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First Look: $3.77 Normalizing for Taxes, Tough 2019 And Execution Risks PDF ADS 04/25/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Earnings Beat on Lower Expenses, Higher Volumes PDF HES 04/25/2019
First Look: GWB F2Q19 Results PDF GWB 04/25/2019
First Look: HBAN 1Q19 Results PDF HBAN 04/25/2019
First Look: LKQ Reports 1Q19 PDF LKQ 04/25/2019
First Look: Mixed Quarter; EBITDA lower in 2Q; Revenues Roughly In-line PDF LOGM 04/25/2019
First Look: MSBI 1Q19 Results PDF MSBI 04/25/2019
First Look: SDC Partners With UnitedHealthcare PDF ALGN 04/25/2019
First Look: SDC To Materially Expand Footprint PDF ALGN 04/25/2019
First Look: Surprising Beat On Expenses, Expect Stock Higher PDF AAN 04/25/2019
First Look: TSCO Reports Strong 1Q19 Results PDF TSCO 04/25/2019
Healthcare Services Model Updates & Company Commentary PDF 04/25/2019
HFWA 1Q19 First Look PDF HFWA 04/25/2019
Increasing Estimates To High End Of Range After Strong Invoices / Expenses PDF AAN 04/25/2019
Increasing Price Target While Maintain E/V Rating PDF ALGN 04/25/2019
IP 1Q19 First Look PDF IP 04/25/2019
IP 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF IP 04/25/2019
Lowering Estimates Below Range: Execution Risk Keeps Us On Sidelines PDF ADS 04/25/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/25/2019
Mixed 1Q19 Results; Guidance Reiterated But Backlog Falls 15% Sequentially PDF TRN 04/25/2019
Model Update Post 1Q19 Earnings; Increasing Target PDF RRC 04/25/2019
MOE on Track for Mid 2H19 Close; Updated Estimates PDF TCF 04/25/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/25/2019
Morning Update: 1Q Beats By Wide Margin; Growth Initiatives Pulling Togethe... PDF GPI 04/25/2019
Morning Update: 1Q Slight Miss; UK Headwinds, Product Shortages Transitory PDF PAG 04/25/2019
Morning Update: Strong EPS Beat; Echo Park Swings to Profit PDF SAH 04/25/2019
NIM Stability Emerging; Lowering Estimates PDF QCRH 04/25/2019
No Change to 2019 Outlook; Buyback Activity Should Pick Up PDF HBAN 04/25/2019
Peer Leading Results; Lowering Estimates PDF LKFN 04/25/2019
Profitability Outlook Supports OW Rating as Ag Credit Trends Stabilize PDF GWB 04/25/2019
Profitability Slips Due to Heavy Expenses; NIM Expansion With More Tailwind... PDF GNTY 04/25/2019
PYPL Final: Acknowledge Mkt's Worries But Frictionless/Ecom = Clear Lon... PDF PYPL 04/25/2019
Quick Thoughts Ahead of FAF and FNF Earnings Calls; Strong Buyers of Both PDF 04/25/2019
Sainsbury's and Walmart Have Mutually Agreed to Terminate Asda Merger PDF WMT 04/25/2019
SIVB 1Q19 First Look PDF SIVB 04/25/2019
Steady 1Q19 Results; Fee Income Offset NII Softness; Remain Overweight PDF OBNK 04/25/2019
Stormy Weather?! Rough Ind’l Tape on Growth Fears: Cautious RBC; Like... PDF 04/25/2019
Strong EPS Beat; EchoPark Swings to Profit; EW PDF SAH 04/25/2019
Upgrading to OW, PT to $132; Operational Improvements, Digital Promise PDF LAD 04/25/2019
V 2Q Call: Cross Border Growth Worry Now Muted; TSB Retention A Key Positiv... PDF V 04/25/2019
World Pulp Statistics - March 2019 PDF 04/25/2019
1Q19 EPS Beat; Service Metric Momentum Headed Into Next Phase of Operating ... PDF NSC 04/24/2019
1Q19 Industry Railcar Data: Backlog Falls 9% Sequentially PDF 04/24/2019
1Q19 Initial View: Beat on Better Opex; 2019 EPS View Raised Above Street PDF ANTM 04/24/2019
1Q19 Results and Guidance In Line Operationally; Remain EW on Valuation PDF GATX 04/24/2019
1Q19 Wrap: Raising EPS Estimates; Adjusting 2019 Quarterly EPS Cadence PDF ANTM 04/24/2019
1st Look at 1Q19 Results: EPS Beat Driven by Improving Credit; Rev Inline PDF OBNK 04/24/2019
Adjusting Estimates Post BECN Pre-Release, Industry Data, Supplier Commenta... PDF BECN 04/24/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/24/2019
Capital Deployment Options Come Into Focus Following 1Q19 Results; Maintain... PDF PPBI 04/24/2019
CMS May Look to Inject New Life Into Fading Duals Demos PDF 04/24/2019
Core 1Q19 EPS Beat by $0.01; King Banc Deal Closing Next Week PDF SYBT 04/24/2019
Cost Controls Offset Slower Rev; Lowering EPS Forecasts; Remain EW Rating PDF PB 04/24/2019
CSGP Call: Platform Thesis Happening, 30% Sales Staff Growth Coming = Stay ... PDF CSGP 04/24/2019
