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First Look: Shrugs Off Challenging Freight Market To Post 2Q19 Beat PDF HTLD 07/18/2019
GBCI 2Q19 First Look: LLP Drives Beat; Good Organic Growth Offset By NIM Mi... PDF GBCI 07/18/2019
Incrementally Positive On Risk-Adjusted Margins, With More Levers Available... PDF ALLY 07/18/2019
Lower Credit Losses Drives Our EPS Higher, But Lowers Our Target Multiple PDF ADS 07/18/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/18/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/18/2019
Noisy Quarter but Solid Core Trends; Maintain EW Rating PDF BXS 07/18/2019
Paperboard - June 2019 PDF 07/18/2019
Showing Progress on Internal Initiatives, Higher Milk Prices Helping PDF ICBK 07/18/2019
Soft Revenue; In Line EPS Driven by Excellent Credit; Maintain OW PDF HOMB 07/18/2019
Solid Quarter + NT Outlook Improving; STC Probably Unlikely But That's Ok PDF FNF 07/18/2019
Solid Quarter Highlighted by Diversified Revenue Mix and Stable Credit Tren... PDF USB 07/18/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 7/13/19) PDF 07/18/2019
2Q19 Earnings Preview; Highlighting HUM, ANTM & CI as Key Actionable Ca... PDF 07/17/2019
2Q19 Results Throw a Wet Blanket on the Transport Party; Downgrading to EW PDF CSX 07/17/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/17/2019
Calendar 2Q19 Protein Earnings Preview PDF 07/17/2019
Containerboard & Boxes - June 2019 PDF 07/17/2019
Core NIM Likely to Bleed Lower; Fees Resilient; Maintain EW Rating PDF CBSH 07/17/2019
Credit Challenges Continue; Revenue Headwinds Intensify; Maintain EW Rating... PDF TCBI 07/17/2019
Credit Events and Lower NIM Outlook Takes a Toll; Undervalued at 1.35x TBV PDF WTFC 07/17/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Noisy Quarter but Solid Core Trends PDF BXS 07/17/2019
First Look: CMA 2Q19 Results PDF CMA 07/17/2019
First Look: GPC Announces European Heavy-Duty Tuck-In Acquisition PDF GPC 07/17/2019
First Look: PNC 2Q19 Results PDF PNC 07/17/2019
First Look: Pre-Announces Quarter - Losses in Ag Portfolio and Fraud Hit EP... PDF GWB 07/17/2019
First Look: USB 2Q19 Results PDF USB 07/17/2019
Iowa Bumps Medicaid MCO Rates by +8.6% for FY 2020; Positive for ANTM &... PDF 07/17/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/17/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/17/2019
Printing & Writing - June 2019 PDF 07/17/2019
Rates Present Challenge Today; Longer Term Outlook Remains Positive PDF FRC 07/17/2019
Revenue Headwinds as the Rate Environment Shifts; Cutting Estimates Again PDF CMA 07/17/2019
Solid Results; NIM Headwinds Partially Mitigated; Credit Improvement Stalli... PDF HWC 07/17/2019
Steady Progress; Buyback Activity Ramped Up PDF PNC 07/17/2019
Takeaways From UCC Expert Call; All About Voice, Deskless Worker, and AI PDF 07/17/2019
Tweaking Estimates For 2Q Investor Updates PDF 07/17/2019
UNH Secures New Strategic Optum360 Deal With John Muir Health System PDF UNH 07/17/2019
Updates 2Q and 3Q Guidance; 4Q19 Outlook Not as Bad as Feared; Reiterate OW... PDF KNX 07/17/2019
Weak ABI; Kermit Feeling Green About a Cont. Upcycle; Join Our Call! PDF 07/17/2019
2Q19 Earnings Preview PDF FND 07/16/2019
2Q19 Results Beat, Putting "Better Than Feared" on Repeat; Remain Overweigh... PDF JBHT 07/16/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/16/2019
Ag 2Q19 Preview PDF 07/16/2019
Benign Monthly Stats Continue in June; 2Q19E EPS Unchanged PDF AXP 07/16/2019
Credit Card Strong, Auto In Line, No CECL Yet: 2Q19 Bank Readthroughs PDF 07/16/2019
EXP F1Q20 Preview; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Target Remains $104 PDF EXP 07/16/2019
FIFA 20 Loses Rights to Juventus; Buy on Weakness PDF EA 07/16/2019
First Look 2Q19 Results: Good Fees offset NII/NIM Challenges PDF CBSH 07/16/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Adj. EPS Miss; Lowers 2019 Revenue Guidance PDF CSX 07/16/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results; Solid Beat + Best Title PT Margin Since '03 PDF FNF 07/16/2019
