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China to Halt U.S. Ag Imports PDF 08/05/2019
Domestic Agent Growth Remains Challenged; Internal + External Help Forming PDF RMAX 08/05/2019
FICO: Scores Strength; Centralizing On DMS SaaS Platform=Margin Lift; EW On... PDF FICO 08/05/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Production Miss But Healthy Line-of-Sight PDF FLMN 08/05/2019
First Look at FBM 2Q19 Results: Adj. EBITDA and EPS Beat on Strong Margins PDF FBM 08/05/2019
First Look at Mixed DOOR 2Q19 Earnings Results; Full Year Guide Trimmed PDF DOOR 08/05/2019
First Look: 2020 IPPS, A Favorable Surprise As CMS Maintains MS-DRG 215 PDF ABMD 08/05/2019
First Look: A Strong Start, STE Exceeds 1Q Consensus & Raises FY20 Guid... PDF STE 08/05/2019
First Look: Contemplating The Puts & Takes PDF IVC 08/05/2019
First Look: IMPRESSIVE: PODD Delivers 2Q Upside & Raises CY19 Guidance PDF PODD 08/05/2019
First Look: Reports adj. 2Q19 EBITDA and EPS Beat; Reiterates FY19 Outlook PDF ATSG 08/05/2019
First Look: TSN Reports 3Q19 PDF TSN 08/05/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 08/05/2019
GTA Online + NBA 2K Drive Impressive In-Game Bookings Beat; Increase PT to ... PDF TTWO 08/05/2019
Highlights From Stephens Hosted Investor HQ Visit With Anthem Management PDF ANTM 08/05/2019
Increasing Estimates & Price Target As Model Inflects Higher PDF PODD 08/05/2019
July Auto SAAR Estimated at 16.8 Mil., Unit Sales Up +1.6% PDF 08/05/2019
LA Medicaid RFP Awards Announced: +ve for HUM, ANTM, & UNH; -ve for CNC... PDF 08/05/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/05/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/05/2019
Preliminary Class 8 Net Orders Fall to 9 Year Low PDF 08/05/2019
RAMP 1st Look: Rev Beat/Reit; Mktplace Growth Accel; Lower Retention Expect... PDF RAMP 08/05/2019
RAMP Call: Explained Retention; Met 2Q Guide; TV Rev +30%; De-Risked '20 Re... PDF RAMP 08/05/2019
Restaurants - Previewing This Weeks Earnings PDF 08/05/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 08/05/2019
THC 2Q19 Initial View: Slight Beat on Conifer Strength, Hospital Margins We... PDF THC 08/05/2019
TSN Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain OW Rating & PT PDF TSN 08/05/2019
UK New Vehicle Registrations Decrease (4.1%) in July, (3.7%) for GPI Brands... PDF GPI 08/05/2019
UK New Vehicle Registrations Decrease (4.1%) in July, (7.2%) for PAG Brands... PDF PAG 08/05/2019
2H19 Momentum: Balance Sheet & Expense Initiatives, HomeStar Adds Liqui... PDF MSBI 08/02/2019
2Q Recap & Model Update: FTFM Closure Should Provide Lift In FY20 PDF SNDR 08/02/2019
2Q SSS, EPS Tops Ests.; SSS to Accelerate in 2H19; 20% Unit Growth on Track... PDF FND 08/02/2019
2Q19 Recap: Aviation Outperformance & Accelerating Long-Term Contract A... PDF FTAI 08/02/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/02/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/02/2019
Automotive Retail Industry Rankings 2Q19 PDF 08/02/2019
Avalara Expands Its Cross-Border Capabilities Via Acquisition PDF AVLR 08/02/2019
CF Industries: 2Q19 Just the Outlook PDF CF 08/02/2019
CY20 & CY21 Adjusted-Earnings Estimate Correction PDF TFX 08/02/2019
DFS Cuts Savings Rate Another 5bps: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 08/02/2019
Disney Delayed; 2019 Guidance Lowered as a Result PDF GLUU 08/02/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results PDF FTAI 08/02/2019
Growth Still Throttled Back But No Problems with Demand; Patience to Payoff... PDF RP 08/02/2019
