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Report Title PDF Companies Publish Date
Big Rev. Growth; Sustainable Equity Plan Supporting Better Gross Margin PDF EXPI 05/10/2019
Corteva Analyst Day Part 3: Integration Progress PDF DD 05/10/2019
EFX 1Q Call: Progress But Still Waiting for USIS/Tech Transform Inflection PDF EFX 05/10/2019
EFX 1st Look: USIS Core Growth Accel 60bps; Accrual W/in Expectations; Ligh... PDF EFX 05/10/2019
First Look: Encouraging Data PDF BSX 05/10/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 05/10/2019
Highlights From Gulf South Bank Conference PDF 05/10/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/10/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/10/2019
Nutrien 1Q19: First Look PDF NTR 05/10/2019
One Quarter with DNB in the Books; Synergies Already Off to a Quick Start PDF CNNE 05/10/2019
Premier Agent Stabilizing; Homes on a Tear; Still Liking the Risk/Reward He... PDF ZG 05/10/2019
Rail & Transportation Equipment Field Trip Takeaways PDF 05/10/2019
Stephens LTL Yield Index 1Q'19 Update PDF 05/10/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 5/4/19) PDF 05/10/2019
Strong 1Q19, But Softening Europe/China Pressure JW Outlook; Maintain EW Ra... PDF ELY 05/10/2019
Strong Taxes and Seasonal Fees, But Lending Business Incrementally Concerni... PDF WRLD 05/10/2019
Thoughts Post The Call PDF CUTR 05/10/2019
Tough Comp Quarter in the Rear View & Brighter Outlook Ahead; Strong Bu... PDF QNST 05/10/2019
TRUE Lowers 2019 Guide; Holding in at OW/V; Lowering PT From $13 to $10 PDF TRUE 05/10/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (5/10/19) PDF 05/10/2019
1Q Beat and Modest Guidance Raise; EPS and Cash Flow Inflection in 2020 Rem... PDF MATX 05/09/2019
1Q19 Beat, 2019 Guidance Raise, Multiple Justified; Maintain OW/V $84 PT PDF ROKU 05/09/2019
1Q19 BLD Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates and Price Target Moves to $88 PDF BLD 05/09/2019
1Q19 Misses By Wide Margin; Maintained Guide Brings Questions PDF CWH 05/09/2019
ACIW 1Q 1st Look: Delayed License=Miss; Buy on $84 mil. Annual SpeedPay EBI... PDF ACIW 05/09/2019
ACIW Call: Buy Dip; Think Renewals Will Happen & Bolster Investor Confi... PDF ACIW 05/09/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/09/2019
AM Update: SSS Limited By Helium Shortage; Closing 45 Stores; Guide Maintai... PDF PRTY 05/09/2019
An Appropriate Poll Position PDF SIEN 05/09/2019
BAC/FDC WSJ Article: New Details, But Risk Built In Already; Remain Buyers PDF FISV 05/09/2019
Beat and Raise With Consistent 1Q19 Results: Hoping for Mgmt Stability PDF ECN-CA 05/09/2019
Buy PRTY At Near-Trough Multiples Into 2H Strength; Reiterate OW PDF PRTY 05/09/2019
CORE Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW(Vol.) Rating PDF CORE 05/09/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF KRP 05/09/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results; Big Profit Beat PDF ZG 05/09/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results; Solid Beat PDF EXPI 05/09/2019
First Look at FY3Q19 Earnings PDF QNST 05/09/2019
First Look at ROAD F2Q19 Beat and 2019 Guidance Raised PDF ROAD 05/09/2019
First Look at USCR 1Q19 Results: Miss, Reiterated Guidance PDF USCR 05/09/2019
First Look: AVNS Announces Cash Tender Offer to Purchase Outstanding Notes PDF AVNS 05/09/2019
First Look: Beat On Strong Tax Refund Fees; Tough Credit Trends PDF WRLD 05/09/2019
First Look: BSX Acquires Vertiflex PDF BSX 05/09/2019
