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First Look: COVID-19 Pressured 1Q, CY20 Guidance Remains Withdrawn PDF CUTR 05/07/2020
First Look: COVID-19 Takes A Toll On Glaucoma, Avedro's Contribution Solid PDF GKOS 05/07/2020
First Look: CYRX 1Q20 Results PDF CYRX 05/07/2020
First Look: ELY Reports 1Q20 Results PDF ELY 05/07/2020
First Look: GOLF Reports 1Q20 PDF GOLF 05/07/2020
First Look: Impressive 1Q, CY20 Guidance Forgone PDF ESTA 05/07/2020
First Look: KAR Reports 1Q20 Results PDF KAR 05/07/2020
First Look: Murphy Provides Update Ahead Of Annual Meeting PDF MUSA 05/07/2020
First Look: VG Put All The Right Pieces Together In a Strong 1Q20 Print PDF VG 05/07/2020
FIS 1st Look: Rev Miss/EPS Beat; Merch Headwinds; Cap Mkts Beat; Raise Syne... PDF FIS 05/07/2020
FIS Call: Stock Should Be Up: $300 Mil. New Cuts + Manageable Growth Headwi... PDF FIS 05/07/2020
FISV 1Q 1st Look: Expect Smooth CEO Transition; Mixed 1Q But OK Org Growth PDF FISV 05/07/2020
FISV Call: Neg Low Double-Digit Vols & +20% April Sales=Good; Smooth CE... PDF FISV 05/07/2020
Good PPNR Results; Remain OW on Strong B/S & Insulated Market Dynamics PDF FIBK 05/07/2020
GPC Reports 1Q20; Dividend Commitment Supports Val., But Looking For Cataly... PDF GPC 05/07/2020
IAA Reports 1Q20; Fixed Costs Weigh on NT Estimates; LT Margin Story Intact... PDF IAA 05/07/2020
Impressive Core Business Growth & Margin Improvement Overshadowed by CO... PDF IVC 05/07/2020
Increasing Price Target & Estimates As Double Digit Growth Expectations... PDF STAA 05/07/2020
IPI: 1Q20 First Look PDF IPI 05/07/2020
Lowering Estimates Following 1Q Results; Remain Equal-Weight PDF HBMD 05/07/2020
Machinery Valuation PDF 05/07/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/07/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/07/2020
Neiman Marcus' BK / WaPo Article Listing of UMBF as "Creditor" is Misleadin... PDF UMBF 05/07/2020
NT Rough/LT Solid; Maintain OW/V; $14 PT to $10 PDF MGNI 05/07/2020
NT Trends Better Than Feared; Taking Proactive Cost & Balance Sheet Act... PDF ARCB 05/07/2020
NTR 1Q20: Just the Outlook PDF NTR 05/07/2020
Nutrien 1Q20 First Look PDF NTR 05/07/2020
Opploans CEO and CFO Expert Call On April Subprime Lending Trends: May 11 PDF 05/07/2020
OSUR 1Q20 Wrap Up: Reit. EW-Vol., PT to $17 PDF OSUR 05/07/2020
Pulling All Levers to Deliver FCF Despite Industry Slowdown PDF WTTR 05/07/2020
PYPL 1Q/Call: Great April Stats=Major Digital Shift; Branded +43%; Watch Lo... PDF PYPL 05/07/2020
PZZA F1Q Recap: Staying the Course With Our OW; Price Target Going to $83 PDF PZZA 05/07/2020
QTWO 1st Look: User Growth Accel: 2Q/20 Guide Rev Miss/Profit Beat; 4 Tier ... PDF QTWO 05/07/2020
Remain EW; But Increased ACL Ratio and Capital Buffer Incremental Positives... PDF WSFS 05/07/2020
SQ 1Q Final: Vols/SMB Health Not As Bad; Cash App/GMs Strong; Upping Ests/T... PDF SQ 05/07/2020
Strength & Stability Of ATSG's Model Is Shining Through; Reiterate OW R... PDF ATSG 05/07/2020
Strong 1Q / 2Q Guide; FY Guide Conservative - Reiterate Overweight PDF ZNGA 05/07/2020
Understandable Market-Driven Pressure Over the NT; QRP Momentum Building PDF QNST 05/07/2020
UNH and HUM Detail Additional Financial Support During Pandemic PDF 05/07/2020
Updating Estimates and P/T - Remain Equal Weight PDF DCOM 05/07/2020
Updating Forecast and Price Target; Maintain Overweight Rating PDF BFST 05/07/2020
