Stephens equity research reports are compiled by our research analysts – independent industry experts who consider the perspective of an investor as well as an intermediary.

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Shared Channels a Clear Differentiator; Reduce PT on Timing of $1 Bil. in S... PDF WORK 09/05/2019
Solid Fiscal 2Q20 Results; Slight Margin-Driven Upside to Adj. EBITDA PDF DSGX 09/05/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 8/31/19) PDF 09/05/2019
UK New Vehicle Registrations Decrease (1.6%) in August, (0.5%) for GPI Bran... PDF GPI 09/05/2019
UK New Vehicle Registrations Decreased (1.6%) in August, +0.7% for PAG Bran... PDF PAG 09/05/2019
2Q EPS Tops Est by $0.11; Unit Growth, Buybacks Ramp; Valuation Attractive;... PDF CONN 09/04/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/04/2019
First Look at Fiscal 2Q20: Slight Margin-Driven Adj. EBITDA Beat PDF DSGX 09/04/2019
First Look at Mid-Quarter Update: Weaker Than Expected LTL Tonnage PDF ARCB 09/04/2019
First Look at Positive Mid-Quarter Update PDF SAIA 09/04/2019
First Look: $0.7B In Convertible Debt Issued PDF PODD 09/04/2019
First Look: BOOM Raises Dividend PDF BOOM 09/04/2019
First Look: Completes Stock Repurchase Authorization; Adds $50 Million to P... PDF VBTX 09/04/2019
First Look: CPRT Reports 4Q19 PDF CPRT 09/04/2019
First Look: EVBG Hires Chief Revenue Officer, President Departs PDF EVBG 09/04/2019
First Look: Expanding The Strategic Alliance Network in Asia PDF STAA 09/04/2019
First Look: HAL Reaffirms Intl. Momentum and Commitment to New N.A. Playboo... PDF HAL 09/04/2019
First Look: New CEO Outlines His Strategy, Reiterates Commitment to Dividen... PDF SLB 09/04/2019
First Look: ODFL Provides Mid-Quarter Update PDF ODFL 09/04/2019
First Look: SFNC Expects to Close Landmark Acquisition Earlier Than We Expe... PDF SFNC 09/04/2019
FISV Model Update: Tweaked Synergy Assumptions A Bit; No Major Profit Impac... PDF FISV 09/04/2019
Focus on Core RV Business; Non-RV Store Exits Continue PDF CWH 09/04/2019
FREE SOLOing The Wall of Worry in EE/MI; Your Fall Conference Survival Guid... PDF 09/04/2019
HUM's J.D. Power Survey Results Suggest Accelerating Medicare NPS Momentum PDF 09/04/2019
MBT Financial Deal Closes & 5% Buyback Plan Announced; What's Ahead for... PDF FRME 09/04/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/04/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/04/2019
Paper & Wood Monitor - September 2019 PDF 09/04/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 9/4/19 PDF 09/04/2019
A Month to Forget for the Super Regionals; Reviewing Bank-Specific Performa... PDF 09/03/2019
A.M. Update: F2Q EPS Tops Est by $0.11; Non-Hurricane SSS Pos.; Buybacks Ra... PDF CONN 09/03/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 09/03/2019
Another Aircraft Financing M&A Supports >20% Increase to Lessor Stoc... PDF 09/03/2019
CPRT 4Q19 Preview: Expect EPS Beat On Strong Topline; Valuation Keeps Us EW... PDF CPRT 09/03/2019
First Look: August PMI @ 49.1% vs. Consensus of 51.3% and July’s 51.2... PDF 09/03/2019
First Look: Seeking $1 Bil. in Convertible Notes; Likely More Fuel for Home... PDF ZG 09/03/2019
First Look: Tyson FY19 Guidance Update PDF TSN 09/03/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 09/03/2019
Higher China Tariffs Will Hurt Pulp More Than Other Grades PDF 09/03/2019
Industrial Products & Services - E&C and Industrial Services Valuat... PDF 09/03/2019
Industrial Products & Services - Industrial Distributors Valuation PDF 09/03/2019
July '19 Texas Cement Shipments Up 15.3% YoY On Same Day Basis PDF 09/03/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 09/03/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 09/03/2019
Multi-Modal Transportation Field Trip Takeaways PDF 09/03/2019
PODD Announces Convertible Offering of Significance PDF PODD 09/03/2019
