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Ag Macro: Highlights From Machinery Pete Conference Call (AGCO, CNHI, DE) PDF 10/03/2019
Amex Expands Payment Network Scope With Credit One Offering PDF AXP 10/03/2019
Domtar: Two Closures, No Conversions PDF UFS 10/03/2019
Federal Employee Health Premium Rates Set to Rise +4.0% in 2020 PDF 10/03/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/03/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/03/2019
New York City Bank Trip - October 29-30 (OZK, HOMB, ISBC, OCFC, SBNY, STL, ... PDF 10/03/2019
September Preliminary Class 8 Net Orders Remain Low PDF 10/03/2019
3Q19 Earnings Trading Calls and Sentiment: Politics and Rates Likely Domina... PDF 10/02/2019
A Look Under the Hood at CADE Loan Portfolio PDF CADE 10/02/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 10/02/2019
An Emphasis on Clinical Differentiation PDF ALGN 10/02/2019
Analyst Day Takeaways: New Products and Key Metrics Surpass Our Expectation... PDF SMAR 10/02/2019
First Look: Statewide California Win Should Help Appease Bookings Concerns PDF EVBG 10/02/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/02/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/02/2019
Sept SAAR 17.2 Mil; Unit Sales Drop in Sept But Grow in 3Q; Calendar Volati... PDF 10/02/2019
Stephens Monthly Airline Update PDF 10/02/2019
3Q19 Rail Preview: Ugly Volumes Get Uglier, Who Can Play the Best Defense? PDF 10/01/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 10/01/2019
Analyst Day Cheat Sheet; Smartsheet Engage 2019 Preview PDF SMAR 10/01/2019
August '19 Texas Cement Shipments Up 19% YoY On Same Day Basis PDF 10/01/2019
CALM Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF CALM 10/01/2019
CSGP Buys Hotel Data Co; Like Asset Class Expansion/Analytics/Growth Accret... PDF CSGP 10/01/2019
CSGP Call: Like Deal B/C Think Low Risk, Unique Data, Adds to Platform Moat... PDF CSGP 10/01/2019
Financial Institutions Group Coverage Update PDF 10/01/2019
First Look: September PMI @ 47.8% vs. Consensus of 50.2% and August’s... PDF 10/01/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/01/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/01/2019
Paper & Wood Monitor - October 2019 PDF 10/01/2019
QTWO Buys SaaS Loan Pricing Co; Like Large-Bank TAM Addition & Propriet... PDF QTWO 10/01/2019
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 10/01/2019
Takeaways From The Stephens Bank Forum PDF 10/01/2019
Taking Down MCO Target Prices as 2020 Election Uncertainty Likely to Persis... PDF 10/01/2019
Texas Uncompensated Care Payments Set to Rise PDF 10/01/2019
Thoughts From the Road; CNNE is Offering Up Near Free DNB Optionality PDF CNNE 10/01/2019
Top-Line Challenges Create a More Balanced NT Risk / Reward; Moving to EW PDF CNI 10/01/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 10/01/19 PDF 10/01/2019
3Q19 LTL Preview: Elevated Multiples + Tough Macro Creates Challenging NT S... PDF 09/30/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/30/2019
Countervailing Forces Tilt Scales in Favor of Upside To Growth PDF BSX 09/30/2019
First Look: CALM Reports 1Q20 PDF CALM 09/30/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 09/30/2019
Long Awaited FDA Guidance Finalized = A Positive For CERS PDF CERS 09/30/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/30/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/30/2019
Pulp Prices Nearing Bottom? PDF 09/30/2019
Restaurant - Weekly Update PDF 09/30/2019
Robot Report Call Key Takes: Solid $$ Flowing into Space; ROK a likely winn... PDF 09/30/2019
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - September 2019 PDF 09/30/2019