Working Capital Release to Enhance Debt-Free Balance Sheet Amid Tough Macro... PDF RES 05/07/2020
1Q Earnings, FY Outlook Comes in Above High Expectations PDF ATVI 05/06/2020
1Q Unit Sales In-Line, EBITDA Misses; Volume Improves but Risks to GPU; E... PDF CVNA 05/06/2020
1Q20 Earnings: Everbridge Is Hitting Their Stride at the Right Time PDF EVBG 05/06/2020
1Q20 Initial Look: 1Q20 Beat, Efficiencies Improves '21 Maintenance Capex PDF DVN 05/06/2020
1Q20 Recap: Near-Term Earnings Remain Cloudy, But LT Earnings Power Remains... PDF KEX 05/06/2020
A.M. Update: 1Q Misses Consensus; COVID-19 Challenges March Results PDF PAG 05/06/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/06/2020
AHA Estimates Hospital System C-19 Losses of ~$203 Billion from March-June PDF 05/06/2020
AMED 1Q20 Initial: Mixed 1Q Results vs. Street; Withdraws 2020 Guidance PDF AMED 05/06/2020
BG Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF BG 05/06/2020
BLD 1Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW/V & $100 Tar... PDF BLD 05/06/2020
BLDR 1Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Est., Price Target to $20, Reiterate OW... PDF BLDR 05/06/2020
BMCH 1Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Price to $25 PDF BMCH 05/06/2020
CEO NDR Takes: Own During Recession, Most Defensive Cashflows For COVID-19 PDF NAVI 05/06/2020
CERS 1Q20 Wrap: Reiterate OW-Vol./$6.50 PT PDF CERS 05/06/2020
Challenging Market Conditions Lead To Meaningful Earnings Pressure; Reit. E... PDF XPO 05/06/2020
Changing Best Idea to BKI PDF BKI 05/06/2020
COVID Highlights Value of Biologics Assets, CTLT Remains Best Idea, PT to $... PDF CTLT 05/06/2020
COVID-19 Creates Unique Challenges For MATX, Timing & Pace Of Recovery ... PDF MATX 05/06/2020
DD 1Q20: Just the Outlook PDF DD 05/06/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Adj. EPS Beat; Cutting Costs to Mitigate COVID-19 Headwi... PDF SRI 05/06/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results PDF NEX 05/06/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results PDF WTTR 05/06/2020
First Look at 1Q20 Results: In-Line Q But More-than-Expected Guidance Cut PDF RP 05/06/2020
First Look at FY3Q20 Results; Here Comes QRP PDF QNST 05/06/2020
First Look at PZZA F1Q20 Results PDF PZZA 05/06/2020
First Look at VMC 1Q20 Earnings; Withdraws Guide PDF VMC 05/06/2020
First Look at WEN F1Q20 Results PDF WEN 05/06/2020
First Look: An Encouraging 1Q, Strong Balance Sheet To See Through The Cruc... PDF AVNS 05/06/2020
First Look: BG Reports 1Q20 PDF BG 05/06/2020
First Look: Encouraged By The Progress PDF IVC 05/06/2020
First Look: GPC Reports 1Q20 Miss; April Trends Have Softened PDF GPC 05/06/2020
First Look: IAA Reports 1Q20 Results PDF IAA 05/06/2020
First Look: Impressive Forward Look And Strong Top-Line Beat PDF RCII 05/06/2020
First Look: OSUR 1Q20 PDF OSUR 05/06/2020
First Look: Outlook Better Than Forecast As Major Markets Returning To Grow... PDF STAA 05/06/2020
First Look: RGEN 1Q20 Beat, FY20 Adj. EPS Guidance Raise PDF RGEN 05/06/2020
FMC 1Q20: Just the Outlook PDF FMC 05/06/2020
GPN 1Q 1st Look: Rev Miss/Profit Beat; New $400 mil. Cost Cuts; Reit Overwe... PDF GPN 05/06/2020
GPN 1Q Call: Comfortable Long As Rev Trends/Cost Cuts Better Than Expected PDF GPN 05/06/2020
Increasing 12-Month, Price Target to $38 Per Share PDF AVNS 05/06/2020
