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Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/6/21) PDF 02/12/2021
The First Full Year Under New Management Was Superb; Brighter Days Ahead PDF STC 02/12/2021
The Quick Bite: A Weekly Recap Of The Food & Beverage Sectors PDF 02/12/2021
Weekly Fuel Report (2/12/21) PDF 02/12/2021
Weekly HCIT Vaccination Tracker PDF 02/12/2021
4Q20 Headline Results Miss, But 2021 Guidance Range Above the Street PDF R 02/11/2021
4Q20 Noise to Fade Quickly as 2021 Takes Shape; Reiterate OW PDF CARR 02/11/2021
4Q20 Truckload Earnings Season & Updated Thoughts PDF 02/11/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/11/2021
Cloud Communications 4Q Preview | TOMORROW | February 12th | 12:00pm ET/11:... PDF 02/11/2021
Conference Call Takeaways: Still Early Days Across Multiple TAMs; Reiterate... PDF GNRC 02/11/2021
Domtar 4Q20: The Bottom Is In PDF UFS 02/11/2021
EFX 4Q Call Note: Strong Core Organic Growth; Largely Positive January Tren... PDF EFX 02/11/2021
ELY Reports 4Q20; NT Margins Lowered, But LT EBITDA Still on Track; Reit. O... PDF ELY 02/11/2021
First Look at 4Q20 POOL Earnings; Strong Beat, Guide Above Expectations PDF POOL 02/11/2021
First Look at 4Q20: Lots of Moving Pieces, But 2021 Guide Above Street PDF R 02/11/2021
First Look at AZEK F1Q21 Earnings Results; Raised FY21 Guidance PDF AZEK 02/11/2021
First Look at BJRI F4Q20 Earnings PDF BJRI 02/11/2021
First Look at QSR 4Q20 Earnings PDF QSR 02/11/2021
First Look at Solid 4Q Beat; FY21 Rev & EBITDA Guide Slightly Above Con... PDF VCRA 02/11/2021
First Look: As Expected CY21 Guidance Reiterated; Remain O/V on DXCM PDF DXCM 02/11/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Results and 2021 Guide Well Above Expectations; Reiterate ... PDF GNRC 02/11/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Results; Solid Beat + Buyback Ramp PDF FAF 02/11/2021
First Look: American Express Launches ODX Offering; Could Amex Buy ODX? PDF ENVA 02/11/2021
First Look: Beats 4Q20 and Guides Above Consensus 1Q21/2021; Reiterate OW PDF ZBRA 02/11/2021
First Look: Flowers Reports 4Q Beat, FY21 Guide Below Consensus PDF FLO 02/11/2021
First Look: HRL Acquires Planters From KHC for $3.35 Billion PDF HRL 02/11/2021
First Look: Reports 4Q Results In-Line w/ Pre-Announcement; Issues 1Q Guida... PDF FWRD 02/11/2021
First Look: TSN Reports 1Q21 PDF TSN 02/11/2021
Healthcare IT App User Tracker PDF 02/11/2021
ICL 4Q20 First Look PDF ICL 02/11/2021
ICL 4Q20: Bromine Keeps the Core Strong PDF ICL 02/11/2021
IFF 4Q20: Skeptics Abound as Tailwinds and Accountability Improve PDF IFF 02/11/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/11/2021
Momentum on Market Share as Recovery Begins; Reiterate OW PDF HP 02/11/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/11/2021
N-T COVID Headwinds Weigh on EPS While Emerging Policy Tailwinds Support Sh... PDF MOH 02/11/2021
Planning for Post-Pandemic: Costs Higher But Margins Are, Too; Reiterate OW... PDF WCC 02/11/2021
PYPL Anlst Day: Unique Position Should = Broader Superapp & Merch Prods... PDF PYPL 02/11/2021
Staying OW After What Was Admittedly a Rough Quarter PDF QSR 02/11/2021
Stephens TL Rate Index 4Q20 Update PDF 02/11/2021
