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PPC Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF PPC 11/01/2019
SC: Minor Model Maintenance PDF SC 11/01/2019
Solid 3Q19 Results as FAD Beats Street; Strategic Alternatives Ahead? PDF FTAI 11/01/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 10/26/19) PDF 11/01/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (11/1/19) PDF 11/01/2019
2020 Early Concerts Outlook Solid; 3Q19 AOI Beat; Maintain OW/V, $85 PT PDF LYV 10/31/2019
2020 The Year of NIM Expansion But Growth Slows? Adj. Est. Following 3Q19 PDF NYCB 10/31/2019
3Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; 4Q19 Guide Down, But Major Cost Saving Initiatives Ahea... PDF HUBG 10/31/2019
3Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; Guidance Essentially Unchanged & Positive Synergy U... PDF WAB 10/31/2019
3Q19 Preview; Right or Wrong, Billings Remain the Key Metric PDF EVBG 10/31/2019
3Q19 Results & Guidance Pressured by End Markets; Strategic Gameplan on... PDF SRI 10/31/2019
3Q19 Wrap: 3Q Shows Most Tangible Evidence Yet of ESI Related Value Creatio... PDF CI 10/31/2019
3Q19 Wrap: Bump Up Ests; More Fine-Tuning Likely Ahead When Final HH Rule H... PDF AMED 10/31/2019
3Q19 Wrap: Raise Ests & TP as Initial 2020 Guide Clears our Prior Forec... PDF ENSG 10/31/2019
8x8 Posts a Clean Quarter; ScanSource-Poly Deal Embodies Channel-First Stan... PDF EGHT 10/31/2019
A Sustainable Story: Reiterate O Rating & $400 Price Target PDF TFX 10/31/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 10/31/2019
AM Update: Dir Revs Top Ests; Losses Widen More Than Ests.; Guide Disappoin... PDF W 10/31/2019
Back to Big Beat TREE & Mortgage Growth; Lots to Play for With MLT PDF TREE 10/31/2019
CF 3Q19 Just the Outlook PDF CF 10/31/2019
CI 3Q19 Initial View: 3Q Revs, EPS, MLR, PBM, & CFFO Beat Expects; 2019... PDF CI 10/31/2019
CLR 3Q19 First Look: Lower Capex, Solid SCOOP/STACK Performance PDF CLR 10/31/2019
Corteva 3Q19: Just the Outlook PDF CTVA 10/31/2019
CTVA 3Q19: First Look PDF CTVA 10/31/2019
Disappointing 3Q Result With Tougher Comps Ahead; We Reduce our PT to $115 PDF TWLO 10/31/2019
Don't Ring The Bell: Reiterate O/V Rating & Updating Estimates PDF ABMD 10/31/2019
Dupont: Just the Outlook PDF DD 10/31/2019
ELY Reports 3Q19 Beat; Increasing Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF ELY 10/31/2019
F2Q EPS Beats By Wide Margin; SSS Accelerate in F3Q; Overweight PDF BOOT 10/31/2019
Final HH Rule: CMS Bends & Provides 2-Yr Phase-In on PDGM; +ve AMED, LH... PDF 10/31/2019
First Look 3Q19 Results: Better-Than-Anticipated EBITDAX, Prod., & Cape... PDF APA 10/31/2019
First Look 3Q19 Results: Impressive Revenue/EPS Beat PDF HTH 10/31/2019
First Look at 3Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; 2019 Adj. EPS Guidance Raised 1% PDF WAB 10/31/2019
First Look at 3Q19 Beat on Adj. EBITDA & Funds Available for Distributi... PDF FTAI 10/31/2019
First Look at 3Q19 EPS Miss; Reiterates 2019 Railcar Delivery Guidance PDF RAIL 10/31/2019
First Look at 3Q19 Results; Nice Profit Beat But Domestic Agent Growth Ligh... PDF RMAX 10/31/2019
First Look at EXP F2Q20 Earnings Results; Strong Beat on Cement Volume PDF EXP 10/31/2019
First Look at Impressive BLDR 3Q19 Earnings; Beat Across the Board PDF BLDR 10/31/2019
First Look: 3Q Beat on Better Cost Controls PDF ARCB 10/31/2019
First Look: ADM Reports 3Q19 PDF ADM 10/31/2019
First Look: Beat & Raise As TFX Posts 8% CC Top-Line Growth PDF TFX 10/31/2019