TCT Takeaways: A Multi-Factoral Issue That Simply Requires Time PDF ABMD 09/30/2019
TCT Update Favorable for MANTA's Growth Outlook PDF TFX 09/30/2019
Thor 4Q19 Takeaways; Sees Dealer Inventory Rationalization Completed By Yea... PDF CWH 09/30/2019
Updated Thoughts Post-NDR PDF EXPI 09/30/2019
Updating Regional Bank Estimates For Tougher Interest Rate Backdrop PDF 09/30/2019
Why The Long Face? Don't Get Too Short or Sentimental in September PDF 09/30/2019
"Normal" winter good for fertilizer and salt demand PDF 09/27/2019
3Q Bank Tech Preview: Buy FIS/FISV; Avoid QTWO (Val); EPAY Setup Improving PDF 09/27/2019
3Q Data Preview: Buy CSGP; Looking For RAMP Catalyst; EW on EFX, EXPGY, FIC... PDF 09/27/2019
3Q19 Pmts Preview: Buy ACIW/GPN/PYPL; Prefer V>MA, Valuation Keeps Us EW... PDF 09/27/2019
3Q19 Preview: Expecting a Meet-or-Beat Quarter, 2020 Outlook Still Unclear PDF HUBG 09/27/2019
3Q19 Preview: Signs of Stabilizing Demand, But ICS Could Weigh on NT Result... PDF JBHT 09/27/2019
3Q19 Truckload & Brokerage Preview PDF 09/27/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/27/2019
Another Bank Cuts Savings Below 2.00%; Four Cut CDs: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 09/27/2019
Another Example of Why Stress in E&P Could Pressure 3Q19 Credit Trends PDF 09/27/2019
August '19 Contract Awards Show Deceleration But Remain Healthy PDF 09/27/2019
BECN Analyst Day: Focus on Organic Growth and Margin Improvement PDF BECN 09/27/2019
Comp Sheet PDF 09/27/2019
First Look: Favorable Impella Results Presented at TCT PDF ABMD 09/27/2019
Graphic Packaging's New Favorite Word: Sustainability PDF GPK 09/27/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/27/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/27/2019
Retail Implications and Takeaways from Climate Expert Call PDF 09/27/2019
Stephens Conference Update: Restaurant Attendance at 18 PDF 09/27/2019
Underappreciated Technology Alongside Compelling Valuation; Reiterate OW PDF PTEN 09/27/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (9/27/19) PDF 09/27/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/26/2019
ANTM to Buy WCG's MO & NE Medicaid Plans PDF 09/26/2019
First Look: ABMD Presents Data From The PROTECT III Study PDF ABMD 09/26/2019
First Look: Aug. Pending Home Sales Beat; RDFN = Best Way to Play It PDF 09/26/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/26/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/26/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 9/21/19) PDF 09/26/2019
Updated Thoughts On The West Coast Banks Ahead of 3Q19 Earnings PDF 09/26/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/25/2019
AZO Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate OW Rating & PT PDF AZO 09/25/2019
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. (CALM): Conference Call With Cal-Maine CFO Max Bowman... PDF 09/25/2019
First Look: ABMD's Impella 5.5 With SmartAssist Receives PMA PDF ABMD 09/25/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/25/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/25/2019
New KFF Employer Benefits Survey Shows Stable ESI Premium Pricing Trends PDF 09/25/2019
Taking a Deep Dive Into the 2020 Medicare Landscape Files - SLIDES ATTACHED... PDF 09/25/2019
World Pulp Statistics - August 2019 PDF 09/25/2019
2Q Tops Est; SG&A Narrows; Omni-Channel Continues to Impress; Reiterate... PDF KMX 09/24/2019
A Deep Dive Into Cross-Border: Small For Avalara Today, But a Big Opportuni... PDF AVLR 09/24/2019
A.M. Update: 2Q Tops Est; SSS In-Line, SGA Narrows Despite Omni-Channel Rol... PDF KMX 09/24/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/24/2019
Aircraft Lessor Exposure Immaterial to Thomas Cook Airlines PDF 09/24/2019