Still Early Days and Multiple Ways to Win; Reiterate OW PDF GNRC 02/11/2021
The Puzzle Pieces Are Coming Together; Full-Steam Ahead; PT to $250 PDF ZG 02/11/2021
TSN Reports 1Q21; Revising Estimates; Reiterating Rating & PT PDF TSN 02/11/2021
UFS First Look 4Q20 PDF UFS 02/11/2021
Very Strong 4Q20 Beat; Caps Off a Successful 2020 Navigating the Pandemic PDF RUSHA 02/11/2021
4Q EPS +99%, Tops Ests; Offsets UK Challenges; New LT Targets; OW, PT to ... PDF PAG 02/10/2021
4Q20 Initial: Tough 4Q as Expected; 2021 Adj. EPS Guide Issued ~7% Below St... PDF MOH 02/10/2021
4Q20 Wrap: THC Delays Conifer Spin; Minimal Changes to Our Model Post '21 G... PDF THC 02/10/2021
A.M. Update: 4Q EPS +99%, Tops Ests.; Diversification, GPU, SG&A Drive ... PDF PAG 02/10/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/10/2021
Another Fintech Going Public Via SPAC (OppFi): Valuation And Growth Comps PDF 02/10/2021
AVLR 1st Look: Soundly Beat 4Q/'21 Guide; Bookings Growth Accelerated PDF AVLR 02/10/2021
AVLR 4Q Call Note: M&A Strategy Interesting; Building For A New Complex... PDF AVLR 02/10/2021
BECN F1Q21 Earnings Recap, Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW, Target to $50... PDF BECN 02/10/2021
BG Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate Rating PDF BG 02/10/2021
Earnings Recap & Model Update; Revenue Outlook More Encouraging PDF CERN 02/10/2021
EFX 1st Look: 4Q/'21 Guide Beat; $100 mil. Repo; Increasing Growth M&A ... PDF EFX 02/10/2021
First Look at 4Q Beat & Raise; 1Q21 Guidance Above the Street PDF IQV 02/10/2021
First Look at 4Q20: Solid Adj. EPS Beat; Positive Commentary on 2021 PDF RUSHA 02/10/2021
First Look at In-Line 4Q20 Report; Mostly In-Line Guidance PDF CERN 02/10/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Puts an Exclamation Point on a Breakout Year...More to Com... PDF ZG 02/10/2021
First Look: BG Reports 4Q20 PDF BG 02/10/2021
First Look: ELY Reports 4Q20 PDF ELY 02/10/2021
First Look: GNRC Announces Location for Planned Capacity Expansion PDF GNRC 02/10/2021
First Look: GPRE Reports 4Q20 PDF GPRE 02/10/2021
First Look: Impressive Beat, Title Margin 2x YOY Despite Higher Reserves PDF STC 02/10/2021
First Look: New SPAC on Tap; Underlying Discount Increasingly More Attracti... PDF CNNE 02/10/2021
First Look: ORLY Reports 4Q20 Beat PDF ORLY 02/10/2021
First Look: PPC Reports 4Q20 PDF PPC 02/10/2021
First Look: Reports Strong Adj. 4Q20 Results; Guides FY21 Above Consensus PDF XPO 02/10/2021
FMC 4Q20: An Outstanding Entry Point for LOs PDF FMC 02/10/2021
House E&C Committee Releases Medicaid Funding Proposals for Biden's COV... PDF 02/10/2021
IFF 4Q20 First Look PDF IFF 02/10/2021
Increasing Price Target: Motiva MIA, When Less Is Truly So Much More PDF ESTA 02/10/2021
Market Share for Top Home Health & Hospice Players Largely Stable in 20... PDF 02/10/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/10/2021
Midwest Banks 4Q20 Review: Upgrading MSBI & ICBK; Downgrading FMBI PDF 02/10/2021
MLM 4Q20 Earnings Recap; Reiterate OW, Adjusting Estimates, Target to $365 PDF MLM 02/10/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/10/2021
Pension Reform Likely In Stimulus Bill: What It Means For UPS, ARCB & Y... PDF 02/10/2021
