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First Look: WTFC 4Q19 Results PDF WTFC 01/21/2020
FNB 4Q19 First Look: Operating EPS In Line But Underlying Results Slightly ... PDF FNB 01/21/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 01/21/2020
Impact From Coronavirus Outbreak on the Domestic Airlines PDF 01/21/2020
Lowering the Earnings Bar Again After a Difficult 2019 PDF CMA 01/21/2020
LPX: Downgrading to Equal-Weight PDF LPX 01/21/2020
Maintaining Cruise For 2020: Aviation Economics Conference Day 1 PDF 01/21/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/21/2020
Mixed 4Q Results; Cautious 2020 Guidance; TPay Outlook Remain Positive PDF TBK 01/21/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/21/2020
New Louisiana Medicaid Contracts Canceled; Constructive for CNC PDF 01/21/2020
NIM Expansion Offset by Loan Balance Contraction; Maintain OW Rating PDF GNTY 01/21/2020
NYC Taxi Bailout Proposal? Thoughts on What We Know and Who's Exposed PDF 01/21/2020
Reduced Product Offerings In CA From High Rate Lenders: CA Product Tracker PDF 01/21/2020
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 01/21/2020
Return Of The MAX Is Next Catalyst: Aviation Economics Conference Day 2 PDF 01/21/2020
Revenue Growth Tough For Regions in 2020; Capital Now at Targeted Levels PDF RF 01/21/2020
SaaS Valuation Table PDF 01/21/2020
Summarizing 4Q19 Results PDF HAL 01/21/2020
Takeaways From the 2020 Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) Confere... PDF 01/21/2020
UNH Releases New Data on MA Value Proposition Relative to Medicare FFS PDF 01/21/2020
Updating Our Model Post 4Q19 Earnings PDF SLB 01/21/2020
Weekly Reader: CERS, CDMO, CTLT, TECH, RGEN PDF 01/21/2020
2020 Medical Device & Hospital Supply Outlook PDF 01/17/2020
4Q19 EPS Beat From Lower Tax Rate; 2020 Guidance Slightly Below Street PDF CSX 01/17/2020
4Q19 EPS Miss But LT Targets Raised as PSR Savings Ramp; Valuation Keeps Us... PDF KSU 01/17/2020
4Q19 EPS Miss From Intermodal & ICS Margins; LT Story Intact; Remain OW... PDF JBHT 01/17/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/17/2020
Challenging Growth Environment Creates EPS Headwinds - Reducing Est. and P/... PDF PBCT 01/17/2020
Conference Call Takeaways PDF SLB 01/17/2020
Does a Delay Impact a Video Game's Performance? PDF 01/17/2020
EXPGY 3Q 1st Look: US Still Strong; DTC Progressing; Big Story is Brazil Ac... PDF EXPGY 01/17/2020
First Look at 4Q19 Adj. EPS Miss; 2020 Guidance In Line & LT Targets Im... PDF KSU 01/17/2020
First Look: CFG 4Q19 Results PDF CFG 01/17/2020
First Look: EXPD Pre-Announcement PDF EXPD 01/17/2020
First Look: RF 4Q19 Results PDF RF 01/17/2020
First Look: Summarizing 4Q19 Results PDF SLB 01/17/2020
Flu Activity Declines for Second Week In a Row, Suggesting Peak for 2020 Se... PDF 01/17/2020
In-Line Results; Lowering Forecast Due to Cautious Guidance; Reiterate EW PDF OZK 01/17/2020
Initial Take 4Q19 Results; EPS Miss From ICS & Intermodal Margins PDF JBHT 01/17/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/17/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/17/2020
Paper & Wood Monitor - January 2020 PDF 01/17/2020
Positive Momentum Building; Raising Estimates and PT PDF CFG 01/17/2020
Printing & Writing - December 2019 PDF 01/17/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 1/11/20) PDF 01/17/2020
SYF Cuts Savings Rate By 10bps: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 01/17/2020
Updated Thoughts: BLFS, CDMO, CERS, CTLT, CYRX, RGEN, TECH PDF 01/17/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (1/17/20) PDF 01/17/2020
1st Look at 4Q19 Results: Op. EPS In Line; Cautious Guidance on Growth / Op... PDF OZK 01/16/2020
4Q19 Steady as She Goes; Less Certain Around 2020 Positive Operating Levera... PDF USB 01/16/2020
A Deep Dive on Growth, Informed by Unique Remote Seller Data and Recent Che... PDF AVLR 01/16/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/16/2020