Lowering Estimates & Price Target PDF ABMD 08/02/2019
MA Final: Still Long On Peer-Leading Growth; Prefer V B/c Of Acceleration O... PDF MA 08/02/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/02/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/02/2019
Much Better Results + More to Come in 2H19; Profitability Path Emerging PDF RDFN 08/02/2019
MUSA Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Maintain EW PDF MUSA 08/02/2019
NBL First Look: Positive 2Q Results + Updated Guidance PDF NBL 08/02/2019
PPC Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Maintain OW Rating PDF PPC 08/02/2019
SFM Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain Rating & PT PDF SFM 08/02/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 7/27/19) PDF 08/02/2019
SUM 2Q19 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Target Remains ... PDF SUM 08/02/2019
Third-Party Defective Software Explains Revenue Softness PDF SCPL 08/02/2019
Top Picks After Reviewing 2Q19 Regional Bank Results and Changes in Forecas... PDF 08/02/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (8/2/19) PDF 08/02/2019
WRK F3Q19: Just the Outlook PDF WRK 08/02/2019
2Q Recap & Model Update: USX Strikes Encouraging Tone Regarding 2H19 Tr... PDF USX 08/01/2019
2Q Tops Forecast; Guide Light But Looks Beatable; Loss Should Narrow in 4Q;... PDF W 08/01/2019
2Q19 Initial View: Earnings Beat Across All Segments; Revs/EPS Outlook Rais... PDF CI 08/01/2019
2Q19 Recap & Model Update PDF ARCB 08/01/2019
2Q19 Results Beat Street; Guidance Mixed; Conviction in LT Story Unchanged PDF SRI 08/01/2019
2Q19 Shows Sequential Improvement; Story Still in Transition Phase; Remain ... PDF RAIL 08/01/2019
A.M. Update: Direct Revenue +42% Tops Est.; EBITDA Loss Better Than Forecas... PDF W 08/01/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/01/2019
APA First Look: 2Q19 EBITDAX Beat & Capex Below Expectations PDF APA 08/01/2019
Business Remains On-Track; Pipeline Making Progress Via Regulatory Pathway PDF STAA 08/01/2019
CHFC / TCF Merger Closes PDF TCF 08/01/2019
Clean Quarter, But We Are Waiting For a Better Entry Point; Assuming Covera... PDF FIVN 08/01/2019
Corteva 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF CTVA 08/01/2019
CXO First Look: 2Q19 Capex Better Than Expected Though 2H19 Volumes Guided ... PDF CXO 08/01/2019
DD 2Q19 Just the Outlook PDF DD 08/01/2019
First Look at 2Q Results; In Line w/Pre-Announcement PDF USX 08/01/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results PDF WHD 08/01/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results; Improving Results + Rosier Guidance PDF RDFN 08/01/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results; Right Down the Pipe & Good By Us PDF RP 08/01/2019
First Look at 2Q19; Nice Profit Beat But Lower Guidance The Bigger Takeaway... PDF RMAX 08/01/2019
First Look at BLDR 2Q19: Strong Margins Drive Adj. EBITDA Beat on In-Line S... PDF BLDR 08/01/2019
First Look at Mixed 2Q19; High End of Sales Guide Trimmed, EBITDA Guide Rai... PDF BLD 08/01/2019
First Look at SUM 2Q19 Results; Adj. EBITDA Beat; Guidance Reiterated PDF SUM 08/01/2019
First Look: 2Q19 Beat Includes Another Large Gain On Sale PDF XPO 08/01/2019
First Look: Not As Scripted, ABMD Missed Fiscal 1Q & Lowers FY20 Guidan... PDF ABMD 08/01/2019
First Look: SFM Reports 2Q19 PDF SFM 08/01/2019
First Look: Slight 2Q Miss & Guides FY19 Lower PDF SNDR 08/01/2019
First Look: Strong Organic Growth With Margin Expansion As Model Evolves PDF TFX 08/01/2019
GPN Final: Potential M&A, Synergies, Execution=Upside; Strong Self-Help... PDF GPN 08/01/2019