First Look: Clean 3Q19 Beat; Div. Initiated; Reiterate OW & Street-High... PDF WHD 10/31/2019
First Look: Down 66% y/y EPS Even Worse Than We Expected PDF WRLD 10/31/2019
First Look: GOLF Reports 3Q19 PDF GOLF 10/31/2019
First Look: In-Line Revenue +Greater Operating Leverage, Guidance Maintaine... PDF ABMD 10/31/2019
First Look: INGR Reports 3Q19 PDF INGR 10/31/2019
First Look: LKQ Reports 3Q19 PDF LKQ 10/31/2019
First Look: Rare Concerts Miss but an AOI Beat PDF LYV 10/31/2019
First Look: Reports 3Q19 Adj. EPS Beat Ex Equipment Impairment Charge PDF SNDR 10/31/2019
First Look: Reports Adj. EBITDA Beat PDF YELL 10/31/2019
First Look: Reports Adj. EPS Loss Of $(0.13) PDF USAK 10/31/2019
First Look: RGEN 3Q19 PDF RGEN 10/31/2019
GPN 3Q 1st Look: Org Beat; TSS ~In-Line/4Q Guide Seems Light; Acquiring M&a... PDF GPN 10/31/2019
GPN Call: Organic Strength + TSS Growth To Accel + M&A + Synergies = St... PDF GPN 10/31/2019
How Long Can The Treadmill Run? Validating Caution Of World's Fundamentals PDF WRLD 10/31/2019
IP 3Q19 First Look PDF IP 10/31/2019
IP 3Q19: Just the Outlook PDF IP 10/31/2019
Just Getting Started: Early Days for Dividends, Tech. Innovation & Inte... PDF WHD 10/31/2019
MGLN Recruits MCO Industry Vet Ken Fasola as New CEO to Replace Barry Smith... PDF MGLN 10/31/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/31/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/31/2019
MUR 3Q19 First Look: Production/Capex In Line; Solid 4Q19 Liquids Guide PDF MUR 10/31/2019
Refi + Purchase + Commercial All Working Higher; Remain Buyers PDF FNF 10/31/2019
Reiterate O/V Rating & Fine-Tuning Estimates: Growth Story Poised To La... PDF STAA 10/31/2019
Reports Solid 3Q Results / Tough FY19 Makes For Favorable FY20 Setup; Reit ... PDF SNDR 10/31/2019
Sales Growth Moderates on Tariff-Pricing Disruption; EBITDA Losses Widen; O... PDF W 10/31/2019
SM 3Q19 First Look: Solid Quarter; Incremental Efficiency Gains PDF SM 10/31/2019
Solid Execution Once Again Despite Tough Macro; Reiterate EW On Valuation PDF HTLD 10/31/2019
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 10/31/2019
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - October 2019 PDF 10/31/2019
We Are Past "Peak Hoodie": Money 20/20 & AutoFinance Summit Takeaways PDF 10/31/2019
3Q In-Line; Diversification Offsets UK Challenges; Reiterate OW PDF PAG 10/30/2019
3Q Results and FDA Guidance Both Positive, CERS Shares Should Follow PDF CERS 10/30/2019
3Q Results In Line; Issues 2020 Post Spin Revs and EPS Guidance PDF ENSG 10/30/2019
3Q19 Wrap: Trimming 2020-2021 Adjusted EPS Ests on TX Contract Loss PDF MOH 10/30/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 10/30/2019
Announces BNSF Arbitration Update; Final Award Established & Overhang R... PDF JBHT 10/30/2019
BG Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain OW(Vol.) Rating PDF BG 10/30/2019
CF 3Q19 First Look PDF CF 10/30/2019
First Look 3Q19 Results: Lower-Than-Anticipated Capex; Raised '19 Prod. Gui... PDF HES 10/30/2019
First Look at Big 3Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Raised Slightly PDF HUBG 10/30/2019
First Look At In Line 3Q19 Adj. EPS; 2019 Guidance Lowered PDF SRI 10/30/2019
First Look at SUM 3Q19 Earnings Results; Tightened FY19 Guide PDF SUM 10/30/2019
First Look: BG Reports 3Q19 PDF BG 10/30/2019
First Look: CERS 3Q19 PDF CERS 10/30/2019
First Look: ELY Reports 3Q19 Beat PDF ELY 10/30/2019