Lowering Estimates Following 1Q Results; Remain EW PDF TOWN 05/06/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/06/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/06/2020
Mortgage Loss Weighs on Otherwise Solid Revenue Quarter; Remaining OW PDF MYFW 05/06/2020
OMF: CEO and CFO Virtual NDR on May 20-21st: Please Register PDF 05/06/2020
Pressure Will Fade in Time; The Timing...Still Cloudy PDF TREE 05/06/2020
Resuming Coverage on TXRH With Overweight Rating and $55 Price Target PDF TXRH 05/06/2020
SFM Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating PDF SFM 05/06/2020
Solid End to Fiscal 20; Conservative Commentary Around F21 PDF EA 05/06/2020
Solid Now & Better Next Year; Moving BKI to Our New Best Idea PDF BKI 05/06/2020
SQ 1Q 1st Look: April GPV -39%, GP Beat/EBITDA Miss; Cash App Performed Wel... PDF SQ 05/06/2020
SQ Call: Ecom 50% GPV/Pos April; -39% GPV ~2x V; SQ Nimbleness = Stay Long PDF SQ 05/06/2020
Strong Start to 2020 Driven by Gene Therapy Tailwinds and Protein Upside PDF RGEN 05/06/2020
U.S. Recovery Looking Like a Snapback for Wendy's; Increasing Price Target ... PDF WEN 05/06/2020
U.S. Sales Trends Improving; UK Looks to Re-Open; Remain OW PDF PAG 05/06/2020
Updating Est. and P/T Following 1Q Earnings - Remain OW PDF ISBC 05/06/2020
Updating Estimates Following 1Q Results; Remain Overweight PDF CBNK 05/06/2020
Well-Positioned Platform for the Current Environment - Remain OW PDF CNOB 05/06/2020
18% of U.S. Wendy's System Out of Beef Temporarily; Still OW, Watching Dura... PDF WEN 05/05/2020
1Q Beat; 2Q Sales Accelerate, EBITDA Profit In Sight; Resetting PT to $145;... PDF W 05/05/2020
1Q Beats Estimates; Sales Trends Improving; Remain Overweight PDF ABG 05/05/2020
1Q Tops Estimates; U.S. Sales Trend Improving; Remain Overweight PDF GPI 05/05/2020
1Q20 Adj. EPS Inline & 2020 Guide Withdrawn; Remain OW at Depressed Val... PDF WAB 05/05/2020
1Q20 Earnings Initial Look: CDEV, FANG, PE, VNOM PDF 05/05/2020
1Q20 Wrap: 1Q Momentum Provides Better Jumping Off Point for 2Q C-19 Headwi... PDF ADUS 05/05/2020
1Q20 Wrap: Battling Against the COVID-19 Scourge on All Three Business Fron... PDF THC 05/05/2020
1Q20 Wrap: Raising Ests & TP as U.S. BH Vols Held Up Relatively Well in... PDF ACHC 05/05/2020
1Q20: High Expectations Bests Solid Revenue Beat; Bookings Concerns From He... PDF FIVN 05/05/2020
Adjusting Ests for COVID-19 Impact; See 1Q Upside, Sales Trends Improving; ... PDF CWH 05/05/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/05/2020
Compass 1Q20: First Look PDF CMP 05/05/2020
Continued Solid Outlook With NIM Expansion Expected to Continue - Remain OW... PDF VLY 05/05/2020
DD 1Q20 First Look PDF DD 05/05/2020
Fireside Chat with the JBHT Management Team (Friday, May 8) PDF 05/05/2020
First Look At 1Q20 Beat PDF EXPD 05/05/2020
First Look at 1Q20: Another Impressive Beat + 3rd Straight Big GM Expansion... PDF EXPI 05/05/2020
First Look at 1Q20; Solid Q But Lower Guidance as Expected PDF BKI 05/05/2020
First Look at 1Q20; Weak 2Q20 Guidance, Key Question - Is it Temporary? PDF TREE 05/05/2020
First Look at BMCH 1Q20 Earnings; April Organic Sales Down Mid-Single Digit... PDF BMCH 05/05/2020
First Look at DOOR 1Q20 Earnings; Withdraws Guidance PDF DOOR 05/05/2020
First Look at MLM 1Q20 Earnings; Withdraws 2020 Guide PDF MLM 05/05/2020
First Look at USCR 1Q20 Results PDF USCR 05/05/2020