First Look: Capital Return In Line With Market Expectations PDF SYF 05/09/2019
First Look: ELY Reports 1Q19 PDF ELY 05/09/2019
First Look: Signs of Progress But Challenges Remain PDF CUTR 05/09/2019
GOLF Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain EW Rating & PT PDF GOLF 05/09/2019
KAR Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW Rating & PT PDF KAR 05/09/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/09/2019
Mixed Print: Miss on Consensus Due to Mismodeling, Fundamentals Fine PDF RM 05/09/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/09/2019
Post 1Q19 Recap: High Quality Mid-Cap with FCF on the Horizon PDF WPX 05/09/2019
Save the Date: ORLY Headquarters Visit June 13th PDF 05/09/2019
Staying With the Story as GKOS Delivers A Beat & Raise to Start CY19 PDF GKOS 05/09/2019
Still Not Seeing Enough Lift Amidst Losses That Are Piling Up; Reit. UW PDF RDFN 05/09/2019
Strong Finish To 1Q19; Trough EBITDA Losses May Be In Rear View Mirror; EW PDF CVNA 05/09/2019
SUM 1Q19 Earnings Recap; No Change to Outlook, Reiterate OW & PT PDF SUM 05/09/2019
SYF Model Update; Maintain EW/V and $34 TP PDF SYF 05/09/2019
Update on PA Bill to Integrate 'Caid Med-BH; Framing MGLN's Exposur... PDF 05/09/2019
1Q19 Beat And Raise; Picture For Continued Growth In FY20 Becoming Clearer PDF ATSG 05/08/2019
1Q19 First Look: Production Beat/Capex Lower. Stock Repurchase Program PDF FANG 05/08/2019
1Q19 Wrap: Our Playbook on Key Upcoming Trading Events PDF 05/08/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/08/2019
BECN Reports F2Q19, Volume Acceloration and Margin Rebound Expected PDF BECN 05/08/2019
Earnings Recap; Est. Relatively Unchanged, Price Target to $18, Reiterate O... PDF FBM 05/08/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Earnings; In-Line Core Rev. Excluding Redfin Now Spike PDF RDFN 05/08/2019
First Look At 1Q19 EPS Beat; Modest Guidance Raise PDF MATX 05/08/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF WTTR 05/08/2019
First Look at 1Q19: Results In-Line PDF TALO 05/08/2019
First Look at SUM 1Q19: Seasonally Small Quarter As Expected. Guide Reitera... PDF SUM 05/08/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Beat, FY19 Guidance Higher Despite Addl Start-Up Expenses PDF ATSG 05/08/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Conference Call Takeaways PDF PUMP 05/08/2019
First Look: CORE Reports 1Q19 PDF CORE 05/08/2019
First Look: GOLF Reports 1Q19 PDF GOLF 05/08/2019
First Look: Running In An Open Field, GKOS Delivers Above Consensus Results... PDF GKOS 05/08/2019
First Look: Solid Results, Bolstered by Nexmo/API; Outlook In Line/Maintain... PDF VG 05/08/2019
Individual Market Per Member Gross Profits Surged +113% in 2018 PDF 05/08/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/08/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/08/2019
QTWO Q1 Call: 21% Seq Backlog Increase+Upside To Long-Term GMs Support Mult... PDF QTWO 05/08/2019
Strong 1Q19 on Industry-Leading Profitability, Fleet Expansion Announcement... PDF PUMP 05/08/2019
Stronger 1Q Growth; CY19 Guidance Level Sets Expectations PDF SIEN 05/08/2019
Whew, a Clean Quarter; 42% Growth in APIs and 50% Bookings Growth in MME Ap... PDF VG 05/08/2019
1Q19 Recap; Continued Macro Uncertainty And Valuation Keep Us EW PDF EXPD 05/07/2019
2H19 Loaded Guidance is a Confirmation of Acceleration Potential; We Believ... PDF RP 05/07/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/07/2019