August Data Implies 4% Better EPS For 3Q19 PDF OMF 09/24/2019
CMS Releases Medicare "Landscape"; Projects +10% MA Growth Despite HIF Retu... PDF 09/24/2019
CSGP NDR Thoughts: Visible Long Term Rev/Profit + Nice Set Up Esp W/Lower R... PDF CSGP 09/24/2019
First Look: AZO Reports 4Q19 PDF AZO 09/24/2019
First Look: CUTR Takeaways From THE Plastic Surgery Meeting PDF CUTR 09/24/2019
First Look: ESTA Takeaways From THE Plastic Surgery Meeting PDF ESTA 09/24/2019
First Look: SIEN Takeaways From THE Plastic Surgery Meeting PDF SIEN 09/24/2019
First Look: VBTX Expects Elevated LLP Exp. Due to Acquired Energy Loan PDF VBTX 09/24/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/24/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/24/2019
RAAI-LY For Our Call: Something to Crowe About; Robot Report Editor Discuss... PDF 09/24/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 9/24/19 PDF 09/24/2019
3Q19 Airline Preview; Adjusting our NT & LT Outlook; Moving to EW on SA... PDF 09/23/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/23/2019
Ag Monitor-September 2019 PDF 09/23/2019
Another Containerboard Barrier to Entry Disappears PDF 09/23/2019
Demand Outlook Remains Positive; Medium-Term Margin Targets Very Achievable... PDF GMS 09/23/2019
Enhancements From THE Plastic Surgery Meeting PDF 09/23/2019
F1Q20 Earnings Preview; Raising PT to $45 PDF CALM 09/23/2019
First Look - Small Bank Roll-up Strategy Continues for BXS PDF BXS 09/23/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 09/23/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/23/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/23/2019
NDR Takeaways; Deep Value Waiting for a Catalyst; Remain EW (Vol.) PDF TITN 09/23/2019
New Recycled Price Series PDF 09/23/2019
NT Disruption from Imelda, Replacement Demand to Follow; UK Weakness Linger... PDF GPI 09/23/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 09/23/2019
SYF Cuts CD Rate, COF Enriches Savings Offering: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 09/23/2019
Two New Polls Show Growing Voter Opposition to Single Payer "Medicare for A... PDF 09/23/2019
Updating China Phosphate Supply PDF 09/23/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/20/2019
FFIN Acquires Privately Held TB&T Bancshares; Updating Our Forecasts PDF FFIN 09/20/2019
First Look: New Buyback Plan Is a Strong Signal; Remain Buyers PDF CNNE 09/20/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/20/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/20/2019
NDR Takeaways: A Compelling Long-Term Growth Story With Secular Demand Driv... PDF DSGX 09/20/2019
NDR Takeaways: N-T Focus Remains on Path to 2% Margin Target PDF MGLN 09/20/2019
Oilfield Services Valuation Tables PDF 09/20/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 9/14/19) PDF 09/20/2019
Turbulence Exiting Last FY, But the Core Is Sound & the Future Is Brigh... PDF QNST 09/20/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (9/20/19) PDF 09/20/2019
Analyst Day Takeaways; Raising PT to $35 PDF PPC 09/19/2019
CEO Mooney Plans to Retire in May 2020 PDF KEY 09/19/2019
Esports Business Summit Takeaways PDF 09/19/2019
First Look: August Existing Home Sales Handily Beat; Up +2.6% YOY PDF 09/19/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/19/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/19/2019
NXST Closes TRCO; Reiterate NXST Best Idea, OW/V & $150 PT PDF NXST 09/19/2019
Tweaking Compass Estimates PDF CMP 09/19/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/18/2019
BRKS 2019 Analyst Day: "A Long Way From Done" PDF BRKS 09/18/2019
CI Expands Individual Business Footprint Across Five States in 2020 PDF CI 09/18/2019
