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FBK 1Q19 First Look PDF FBK 04/22/2019
Fees Miss the Mark; Taking a Conservative View on 2019 PDF KEY 04/22/2019
Final 2020 Exchange Rule Skews Slightly Negative Due to Subsidy Tweak PDF 04/22/2019
First Look 1Q19 Results: Deposit Costs Jump Pressures NIM; Credit Improveme... PDF FFIN 04/22/2019
First Look at 1Q Results PDF HAL 04/22/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Solid Results Driven by Acquisition Impact PDF IBTX 04/22/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Strong Revenue and Good Core Trends PDF VBTX 04/22/2019
First Look at GWW 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF GWW 04/22/2019
First Look: March Existing Home Sales Fall Short of Consensus PDF 04/22/2019
First Look: A Meaningful Healthcare Capital Win PDF STE 04/22/2019
First Look: Conference Call Highlights and Read Throughs PDF HAL 04/22/2019
First Look: Expanding The TAM, Possible Positive Market Read-Through PDF SIEN 04/22/2019
First Look: ONB 1Q19 Results PDF ONB 04/22/2019
First Look: TCF 1Q19 Results PDF TCF 04/22/2019
Good Headline EPS; Solid Revenue Growth; Reiterate OW Rating / $25 PT PDF TSC 04/22/2019
Good NIM Expansion with Positive Outlook; Maintain EW Rating / $33 PT PDF BXS 04/22/2019
Good Quarter But What Will It Take to Take to Get Stock Higher? PDF SYF 04/22/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 04/22/2019
Highlights From 2019 Medicare Trustees Report PDF 04/22/2019
Lower-Than-Expected 1Q Results Create a Tough Hurdle for Rest of '19; R... PDF GWW 04/22/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/22/2019
Moderating 2019 EPS For Long Term Investments; Reiterate Overweight PDF AXP 04/22/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/22/2019
New JAMA Analysis Projects $151 Billion Annual Hit to U.S. Hospitals From M... PDF 04/22/2019
Nurse Staffing 1Q19 Preview: AMN, CCRN PDF 04/22/2019
Outlook Unchanged Following Seasonally Slow 1Q; Updating Estimates, Remain ... PDF POOL 04/22/2019
Pending MOE Influencing Sentiment; Either You Like the Deal or Not PDF TFC 04/22/2019
RCII Priced Over Perfection: Settlement Adds 6c to Annual EPS, Keep Underwe... PDF RCII 04/22/2019
Restaurants - Previewing This Week's Earnings PDF 04/22/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 04/22/2019
Sluggish Results; Moderating Our EPS Forecast; Lowering PT to $34 PDF TBK 04/22/2019
Solid Results With Stable Credit; Maintaining 2020 EPS Forecast and $36 PT PDF OZK 04/22/2019
SR Banks: Making Our Way Through 1Q19 Earnings; Thoughts on the Week Ahead PDF 04/22/2019
Stable Core NIM Offsets Slower Loan Growth; Maintain EPS Forecast / OW / $2... PDF HOMB 04/22/2019
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 04/22/2019
Store Growth, SSS Outlook Among Best in Retail; High Multiple Warranted; In... PDF FND 04/22/2019
Urner Barry Call Takeaways PDF 04/22/2019
Valuing FMC’s R&D Pipe PDF FMC 04/22/2019
Wading Through The NIM Dynamics; Maintain EW PDF PFBC 04/22/2019
WAL 1Q19 First Look PDF WAL 04/22/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (4/22/19) PDF 04/22/2019
1Q19 Better Than Feared + Substantial Benefits From PSR on the Horizon PDF UNP 04/18/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/18/2019
Announces Strategic Review, Frac Impairment; Preliminary F4Q19 Results, Buy... PDF EXP 04/18/2019
Conference Call Highlights and Read Throughs PDF SLB 04/18/2019
Credit Remains a Challenge; Trying to Outrun and Outgrow NIM Compression PDF TCBI 04/18/2019
First Look 1Q19 Results: Soft Fees/ Flattish Loan Balances; Core NIM Expans... PDF BXS 04/18/2019
First Look 1Q19 Results: Solid Loan Growth; NIM Trends Remain A Headwind PDF OZK 04/18/2019
First Look at 1Q19 EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Reiterated PDF UNP 04/18/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Good Headline EPS; PPNR Results Relatively In L... PDF TBK 04/18/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results: Steady NIM; Soft PPNR Driven by Loan Pressure PDF HOMB 04/18/2019