Raise PT on API Growth Trajectory; Moment of Truth for Consumer; Full Break... PDF VG 02/10/2021
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 02/10/2021
Takeaways From Recent NDR; Updated Thoughts on Growth and Synovus Forward PDF SNV 02/10/2021
Taking Up Estimates On Better Loan Growth Performance, Stronger Credit PDF RM 02/10/2021
Updated Conviction List & Recap of 4Q20 Earnings for the Western Banks PDF 02/10/2021
4Q EBITDA Beat Mostly on Pricing / Margins; Solid Initial 2021 Guide vs. St... PDF THC 02/09/2021
4Q: Getting Back On Track Through Record Payment Volumes; We Like FY21 Set-... PDF BLKB 02/09/2021
4Q20 East Coast Banks Earnings Wrap-Up - Updated Convictions and Price Targ... PDF 02/09/2021
4Q20 Initial: 4Q MLR & EPS Miss vs. Street; 2021 Adjusted EPS Guide Mai... PDF CNC 02/09/2021
4Q20 Recap & Model Update PDF YELL 02/09/2021
4Q20 Wrap: N-T Trends Could Remain Choppy But DC Policy May Provide Assist PDF CNC 02/09/2021
Adds $200 Mil. Revs in FL; Reit OW, as Acq Pace Ramps, Lift TP to $408 PDF LAD 02/09/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/09/2021
Ag Monitor - February 2021 PDF 02/09/2021
Another Hiccup But LT Potential Intact; Maintain OW/V; Maintain $95 PT PDF RAMP 02/09/2021
Barking Up The Right Tree (Part 1 - A Closer Look At 2021) PDF FRPT 02/09/2021
DD 4Q20 First Look PDF DD 02/09/2021
DD 4Q20: More M&A, Another Segment Reshuffle PDF DD 02/09/2021
DNB 4Q Wrap: Growth Accel Thru '21 Do-Able; Potential For Beats; Nice Valua... PDF DNB 02/09/2021
First Look at BECN F1Q21 Earnings; Combined Results Beat & Guide Raised... PDF BECN 02/09/2021
First Look at CARR 4Q20 Results PDF CARR 02/09/2021
First Look at MLM 4Q20 Earnings Results; Strong Beat & Guide Above Expe... PDF MLM 02/09/2021
First Look at WCC 4Q20 Results PDF WCC 02/09/2021
First Look: Conference Call Takeaways PDF WCC 02/09/2021
First Look: GPRE Announces Strategic Transactions With BlackRock PDF GPRE 02/09/2021
First Look: Motiva Mia Creates An Incremental $4.0 to $5.0 Billion Global T... PDF ESTA 02/09/2021
First Look: Strong 4Q20 Beat; Midpoint of Guidance Slightly Below The Stree... PDF CTS 02/09/2021
FIS 1st Look: Rev Miss/Profit Beat; Growth Better Ex Items; 1Q/'21 Guide Mi... PDF FIS 02/09/2021
FIS 4Q Call: More Buybacks Could=EPS Beats; Merchant Yields Better Thru '21... PDF FIS 02/09/2021
FISV 1st Look: Rev Miss/Profit Beat; Slight '21 Rev Guide Raise; Best Idea PDF FISV 02/09/2021
FISV 4Q Call: 4Q Results + Segment '21 Outlook = More Rev Growth Confidence... PDF FISV 02/09/2021
FMC 4Q20 First Look PDF FMC 02/09/2021
House Dems Seek Expanded ACA Subsidies in New $1.9 Trillion COVID Stimulus ... PDF 02/09/2021
Increasing Price Target & Fine-Tuning Estimates PDF SIEN 02/09/2021
JKHY 1st Look: FY2Q PF Rev Miss/Profit Beat; Slightly Lowered FY21 PF Rev G... PDF JKHY 02/09/2021
JKHY 2Q Call: Some PF Rev Guide Confusion; Sales Pipelines At Pre-COVID Lev... PDF JKHY 02/09/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/09/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/09/2021
NCR 4Q Results/Call: Another Big Digital Banking Win; Aloha Attach Rates St... PDF NCR 02/09/2021
Real Estate Services: Brokerage/Franchise 4Q20 Preview PDF 02/09/2021