First Look: EPS In Line; Continues To Execute Well In A Tough Market PDF HTLD 10/30/2019
First Look: MUSA Reports 3Q19 PDF MUSA 10/30/2019
First Look: PPC Reports 3Q19 PDF PPC 10/30/2019
First Look: Reports Modest 3Q19 EPS Miss PDF SAIA 10/30/2019
First Look: Sizable 3Q19 Beat; Mortgage Back to Growth After 5-Quarter Slid... PDF TREE 10/30/2019
First Look: STAA Reports Above Consensus Record 3Q Results PDF STAA 10/30/2019
First Look: Vehicle Recovery Rates Drive Inline 3Q; We Question Sustainabil... PDF SC 10/30/2019
FMC 3Q19: Just the Outlook PDF FMC 10/30/2019
Halloween Weather Puts Estimates at Risk PDF PRTY 10/30/2019
Lifting Our TP on CNC to $65 (From $60) Post STAR+PLUS Contract Awards PDF CNC 10/30/2019
MA 3Q Final: Macro Better Than Feared; QTD Trends Solid; OW, but Favor V PDF MA 10/30/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/30/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/30/2019
Moving Past Peak Credit, We Are Cautious Going into 2020 PDF SC 10/30/2019
MTDR 3Q19 First Look: Incremental Execution Success Drives 3Q19 Beat. PDF MTDR 10/30/2019
On Track for FCF Growth as the Harvest Begins; Reiterate OW PDF NOV 10/30/2019
SAIA Remains Compelling Top & Bottom-Line Growth Story; Reiterate OW Ra... PDF SAIA 10/30/2019
SFM Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating PDF SFM 10/30/2019
SUM 3Q Recap, Early Price Discussions and Solid Backlog Implies Strong 2020... PDF SUM 10/30/2019
Tough 3Q & Outlook: FY20 Likely A Challenge Before Share Gains Inflect;... PDF CHRW 10/30/2019
VNOM 3Q19 Initial Thoughts: Prudent 4Q19/1Q20 Guidance PDF VNOM 10/30/2019
3Q EPS Tops Consensus; High-Margin Segments Perform Well; Lifting Ests. and... PDF AN 10/29/2019
3Q Initial View: EPS Beat & Raise Although 3Q MLR Slightly Worse than S... PDF MOH 10/29/2019
3Q19 Initial View: Beat / Raise on Strong Hospice Margins; Slight Miss in H... PDF AMED 10/29/2019
3Q19 Wrap: The "EBITDA" Beat Picks Back Up Again in Music City; Raise Ests ... PDF HCA 10/29/2019
3Q19 Wrap; While IRF 2020 Pricing Improving, HH Update on Call Hits the Sha... PDF EHC 10/29/2019
Additional REPH Spin Thoughts; Raising PT to $17 PDF REPH 10/29/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 10/29/2019
AM Update: 3Q EPS In Line, Severance Costs Weigh; High-Margin Segments Perf... PDF AN 10/29/2019
AM Update: 3Q Meets Consensus; Diversification Offsets UK Challenges PDF PAG 10/29/2019
Conference Call Takeaways PDF NOV 10/29/2019
Confidence Around TCF/CHFC MOE Growing; Updated Model PDF TCF 10/29/2019
First Look at 3Q19; FNF Wraps Up a Strong 3Q19 Showing from the Title Playe... PDF FNF 10/29/2019
First Look at Messy 3Q19 Miss & Guide Down; Sizable Decline in Residual... PDF R 10/29/2019
First Look at MLM 3Q19 Earnings Results: Strong Beat & Raised Guidance PDF MLM 10/29/2019
First Look: Posts Big 3Q Miss; October Net Revenue/Day Down 15% Y/Y PDF CHRW 10/29/2019
First Look: Sept. Pending Home Sales Posts Largest Gain in 45 Months PDF 10/29/2019
First Look: Summarizing 3Q19 Results PDF NOV 10/29/2019
First Look: Yet Again, Our Street-High EPS Not High Enough: 12% Consensus B... PDF OMF 10/29/2019
FMC 3Q19 Initial Look: Strong Results PDF FMC 10/29/2019
HCA Beats on Strong Vols and Expense Controls; Lifts Bottom-End of FY Outlo... PDF HCA 10/29/2019
Hitting on All Eight Cylinders; Reiterating OW Rating and $314 Price Target... PDF MLM 10/29/2019
MA 3Q 1st Look: Rev/EPS Beat, Raised Rev/Profit Growth Guide; Vols Accelera... PDF MA 10/29/2019