First Look at POOL 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF POOL 04/18/2019
First Look at SLB 1Q19 Results PDF SLB 04/18/2019
First Look: An Unexpected Change PDF AVNS 04/18/2019
First Look: Announces $400 Mil. Purchase of American Railcar Manuf. Busines... PDF GBX 04/18/2019
First Look: Another Strong Beat And Raise: Strong Student, Still Weak Perso... PDF SLM 04/18/2019
First Look: BBT 1Q19 Results PDF TFC 04/18/2019
First Look: Big Beat on Core Credit Trends PDF SYF 04/18/2019
First Look: CFG 1Q19 Results PDF CFG 04/18/2019
First Look: EPS Beat, Some Questions on Revenues PDF AXP 04/18/2019
First Look: KEY 1Q19 Results PDF KEY 04/18/2019
First Look: RF 1Q19 Results PDF RF 04/18/2019
First Look: Strong Auto And Deposit Trends, Good Readthrough for Auto Lendi... PDF ALLY 04/18/2019
GBCI 1Q19 First Look PDF GBCI 04/18/2019
How to Fix the Containerboard Mess PDF 04/18/2019
Iowa Medicaid Update - UNH Members to be Split b/w ANTM/CNC PDF 04/18/2019
It’s Been a Long Time Coming…Raising Price Target After ARI Acq... PDF GBX 04/18/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/18/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/18/2019
Paper & Wood Earnings Preview PDF 04/18/2019
PFBC 1Q19 First Look PDF PFBC 04/18/2019
Proxy Review Suggests '19/'20/'21 EPS Target of $4.57/$5.03/$5.... PDF WAL 04/18/2019
Restaurants - Commodity Review: March 2019; Incl. African Swine Fever Updat... PDF 04/18/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 4/13/19) PDF 04/18/2019
Under Pressure: The Bern(ie) Apocalypse Survival Guide PDF 04/18/2019
1Q19 Beats From Positive Mix & Margins; PSR Initiatives Underway PDF KSU 04/17/2019
1Q19 EPS Beats Street; Continues to Demonstrate the Power of the PSR Model PDF CSX 04/17/2019
Adjusting Estimates Slightly on Midwest Weather; Reiterate OW and $20 Targe... PDF SUM 04/17/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/17/2019
Cats & Dogs, Living Together: March ABI Update; Bad But Not a Trend (Ye... PDF 04/17/2019
Conference Call Takeaways: Digging Into EA and Activision's Mobile Port... PDF 04/17/2019
Expectations Becoming More Reasonable Following Lowered NIM / ROA Outlook PDF FHN 04/17/2019
First Look at 1Q19 EPS Beat; 2019 Revenue Outlook Unchanged PDF KSU 04/17/2019
First Look: Strong Loan Growth Offsets NIM Weakness PDF TSC 04/17/2019
First Look: USB 1Q19 Results PDF USB 04/17/2019
March Madness?! ABI Contracts, Design Decel; Nonresi ETN, IR Likely Get Hit... PDF 04/17/2019
MCO & Hospital Valuation Update Post the Bernie Beat-Down PDF 04/17/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/17/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/17/2019
NIM Expansion Highlights Quarter; Expect Overhead Ratio to Move Lower in 2H... PDF WTFC 04/17/2019
NIM Expansion; NT Outlook is Tempered; Can Profitability Improve from Here?... PDF HWC 04/17/2019
NIM Remains Pressured, But Better Growth & Credit Offset. Maintain OW PDF PACW 04/17/2019
Predictions About Sentiment, A Risky Business PDF 04/17/2019
Printing & Writing - March 2019 PDF 04/17/2019
Solid Start & Outlook to 2019; Maintain OW Rating PDF PNFP 04/17/2019
Takeaways From Analyst Day; See Omni-Channel Tailwind; Reiterate OW and $93... PDF KMX 04/17/2019
Thoughts On African Swine Fever & Implications For Our Protein Coverage... PDF 04/17/2019
UMPQ 1Q19 First Look PDF UMPQ 04/17/2019
1Q19 Earnings Wrap: Strong Fundamentals Take a Back Seat to Political Fears... PDF UNH 04/16/2019
1Q19 EPS Beat, But NIM Outlook Challenged From Here PDF SFBS 04/16/2019
1Q19 Initial View: Beat & Raise on Higher Revs & Margins PDF UNH 04/16/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/16/2019
ATA Annual Conference Takeaways PDF 04/16/2019
Containerboard & Boxes - March 2019 PDF 04/16/2019
Early Mortg. Warehouse Trends Soft, As Expected PDF 04/16/2019