Calendar 4Q19 Protein Earnings Preview; Moving To EW On TSN/PPC PDF 01/16/2020
CareMore Releases New Consumer Survey on In-Home Provider House Calls PDF 01/16/2020
Elevated Expenses/Slower Loan Growth Drive Lower Estimates Following 4Q Res... PDF EGBN 01/16/2020
First Look at 4Q19: Strong Fees Drive Rev/EPS Beat PDF HOMB 01/16/2020
First Look: 4Q19 Headline EPS Beat from Lower Tax Rate; Guidance Below Stre... PDF CSX 01/16/2020
Investment Spend Softens 2020 Outlook; CSOs Imply 3 Year ROA Build PDF HWC 01/16/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/16/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/16/2020
Paperboard - December 2019 PDF 01/16/2020
Strong Fees Drive EPS Beat; Maintaining Forecasts; Increasing PT to $24 PDF HOMB 01/16/2020
Unrolling The Roll-Up PDF XPO 01/16/2020
Updating Thoughts on FAST/GWW Ahead of 4Q19 Earnings & Entering 2020; R... PDF 01/16/2020
4Q19 First Look: In line Rev & EPS beat; Guidance Conservative PDF HWC 01/15/2020
4Q19 Wrap: Broad Based Business Momentum; Raise Ests & TP to $333 (From... PDF UNH 01/15/2020
Adjusting 4Q19 And 2020/2021 EPS For Higher Deliveries And Even More Sales PDF AL 01/15/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/15/2020
Bar Was High Going into 4Q19 Print; Maintain EW Rating and $169 Price Targe... PDF PNC 01/15/2020
Consumer NCOs Continue to Tick Higher as Loan Growth Slows in December PDF AXP 01/15/2020
Cookie Concerns Overblown PDF 01/15/2020
December Data Implies 6.3% NCO, in line W/ Us But We're 9% Below on 4Q19 EP... PDF ADS 01/15/2020
December Data Implies In-Line/Slightly Better 4Q19 EPS; Loan Growth Slows PDF DFS 01/15/2020
December Master Trust Implies In-Line 4Q19 EPS PDF SYF 01/15/2020
Delta Earnings Positive Read-through PDF AXP 01/15/2020
First Look: EGBN 4Q19 Results PDF EGBN 01/15/2020
First Look: PNC 4Q19 Results PDF PNC 01/15/2020
First Look: Strong Dec. Title Orders; >100% Closing Rate PDF FAF 01/15/2020
First Look: STXB Announces Unexpected Passing of CFO Jeff Powell PDF STXB 01/15/2020
First Look: USB 4Q19 Results PDF USB 01/15/2020
Increasing EPS On Better Than Expected December Loss Data PDF SC 01/15/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/15/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/15/2020
Poultry and Egg Industry Market Update PDF 01/15/2020
RAMP 1st Look: Implications From GOOG Ending Third-Party Cookies PDF RAMP 01/15/2020
Restaurants: ICR Takeaways Day 2 PDF 01/15/2020
Standard General and TGNA Dialogue; Maintain EW and $17 PT PDF TGNA 01/15/2020
Takeaways From ICR Conference PDF PRTY 01/15/2020
UNH 4Q19 Initial View: Solid EPS Beat; UHC Segment Drives Upside on Better ... PDF UNH 01/15/2020
4Q19 Bank Readthrough: Credit Positive Though Volumes Lighter Than Expected... PDF 01/14/2020
ABMD, CUTR, DXCM, STAA, SIEN: Corrected:Est. Revisions for Pre-Announcement... PDF 01/14/2020
ACIW 1st Look: Deal Delay/Not Lost; While Some Questions Remain, Still A Bu... PDF ACIW 01/14/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/14/2020
Corrected: Distressed Debt Tracker; Trends Point to Stable/Improving Condit... PDF 01/14/2020
Ends the Year on a High Note; Maintain OW Rating PDF FRC 01/14/2020
EVBG Deep Dive: Public Warning a Growth Catalyst and Gateway to EU Opportun... PDF EVBG 01/14/2020
First Look: CFO Retires After A Great Run; We Expect Execution-Focused CFO ... PDF VG 01/14/2020
First Look: Corrected: BSX Reports 4Q19 and CY19 Preliminary Revenue Result... PDF BSX 01/14/2020
First Look: ELY Officially Announces Mavrik Woods, Hybrids, and Irons PDF ELY 01/14/2020
First Look: FRC 4Q19 Results PDF FRC 01/14/2020
First Look: SDC Announces Business Model Change PDF ALGN 01/14/2020
LMNR Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate Rating PDF LMNR 01/14/2020
MCO & Facilities MW Plane Trip Final Schedule | Feb. 24-25 | ANTM, HCA,... PDF 01/14/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/14/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/14/2020