First Look: 1Q20 Adj. Results Beat; Marine Utilization Softens In April PDF KEX 05/05/2020
First Look: 1Q20 Results In Line With Pre-Announced Range PDF MATX 05/05/2020
First Look: ANDE Reports 1Q20 PDF ANDE 05/05/2020
First Look: April Preliminary Net Orders PDF 05/05/2020
First Look: Beat On Interest Expense, Sale Gains and Lease Termination Reve... PDF AER 05/05/2020
First Look: CERS 1Q20 PDF CERS 05/05/2020
First Look: CTLT 3Q20 Beat, FY20 Guidance Above Street PDF CTLT 05/05/2020
First Look: INGR Reports 1Q20 PDF INGR 05/05/2020
First Look: Insurance Business Sale Adds ~$210 mil. to TCE / 9% Increase in... PDF ASB 05/05/2020
First Look: Reports Healthy 1Q20 Beat & Updates FY20 Outlook PDF ATSG 05/05/2020
First Look: Reports Solid 1Q20; Saw 20% Decline in Consol Revs In April PDF ARCB 05/05/2020
FMC: 1Q20 First Look PDF FMC 05/05/2020
INGR Reports 1Q20; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF INGR 05/05/2020
JKHY 3Q Final: More Resilient Than Many Expected But Already Priced In PDF JKHY 05/05/2020
JKHY 3Q Review: Bank Tech Steady; Pmts Better Than Peers; See Bookings Head... PDF JKHY 05/05/2020
JKHY Call: Banks Buying Tech/Optimistic; Pos. FIS/FISV Read; Mixed QTWO Rea... PDF JKHY 05/05/2020
Lowering Estimates Following 1Q Results; Remain Overweight PDF WSBC 05/05/2020
Lowering our EPS Forecasts as Reserve Ratio Builds and Loan Growth Slows PDF STXB 05/05/2020
LPX 1Q20: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 05/05/2020
MA 2Q Final: OK Val On Low Ests; Value Steady Despite Choppy Mkt; Like MA&g... PDF MA 05/05/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/05/2020
More Positive After Aercap's Platform Flexibility On Display In Forward Loo... PDF AER 05/05/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/05/2020
Morning Update: 1Q Beats Ests.; Strong Pre-COVID-19 Results; OW PDF ABG 05/05/2020
Morning Update: 1Q Beat Ests; EBITDA Loss Narrows; Guide Pending PDF W 05/05/2020
Morning Update: EPS Beat; U.S. Sales Recovering; UK Operations Remain Close... PDF GPI 05/05/2020
MOS 1Q20: Just the Outlook PDF MOS 05/05/2020
Recalibrating Estimates; Brief Thoughts Ahead of Tomorrow's Report PDF RP 05/05/2020
Stable Credit Trends; NT Mortgage Tailwinds Likely; Lowering PT to $27. PDF RNST 05/05/2020
TREX 1Q20 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate EW PDF TREX 05/05/2020
TSN Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate Rating PDF TSN 05/05/2020
Updated Forecasts Assume Additional Reserve Build; Lowering PT to $26 PDF HWC 05/05/2020
Updating Estimates Following 1Q20 Results PDF HFWA 05/05/2020
Upgrading to OW: Attractive Franchise With Discounted Valuation PDF AUB 05/05/2020
V 2Q Final: OK Val On Low Ests; Value Steady Despite Choppy Mkt; Like MA>... PDF V 05/05/2020
Weekly Commodity Monitor (5/5/20) PDF 05/05/2020
WOW Suspends 2020 Guidance; Maintain EW; PT From $8 to $6 PDF WOW 05/05/2020
WRK F2Q20 First Look PDF WRK 05/05/2020
WRK F2Q20: Just the Outlook PDF WRK 05/05/2020
“REAL” EPS Beat; CECL Delayed; Updating Forecasts PDF FBMS 05/04/2020
1Q20 EBITDA Matches Street; Vols Declines Stabilizing; UK Sale Still on Hol... PDF ACHC 05/04/2020
1Q20 EPS Review; Accretion From Park Deal & PPP Comes at a Good Time PDF FMBI 05/04/2020
1Q20 EPS Review; PPP to Add $23 mil. or ~$0.44 to EPS PDF BY 05/04/2020