FHN 1Q19 First Look PDF FHN 04/16/2019
First Look at 1Q19 EPS Beat; Full Year Guidance Reiterated PDF CSX 04/16/2019
First Look: Buying The Dip PDF BSX 04/16/2019
First Look: CMA 1Q19 Results PDF CMA 04/16/2019
First Look: EPS Miss Driven by Credit “Fraud”; NII Beat; Guidan... PDF HWC 04/16/2019
First Look: Read Through From JNJ's 1Q Results PDF SIEN 04/16/2019
First Look: Starboard Announces Stake in KAR PDF KAR 04/16/2019
First Look: WTFC 1Q19 Results PDF WTFC 04/16/2019
Future NIM Compression Becoming More Visible; Credit Outlook Remains Solid PDF CMA 04/16/2019
Investor Feedback From Downgrade: Need More Aggressive Leverage For Buyback... PDF ADS 04/16/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/16/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/16/2019
PACW 1Q19 First Look PDF PACW 04/16/2019
Paperboard - March 2019 PDF 04/16/2019
PNFP 1Q19 First Look PDF PNFP 04/16/2019
Updated Title Thoughts & 1Q19 Preview PDF 04/16/2019
Vyze Acquisition By Mastercard Potential Positive For CURO, RCII; Mixed ADS... PDF 04/16/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 4/16/19 PDF 04/16/2019
1Q19 Review; NIM Upside With Modestly Lower Balance Sheet Growth PDF FRC 04/15/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/15/2019
Another Cut To Rates, This Time By Sallie Mae: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 04/15/2019
Auto Retail 1Q19 Preview PDF 04/15/2019
Downgrading to Underweight: Sale Priced In, RemainCo Doesn't Support Va... PDF ADS 04/15/2019
E&P 1Q19 Preview PDF 04/15/2019
eCommerce Platform Expert Call PDF 04/15/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 04/15/2019
Keeping 1Q19 EPS Unchanged After March Data PDF SC 04/15/2019
Let Me Take You on a “Sentiment”-al Journey; Investors Remain B... PDF 04/15/2019
March Monthly Data Implies Potentially Better 1Q19 EPS PDF DFS 04/15/2019
Margin of Error Tightening, Still Best House in Tricky Neighborhood; Remain... PDF FAST 04/15/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/15/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/15/2019
Positive Card, Cautious Student Lending: 1Q19 Bank Readthroughs PDF 04/15/2019
Positive On Potential 1Q19 Out Performance, Following March Master Trust Da... PDF SYF 04/15/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 04/15/2019
Retail/Broadlines - 1Q19 Earnings Preview PDF 04/15/2019
Solid 1Q19 Results; Excess Capital Being Discussed PDF PNC 04/15/2019
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 04/15/2019
Strong Loan Growth, Consistent Credit Trends In March PDF AXP 04/15/2019
1Q19 Pre-Announce Below Expectations; '19 Outlook Opaque as Cost-Cuttin... PDF NOV 04/12/2019
Additional Details on Mr. Fois’ Departure and Thoughts on VG; Buy the... PDF VG 04/12/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/12/2019
Alas, Another Landmine: Head of Applications Leaving; Search Underway PDF VG 04/12/2019
Conference Call Takeaways: Rundown of the U.S. Real Estate Brokerage Space PDF 04/12/2019
First Look: FRC 1Q19 Results PDF FRC 04/12/2019
First Look: March Title Orders Ahead of Expectations; Refi Surging PDF FAF 04/12/2019
First Look: PNC 1Q19 Results PDF PNC 04/12/2019
Initial Reads From Early Bank Earnings PDF 04/12/2019
Lowering EPS On Higher Credit Losses and Lower Receivables in 1Q19 PDF ADS 04/12/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/12/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/12/2019
Mosaic Idles Brazilian Mines; Impact Should be Small PDF MOS 04/12/2019
NIC 1Q19 Data Shows Continued Strong Demand; Stable Supply Trends PDF 04/12/2019
Overall U.S. Health Spending Growth Slowed in January to +4.1% PDF 04/12/2019
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - April 2019 Update PDF 04/12/2019
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – April 2019 PDF 04/12/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 4/6/19) PDF 04/12/2019
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