Record Cash Haul as 2021 Outlook Maintained; Reiterate OW PDF ESE 02/09/2021
Reports Adj. 4Q20 EPS Beat; Unique Story Presents Multiple Avenues For Upsi... PDF TFII-CA 02/09/2021
Strong 4Q20 Results; Provides a Wide Range for 2021 Guidance PDF CTS 02/09/2021
Surprised At Fade: Growth Investing, Capital Opportunities Make Us Optimist... PDF OMF 02/09/2021
Weekly Commodity Monitor (2/9/21) PDF 02/09/2021
1Q21 Wrap: Buy BellRing On Transitory Margin Pressure PDF BRBR 02/08/2021
2021 Rail Shipper Survey: Expectations for Volumes, Pricing & Service PDF 02/08/2021
4Q20 Earnings Preview PDF BLKB 02/08/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/08/2021
Busy 2021 With Flexiti Buy, Monetization Of Katapult, And Lots Of Excess Ca... PDF CURO 02/08/2021
COVID-19 Restaurant Impact Report: 2/8 PDF 02/08/2021
DNB 1st Look: 4Q Rev Meet/Profit Beat; '21 Guide Includes Bisnode From 1/11... PDF DNB 02/08/2021
DNB Call: '21 3.8% Org Growth Guide Likely Conservative; Rev Accel Progress... PDF DNB 02/08/2021
Ends 4Q20 On High Note, 1Q Off To Solid Start PDF SAIA 02/08/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Earnings; Transactional Revs. Shine as Organic Growth Rebo... PDF BLKB 02/08/2021
First Look: Big Beat, 13% Divi Yield, New Loan Flow Sale Program: Reiterate... PDF OMF 02/08/2021
First Look: Reports Strong 4Q20 Results; OR Sub 90% for 2nd Consecutive Qua... PDF SAIA 02/08/2021
For Casuals, The Level of Pre-COVID Capacity May Determine Post-COVID Succe... PDF 02/08/2021
GPN 1stLook: Mixed 4Q; Guide OK; Google Partnership; Accel Share Repo PDF GPN 02/08/2021
GPN Call: GOOG Partnership Expands Merchant Tech Strategy; January Better PDF GPN 02/08/2021
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 02/08/2021
Hospice M&A Activity Continued to Accelerate in 4Q20; Focus Turns to HH... PDF 02/08/2021
IIIV 1Q 1st Look: Rev Beat/Profit Meet; BIS Deal Looks Good At First Glance... PDF IIIV 02/08/2021
Increasing 12-Month Price Target And Fine-Tuning Estimates PDF SDC 02/08/2021
Inflection Approaches for Oil and Gas; Building Steam for Energy Transition... PDF NOV 02/08/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/08/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/08/2021
PACW Moving up the Draft Pick; Increasing Est/PT & Upgrading to OW PDF PACW 02/08/2021
Restaurant Weekly: 2/8/2021 PDF 02/08/2021
Solid PPNR Beat; Raising PT to $21 PDF CIVB 02/08/2021
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – February 2021 PDF 02/08/2021
Texas Bank Tour Recap; Waiting for Loan Growth & M&A to Inflect PDF 02/08/2021
The Quick Bite: A Weekly Recap Of The Food & Beverage Sectors PDF 02/08/2021
Updated Thoughts On CASY; Revising Estimates; Maintain Rating & PT PDF CASY 02/08/2021
Updating Our Model for 4Q20 Earnings PDF TT 02/08/2021
Updating Price Targets for ABCB, ISBC and SBNY PDF 02/08/2021
Upgrading TSN, PPC and SAFM; We See The Group Turning A Corner In 2021 PDF 02/08/2021
Weekly Reader: BLFS, BRKS, CDMO, CYRX, CTLT, NEO, RGEN, OSUR, TECH PDF 02/08/2021
4Q Results Another Proof Point Showing How Far WERN Has Come; Reiterate OW PDF WERN 02/05/2021
4Q20 Wrap: With Occupancy Decline De-Risked, Focus Turns to Recovery; TP to... PDF ENSG 02/05/2021
