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Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 06/17/2019
Takeaways From Airline Field Trip: Domestic Trends Accelerating PDF 06/17/2019
Takeaways from Management Meetings PDF ABG 06/17/2019
Tough Monthly Trends Continue In May; Awaiting New Management's Strategy PDF ADS 06/17/2019
Updated Thoughts on EXP. Wallboard Challenges; Cement Price Should Improve PDF EXP 06/17/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/14/2019
CNC Investor Day; 2020 Initial Revs View of >$79 Bil. On Target w Our Pr... PDF CNC 06/14/2019
Differentiated Growth Model at Discount Trading Multiple; Reiterate Overwei... PDF TSC 06/14/2019
First Look: Straumann Opts Out of iTero Distribution PDF ALGN 06/14/2019
Latest Views; Reiterate OW/V Rating PDF QNST 06/14/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/14/2019
Monday 6/17: Bank Regulation Expert Call w/ ABA (American Bankers Associati... PDF 06/14/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/14/2019
NDR Takeaways: A Long-Term Winner Facing Near-Term Challenges PDF GATX 06/14/2019
NYC Rent-Regulation Bill Approved by Cuomo and Signed Into Law PDF 06/14/2019
O'Reilly HQ Visit Supports Positive 2019 Outlook; Reit. OW Rating &... PDF ORLY 06/14/2019
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - June 2019 Update PDF 06/14/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 6/8/19) PDF 06/14/2019
Takeaways From E3 PDF 06/14/2019
Three Cut Rates, But One Increases: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 06/14/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (6/14/19) PDF 06/14/2019
Why We Still Like Graphic After Its Run PDF GPK 06/14/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/13/2019
Are Public MCO L-T MA Growth Targets Achievable? Stephens Sensitivity Analy... PDF 06/13/2019
CASY Reports 4Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF CASY 06/13/2019
First Look: STXB Announces Repurchase Program PDF STXB 06/13/2019
First Look: Tyson Foods Announces Entrance Into The Alternative Protein Mar... PDF TSN 06/13/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/13/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/13/2019
NDR Takeaways; Reiterate OW(Vol.) Rating & PT PDF PPC 06/13/2019
PTEN Frac Divestiture Rumors Circulating in Reuters PDF PTEN 06/13/2019
ROKU - Strong Sales Volume & Talks of Deeper Strategic Partnerships Fro... PDF ROKU 06/13/2019
Super Regional Banks: Updated Thoughts on 2Q19; Remain OW FITB PDF 06/13/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/12/2019
Drilling Automation Leader: New Tech, Evolving Pricing Model & Financia... PDF HP 06/12/2019
First Look: GNTY Authorizes New Share Repurchase Program PDF GNTY 06/12/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/12/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/12/2019
NY Legislature Reach "Agreement" on Rent Regs, MCI/IAIs remain, b... PDF 06/12/2019
Reminder: Expert Call on NYC Rent Regulation & Multifamily Impact on Ju... PDF 06/12/2019
Unique/Compelling LT Potential; Sluggish NT Setup Due to Volatile Biz Senti... PDF TBK 06/12/2019
Wayfair +11% to Annual EPS, and Expect More Partnerships to Come PDF AAN 06/12/2019
Wayfair Another Win for CURO's Rent-to-Own Zibby PDF CURO 06/12/2019
2Q19 Update; ROE Analysis Highlights Impact of Lower Interest Rates PDF CMA 06/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/11/2019
CNC Investor Day Preview: Expect Visibility into 2020 Revs of >$79 Billi... PDF CNC 06/11/2019
EPAY Model Update: Co Investing for Scale; Remain EW PDF EPAY 06/11/2019
Final HHS Rebate Rule Moves to OMB for Review PDF 06/11/2019
First Look: May Title Orders Another Big Beat; Refi Leading the Way PDF FAF 06/11/2019
LMNR Reports 2Q19; Updating Estimates; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating & PT PDF LMNR 06/11/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/11/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/11/2019
Takeaways From Friends In Low Places Nashville Bank Tour Vol. 3 PDF 06/11/2019
TGNA Acquires Dispatch Assets; Lowering Rating (OW/V to EW) & PT ($19 t... PDF TGNA 06/11/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 6/11/19 PDF 06/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/10/2019
CA Budget Deal to Incrementally Expand State HIX / Medicaid Enrollment PDF 06/10/2019
Compass Minerals: New CEO, Fresh Approach to Goderich PDF CMP 06/10/2019
DuPont Restatements: Old DuPont is Back PDF DD 06/10/2019
Emerging Tech Offering + Better Macro + Enticing Tactical Set Up = U/G to O... PDF RDFN 06/10/2019
Energy and Transportation Best Idea Changes PDF 06/10/2019
First Look: CASY Reports 4Q19 PDF CASY 06/10/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 06/10/2019