Restaurant Delivery Update: 2Q19 Wrap-Up PDF 09/03/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 09/03/2019
SYF Lowers CD Rate, Marcus Lowers Savings: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 09/03/2019
Yet another containerboard conversion PDF 09/03/2019
2Q EPS Misses By $0.02; Revs In Line; Ag Outlook Improves; Guide Maintained... PDF TITN 08/30/2019
Increasing Price Target As 3Q Represents Pause Not A Reset, MiSight In FY20... PDF COO 08/30/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/30/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/30/2019
NXST/TRCO – FCC Optics and Reality; Maintain OW/V & $150 PT PDF NXST 08/30/2019
ORLY Has Entered Mexico: What Could It Mean and Where Do We Go From Here? PDF ORLY 08/30/2019
SAFM Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF SAFM 08/30/2019
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - August 2019 PDF 08/30/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 8/24/19) PDF 08/30/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (8/30/19) PDF 08/30/2019
3Q19 Guidance Update; Revising Estimates & PT PDF LMNR 08/29/2019
AFL-CIO Chief Trumka Delivers Critique of "Medicare for All" PDF 08/29/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/29/2019
Energy Credit Trends Slip in 1H19; We Expect Elevated NCOs/LLP Exp. in 2H19... PDF 08/29/2019
EPS Misses by ($0.11) on Negative SSS; F19 Guide Reduced; LT Story Intact; ... PDF OLLI 08/29/2019
Euro Processor TEMN Buys Kony Digital Banking; Bank Tech Industry Implicati... PDF 08/29/2019
First Look at Strong F1Q20 GMS Earnings; Beat Across the Board PDF GMS 08/29/2019
First Look: Fiscal 3Q & FY19 Guidance Essentially In-Line, Thesis Uncha... PDF COO 08/29/2019
First Look: SAFM Reports 3Q19 PDF SAFM 08/29/2019
GMS: Solid Execution Continues. Reiterate Overweight Rating, Target Goes to... PDF GMS 08/29/2019
July '19 ARTBA Contract Awards Decelerate on Tougher Comps PDF 08/29/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/29/2019
Model Update: Adjusting Loss Estimates To Reflect Higher Interest Expense PDF ESTA 08/29/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/29/2019
Morning Update: 2Q EPS Misses By $0.02; Revs In Line; Guide Maintained; PDF TITN 08/29/2019
Negative Development for Cartus; First Stab at Sizing It Up PDF RLGY 08/29/2019
NXST and AT&T Reach Distribution Agreement; Maintain OW/V and $150 PT PDF NXST 08/29/2019
Park Bank Deal Accelerates Expansion Into SE Wisconsin; Raising 2020 Estima... PDF FMBI 08/29/2019
Read Through From CNH Industrial Dealer Titan - Continued Uncertainty PDF 08/29/2019
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 08/29/2019
We're Not in Kansas Anymore PDF AVLR 08/29/2019
World Pulp Statistics - July 2019 PDF 08/29/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/28/2019
ELY Files Investor Deck; Change in TopGolf Verbiage Noteworthy; Reiterate O... PDF ELY 08/28/2019
First Look: Pilgrim's Announces Acquisition of Tulip Limited PDF PPC 08/28/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/28/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/28/2019
Operating Momentum Builds Are Expectations Already There? PDF PODD 08/28/2019
Post Launch Feedback PDF 08/28/2019
PPC Post Call Takeaways: Tulip Ltd. Acquisition PDF PPC 08/28/2019
Prefer Share Buybacks To AARP Portfolio Purchase PDF ADS 08/28/2019
ROKU – Mixed TCL 1H19 Takeaways PDF ROKU 08/28/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/27/2019
Biden Slumps in Latest Poll; But Dem Voters Prefer Retaining Private Insura... PDF 08/27/2019
First Look: Making Progress, U.S. EVO/EVO+ Offering Closer To Approval PDF STAA 08/27/2019
First Look: Moving to an Externally Managed Co. Structure; Updated Thoughts... PDF CNNE 08/27/2019
FISV/FDC Merger Model: Despite Move, Potential Better Synergies = Stay Long... PDF FISV 08/27/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/27/2019