ACIW Post-Pre-Announcement Model: Better Rev/Profit = Higher EBITDA & M... PDF ACIW 02/05/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/05/2021
EPAY 2Q Wrap: Trans Vols To Return But Awaiting Subs/Trans Growth; Remain E... PDF EPAY 02/05/2021
First Look at TT 4Q20 Results PDF TT 02/05/2021
First Look: Beat On Top Line And Credit Provisions; Loan Balances Better PDF CURO 02/05/2021
IIIV 1st Look: M&A Strategy Continues W/Sizable Public Sector Acquisiti... PDF IIIV 02/05/2021
MA Final: Volumes Accelerate From Here w/Cross-Border 2H Call Option; Still... PDF MA 02/05/2021
MGNI Acquires SpotX – Maintain OW/V; PT from $15 to $66 PDF MGNI 02/05/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/05/2021
Model Maintenance PDF WCC 02/05/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/05/2021
Outlining the Longer-Term Value; Raising Estimates & Target Price PDF OMCL 02/05/2021
PYPL Wrap: Firing On All Cylinders (Ecom+New Products) Though Hard Comps Co... PDF PYPL 02/05/2021
Railcars in Storage: February Report PDF 02/05/2021
Real Estate Services: Title 4Q20 Preview PDF 02/05/2021
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 1/30/21) PDF 02/05/2021
Strengthening Demand & Solid Execution Drive 4Q Upside; U-Shaped Recove... PDF PFPT 02/05/2021
Visa 1Q Final: Easy Comps + Reopening + Valuation = More Compelling Long PDF V 02/05/2021
Weekly Fuel Report (2/5/21) PDF 02/05/2021
12% January Tonnage Growth Highlights Share Gains Coming; Reiterate Overwei... PDF ODFL 02/04/2021
1st Look: CLGX To Sell To PE, Not CSGP, For $80 PDF CSGP 02/04/2021
3.5 mil. Common Share Issuance Announced - Quick Thoughts PDF SBNY 02/04/2021
4Q EPS Up +88% On (4%) Rev Drop; US, SG&A Standout, Offset UK Challenge... PDF GPI 02/04/2021
4Q Initial: EPS Miss on Legacy CI Segments; 2021 Guide Low-End of the $20-$... PDF CI 02/04/2021
4Q Tops Ests; Acquisition Pace to Ramp, Digital Gains; Raising TP to $360... PDF LAD 02/04/2021
4Q20 Beat; Attractive Set-Up with Conservative Guide + Significant EPS Powe... PDF HUBG 02/04/2021
4Q20 Wrap: COVID Creating Some N-T Choppiness in U.S. Medical; Trim Ests &a... PDF CI 02/04/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/04/2021
AM Update: 4Q Misses Street Ests. on UK Lockdown; U.S. Shines, SG&A Sta... PDF GPI 02/04/2021
An Astute Strategic Move: COO Acquires SightGlass Vision in Joint Venture PDF COO 02/04/2021
CPaaS Expert Conference Call | STARTING IN 1 HOUR | 11:00am ET/10:00am CT |... PDF 02/04/2021
CTVA 4Q20: Promising More and Better PDF CTVA 02/04/2021
First Look at FAST January 2021 Sales PDF FAST 02/04/2021
First Look at Strong 4Q20 Results; 2021 Sales Guidance In-Line PDF PFPT 02/04/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Adj. EPS Beat; Expecting 2021 Guidance on Conference Call PDF HUBG 02/04/2021
First Look: A Bit of an Odd Twist; CLGX Accepts $80 Bid PDF CLGX 02/04/2021
First Look: BellRing Reports Slight 1Q Beat, Guidance Reiterated PDF BRBR 02/04/2021
First Look: Conference Call Takeaways PDF ODFL 02/04/2021
First Look: Reports 4Q20 Top & Bottom Line Beat PDF ODFL 02/04/2021
First Look: Reports Healthy 4Q20 EPS Beat PDF WERN 02/04/2021
First Look: Reports Sizable 4Q20 Beat PDF USAK 02/04/2021
First Look: SIEN Pre-Announces Above Consensus Preliminary Financial Result... PDF SIEN 02/04/2021