Increasing EPS Slightly for New Share Repurchases PDF WRLD 06/10/2019
Industry Transformation is Upon Us; Aligning with Those Driving the Change PDF 06/10/2019
Inflection PDF DXCM 06/10/2019
Limited Multiple + Industry Shifts + Cloudy LT Strategy = D/G to EW PDF RLGY 06/10/2019
Marcus Cuts Rate By 10bps: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 06/10/2019
May 2019 HC Employment Report and Nurse Openings Index PDF 06/10/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/10/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/10/2019
Positive Auto Lending Following Auto Field Trip: Quick Takeaways PDF 06/10/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 06/10/2019
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 06/10/2019
Super Regional Banks: Reducing Asset Sensitivity PDF 06/10/2019
The Multiple Is High But The Path Is Becoming Increasingly Clear PDF PODD 06/10/2019
The Other De-"Conglomeratization" Lesson: Scale Kills; UTX/RTN Pr... PDF 06/10/2019
1Q19 Beats Ests; Guide Raised; New Store Productivity Impressive; OW PDF OLLI 06/07/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/07/2019
CVGW Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain PT & Rating PDF CVGW 06/07/2019
Exploration and Production: Coverage Update PDF 06/07/2019
Healthcare Services: Coverage Update PDF 06/07/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/07/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/07/2019
Railcars in Storage: June Report PDF 06/07/2019
Rent Reg Call Thoughts: Valuations, Pricing and Silver Lining PDF 06/07/2019
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – June 2019 PDF 06/07/2019
Transportation: Coverage Update PDF 06/07/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (6/7/19) PDF 06/07/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/06/2019
ANTM Expands DBG Biz With Beacon BHO Acquisition; Less Likely to Bid for MG... PDF ANTM 06/06/2019
Cuomo vs. NY Legislature on Rent Laws, Hosting Two Calls With 10 Days to Go... PDF 06/06/2019
First Look: Acquiring STC Bancshares PDF WTFC 06/06/2019
First Look: CVGW Reports 2Q19 PDF CVGW 06/06/2019
Initiating Coverage With An O/V Rating & $37 PT PDF ESTA 06/06/2019
KAR Sell-Side Analyst Day Takeaways; Increasing PT; Remain EW PDF KAR 06/06/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/06/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/06/2019
Results Hit Right Down the Fairway; We Like FY20 Setup; Reiterate OW/V. Rat... PDF SMAR 06/06/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 6/1/19) PDF 06/06/2019
Updating Estimates Post 1Q Earnings + Non-Op Bakken Divestiture PDF AXAS 06/06/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/05/2019
Capital Returns Update: UNH Hikes Quarterly Dividend Payment by 20% PDF UNH 06/05/2019
CASY Announces New CEO PDF CASY 06/05/2019
Dallas Aftermarket Automotive Field Trip Takeaways PDF 06/05/2019
E3 Preview PDF 06/05/2019
EchoPark Growth Ramps; Sum of Parts Drives $30 Value; Upgrading to OW PDF SAH 06/05/2019
First Look: Beat and Raise With Strong $100K+ ARR Customer Additions PDF SMAR 06/05/2019
First Look: GPC Closes Acquisition of PartsPoint Group in Europe PDF GPC 06/05/2019
First Look: Updates Expectations Around 2Q Guidance PDF LSTR 06/05/2019
Have We Added Value for You? Aye, Aye! PDF 06/05/2019
Investor Day Recap: A Focus on Growth, Technology & Maintaining a Stron... PDF CNI 06/05/2019
Like QTWO's ~$400 mil. Capital Raise: Digital-First Bank Tech Is A Race... PDF QTWO 06/05/2019
LPX: Lowering EPS Estimates, Maintain $32 PT & OW Rating PDF LPX 06/05/2019
May SAAR of 17.4 Mil. Above Consensus of 16.9 Mil. PDF 06/05/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/05/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/05/2019
MW Bank M&A: Pretty Quiet Year; Market Stability Necessary for a Turnar... PDF 06/05/2019
NDR Takeaways: Future Looking Bright, But Priced for Everything Going Wrong... PDF SLM 06/05/2019
Paper & Wood Monitor - June 2019 PDF 06/05/2019
Takeaways from Dealership Visits PDF 06/05/2019
Thoughts on TCF's National Lending Platform PDF TCF 06/05/2019
Updating Price Target & Estimates PDF SIEN 06/05/2019
Credit Review and Share Repurchase Activity in Southwest U.S. Region PDF 06/04/2019
June 6th + June 18th: Conference Calls on NY Rent Regulation & Multifam... PDF 06/04/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/04/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/04/2019
Provides Long-Term Financial Guidance Ahead of Investor Day PDF CNI 06/04/2019
Washington Rate Requests Indicate Tighter HIX Market Competition in 2020 PDF 06/04/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 6/4/19 PDF 06/04/2019
