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Report Title PDF Companies Publish Date
Wayfair Raises Capital via $825 Mil. Convertible Senior Notes Offering PDF W 08/15/2019
AAP Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW Rating PDF AAP 08/14/2019
ADS: Model Maintenance PDF ADS 08/14/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/14/2019
FMCSA Announces Proposed Changes to Hours of Service Rules PDF 08/14/2019
IAA Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF IAA 08/14/2019
July Monthly Data More Of The Same: Benign Losses, Decelerating Loan Growth... PDF DFS 08/14/2019
Machinery Initiation PDF 08/14/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/14/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/14/2019
New GAO Report Shows PBMs Retain Negligible Rebates/Spread in Part D PDF 08/14/2019
Rockford IL: HTLF Doubles-Down; QCRH Shifts to More Profitable Markets PDF 08/14/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/13/2019
August WASDE Data says Farmers Opted for Cash PDF 08/13/2019
Business Group on Health 2020 Survey Points to Stable Employer HC Cost Tren... PDF 08/13/2019
FHFA To Allow Non-FICO Scores In Mortgage Mkt Buying; See Limited FICO Impa... PDF FICO 08/13/2019
First Look: 1 Mil. DynaStage System Sales Surpassed; Reiterate OW PDF BOOM 08/13/2019
First Look: 2Q Beat, '19 Guidance Raised & Favorable FDA Timeline Updat... PDF ESTA 08/13/2019
First Look: AAP Reports 2Q19 PDF AAP 08/13/2019
First Look: IAA Reports 2Q19 PDF IAA 08/13/2019
Industrial Products & Services - E&C and Industrial Services Valuat... PDF 08/13/2019
Industrial Products & Services - Industrial Distributor Valuation PDF 08/13/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/13/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/13/2019
NXST Our New Best Idea; Maintain OW/V & $150 PT PDF NXST 08/13/2019
Reiterate O/V Investment Rating and $37 Price Target PDF ESTA 08/13/2019
Restaurant SNC Enters Bankruptcy PDF 08/13/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 8/13/19 PDF 08/13/2019
World Pulp Statistics - June 2019 PDF 08/13/2019
3Q19 Earnings Preview; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW(Vol.) & PT PDF SAFM 08/12/2019
3Q19 Earnings Preview; Revising Estimates; Reiterate Rating & PT PDF HRL 08/12/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/12/2019
Another Tough Quarter; Focus Now On Refinancing & Execution On Cost Ini... PDF YELL 08/12/2019
AXP: Minor Model Maintenance PDF AXP 08/12/2019
Effectuated Public Exchange Enrollment Holds Steady So Far in 2019 PDF 08/12/2019
F2Q20 Earnings Preview: CRM and VEEV PDF 08/12/2019
Fire to Shut Tyson Beef Plant Indefinitely PDF TSN 08/12/2019
First Look: July Orders Beat; Positive Purchase Growth First Time Since 1Q1... PDF FAF 08/12/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 08/12/2019
Highlights From the Road: Inward Focus Generating Positive External Results... PDF ONB 08/12/2019
IBP 2Q19 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates and Price Target Goes to $61 PDF IBP 08/12/2019
Joining the Conversation; Twilio Signal Conference Takeaways PDF TWLO 08/12/2019
July-Ended Calendar 2Q19 Grocery & C-Store Earnings Preview PDF 08/12/2019
July-Ended F3Q19 Food & Agribusiness Earnings Preview PDF 08/12/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/12/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/12/2019
Oilfield Services Valuation Tables PDF 08/12/2019
Reiterate O/V Investment Rating: The Initial Framework For Discussion PDF GKOS 08/12/2019
Restaurants - Previewing This Weeks Earnings PDF 08/12/2019
SaaS Comp Table PDF 08/12/2019
Stephens LTL Yield Index 2Q19 Update PDF 08/12/2019
Takeaways from ORLY Analyst Day & Revisiting After 2Q19; Reiterate OW R... PDF ORLY 08/12/2019
Thoughts From the Road: Reiterate O Investment Rating PDF TFX 08/12/2019
UNH Study Shows Hospital Prices Rising Nearly 2x Faster Than Inpatient Doc ... PDF 08/12/2019
USCR: Forward Estimates Relatively Unchanged, PT Remains $60, Reiterate OW PDF USCR 08/12/2019
Verso's Second Containerboard Project Finally Announced PDF 08/12/2019
Will Kaiser's Robust 1H19 Results Represent New Source of Price Competition... PDF 08/12/2019
14 Straight >100% Rev. Growth Quarters; Ancillary Svc. Additions a Big P... PDF EXPI 08/09/2019
2Q19 Earnings Recap & Review of Updated Estimates For SE & WC Banks... PDF 08/09/2019
2Q19 Miss & Lower Guide; Self-Help Still A Real Option; OW/V; PT From $... PDF TRUE 08/09/2019
A Nice Step Forward + Foundation to Build; But Multiple Probably Needs More... PDF RLGY 08/09/2019
Above Consensus 2Q, CY19 Guidance Reiterated; Moderating Price Target PDF SIEN 08/09/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/09/2019
Another 6% Benefit To ALLY EPS From 20bps Cut: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 08/09/2019