First Look at 2Q19: Adj. EPS Beat as Expected; 2019 Guidance Reiterated PDF CP 07/16/2019
First Look on 2Q19 Results: Revenue/EPS Beat Driven by Impressive Fees PDF HWC 07/16/2019
First Look: Big Bank Mortgage Read; WFC Forward-Looking Indicator +69% YOY PDF 07/16/2019
First Look: Callaway Launches 2H19 Club Lineup PDF ELY 07/16/2019
First Look: Data Breach Investigation Wrapped Up; Very Small Impact PDF FAF 07/16/2019
First Look: EXPGY Results Summary PDF EXPGY 07/16/2019
First Look: FRC 2Q19 Results PDF FRC 07/16/2019
First Look: WTFC 2Q19 Results PDF WTFC 07/16/2019
KeyCorp Discovers Fraudulent Activity in 3Q19 - $90 mil of Exposure PDF KEY 07/16/2019
Management Announces Sales Restructuring and Leadership Changes; Maintain E... PDF FIVN 07/16/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/16/2019
MLM 2Q19 Preview; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW Rating, Target Remains ... PDF MLM 07/16/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/16/2019
Mortgage Warehouse Reads From FHN: Strong Volumes / Credit Slip PDF 07/16/2019
Positively Biased for 2Q19 EPS Following June Data PDF SYF 07/16/2019
Rolling out F21 Estimates; Increase PT to $140 PDF TTWO 07/16/2019
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - July 2019 Update PDF 07/16/2019
Strong 2Q19 Results as Expected; 2019 Guidance Reiterated; Remain EW PDF CP 07/16/2019
SUM 2Q19 Preview; Adjusting Estimates, PT to $22, Reiterate OW Rating PDF SUM 07/16/2019
Urner Barry Call Takeaways PDF 07/16/2019
VMC 2Q19 Preview; Maintaining Estimates, Reiterate OW Rating, $155 Price Ta... PDF VMC 07/16/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 7/16/19 PDF 07/16/2019
2Q19 Auto Retail Preview PDF 07/15/2019
2Q19 Data Roughly In Line With Street-Low Estimates PDF ADS 07/15/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/15/2019
Biden Releases Health Plan Framework; Includes Public Option But Opposes M4... PDF 07/15/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; Results Better Than Feared PDF JBHT 07/15/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 07/15/2019
June/2Q19 Monthly Data In-Line With Our Estimates; Losses Continue To Move ... PDF SC 07/15/2019
Keeping Our EPS Unchanged After June/2Q stats PDF DFS 07/15/2019
Lights Out! Ringfencing Our Coverage Exposure if Bid Caught on Grid Renewal... PDF 07/15/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/15/2019
More Sales Departures; This Time It's Head of Global Sales PDF FIVN 07/15/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/15/2019
Put It Away, Chop, Chop! Revising ’19-20 EPS, PTs for Cyclically Expo... PDF 07/15/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 07/15/2019
Retail/Broadlines - 2Q19 Earnings Preview PDF 07/15/2019
State of Florida Contract Renewal Solidifies EVBG's ROI, Statewide Opportun... PDF EVBG 07/15/2019
Tracking 2Q19 EPS Variances to Highlight Potential Bank Trades PDF 07/15/2019
Virtual RTO Acquisition is a Long-Term Positive PDF RCII 07/15/2019
1% Improvement to Annual EPS From Sportsman's Warehouse Addition PDF ADS 07/12/2019
2Q Preview: Check Growth Driving Strong Top Line; Margin Pressures To Conti... PDF 07/12/2019
2Q19 PS&W Monitor; Revising Estimates; Maintain PT & Rating PDF MUSA 07/12/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/12/2019
Calendar 2Q19 Grocery & C-Store Earnings Preview PDF 07/12/2019
First Look: FAF June Title Orders Ahead of Schedule; Robust Refi Lift PDF FAF 07/12/2019
Gypsum PPI Shows Continued Slide in Wallboard Price PDF 07/12/2019
Lowering Estimates on UK Challenges PDF PAG 07/12/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/12/2019
More Deposit Rate Cuts From Three Online Banks: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 07/12/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/12/2019
