... PDF NEO 04/21/2020
Storing Oil in Railcars: Unlikely to Become a Major Trend PDF 04/21/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (4/21/20) PDF 04/21/2020
Well-Reserved For Upcoming Recession; The List Of Variables To Pay Attentio... PDF ALLY 04/21/2020
1st Look at 1Q20 Results: Revenue Trends Okay; Strong EOP Growth; TPay Prog... PDF TBK 04/20/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/20/2020
Braced for 2Q20 Impact: Cutting Cost (>$1 bil.), Capex (30%) and Dividen... PDF SLB 04/20/2020
CMS Issues Recommendations for Resuming Non-Emergent Care in Low-Impact Sta... PDF 04/20/2020
DuPont to Beat 1Q, No Details, No Guide PDF DD 04/20/2020
Electric Power Industry Expert Call With Kit Konolige PDF 04/20/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results PDF HAL 04/20/2020
First Look: EXP Sells Aggs & Concrete Assets For $93.5 Mil PDF EXP 04/20/2020
First Look: Kitchen Sinking 1Q20 By Provision Pull Forward; FY Likely Uncha... PDF ALLY 04/20/2020
First Look: ONB 1Q20 Results PDF ONB 04/20/2020
First Look: Provides Updated 1Q20 Expectations, Enhances Liquidity PDF FWRD 04/20/2020
First Look: TFC 1Q20 Results PDF TFC 04/20/2020
First Look: TREX Announces Dennis Schemm as CFO PDF TREX 04/20/2020
First Look: USCR 1Q20 Preliminary Results & New Credit Facility PDF USCR 04/20/2020
First Look: ZION 1Q20 Results PDF ZION 04/20/2020
Flash Preview: Updating Our Model for C-19 Impacts; TP Lowered to $130 PDF HCA 04/20/2020
Former Panera CFO Takes; Planning for the “Next Normal”; Nonres... PDF 04/20/2020
Housing Stocks: Est., Ratings, Target Tweaks; CLGX U/G, RDFN & FAF D/G PDF 04/20/2020
MDP Pulls Guide and Suspends Dividend PDF MDP 04/20/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/20/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/20/2020
Restaurant Weekly: 4/20 PDF 04/20/2020
Rolling Out New Auto Dealer Estimates For F20 & F21 PDF 04/20/2020
Slight “REAL” EPS Miss; Balanced View; NIM vs. Commercial Credi... PDF RF 04/20/2020
SR Banks 1Q20 Review: Discussing How COVID-19 Impacted 1Q20 Results & O... PDF 04/20/2020
Stimulus Checks Boost Sales for Quick-Service Last Week: Own WEN & MCD PDF 04/20/2020
Takeaways From Call With Former CFO of Panera Bread PDF 04/20/2020
Texas WARN Act Notices Confirm OFS Layoffs as Debt, LT Mkt Size Remain Focu... PDF 04/20/2020
Updating Ests./PT Post 1Q20; Reit. OW - MUSA Very Well Positioned To Outper... PDF MUSA 04/20/2020
Weekly Reader: Lonza Readthrough, Clinical Trial/Biotech Funding Updates PDF 04/20/2020
1QQ Recap: Defensive Model Positioned To Benefit As Cycle Turns; Reit OW PDF MRTN 04/17/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/17/2020
AUB Provides Update on PPP Program PDF AUB 04/17/2020
Balance Sheet Strength in Time of Uncertainty PDF HOMB 04/17/2020
Bus Svc Read: March Exit Growth Chart; Rent Trend; Toast Cuts; Stripe Cap R... PDF 04/17/2020
CBO Releases Initial Score of CARES Act Health Care Funding Provisions PDF 04/17/2020
CUTR Announces Equity Raise PDF CUTR 04/17/2020
Esports Industry Conference Call PDF 04/17/2020
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