Highlights From Stephens Hosted Investor Visit to Humana HQ PDF HUM 09/18/2019
Judge Throws Out Site Neutral Pay Rule; Another HC Policy Setback for Trump... PDF 09/18/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/18/2019
Midwest Banks: Takeaways from Bank Special Assets & Credit Officer̵... PDF 09/18/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/18/2019
New Mexico Free College Plan Similar To NY; Implies Little Impact PDF SLM 09/18/2019
No Sugar Here; An Ugly Print Per Kermit PDF 09/18/2019
Revisiting Compass: New CEO, Clearer Path Forward PDF CMP 09/18/2019
SRI Wins Another MirrorEye Award with an OEM; Ramp in Adoption Should Conti... PDF SRI 09/18/2019
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - September 2019 Update PDF 09/18/2019
Taking Stock Post Volatility: EBITDA and FCF Sensitivity Analysis PDF 09/18/2019
Thoughts on RMAX's Emerging Tech Offering PDF RMAX 09/18/2019
Updated ROKU Thoughts: FB Portal TV & CMCSA Flex PDF ROKU 09/18/2019
Updated Thoughts on Industrial Distribution – Growth Drivers Primaril... PDF 09/18/2019
Yuck...Heightened Trade Tensions Drive Another Cut; Remain OW On Valuation PDF FDX 09/18/2019
ACIW NDR: Still See Delayed Deals Closing=Catalyst; Faster Pmts Opp Compell... PDF ACIW 09/17/2019
Adjusting Model to Incorporate Lower Interest Rate Mark; Adding in Buyback PDF TCF 09/17/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/17/2019
AZO 4Q19 Preview; Expect Trends Accelerated Through the Quarter; Reiterate ... PDF AZO 09/17/2019
Comfortable With 20-30% Below Street 2020E EPS After California Rate Cap Pa... PDF 09/17/2019
Conference Takeaways: EGHT and VG on the Channel Offensive; Zoom is Coming PDF 09/17/2019
Containerboard & Boxes - August 2019 PDF 09/17/2019
First Look: AVNS Partners With BioQ Pharma PDF AVNS 09/17/2019
First Look: Reports F1Q Miss; Materially Reduces FY20 Guidance PDF FDX 09/17/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/17/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/17/2019
Paperboard - August 2019 PDF 09/17/2019
Printing & Writing - August 2019 PDF 09/17/2019
Reiterating O/V Rating & $37 Price Target: Every Surgeon Tells The Stor... PDF ESTA 09/17/2019
Thoughts on the Mobile Gaming Landscape; Consolidation is Coming PDF 09/17/2019
Update From ESCRS, More Bullish on O/V Rated GKOS and STAA PDF 09/17/2019
Updated Thoughts; Remains One of the Market's Best Refi Plays PDF FAF 09/17/2019
VMC Analyst Day 2019: Guidance Unchanged, Higher Profitability on Fewer Vol... PDF VMC 09/17/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 9/17/19 PDF 09/17/2019
2019 Investor Day Recap PDF USB 09/16/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/16/2019
Airlines and Potential Impact in Rising Fuel Environment PDF 09/16/2019
August Data Continues Trend Of Higher Y/Y Loss Than Expected PDF SC 09/16/2019
August Statistics Continue To Be Benign PDF DFS 09/16/2019
Better August Losses Than Guidance Implies 3c Benefit To Our 3Q19 EPS PDF SYF 09/16/2019
For Declining Rates: Prefer Credit Cards/SYF Best; CIT Most At Risk PDF 09/16/2019
Geopolitics Comes Knocking; Given Potential Oil Shock, We Like EMR, LIQT &a... PDF 09/16/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 09/16/2019
Making TAST Our Best Idea in Restaurants as We Look for Back Half Accelerat... PDF 09/16/2019
Management Commentary and a 1.90% 10-Year Sure Helped Sentiment PDF 09/16/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/16/2019
Mixed August: Loans Lower, Losses Better; Net 11c Negative PDF ADS 09/16/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/16/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 09/16/2019
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