First Look: Updated Guidance 3% Better Than Us On EBITDA And EPS PDF RCII 02/04/2021
High Growth, High Margin, No Credit Risk: Reiterating OW Post-Investor Day PDF ECN-CA 02/04/2021
Increasing Price Target & Revising Estimates, As The Momentum Rolls On PDF ALGN 02/04/2021
IP 4Q20 First Look PDF IP 02/04/2021
IP 4Q20: Weak at the Peak PDF IP 02/04/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/04/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/04/2021
MUSA Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates; Maintain PT & Rating PDF MUSA 02/04/2021
Primed For A Recovery, Waiting For Demand To Pick Up For A $6+ 2022E EPS PDF ENVA 02/04/2021
Strong F3Q21 Results; Mixed FY22 Guidance PDF MIME 02/04/2021
Sustainable O-to-O Shift Playing Out; Consumer Biz Rebound & QRP on the... PDF QNST 02/04/2021
UNH Announces Executive Leadership Transition; Andrew Witty Takes Over as C... PDF UNH 02/04/2021
Updating Our GWW Model for 4Q20 Earnings PDF GWW 02/04/2021
Updating Our Model for 4Q20 Earnings PDF LII 02/04/2021
4Q Tops Est.; Revs +18% and EPS +76%; Raising Ests. and Target Price to $1... PDF ABG 02/03/2021
2Q21 Results Demonstrate Value of TECH's Platforms PDF TECH 02/03/2021
4Q20 Initial: EPS Beat Although Revs Light; Occupancy Stabilizes as We Expe... PDF ENSG 02/03/2021
4Q20 Initial: HUM Guides for ~7% Adjusted Revs / ~15% EPS Growth in 2021 PDF HUM 02/03/2021
4Q20 Wrap: HUM Gives Us a Deep Dive Into 2021 Headwinds & Tailwinds PDF HUM 02/03/2021
A.M. Update: 4Q Tops Ests.; Revs Up +21%, EPS +85%, Significant SG&A Le... PDF LAD 02/03/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/03/2021
Assuming A Quick Recovery To Capital Return, Low Credit Provisioning In 202... PDF SC 02/03/2021
BRKS 1Q21 Wrap: LS Strength Drives 1Q21 Beat, Momentum in Both Segments PDF BRKS 02/03/2021
COVID-19 Driving NT Growth, But Biologics Assets Represent LT Growth Oppty PDF CTLT 02/03/2021
CPaaS Expert Conference Call | TOMORROW | 11:00am ET/10:00am CT | TWLO/VG/A... PDF 02/03/2021
CTVA: 4Q20 First Look PDF CTVA 02/03/2021
Dime and Bridge Merger Completed - Updating Est. and P/T PDF DCOM 02/03/2021
FICO 1Q Final: Think Apps Underlying Strength/Position Still Strong; Reit O... PDF FICO 02/03/2021
First Look A Strong Finish, 4Q20 Operating Results Exceed Consensus PDF ALGN 02/03/2021
First Look at F3Q21 Results and Initial FY22 Guidance PDF MIME 02/03/2021
First Look at GWW 4Q20 Results PDF GWW 02/03/2021
First Look: 1Q Guide Below Consensus, Signs of Improving LT Growth Outlook PDF BSX 02/03/2021
First Look: 4Q20 Adj. EPS Beat Aided by Tax Benefit, 2021 Guidance In Line PDF WNC 02/03/2021
First Look: CDMO/Humanigen Enter into Manufacturing Agreement for C19 mAb PDF CDMO 02/03/2021
First Look: FY2Q Big Beat Driven by Financial Services; Even Better Guidanc... PDF QNST 02/03/2021
First Look: INGR Reports 4Q20 PDF INGR 02/03/2021
First Look: MUSA Reports 4Q20 PDF MUSA 02/03/2021
First Look: Pre-Announces 4Q20 Results PDF FWRD 02/03/2021
First Look: Reports 4Q20 Beat, FY21 Guide Brackets Consensus PDF SNDR 02/03/2021
First Look: Reports Sizable 4Q20 Beat; Guides 1Q21 and FY21 Revenue Above C... PDF ECHO 02/03/2021
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