Despite Strong Loan Growth, NII / NIM Pressured On Funding Costs; Maintain ... PDF CSTR 04/24/2019
Don't Blink: BSX Story Remain On-Track PDF BSX 04/24/2019
EPS Upside in 1Q19; No Change to Management’s 2019 Outlook and our EW... PDF FMBI 04/24/2019
Executing Well In A More Challenging Operating Environment; Reit OW PDF ECHO 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 EPS Beat PDF NSC 04/24/2019
First Look At 1Q19 EPS Beat And In-Line 2Q EPS Guide PDF LSTR 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 EPS Miss; 2019 Guidance Unchanged PDF GATX 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF RES 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF CLGX 04/24/2019
First Look At 1Q19 Results And 2Q19 EPS Guide Below The Street PDF FWRD 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: EPS Beat; Strong Loan Growth / Improving Credit... PDF BFST 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: EPS/Revenue Beat; Solid Core Trends PDF NBHC 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Soft Revenue Offset by Good Cost Controls PDF PB 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results; Solid Beat + April Off to a Good Start PDF FNF 04/24/2019
First Look at 1Q19: EPS Beat and Guidance Reiterated, But Backlog Down 15% PDF TRN 04/24/2019
First Look At Adj. 1Q19 Beat; 2Q and FY19 Guide Down PDF ECHO 04/24/2019
First Look: A Solid Start To CY19 PDF ALGN 04/24/2019
First Look: Acquisitions Keep On Ticking; Beat And Raise 2019 PDF FCFS 04/24/2019
First Look: An Uncharacteristic Result PDF BSX 04/24/2019
First Look: FMBI 1Q19 Results PDF FMBI 04/24/2019
First Look: IPPS Part III PDF ABMD 04/24/2019
First Look: ORLY Reports 1Q19 PDF ORLY 04/24/2019
First Look: Pending SMBK Acquisition Terminated PDF SMBK 04/24/2019
First Quarter 2019 UC Preview PDF 04/24/2019
FSB 1Q19 First Look PDF FSB 04/24/2019
Fundamentals Remain Challenged as Dividend Reduced; Maintain EW PDF RES 04/24/2019
Increasing EPS To Top End Of Range; Growth Opportunities Priced Into Shares... PDF FCFS 04/24/2019
Industry Update: M&A/Inv. Continues; Stay Long FISV/ACIW/FIS/TSS/GPN PDF 04/24/2019
Learnings From Our eCommerce Platform Expert Call PDF 04/24/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/24/2019
Mixed 1Q Results; Flattish B/S Growth Expected for 2019 PDF RBB 04/24/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/24/2019
Morning Update: 1Q Beats Significantly; Used, Service, F&I, SG&A Im... PDF LAD 04/24/2019
NIM & ROA Tailwinds Continue In 2019; Maintain EW Rating PDF UCBI 04/24/2019
Overly Discounted Valuation With Robust Fundamentals & Numerous Tailwin... PDF ABCB 04/24/2019
PKG 1Q19 First Look PDF PKG 04/24/2019
PPNR Results In Line; Lowering EPS Due to Soft Loan Growth & Fees; Main... PDF SFNC 04/24/2019
Proposed 2020 IPPS Rate Update at +3.7% Reads Favorably for Hospitals PDF 04/24/2019
PYPL 1Q: 1st Look: PF EPS Beat; Nice Results Despite Hard EBAY/Cross Border... PDF PYPL 04/24/2019
PYPL Call: Strong Venmo/OneTouch Growth; Reit Guides Despite EBAY In '2... PDF PYPL 04/24/2019
Results & Sentiment Showing Improvement; Reiterate OW Rating & 2019... PDF WSO 04/24/2019
Revenue Trends Stabilize; Increasing PT to $76; Maintain OW Rating PDF UMBF 04/24/2019
Save the Date: Auto Investor Trip - June 3rd & 4th PDF 04/24/2019
Strong Start to 2019; Maintain EW on Valuation for Now PDF FBK 04/24/2019
UCBI 1Q19 First Look PDF UCBI 04/24/2019
Untitled Loan Growth Challenges Continue; Fee Income Shines; Maintain EW Ra... PDF RNST 04/24/2019
V 1st Look: 2Q Rev/EPS Beat; Cross Border Slowed; Reit Rev, Raised PF EPS PDF V 04/24/2019
1Q Tops Est By Wide Margin; Service/Parts, SG&A Standout; OW PDF ABG 04/23/2019
1Q19 = Continued Execution...Why Are We Surprised At This Point? PDF WAL 04/23/2019
1Q19 Core Trends Exceed Forecasts; Encouraging Outlook With MBFI in the Mix... PDF FITB 04/23/2019
1Q19 Initial View: CNC Boosts 2019 Rev Guidance ~3.5% & Raises EPS Guid... PDF CNC 04/23/2019
1Q19 PS&W Monitor; Revising Estimates; Maintain EW Rating PDF MUSA 04/23/2019
1Q19 Results Muted By Weather & Derailments; 2019 Outlook Unchanged PDF CP 04/23/2019