CEM Suite Delivers With Multiple Catalysts Ahead; Raise PT to $80, Reiterat... PDF EVBG 05/07/2019
Credit Card Launched With Three New Products PDF SLM 05/07/2019
First Look At 1Q19 EPS Miss PDF EXPD 05/07/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF FLMN 05/07/2019
First Look at BLD 1Q19 Beat, Raised Guidance PDF BLD 05/07/2019
First Look: 1Q10 Exceeds Consensus; CY19 Outlook Maintained PDF AVNS 05/07/2019
First Look: KAR Reports 1Q19 PDF KAR 05/07/2019
First Look: Production Beats Though EBITDA Misses PDF AXAS 05/07/2019
FMC 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF FMC 05/07/2019
Fundamentally Mixed Quarter: Expenses Down But Revenues Also A Question Mar... PDF RCII 05/07/2019
ICL 1Q19 First Look PDF ICL 05/07/2019
ICL 1Q19 Just the Outlook PDF ICL 05/07/2019
Industry RV Unit Sales Data Points to Continued Declines; OW PDF CWH 05/07/2019
IPI 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF IPI 05/07/2019
JKHY Analyst Day: Innovation Where It Counts + Good Service = Happy Custome... PDF JKHY 05/07/2019
LPX 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 05/07/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/07/2019
Midwest Bank Field Trip: Day Two in Louisville (CHCO, FFBC, SYBT, UBSI) PDF 05/07/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/07/2019
MOS 1Q19: Just the outlook PDF MOS 05/07/2019
On The Right Path Forward PDF AVNS 05/07/2019
Paper & Wood Monitor - May 2019 PDF 05/07/2019
Progress Continues - Multiple Expansion in Sight PDF IVC 05/07/2019
QTWO Q1 1st Look: Rev Beat/EBITDA Miss/User Miss; Rev Guide Raise/Reit EBIT... PDF QTWO 05/07/2019
Rail & Transportation Equipment Post-Field Trip Conference Call - Frida... PDF 05/07/2019
ROKU 1Q19 Earnings Preview PDF ROKU 05/07/2019
Top Picks After Reviewing 1Q19 Regional Bank Results and Changes in Forecas... PDF 05/07/2019
UK New Vehicle Registrations Decrease (4.1%) in April, Up +2.0% For PAG Bra... PDF PAG 05/07/2019
UK New Vehicle Registrations Decrease (4.1%) in April; (2.2%) for GPI Brand... PDF GPI 05/07/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 5/7/19 PDF 05/07/2019
1Q19 BLDR Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, PT to $19 & Reiterate EW... PDF BLDR 05/06/2019
1Q19 DOOR Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, PT Remains $65, Reiterate EW... PDF DOOR 05/06/2019
1Q19 IBP Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, PT to $56, Reiterate EW PDF IBP 05/06/2019
1Q19 Results Take Backseat to BOD Battle; Maintain EW; PT From $12 to $11 PDF GCI 05/06/2019
AAO 2019 - How Much Is Too Much? PDF ALGN 05/06/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/06/2019
April 2019 HC Employment Report and Nurse Openings Index PDF 05/06/2019
EXP F4Q19 Preview: Adjusting Estimates, PT to $104, Reiterate OW Rating PDF EXP 05/06/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF RP 05/06/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results PDF ESTE 05/06/2019
First Look at FBM 1Q19 Beat; Reiterated Guide PDF FBM 05/06/2019
First Look: As Expected, IVC Demonstrates Continued Operational Progress PDF IVC 05/06/2019
First Look: Expense Beat And 4%-5% Higher EPS Guide Raise, Expect Stock Hig... PDF RCII 05/06/2019
First Look: Solid Quarter, Strong Bookings, CEM Traction Continues PDF EVBG 05/06/2019
First Look: TSN Reports 2Q19 PDF TSN 05/06/2019
FMC 1Q19 First Look PDF FMC 05/06/2019
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