Negative 2Q Pre-Announcement & Full-Year Guide Down; Remain Equal-Weigh... PDF USX 07/12/2019
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – July 2019 PDF 07/12/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 7/6/19) PDF 07/12/2019
The Drumbeat of Change...For The Better PDF 07/12/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (7/12/19) PDF 07/12/2019
2Q Earnings Preview: BLKB, HUBS, SVMK, ZEN PDF 07/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/11/2019
Another High-Return Containerboard Project PDF 07/11/2019
Defining the Future of Distributed Teams and Flexible Work; Initiating Cove... PDF WORK 07/11/2019
First Look: Bank OZK South Florida Development Project Involved in Lawsuit PDF OZK 07/11/2019
Increasing 2019 EPS Slightly Following Activity Report PDF AER 07/11/2019
Initiating Coverage of Zoom and Slack Presentation PDF 07/11/2019
Lowering 2019, Increasing 2020+ EPS Following Activity Report PDF AL 07/11/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/11/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/11/2019
Raising TPs for ANTM, CI, HUM, MGLN, and UNH on HHS Rebate Rule Withdrawal PDF 07/11/2019
Redfin Announces Partnership With Opendoor; Positive Development PDF RDFN 07/11/2019
Texas Star+Plus Contract Awards Formally Delayed Until ~September 1st PDF 07/11/2019
This Time It's for Real; Administration Retreats on Medicare Rebate Proposa... PDF 07/11/2019
Zoom Revolution: A New Video-First Consumption Model; Initiate OW/Vol.; $11... PDF ZM 07/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/10/2019
First Look: GPC Closes Acquisition of Remaining Inenco Stake; Reit. OW Rati... PDF GPC 07/10/2019
Initial Thoughts on 5th Circuit ACA Case Oral Arguments PDF 07/10/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/10/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/10/2019
Oregon Announces Managed Medicaid Contract Awards; CNC Gains More Ground PDF 07/10/2019
Poultry and Egg Industry Market Update PDF 07/10/2019
PYPL First Look: 8-K Regarding Pre-Tax Gain Impact on 2Q Results PDF PYPL 07/10/2019
Recap of Altarum Conference on Sustainable Health Spending PDF 07/10/2019
Transferring Coverage With an EW Rating & $15 Price Target PDF MYFW 07/10/2019
Transferring Coverage With an EW Rating & $37 Price Target PDF NBHC 07/10/2019
Acquisition of Two BMW/Mini Dealerships in New Mexico PDF GPI 07/09/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/09/2019
Covered CA Plans Propose <1% Rate Increase for 2020 PDF 07/09/2019
F4Q19 Earnings Preview PDF CALM 07/09/2019
First Look: CUTR Announces CEO and Favorable Preliminary Financial Results PDF CUTR 07/09/2019
First Look: Positive Real-World Results for the UroLift System PDF TFX 07/09/2019
Lowering EPS 7% On Lower Buyback PDF ADS 07/09/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/09/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/09/2019
Oilfield Services Valuation Tables PDF 07/09/2019
Reported North America RV Retail Unit Sales Drop (14.5%) in May; Lowering E... PDF CWH 07/09/2019
Save the Date: Industrial Distribution Plane Trip | September 16 - 17 PDF 07/09/2019
Updating Estimates for Current IR Outlook; Multiple Downgrades & a Few ... PDF 07/09/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 7/9/19 PDF 07/09/2019
2Q Bank Tech Preview Slides: Buy FISV/FIS, Avoid JKHY/EPAY/QTWO; Value Thou... PDF 07/08/2019
2Q Data Preview Slides: Buy CSGP On Growth/RAMP On Pullback; EW EFX/EXPGY/F... PDF 07/08/2019
2Q Pmts Preview: Like Self-Help = ACIW/GPN; Buy MA/PYPL/TSS/V/WP; FDC/SQ = ... PDF 07/08/2019
2Q19 LTL Earnings Preview and Updated Thoughts PDF 07/08/2019
Apex Legends - What Does the Data Say? PDF EA 07/08/2019
CattleFax Protein Industry Situation & Outlook Conference Call PDF 07/08/2019
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