Midwest Banking Update: Trade Wars Hurting Investor Perception PDF 08/27/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/27/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 8/27/19 PDF 08/27/2019
Acquires Wisconsin Based Truckload Carrier PDF HTLD 08/26/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/26/2019
Florida Individual Exchange Premiums to Remain Flat in 2020 PDF 08/26/2019
Given Trump Tariff Twitter Tantrum, Here’s Our Rough EE/MI Recession ... PDF 08/26/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 08/26/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/26/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/26/2019
PDCE Announces Acquisition of SRC Energy; Reiterate OW Rating PDF PDCE 08/26/2019
Railcar Demand Survey: Soft Market Continues & Build Projections Moving... PDF 08/26/2019
The Dog Days Of Summer: Investor Sentiment On The SE, SW, & WC Banks PDF 08/26/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/23/2019
AXP 20bps Rate Cut 4% Benefit to EPS: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 08/23/2019
First Look: HTH Accelerates Stock Repurchase Activity PDF HTH 08/23/2019
HRL Reports 3Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate PT & Rating PDF HRL 08/23/2019
JKHY Final: Margin Better Than Feared/Nice '21 Expansion; 6%-6.5% Org Growt... PDF JKHY 08/23/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/23/2019
Mid-Quarter Channel Checks & Retail Inventories Report PDF 08/23/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/23/2019
NDR Takeaways: Strategic Improvements Should Be Showcased as Cycle Turns Lo... PDF RUSHA 08/23/2019
Popeye’s Is Accelerating; MCD Notably Missing From the Chicken Sandwi... PDF 08/23/2019
Potential Group Insurance Sale Could Be Value Creative for Several Key Reas... PDF CI 08/23/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 8/17/19) PDF 08/23/2019
Updating Stephens One-Off Credit Tracker; 2Q19 Trends Surprisingly Improve PDF 08/23/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (8/23/19) PDF 08/23/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/22/2019
Assumption of Coverage: LOGM, SMAR, WORK, ZM PDF 08/22/2019
Biologics Primer PDF 08/22/2019
Bioprocessing Summit Takeaways: Analytics, Continuous Mfg., Cell/Gene Thera... PDF 08/22/2019
First Look: HRL Reports 3Q19 PDF HRL 08/22/2019
H&P Advances Toward Autonomous Drilling With DrillScan Acquisition PDF HP 08/22/2019
LT Thesis Unchanged, But Muted NT Outlook = Reset Expectations; Resuming EW... PDF BRKS 08/22/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/22/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/22/2019
Online/Fintech Lender HQ Trips Recap: Buy Tech Savvy, Cautious Those Behind... PDF 08/22/2019
Oscar Health Expanding Individual Footprint to 12 New Markets in 2020 PDF 08/22/2019
Restaurants - ASF/Expert Call Recap & July Commodity Review PDF 08/22/2019
Right Place, Right Time, Right Management Team, Resuming Coverage OW-Vol./$... PDF RGEN 08/22/2019
Takeaways From Avalara Site Visit PDF AVLR 08/22/2019
Takeaways From The Road: Long-term Margin Opportunity Improving; Reiterate ... PDF LKQ 08/22/2019
Upcoming Catalysts Should Drive Revenue and Stock Higher; Resuming Coverage... PDF CERS 08/22/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/21/2019
Design Index Contracts; ABI Flat; Malaise but Not Downturn Yet PDF 08/21/2019
GTN Shares Too Cheap; Maintaining OW/V $27 PT PDF GTN 08/21/2019
Incrementally Positive On Valuation & National Momentum; Maintain EW Ra... PDF SSP 08/21/2019
Individual Market Enrollment Drops for Fourth Straight Year on Off-HIX Tren... PDF 08/21/2019
JKHY 4Q 1st Look: Rev/EBIT/EPS Beat; Look To Call For FY20 Guidance PDF JKHY 08/21/2019
JKHY Call: Light '20 EBIT Guide But Not as Bad as Feared; 6% Org Growth Gui... PDF JKHY 08/21/2019