MA 3Q Call: QTD Trends Stable; Services Remain Key Driver Of Superior Growt... PDF MA 10/29/2019
Messy 3Q19 Results & Guide Down; Used Truck Market Weighing on EPS &... PDF R 10/29/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/29/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/29/2019
New Bipartisan Think Tank Report Evaluates Impact of M4A on Taxes / GDP Gro... PDF 10/29/2019
Organic Loan & Deposit Growth Accelerates; Strategic Initiatives Gain T... PDF HTLF 10/29/2019
Post Earnings Model Maintenance PDF MNRO 10/29/2019
Thoughts Ahead of 3Q; Introducing 2021 Estimates & Deserved Credit for ... PDF BKI 10/29/2019
Top Pick: 6.5x 2020E Post-CECL EPS For Earnings Resiliency And Margin Expan... PDF OMF 10/29/2019
TREX 3Q19: Mixed Quarter; Outlook for Double-Digit Growth in 2020. PDF TREX 10/29/2019
TX Medicaid STAR+PLUS Awards FINALLY Released: Major Overhang Removed for C... PDF 10/29/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 10/29/19 PDF 10/29/2019
Why Is The Market Capitalizing ~$100 mil. In Gains On Sale? Reiterate EW Ra... PDF XPO 10/29/2019
3Q19 Earnings Expected Out Today; Our Thoughts PDF TCF 10/28/2019
3Q19 Initial View; Slight Revs / EPS Beat w/ EBITDA In Line; 2019 Reaffirme... PDF EHC 10/28/2019
3Q19 Recap & Model Update: CEO's Strategy Starting To Play Out PDF FWRD 10/28/2019
3Q19 Recap & Model Update; Organic and Inorganic Opportunities Ahead; R... PDF TFII-CA 10/28/2019
About to Hit on All Cylinders - Resuming Coverage Overweight PDF SBNY 10/28/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 10/28/2019
Core Marine Executing Well, But Have We Finally Hit Bottom At D&S? Reit... PDF KEX 10/28/2019
Dime Worth a Quarter? Not Yet but Heading in the Right Direction- Initiatin... PDF DCOM 10/28/2019
EFX Final: Org USIS Ex Housing Better; Puts/Takes From Investment/Cost Syne... PDF EFX 10/28/2019
EHC 3Q19 "Part Deux;" 2020 Pricing Assumptions Improve in Investor Slide De... PDF EHC 10/28/2019
First Look: Another Modest EBITDA Beat From GOS; Lowers Rev Guide, Reits EB... PDF XPO 10/28/2019
First Look: REPH Appears to Have Filed Form 10, Beginning of Spin-Out Proce... PDF REPH 10/28/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 10/28/2019
Increased Scale Becoming More Visible; Adj Efficiency Ratio below 55% in 3Q... PDF HBNC 10/28/2019
Initial Thoughts on 3Q19 Trends & Actions; $150 mil. Buyback Announced PDF TCF 10/28/2019
Let's Go Thrift Shopping - Navigating the Tri-State Banks PDF 10/28/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 10/28/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 10/28/2019
Near-Term Headwinds Keep Us on the Sidelines - Initiation Equal-Weight PDF OCFC 10/28/2019
NIM Pressure a Setback to ROA and Valuation Progress - Initiating Underweig... PDF WBS 10/28/2019
Not Fighting the Tide - Resuming Equal-Weight as NIM Pressure on the Horizo... PDF PBCT 10/28/2019
Not to Be Overlooked - Interest Rates, Scale and Profitability Make CNOB Ou... PDF CNOB 10/28/2019
Potential for China to Lift U.S. Chicken Ban Offers Positive Trade Clarity PDF 10/28/2019
Proactive Deposit Pricing Shows up in 3Q19 NIM; Capital Levels Keep Rising PDF LKFN 10/28/2019
Restaurants - Previewing This Week's Earnings PDF 10/28/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 10/28/2019
Solid Outlook But Fair Valuation - Resuming Coverage Equal-Weight PDF VLY 10/28/2019
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