Increasing Price Target as the Model Continues to Favorably Evolve PDF TFX 08/01/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/01/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/01/2019
MTDR First Look: Strong 2Q19 Results + Updated '19 Outlook PDF MTDR 08/01/2019
SendGrid Driving Gross Margin Expansion; Assuming Coverage at Equal-Weight/... PDF TWLO 08/01/2019
SM First Look: 2Q19 EBITDAX Beat PDF SM 08/01/2019
SQ 1st Look: Beat/Reit; GPV Slight Miss/Decel; Caviar Sale; 3Q EBITDA Guide... PDF SQ 08/01/2019
SQ Call: Strong $135 Mil. App/Card Rev; Low 3Q Profit Guide B/c Invest Spen... PDF SQ 08/01/2019
UFS 2Q19: Just the Outlook; Lowering PT to $45, Remain Overweight PDF UFS 08/01/2019
Updated Thoughts on Broadcasters PDF 08/01/2019
Upgrading to OW: 2Q Results Show Company-Specific Momentum w/ Runway Ahead PDF SAIA 08/01/2019
Wellhead Market Share, New Rentals Continue To Deliver; Reiterate OW Rating... PDF WHD 08/01/2019
WRK F3Q19 First Look PDF WRK 08/01/2019
2Q19 First Look: Solid Quarter + Lowered Full Year E&P Capex PDF HES 07/31/2019
2Q19 Results Above Street; 2019 Guidance Adjusted Slightly Higher PDF WNC 07/31/2019
Accretive M&A Drives Positive EPS Revision; Increasing PT to $30; Maint... PDF SFNC 07/31/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/31/2019
Better Cash Operating Costs Increases Target PDF RRC 07/31/2019
CF 2Q19 First Look PDF CF 07/31/2019
EXP F1Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Target to $100... PDF EXP 07/31/2019
Expect Relatively Muted Stock Performance On 2Q19 Results PDF RM 07/31/2019
FIBK 2Q19 First Look: Mixed PPNR Results; Share Counts Drive $0.01 Beat PDF FIBK 07/31/2019
FICO 1st Look: Rev/EPS Beat; No Raise=Likely License Timing; Price Helps Sc... PDF FICO 07/31/2019
FICO 3Q Call: Still Great Business (Price, Growth, GM Positives), But Price... PDF FICO 07/31/2019
First Look - SFNC to Acquire $3 Billion Bank in Landrum Company PDF SFNC 07/31/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Mixed PDF SRI 07/31/2019
First Look at 2Q19 EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Raised But 2H19 Outlook Unchange... PDF WNC 07/31/2019
First Look at 2Q19: Adj. EPS Beat; Cuts Guide But Gets Nice Post-Q Order PDF RAIL 07/31/2019
First Look: 2Q Top and Bottom Line Beat; Reaches Sub 90 OR PDF SAIA 07/31/2019
First Look: 2Q19 Results Exceed Consensus: CY19 Guidance Maintained? PDF STAA 07/31/2019
First Look: ALGN Announces Accelerated Stock Repurchase Agreement PDF ALGN 07/31/2019
First Look: MUSA Reports 2Q19 PDF MUSA 07/31/2019
First Look: No More Dancing In The Street? COO Receives FDA Letter PDF COO 07/31/2019
First Look: PPC Reports 2Q19 PDF PPC 07/31/2019
First Look: Strong Beat & Raise PDF DXCM 07/31/2019
First Look: TradeRev Competitor ACV Updates Recent Unit Growth at Company E... PDF KAR 07/31/2019
FMC 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF FMC 07/31/2019
HUM 2Q19 Initial View: Finally a Strong Beat on MLR PDF HUM 07/31/2019
ICL 2Q19 First look PDF ICL 07/31/2019
ICL 2Q19 Just the Outlook PDF ICL 07/31/2019
Increasing Price Target & Estimates PDF DXCM 07/31/2019
June '19 Texas Cement Shipments Up 6.3% YoY On Same Day Basis PDF 07/31/2019
Live Services Drive Beat and Raise; We Like the 2H Setup PDF ZNGA 07/31/2019
LT International Momentum Offsetting ST N. Am. Headwinds; Reiterate OW PDF NOV 07/31/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/31/2019
MLM 2Q19 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Target to $287 PDF MLM 07/31/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/31/2019