July EHS Returns to Positive Growth for First Time in 18 Months PDF 08/21/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/21/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/21/2019
Delayed Rev & Bookings Clarity = Buy; Slides W/Overview of ACIW Busines... PDF ACIW 08/20/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/20/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/20/2019
Outlook Justifies Multiple Expansion vs. Financial Services “Growth�... PDF FRC 08/20/2019
The Price of Growth PDF SIEN 08/20/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 8/20/19 PDF 08/20/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/19/2019
Analyzing Financial Impacts of Stock Buybacks for the SE, SW & WC Banks... PDF 08/19/2019
Building Materials Valuation Table PDF 08/19/2019
First Look: PRECISION1 Launch in U.S PDF COO 08/19/2019
Global AgriTrends Takeaways PDF 08/19/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/19/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/19/2019
Paperboard - July 2019 PDF 08/19/2019
Restaurants - Weekly Update PDF 08/19/2019
Stephens Quarterly Restaurant Review—2Q19 PDF 08/19/2019
TGNA Approached by Apollo; Maintain EW and $17 PT PDF TGNA 08/19/2019
$20 Mil. Options-Related Sales by Executive Chairman PDF AL 08/16/2019
1-yr CD Rates Cut By SLM And SYF: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 08/16/2019
2Q19 Recap + Refreshing Top Picks Post-Quarter, Notably Our New Best Idea (... PDF 08/16/2019
Adjusting EPS Estimates Slightly On Tender Offer; Remaining Below Guidance PDF ADS 08/16/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/16/2019
Ag Monitor- August 2019 PDF 08/16/2019
Camping World Divests Specialty Retail Outlets; A Sign of More to Come? PDF CWH 08/16/2019
First Look: GPC Announces Sale of EIS to Private Equity PDF GPC 08/16/2019
First Look: Inline Quarter After Credit Reserve Release, OK Fundamentals PDF CRMT 08/16/2019
Good Quarter But Tempering Out-Year Expectations On Slower Growth PDF CRMT 08/16/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 08/16/2019
Harvard Pilgrim & Tufts Merger; Implications for UNH OptumRx PBM Busine... PDF 08/16/2019
It’s Time To Buy WHD; Reiterate OW and Street-High $45 Price Target PDF WHD 08/16/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/16/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/16/2019
Stepped Up Toy Buy; 2Q19 Preview; Remain OW PDF OLLI 08/16/2019
Takeaways From Our Meeting With Management PDF EXPD 08/16/2019
Uninsured Rate Ticked Up +20-bps in 2017; Mix Shift to ESI From ACA Product... PDF 08/16/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (8/16/19) PDF 08/16/2019
WMT Reports 2Q20; Revising Estimates and PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF WMT 08/16/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/15/2019
All About the Channel; Takeaways from NDR with Management PDF EGHT 08/15/2019
Benign July Statistics, In Line With Guidance PDF SYF 08/15/2019
Corteva Updates Guidance Again PDF CTVA 08/15/2019
Employer-Based Deductible Growth Moderating After Multi-Year Spike PDF 08/15/2019
First Look: LKQ Announces European CEO Succession Plan PDF LKQ 08/15/2019
First Look: WMT Reports 2Q20 PDF WMT 08/15/2019
Investor Day Highlights Strategic Investments & Cash Flow Potential; Re... PDF MATX 08/15/2019
July Trends: Tough to Achieve Receivables Guidance, But Losses Getting Bett... PDF ADS 08/15/2019
Losses Trends Improve In July PDF AXP 08/15/2019
Losses Up Across Both Securitizations in July; Mix Again the Driver PDF SC 08/15/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/15/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/15/2019
Printing & Writing - June 2019 PDF 08/15/2019
Stephens Medicare Enrollment Tracker - August 2019 Update PDF 08/15/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 8/10/19) PDF 08/15/2019
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