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Updating Estimates After the Completion of the ARI Manufacturing Acquisitio... PDF GBX 07/29/2019
Upgrading to OW: Guidance Cut Resets The Bar, Allowing Focus To Shift To Ma... PDF KEX 07/29/2019
1st Look at 2Q19 Results: Heavy Op Ex. Weighs on EPS; Exiting Mortgage WHS ... PDF ABTX 07/26/2019
2Q Recap & Model Update; Remain EW PDF CVLG 07/26/2019
2Q Tops Ests; Proving Growth in Weak SAAR Environment; Raising Ests. and PT... PDF ABG 07/26/2019
2Q19 EPS Beat; Lower Fee & NIM Outlook Reduces Estimates PDF LKFN 07/26/2019
2Q19 EPS Beats Ests; Strength in US More Than Offsets UK Challenges; Remain... PDF GPI 07/26/2019
2Q19 EPS Beats the Street; Parts & Service Grows Despite Energy Sector ... PDF RUSHA 07/26/2019
2Q19 Recap & Model Update: Dedicated Exposure Helping Insulate WERN PDF WERN 07/26/2019
2Q19 Recap. Reiterate Overweight Rating, Price Target Goes to $157 from $15... PDF VMC 07/26/2019
2Q19 Results Disappoint; Lowering Forecasts; Remain Overweight PDF OBNK 07/26/2019
2Q19 Results Underscore ODFL's Sharp Focus on Costs and Yields; Reiterate O... PDF ODFL 07/26/2019
A.M. Update: 2Q Tops Ests; Strength in S/P, F&I, SG&A; New Acquisit... PDF ABG 07/26/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/26/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/26/2019
Concert Tailwinds & Margin Improvement Continue; OW; PT From $70 to $85... PDF LYV 07/26/2019
Double-Digit Loan & Deposit Growth Helpful Given 2H19 NIM Outlook PDF FRME 07/26/2019
F1Q EPS Beats By a Penny, SSS Light on Wet Spring, Guide Maintained; EW PDF MNRO 07/26/2019
First Look: BY 2Q19 Results PDF BY 07/26/2019
First Look: CADE Authorizes Stock Repurchase Plan PDF CADE 07/26/2019
First Look: CBTX Announces Stock Repurchase Program; Incremental Positive PDF CBTX 07/26/2019
FISV Final: DDA+POS Drives FISV Scale In A New Payments World; Reit Top Ide... PDF FISV 07/26/2019
Good 2Q19 Results; Steady Organic Growth; Maintain PT of $27 PDF BFST 07/26/2019
In-Line Core 2Q19 EPS Results; Expanding in St. Louis Region PDF ASB 07/26/2019
Insurance & MLT Continued Progressions; Margin Step Back Not Overly Con... PDF TREE 07/26/2019
LKQ Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Maintain OW Rating PDF LKQ 07/26/2019
LT Growth Intact on Leading Tech.; Reiterate OW Despite 2H19 Macro Headwind... PDF BOOM 07/26/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/26/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/26/2019
NT Market Lift is Nice for UWS; Stock Needs Better PIRM Results PDF CLGX 07/26/2019
ORLY Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF ORLY 07/26/2019
Record Results with Core 2Q19 ROA 1.40%; Raising Estimates PDF HBNC 07/26/2019
Solid Op. Beat on Better Title; +110bps Title Pretax Margin Lift Is Encoura... PDF STC 07/26/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 7/20/19) PDF 07/26/2019
Trimming Estimates on Lower Inv. income; Core Title Remains Very Healthy PDF FAF 07/26/2019
TSCO Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF TSCO 07/26/2019
Update Report on M&A Announcement / Capital Raise; Raising PT $27; Main... PDF STXB 07/26/2019
V 3Q Final: EU Win Rates Better; Cross Border Healthy; Nets M&A?; Favor... PDF V 07/26/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (7/26/19) PDF 07/26/2019
WSJ Reports AMZN Opening Streaming TV Ad Sales: Potential Implication For R... PDF RAMP 07/26/2019
WY 2Q19 First Look PDF WY 07/26/2019
WY 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF WY 07/26/2019
2Q Beats By Wide Margin; EchoPark Ramps; Raising Ests. and Target to $36 PDF SAH 07/25/2019
2Q19 Misses Street & Backlog Falls, But Guide Unchanged & ROE Targe... PDF TRN 07/25/2019
2Q19 Recap & Model Update: Nimble Model Operating Well In Challenging M... PDF LSTR 07/25/2019
3%-10% EPS Guide Up Likely Moves Stock Higher; Good Read To Subprime Peers PDF ENVA 07/25/2019
Active Quarter; Core 2Q19 ROA Over 1.20% PDF BUSE 07/25/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/25/2019
AM Update: EPS Beats by $0.01, Wet Spring Weighs on SSS; EPS Guide Maintain... PDF MNRO 07/25/2019