Puts and Takes to 1Q20, We Like FY20 Set-Up; Assuming Coverage at Overweigh... PDF EGHT 07/31/2019
Relatively Inline Quarter With Puts/Takes; Expect Stock Slightly Higher PDF CACC 07/31/2019
Solid 2Q19; 2020 Outlook; Strong B/S Growth & Good Fees Offset by NIM P... PDF UMBF 07/31/2019
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 07/31/2019
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - July 2019 PDF 07/31/2019
Strong Fee Trends & Unique NIM Levers = Sustainable Op. Leverage in 202... PDF FIBK 07/31/2019
Strong Start to the Year; Apex Concerns Quieted PDF EA 07/31/2019
Taking Up 2019 EPS On Guidance But Cautious On Regulations PDF CURO 07/31/2019
TREX 2Q19 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW, Target to $90 PDF TREX 07/31/2019
VNOM Initial Thoughts: 2Q19 Results Solid, Accretive Drop Down Announced PDF VNOM 07/31/2019
With Brokerage Trends Challenged, CHRW Looks To Accelerate Share Gains PDF CHRW 07/31/2019
10% Raise to Core Guidance on Efficiency Much Better Than Expected PDF AER 07/30/2019
2019 Guidance Higher and More Capital Return to Come; Reiterate Top Pick PDF OMF 07/30/2019
2Q Miss on UK Challenges; Big Commercial Truck Acquisition; P/E Lowest in G... PDF PAG 07/30/2019
2Q19 Beats the Street & Outlook Remains on Track; Remain OW PDF WAB 07/30/2019
2Q19 EPS Beats Street; 2019 Guidance Essentially Unchanged; Remain OW PDF HUBG 07/30/2019
2Q19 First Look: Adj. EPS In Line; 2019 Guidance Reduced on Used Truck Weak... PDF R 07/30/2019
2Q19 Recap: Mixed Quarter With Impressive Top-Line Guide; Margin Guide Trim... PDF TREX 07/30/2019
2Q19 Results In Line But Used Truck Weakness Drives Guidance Cut; Remain EW... PDF R 07/30/2019
2Q19 Wrap; Steady Results; Buyback Authorization Announced; Maintain EW Rat... PDF CBTX 07/30/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/30/2019
BAC/FISV JV: Pos (Neutral/Pos To EPS/FCF) > Neg; Buy Weakness; Reit Best... PDF FISV 07/30/2019
Busy Quarter as Internal Initiatives Take Shape; Raising Estimates PDF HTLF 07/30/2019
Compass Series G Funding; Now Valued 3x Combo of Traditional Public Players... PDF 07/30/2019
Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructure: Coverage Update PDF 07/30/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; 2019 EPS Guidance Raised Slightly PDF HUBG 07/30/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; On Track to Meet or Beat 2019 Guidance PDF WAB 07/30/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results PDF NOV 07/30/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Fee Income Drives Revenue/Op EPS Beat PDF UMBF 07/30/2019
First Look at MLM 2Q19 Beat, FY19 Guidance Raised; Reiterate Overweight Rat... PDF MLM 07/30/2019
First Look: Better Lease Earning Assets And 53% Y/Y Gains Drive Beat PDF AER 07/30/2019
First Look: June Pending Home Sales Come Through Strong As Expected PDF 07/30/2019
First Look: Reports 2Q19 Operational Miss; July Net Revenue Per Day Down 8%... PDF CHRW 07/30/2019
First Look: Reports Slight 2Q19 Miss PDF ARCB 07/30/2019
FISV JV Call: Dissolution Manageable; Expects Growth Ramp In Ex-JV Merchant... PDF FISV 07/30/2019
FMC 2Q19: First Look PDF FMC 07/30/2019
Good Revenue Trends; Op Ex Elevated; Prepared for M&A with Strong Cap. ... PDF RRBI 07/30/2019
GPN 2Q19 1st Look: Beat/Raise Rev/EPS; 10% Org Rev Growth; TSS On Track PDF GPN 07/30/2019
GPN Call: Great Execution; Potential Catalysts From TSS Synergies Or Smart ... PDF GPN 07/30/2019
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