1Q19 Wrap: Raising Revs / Adjusted EPS Estimates; Updating WCG Merger Model... PDF CNC 04/23/2019
ABCB 1Q19 First Look PDF ABCB 04/23/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/23/2019
Buyback + Expenses Carry 1Q; But Lower Core NIM & PAA Headwinds Keep Us... PDF SNV 04/23/2019
Calendar 1Q19 Grocery & C-Store Earnings Preview PDF 04/23/2019
Compass Minerals Found a New CEO PDF CMP 04/23/2019
Core Spread Beat Offset By Weather-Weakened Loan Growth; We Remain EW PDF GBCI 04/23/2019
CSGP First Look: Small 1Q rev/EBITDA Beats, No Raise, Bookings Roughly In L... PDF CSGP 04/23/2019
EPS Beat Driven by Cost Controls and Fees; Maintain OW & $32 PT PDF VBTX 04/23/2019
First Look 1Q19 Results: Credit Slips; Core Revenue Challenges Continue PDF SFNC 04/23/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Adj. EPS Miss; 2019 Guidance Reiterated PDF CP 04/23/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Elevated Op Ex. Drives Soft EPS PDF GNTY 04/23/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: In-Line Core EPS; Loan Growth Remains Challenge... PDF RNST 04/23/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Rev. Beat Driven by Strong Growth; Op Ex Elevat... PDF UMBF 04/23/2019
First Look at WSO 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF WSO 04/23/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Results Beat, 2Q19 Guide Slightly Below Expectations PDF RRC 04/23/2019
First Look: APA Announces Temporary Deferral of Alpine High Gas Volumes PDF APA 04/23/2019
First Look: CHFC 1Q19 Results PDF TCF 04/23/2019
First Look: EQBK 1Q19 Results PDF EQBK 04/23/2019
First Look: FITB 1Q19 Results PDF FITB 04/23/2019
First Look: LOTUS Edge Receives FDA Approval PDF BSX 04/23/2019
First Look: MUR to Acquire U.S. GoM Assets PDF MUR 04/23/2019
First Look: Strong Loan Growth And No One-Timers Drives Big Beat PDF CIT 04/23/2019
GPK 1Q19 First Look PDF GPK 04/23/2019
GPK 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF GPK 04/23/2019
Highlights from HQ Visit with Smartsheet Leadership PDF SMAR 04/23/2019
Increasing Estimates For 1Q19 Beat, Keeping Equal-Weight PDF CIT 04/23/2019
Lowering Forecasts Following 1Q19 Results; Maintain OW Rating PDF FBMS 04/23/2019
March '19 ARTBA Contract Awards Decelerate but Remain in Positive Terri... PDF 04/23/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/23/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/23/2019
Morning Update: 1Q Tops Est By Wide Margin; Service/Parts, SG&A Standou... PDF ABG 04/23/2019
North America Frac Inflecting as International Recovery Gathers Momentum PDF HAL 04/23/2019
PPBI 1Q19 First Look PDF PPBI 04/23/2019
SNV 1Q19 First Look PDF SNV 04/23/2019
Solid Results Driven by Acquisition Impact; Core Trends Relatively In Line PDF IBTX 04/23/2019
Stock Down on Large 1Q19 Provision, Buyback Should Provide Support PDF EQBK 04/23/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 4/23/19 PDF 04/23/2019
10% Increase To EPS, 5% Above Consensus Following March Data PDF OMF 04/22/2019
1Q Results/2Q Guide In Line With Estimates; Focus Is On International Marke... PDF SLB 04/22/2019
1Q19 Deep Dive Preview; Thoughts on the 2019 Set Up PDF RDFN 04/22/2019
1Q19 Review: Encouraging Expense Trends Help Offset Lower NIM Outlook PDF ONB 04/22/2019
1Q19 Review; Balance Sheet Trends Solid with PPNR a Bit Weak PDF ZION 04/22/2019
1Q19 Review; Working Through Ag Portfolio as Funding Profile Slowly Changes... PDF ICBK 04/22/2019
Active Capital Plan Mitigates Near-Term NIM Compression PDF RF 04/22/2019
Adjusting EPS Lower Following 1Q19 & Updated Outlook; Maintain EW Ratin... PDF UMPQ 04/22/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/22/2019
Ag 1Q19 Earnings Preview PDF 04/22/2019
Another Quarter of Positive Operating Leverage; Maintain EW PDF USB 04/22/2019
Building Confidence on Balance Sheet and Expense Management Strategies PDF CFG 04/22/2019
CMS Releases 2020 Hospice/SNF Proposed Rules PDF 04/22/2019
Confident In High-End Of EPS Guide; Pushing Back On Negative Concerns PDF SLM 04/22/2019
Containerboard Prices Flat as Demand Falls Sharply PDF 04/22/2019
Encouraging Signs From Auto Pricing And Deposit Growth Should Support NIM PDF ALLY 04/22/2019
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