Raising Our PT on Everbridge's EU Directive Opportunity; EU Workshop Takeaw... PDF EVBG 01/14/2020
Restaurants: ICR Takeaways Day 1 / Prepping for Day 2 PDF 01/14/2020
Retail Broadlines - 4Q19 Earnings Preview PDF 01/14/2020
SaaS Valuation Table PDF 01/14/2020
Stephens 2020 Video Game Preview: Upgrade Ubisoft, Downgrade Take-Two PDF 01/14/2020
Takeaways From ICR Conference PDF BOOT 01/14/2020
Updating Model for Lower 2020 HIX Enrollment; Take Down 2020 Adj. EPS &... PDF MOH 01/14/2020
V: $5 bil. For Plaid A2A, ID'ing/Data, Fintech, Open Banking; Helps Val Vs.... PDF V 01/14/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (1/14/20) PDF 01/14/2020
ACIW 1st Look: Pre-release FY19 Rev/EBITDA Miss; Guide '20 Rev Miss EBITDA ... PDF ACIW 01/13/2020
CI Guides For Robust MA Enrollment & Adjusted Scripts Growth in 2020 PDF CI 01/13/2020
EHC Previews Better-Than-Expected 4Q19 Results; Provides Initial 2020 Guida... PDF EHC 01/13/2020
First Look: ABMD Pre-Announces FY 3Q20 Revenue and Lowers FY20 Guidance PDF ABMD 01/13/2020
First Look: CERS Announces Preliminary 4Q Beat, In-Line Initial FY20 Guide PDF CERS 01/13/2020
First Look: CUTR Pre-Announces Above Consensus 4Q and CY19 Revenue PDF CUTR 01/13/2020
First Look: DXCM Pre-Announces Above Consensus Rev. & Establishes CY20 ... PDF DXCM 01/13/2020
First Look: IAA Updates Guidance Ahead of ICR PDF IAA 01/13/2020
First Look: SIEN Pre-Announces Above Consensus 4Q and CY19 Revenue PDF SIEN 01/13/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 01/13/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/13/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/13/2020
Oilfield Services Valuation Tables PDF 01/13/2020
Partnerships To Accelerate Subprime POS Financing, $20B+ Addressable Market... PDF 01/13/2020
Raising 2020-2022 Revenues on Prime Rx Services Contract & Stronger MA ... PDF CI 01/13/2020
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 01/13/2020
Sentiment Review After a Week of Investor Meetings; Topics / Stocks Debated... PDF 01/13/2020
Updating Our Model Post Initial 2020 Guide; Raise TP to $88 (from $85); PDF EHC 01/13/2020
4Q Data Preview: CSGP Best Idea, Buy RAMP, Wary of EFX Near Term, FICO/EXPG... PDF 01/10/2020
4Q19 Bank Tech Prev: Buy FIS/FISV; Missed EPAY; Unclear QTWO Catalysts; EW ... PDF 01/10/2020
4Q19 Preview (Finally Hit Bottom) & 2020 Outlook (Focus on Tech. & ... PDF 01/10/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/10/2020
CASY Investor Day Highlights PDF CASY 01/10/2020
CYRX Announces Preliminary 4Q19 Revenue PDF CYRX 01/10/2020
First Look: KRP Announces $175 mil. Acquisition of Mineral/Royalty Interest... PDF KRP 01/10/2020
Flu Activity Remains Elevated vs. 2018-2019 Season But Moderated Week-Over-... PDF 01/10/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/10/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/10/2020
Payments, Bank Tech, Data Services Comp Table PDF 01/10/2020
PYPL First Look: Strategic Investment Impact on 4Q Results PDF PYPL 01/10/2020
Restaurants: Prepping for ICR Day 1 PDF 01/10/2020
San Francisco Primer: 2020 Edition PDF 01/10/2020
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - January 2020 Update PDF 01/10/2020
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – January 2020 PDF 01/10/2020
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 1/4/20) PDF 01/10/2020
Updated Thoughts on the NIM and Growth Heading Into Earnings - Tweaking Est... PDF ISBC 01/10/2020
Updates SSS, EPS Guidance Ahead of ICR Conference Next Week PDF BOOT 01/10/2020
Weekly Fuel Report (1/10/20) PDF 01/10/2020
2020 Healthcare Services Industry Outlook - SLIDES ATTACHED PDF 01/09/2020
4Q19 Preview: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Retain OW / Lowering Estimates PDF 01/09/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/09/2020
AVNS, BSX, DXCM, GKOS, STAA: Pre-Conference Model Adjustments PDF 01/09/2020
CASY Details Long-Term Financial Targets In Investor Day Presentation PDF CASY 01/09/2020