EFX 1st Look: USIS Better, but Housing Driven; Waiting for Core USIS Ramp PDF EFX 07/25/2019
EFX Call/Final: Better Seq Core USIS Growth A Positive; Still Think Priced ... PDF EFX 07/25/2019
Expecting Strong Retail Partnership Performance Despite Unchanged Rev Guide... PDF AAN 07/25/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Heavy Op Ex; Strong Loan Growth and Credit Tren... PDF CBTX 07/25/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Impressive Rev/EPS Beat Driven by Fee Businesse... PDF HTH 07/25/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results; Rev. Good But Profit Miss PDF TREE 07/25/2019
First Look at 2Q19; Nice Profit Beat on +140bps YOY Title PT Margin Lift PDF FAF 07/25/2019
First Look at Strong VMC 2Q19 Earnings Results PDF VMC 07/25/2019
First Look: 2Q19 Results & 3Q Guidance PDF FWRD 07/25/2019
First Look: EPS Misses 48% Down 43% Y/Y; Expenses/Credit Y/Y More Than Reve... PDF WRLD 07/25/2019
First Look: HBAN 2Q19 Results PDF HBAN 07/25/2019
First Look: LKQ Reports 2Q19 PDF LKQ 07/25/2019
First Look: MSBI 2Q19 Results PDF MSBI 07/25/2019
First Look: ORLY Conference Call Takeaways and Read-Throughs PDF ORLY 07/25/2019
First Look: Read Through From Competitor's Earnings PDF BOOM 07/25/2019
First Look: Reports 2Q19 Beat PDF ODFL 07/25/2019
First Look: Reports 2Q19 Results and Updates FY19 Outlook PDF WERN 07/25/2019
First Look: Reports In-Line 2Q19, Guides FY19 Lower Due to D&S PDF KEX 07/25/2019
First Look: Reports Sizable Miss On Lowered Expectations PDF USAK 07/25/2019
First Look: Reports Solid 2Q19 EPS Beat PDF TFII-CA 07/25/2019
First Look: Stock Likely Slightly Higher On Beat And Raise For 2019 PDF AAN 07/25/2019
First Look: TCF 2Q19 Results PDF TCF 07/25/2019
First Look: TSCO Reports 2Q19 PDF TSCO 07/25/2019
FISV 1st Look: In-Line/Slight Beat 2Q; Cost Cuts + BAC/FDC JV Close = Catal... PDF FISV 07/25/2019
FISV 2Q19 Call: BAC/FDC JV Views a Positive; Still Think DDA+POS Combo Exci... PDF FISV 07/25/2019
In line EPS; Headwinds Looming for EPS in 2020; Lowering our Forecast PDF CFR 07/25/2019
IP 2Q19 First Look PDF IP 07/25/2019
IP 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF IP 07/25/2019
Kermit Takes: ’20 Still + Low-Single-Digit Growth Expected, Despite S... PDF 07/25/2019
King Deal Now in the Mix; Loan Growth Picks Up PDF SYBT 07/25/2019
Lowering Price Target & Estimates: The Winds of Change PDF ALGN 07/25/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/25/2019
Momentum Builds Ahead of MOE Close; Updated Estimates PDF TCF 07/25/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/25/2019
Morning Update: 2Q EPS Tops Estimate; US Strength More Than Offsets UK Weak... PDF GPI 07/25/2019
Morning Update: 2Q19 EPS Beats by Wide Margin; Echo Park Expansion Stepped ... PDF SAH 07/25/2019
Moving to Sidelines on Valuation; Solid 2Q19 Results Driven by Fee Income PDF BOKF 07/25/2019
Much Better Positioned This Cycle For A Slower Freight Market; Reit. EW PDF ECHO 07/25/2019
Near-Term Expense Likely Outpaces LatAm Growth, But Builds Franchise PDF FCFS 07/25/2019
PKG 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF PKG 07/25/2019
PYPL 2Q Final: Tough Guide Down But Think Temporary/Not Venmo Related; Buye... PDF PYPL 07/25/2019
Raising EPS Forecasts Following Steady Results and Accretive M&A ; Main... PDF FBMS 07/25/2019
Revenue Headwinds Emerge; Buyback Program Remains Active; Maintain OW Ratin... PDF GNTY 07/25/2019
RRC First Look: 2Q19 In Line and 2H19 Tracking Our Expectations PDF RRC 07/25/2019
Summarizing 2Q19 Results PDF PTEN 07/25/2019
Summarizing F3Q19 Results PDF HP 07/25/2019
Tough Fundamentals Likely To Continue As Company Grows; Staying Underweight... PDF WRLD 07/25/2019
Tough Quarter But Still Overweight a Consistent Double-Digit EPS Grower PDF SLM 07/25/2019
Updated 2019 Outlook Priced-In; Revenue and Expense Projections Both Reduce... PDF HBAN 07/25/2019
1st Look at 2Q19 Results: Soft EPS Driven by Higher Op Ex. and NIM Compress... PDF GNTY 07/24/2019
1st Look at 2Q19: NIM Pressure Drives Rev/EPS Miss; Buyback Authorized PDF OBNK 07/24/2019
2Q EPS Rises +17%, High Margin Segments Soar; Raising Ests. and PT to $156;... PDF LAD 07/24/2019