1Q EPS +45%, Tops Consensus; SSS Light; Buyback Announced PDF CONN 06/03/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 06/03/2019
CI Unveils Robust New Cash Flow & MA Growth Targets at Investor Day PDF CI 06/03/2019
Connecticut Public Option Plan Collapses on Industry Pushback PDF 06/03/2019
First Look: ELY Completes Acquisition of Remainder of Japanese JV PDF ELY 06/03/2019
First Look: U.S. Bank Going With Empower and Utilizing AIVA PDF BKI 06/03/2019
First New Greenfield in Decades Looks Likely Now PDF 06/03/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 06/03/2019
Highlights From Headquarters Visit PDF HBAN 06/03/2019
HUM Finally Puts the Kibosh on the CNC Deal Speculation PDF HUM 06/03/2019
Incrementally More Positive on New Win Potential; Target to $70 PDF BKI 06/03/2019
Initial 2020 Individual Market Rate Requests Tracking at +4% PDF 06/03/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 06/03/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 06/03/2019
NDR Takeaways: Next Growth Phase Through Best Practices, Customer Experienc... PDF CRMT 06/03/2019
NYC Rent Regulation Thoughts; Who's Exposed and Origination Data Analys... PDF 06/03/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 06/03/2019
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 06/03/2019
Stephens Monthly Airline Update PDF 06/03/2019
Weekly Reader: LGND, BRKS, CTLT, TECH, RGEN, NEO PDF 06/03/2019
A Sustainable GARP Story, Very Much On-Track PDF COO 05/31/2019
A.M. Update: 1Q EPS +45%, Tops Consensus; SSS Light; Buyback Announced PDF CONN 05/31/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/31/2019
April ’19 Texas Cement Shipments Down (6.5%) YoY on Tough Comp and We... PDF 05/31/2019
Cuts Resume to Online Deposit Rates: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 05/31/2019
ElectriFRACation: The Next Big Thing PDF 05/31/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/31/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/31/2019
President Trump Announces New Tariffs on Mexican Products PDF 05/31/2019
SAFM Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating and PT PDF SAFM 05/31/2019
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 05/31/2019
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - May 2019 PDF 05/31/2019
Stephens Say-on-Pay: Deep Dive Proxy Review for the SE, SW, and WC Banks PDF 05/31/2019
Weekend Reading: VMC Mexico Tariff Exposure? Not Meaningful. PDF VMC 05/31/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (5/31/19) PDF 05/31/2019
A.M. Update: F1Q Small Profit vs. Loss; Revs Top Est.; EPS Guide Maintained... PDF TITN 05/30/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/30/2019
Diversified Distributor With Underappreciated European Opportunity; Initiat... PDF GPC 05/30/2019
Expert Call Takeaways: A Trucker's Perspective on SRI's MirrorEye S... PDF SRI 05/30/2019
F1Q Small Profit vs. Loss; Industry Headwinds Keep Us on Sidelines PDF TITN 05/30/2019
First Look: Positive Fiscal 2Q Results, Mixed FY19 Guidance: Still On-Track... PDF COO 05/30/2019
First Look: SAFM Reports 2Q19 PDF SAFM 05/30/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/30/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/30/2019
Now It's Time to Fix DuPont PDF DD 05/30/2019
Seed Pricing Likely to Weigh on Multiples PDF CTVA 05/30/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 5/25/19) PDF 05/30/2019
Upbeat Investor Day as Expected; Set Your Calendars for June 28th PDF MOH 05/30/2019
Updating Estimates Post 1Q19 Earnings PDF APA 05/30/2019
Who Does Twilio Buy Next? PDF TWLO 05/30/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/29/2019
CI Investor Day Preview - Expect Reiteration of 2021 Adjusted EPS Targets PDF CI 05/29/2019
First Look: 2019 Expectations A Touch Lower PDF HBAN 05/29/2019
First Look: DVN Announces Strategic Exit from Canada for $2.8 bil. PDF DVN 05/29/2019
Fixing IP: BRIC by BRIC PDF 05/29/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/29/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/29/2019
Nutrien Analyst Day Set 5-Year Targets PDF NTR 05/29/2019
RAMP 4Q Final: Fears of GOOG Chrome Changes Overblown, Strong Quarter; Reit... PDF RAMP 05/29/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 5/29/19 PDF 05/29/2019
World Pulp Statistics - April 2019 PDF 05/29/2019
"Data Breach" News Likely Overstated; Buyers on Any Weakness PDF FAF 05/28/2019
1Q19 Recap; Broadcasters Take A Breather PDF 05/28/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/28/2019
Epic Hires Overwatch League Commissioner; Incremental Negative for ATVI &am... PDF 05/28/2019
GPN To Merge With TSS: Low-Double-Digit Accretion Long Term PDF GPN 05/28/2019
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