1Q20 Initial: 1Q Beat Across All Key Metrics & Excellent Cash Liquidity... PDF ADUS 05/04/2020
1Q20 Initial: March/April Volume Updates Show USPI's ASCs Most Impacted by ... PDF THC 05/04/2020
1Q20 Mobile Gaming Preview: Rising Tide Lifting All Boats...For Now PDF 05/04/2020
1Q20 Recap: Business Pressured, But April Sees Some Recovery; Selling Pool PDF FWRD 05/04/2020
1Q20 Recap: Lease Rates & RRPF Headwinds on Horizon; Waiting for Opps t... PDF GATX 05/04/2020
Additional Disclosures Around Allowance Levels Provided in 10-Q Filing PDF KEY 05/04/2020
Adjusting Estimates for Recent Pre-Release, Reiterate EW, Price Target to $... PDF USCR 05/04/2020
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/04/2020
BECN Update; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW/V, Price Target to $25 PDF BECN 05/04/2020
Chili's Wknd Checks: To-Go Still Strong, Dine-In Building; Think SSS Improv... PDF EAT 05/04/2020
DOOR Update; Adjusting Estimates, Reiterate OW, Price to $73 PDF DOOR 05/04/2020
First Look at 1Q20 EPS Beat; 2020 Guidance Withdrawn PDF GATX 05/04/2020
First Look: 1Q20 Adj. EPS In Line With the Street; 2020 Guidance Withdrawn PDF WAB 05/04/2020
First Look: 1Q20 Results In Line With Pre-Announced Range PDF XPO 05/04/2020
First Look: DENN Provides F1Q20 Business Update PDF DENN 05/04/2020
First Look: DXCM Announcements - Ypsomed Partnership & Health Canada Ap... PDF DXCM 05/04/2020
First Look: GPRE Reports 1Q20 PDF GPRE 05/04/2020
First Look: TSN Reports 2Q20 PDF TSN 05/04/2020
Goodwill Impairment & Elevated LLP Triggers 1Q20 EPS Loss; Maintain EW PDF ICBK 05/04/2020
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 05/04/2020
Incrementally More Comfortable on Curo and Subprime Lenders into 2H20 PDF CURO 05/04/2020
Margin Set to Inflect Higher But Capital, Reserves and Credit Concerns Ling... PDF NYCB 05/04/2020
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/04/2020
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/04/2020
Mortgage & NIM Drive REAL EPS Beat; Updating Ests, Remain EW PDF BANR 05/04/2020
MOS 1Q20 First Look PDF MOS 05/04/2020
New Consultant Studies Project Significant Declines in Health Spending in 2... PDF 05/04/2020
NII Results Drive a PPNR Beat; Reiterate EW. PDF CBSH 05/04/2020
Reduced EPS Estimates Following 1Q Results But Maintaining OW Given Valuati... PDF ESXB 05/04/2020
Restaurant Weekly: 5/4 PDF 05/04/2020
Solid 1Q20 Results; Moderating Forecasts for Slowing Mortgage Volume in 2H2... PDF HTH 05/04/2020
Strong Growth/PPNR, "Severely Adverse" Losses Appear Benign; Reiterate OW PDF UMBF 05/04/2020
Weekly Reader: BLFS, BRKS, CERS, CTLT, NEO, TECH PDF 05/04/2020
Westlake CFO Auto Lending Update: The Worst Is Over, Can We Get To Normal? PDF 05/04/2020
1Q Beats By Wide Margin; Adj. Ests for COVID-19 Impacts; LT Story Intact; O... PDF FND 05/01/2020
1Q Preview: A Moment in the Sun For Cloud Communications; Proceed with Caut... PDF 05/01/2020
1Q20 1st Look: Core PPNR Beat, With Mortgage Particularly Strong. PDF FIBK 05/01/2020
1Q20 EPS Review: Deposit Repricing Pushes NIM Higher; “REAL” EP... PDF HBNC 05/01/2020
1Q20 EPS Review: Op. PPNR & “REAL” EPS Higher; Team HIre Ac... PDF FMBH 05/01/2020
1Q20 Recap: Dividend Maintained; Strategically Well Positioned for the Down... PDF FTAI 05/01/2020
1Q20 Review; “REAL” EPS Beat by $0.01; Raise PT to $22 PDF EQBK 05/01/2020
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