2Q Wrap; While Med Cost Trends Remain Fine, Pricing Will be N-T Focus Area PDF ANTM 07/24/2019
2Q19 Industry Railcar Data: Backlog Falls 5% Sequentially PDF 07/24/2019
2Q19 Mobile Gaming Preview PDF 07/24/2019
2Q19 Recap & Model Update: Have We Reached An Inflection Point In U.S. ... PDF UPS 07/24/2019
2Q19 Results Miss the Street, But Service Improving & Guidance Maintain... PDF NSC 07/24/2019
A.M. Update: 2Q EPS Rises +17%, Beats Estimates; Solid SSS PDF LAD 07/24/2019
Adjusting Fiscal 3Q19 Estimate to Reflect Preannouncement PDF GWB 07/24/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 07/24/2019
Conifer Update: Strategic Review Results in Spin-Off Announcement PDF THC 07/24/2019
Core EPS Beat Our Estimate; EPS Headwinds From Lower Rates PDF FMBI 07/24/2019
CSGP 2Q Final: CoStar Firing On All Cylinders; Outlook Remains Strong; Reit... PDF CSGP 07/24/2019
Expect Stock Higher on Strong Non-Interest Revenues and Optimistic Commenta... PDF DFS 07/24/2019
FCF in Focus as Dividend Suspended Amid a Tough Macro Outlook PDF RES 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q Results: In Line With Pre-Announcement PDF KNX 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19 EPS Beat PDF RUSHA 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19 EPS Miss; 2019 Guidance Reiterated PDF TRN 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results PDF RES 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Solid Loan Growth and Excellent Credit Trends PDF PB 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Strong EPS/Revenue; Double-Digit Loan Growth PDF BFST 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Strong Fees Driven Rev/EPS Beat; Credit Stable PDF BOKF 07/24/2019
First Look at 2Q19: EPS Miss From Weaker-Than-Expected OR PDF NSC 07/24/2019
First Look, Busy Quarter: Mixed Fundamentals, Management's Door Revolves PDF SC 07/24/2019
First Look: "In-Line" 2Q And 2019 Guide Likely Lowers Stock; Fundamentals O... PDF FCFS 07/24/2019
First Look: "Rumor" No More, 2Q Case Starts & 3Q Guide Fall Short PDF ALGN 07/24/2019
First Look: 2Q Results In Line w/ Pre-Announcement PDF CVLG 07/24/2019
First Look: 2Q19 Beat & Raise; But Need to Check on the Quality of the ... PDF CLGX 07/24/2019
First Look: 2Q19 Results Come In Line With Lowered Expectations PDF LSTR 07/24/2019
First Look: CHFC 2Q19 Results PDF TCF 07/24/2019
First Look: Consistency, 2Q Results As Expected, CY19 Guidance Maintained PDF BSX 07/24/2019
First Look: FMBI 2Q19 Results PDF FMBI 07/24/2019
First Look: ORLY Reports 2Q19 PDF ORLY 07/24/2019
First Look: Reports 2Q19 Beat and Maintains FY19 Guide PDF UPS 07/24/2019
First Look: Reports In-Line 2Q19 Results; Adjusts FY19 Revenue Guide Lower PDF ECHO 07/24/2019
First Look: Stock Likely Weaker On Lower EPS Guide, CECL Reserves, Fundamen... PDF SLM 07/24/2019
Fundamentals In Line and View Unchanged; Buybacks Likely to Support Shares PDF SC 07/24/2019
Increasing Price Target: Steady As She Goes PDF BSX 07/24/2019
June '19 ARTBA Contract Awards Post Modest Sequential Slide From May's Stre... PDF 07/24/2019
Launches 8x8 Meetings and Self-Service E-Commerce Platform PDF EGHT 07/24/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 07/24/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 07/24/2019
Moving Beyond MB Financial and Positioning for Evolving Rate Environment PDF FITB 07/24/2019
PKG 2Q19 First Look PDF PKG 07/24/2019
PYPL 2Q 1st Look: Miss/Lower Rev Guide, But Think Long Thesis Still Clear PDF PYPL 07/24/2019
PYPL Call: Guide Down Timing Driven: LT Guide Intact: Buy Into Weakness PDF PYPL 07/24/2019
Slight EPS Beat & 2019 Revs & EPS Raise; MLR Higher Than Street in ... PDF ANTM 07/24/2019
Solid Loan Growth Offset by NIM Headwinds; Lowering Forecasts; Remain EW PDF PB 07/24/2019
Stock Cycle Starting To Rev Up Despite Freight Cycle Being In Reverse; Reit... PDF KNX 07/24/2019
Takeaways from RealWorld & Thoughts Ahead of 2Q PDF RP 07/24/2019
1st Look at 2Q19: EPS Miss on Elevated Op Ex from Corp Growth Initiative PDF RNST 07/23/2019
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