F1Q20 Adj. EPS Miss; Reiterated FY20 Guide Implies Steep 2H Ramp; Remain EW... PDF GBX 01/09/2020
Fine-Tune Model Post 8-K Update for Lower PDP; No Change to Adj. EPS Ests &... PDF HUM 01/09/2020
Kansas Medicaid Expansion Deal Announced; CNC, UNH & CVS Current MCO In... PDF 01/09/2020
Lowering 4Q19 EPS for Fewer Aircraft Purchased and Sold Than Forecast PDF AER 01/09/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/09/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/09/2020
New CFO Appointed; Updated Guidance PDF PRTY 01/09/2020
TGNA Issues 2020 Guidance PDF TGNA 01/09/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/08/2020
Domtar pulp hike signals the bottom is secure PDF UFS 01/08/2020
E&P Weekly: Thoughts on Company Updates This Week PDF 01/08/2020
First Look at Fiscal 1Q20 Miss; FY20 Guidance Reiterated PDF GBX 01/08/2020
Manheim Gets Optimistic With +1.5% Y/Y Used Car Forecast For 2020 PDF 01/08/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/08/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/08/2020
Stephens Federal HIX 2020 Tracker; Sign-Ups End Up Largely Flattish w/ 2019... PDF 01/08/2020
2020 Heavy Materials Preview; Public Demand to Continue Fueling Growth PDF 01/07/2020
2020 Stephens SaaS Outlook PDF 01/07/2020
4Q19 Quarterly Grain Preview PDF 01/07/2020
CALM Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF CALM 01/07/2020
Cell and Gene Therapy: A Likely Tailwind for LS Tools Over the Next Decade PDF 01/07/2020
CMP: Solid snow, mixed volumes PDF CMP 01/07/2020
December SAAR Hits 16.9 Mil.; Caps 5th Consecutive Year of 17 Mil.+ Unit Sa... PDF 01/07/2020
Final Details: Stephens West Coast Bank Field Trip - February 24-26 PDF 01/07/2020
First Look: APA Announces Oil Discovery Offshore Suriname PDF APA 01/07/2020
First Look: Range Announces 2020 Capital Budget PDF RRC 01/07/2020
First Look: TFX's UroLift Granted an Expanded Indication PDF TFX 01/07/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/07/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/07/2020
Outlook is Encouraging; After the Strong 2019 Valuation Keeps Us Sidelined PDF PNC 01/07/2020
Regenerative Medicine Tailwinds Support Robust Growth Outlook, Initiating O... PDF CYRX 01/07/2020
Super Regional Banks: Strong Relative Performance in 2019, Our Thoughts on ... PDF 01/07/2020
TECH Poised for Accelerating Growth & Expanding Margins, Resuming OW-Vo... PDF TECH 01/07/2020
TGNA Issues 4Q19 Guidance PDF TGNA 01/07/2020
Tools Play on Cell/Gene Therapy = Impressive Growth Outlook; Initiating OW-... PDF BLFS 01/07/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (1/7/20) PDF 01/07/2020
2020 Bank Industry Outlook & Top Picks For The Year PDF 01/06/2020
2020 Outlook: Cautiously Ringing In New Year: D/G CURO, ELVT; U/G SC PDF 01/06/2020
4Q19 Airline Preview & 2020 Outlook; Naming UAL Our Best Idea PDF 01/06/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/06/2020
CI's Integrated Offerings Demonstrate Significant Savings for Employer Plan... PDF CI 01/06/2020
Dallas Texas Bank Trip February 3-5 PDF 01/06/2020
December Preliminary Class 8 Orders PDF 01/06/2020
Elevated Flu May Show Marginal Impacts on 4Q19 Prints for MCOs / Hospitals PDF 01/06/2020
First Look: CALM Reports 2Q20 PDF CALM 01/06/2020
First Look: Topgolf Rumored to Be in Talks For IPO; Reported Val. ~$4 Bil. PDF ELY 01/06/2020
FNB's Ability to Generate Capital Is Hard to Ignore: Resuming Coverage Over... PDF FNB 01/06/2020
Initiating Equal-Weight - Valuation Fully Reflects Mortgage and Other Posit... PDF TOWN 01/06/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/06/2020
MOH Acquires NextLevel Health; Adds $270 Mil. in Revs for $50 Mil. Deal Pri... PDF MOH 01/06/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/06/2020
November '19 Texas Cement Shipments Up 3.6% YoY, Up 8.8% YoY on Same-Day Ba... PDF 01/06/2020
NY Gov. Proposes 1% Cut to 2020 Medicaid Payments; Equates to ~$500M Reduct... PDF 01/06/2020
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