CABO Posts Solid 2Q19; Maintain EW Rating; Raise PT from $1200 to $1250 PDF CABO 08/09/2019
Compelling Buying Window; With Agency Platform Rev. Stock is at <5x EBIT... PDF QNST 08/09/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Miss PDF YELL 08/09/2019
First Look at USCR 2Q19: Miss on Weak Volume, FY19 Guide Implies Solid 2H19... PDF USCR 08/09/2019
Global AgriTrends African Swine Fever Update PDF 08/09/2019
Improved International Visibility Skews Risk/Reward Positively; Upgrading t... PDF ELY 08/09/2019
Increasing Price Target As Business Proceeds To Get Back On-Track PDF CUTR 08/09/2019
July Gypsum PPI Indicates Inflection in Wallboard Pricing, Up 2.2% Seq. PDF 08/09/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/09/2019
Missed Forecast is Unfortunate; But Still a Steady LT Double-Digit Grower PDF QNST 08/09/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/09/2019
Progressing Nicely; DNB Stands Out as a Lingering Monetization Catalyst PDF CNNE 08/09/2019
Quarter and Guidance Are Inline to Us, But Stock Likely Lower on Consensus ... PDF AL 08/09/2019
Railcars in Storage: August Report PDF 08/09/2019
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – August 2019 PDF 08/09/2019
Stephens Quarterly Railcar Update - 2Q19 PDF 08/09/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 8/3/19) PDF 08/09/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (8/9/19) PDF 08/09/2019
2Q Miss and Guide Down; Sell-Off Overdone; Reiterate Overweight Rating PDF PRTY 08/08/2019
2Q Miss and Guide Down; Weak Sales, Margin Pressures Persist PDF CWH 08/08/2019
2Q19 Results: EBITDA Higher Than Expectations; Micro-Accumulator JV Announc... PDF KRP 08/08/2019
2Q19 Wrap & Model Update; Maintain Adjusted EPS Ests, TP & EW Ratin... PDF MGLN 08/08/2019
2Q19 Wrap & Model Update; Raise TP to $26 (from $25); Maintain EW Ratin... PDF THC 08/08/2019
2Q19 Wrap & Model Update; Raising TP to $335 (from $320); Reiterate OW PDF HUM 08/08/2019
2Q19 Wrap & Model Update; Trim TP to $225 (from $240) Maintain OW PDF CI 08/08/2019
ACIW 1st Look: Rev/EBITDA Beat/Reit; Bookings Up But Still Low; Remain Posi... PDF ACIW 08/08/2019
ACIW Call: If Delayed 4Q Renewals Close=Catalyst; Mgt Confident In Bookings... PDF ACIW 08/08/2019
Adjusting Estimates and Target Post Tough 2Q19 and Lowered Guide. Reiterate... PDF DOOR 08/08/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/08/2019
Another Consistent Quarter; Industry Developments Provide Opportunities PDF ECN-CA 08/08/2019
Battleground To Form Around Flex Pricing; We Are Big Believers PDF ZG 08/08/2019
Broadcast Affiliates Oversold on Overblown Blackout Concerns PDF 08/08/2019
CORE Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW(Vol.) Rating PDF CORE 08/08/2019
Detailed Review of CNC's LA Medicaid RFP Technical Evaluation PDF CNC 08/08/2019
Dupont Selling N&B Isn't Transformative PDF DD 08/08/2019
EPAY 1st Look: Svcs-Driven Rev Beat; EBITDA Beat; 1Q Guide Miss; Good PMX S... PDF EPAY 08/08/2019
EPAY Call: Remarkable Digital Banking Wins; Bookings Improving; Remaining E... PDF EPAY 08/08/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: EBITDA Miss PDF AXAS 08/08/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: Solid Production & EBITDAX Beat PDF MUR 08/08/2019
First Look at 2Q19; Another Upbeat Quarter + Anc. Svc. on the Way PDF EXPI 08/08/2019
First Look at FY4Q19 Results PDF QNST 08/08/2019
First Look at IBP 2Q19 Earnings Results; Slight Beat Across the Board PDF IBP 08/08/2019
First Look at Upbeat 2Q19 Results PDF RLGY 08/08/2019
First Look: Above Consensus 2Q Sales, CY19 Guidance Reiterated PDF SIEN 08/08/2019
First Look: Another Above Consensus Quarter; CY19 Guidance Affirmed As Expe... PDF CUTR 08/08/2019
First Look: ELY Reports 2Q19 PDF ELY 08/08/2019
GOLF Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate EW Rating PDF GOLF 08/08/2019
Graphic's Surprise New CRB Machine PDF GPK 08/08/2019
Increasing Price Target: Building The Perfect Beast PDF GKOS 08/08/2019
Incrementally More Positive On Fundamentals And Long-Term Opportunities PDF RCII 08/08/2019
KAR Reports 2Q19; Revising Estimates; Maintain EW Rating & PT PDF KAR 08/08/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/08/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/08/2019
Morning Update: 2Q Miss and Guide Down; Sale Agreement for Canadian Stores PDF PRTY 08/08/2019
QTWO 1st Look: Rev Beat/Raise; Org Growth Accel; Reit Profit Guide; Tier 1 ... PDF QTWO 08/08/2019
QTWO Call: More Potential Tier One Wins Coming; See Cloud Lending Outperfor... PDF QTWO 08/08/2019
QTWO Final: Strong Rev Accel/Cont'd Move Up Mkt; Think Requires More Invest... PDF QTWO 08/08/2019
Retail Unit Sales Top Ests.; Impressive GPU Expansion; Guide Looks Conserva... PDF CVNA 08/08/2019
Solid Quarter and Tailwinds Remain; Think AVLR Works Higher From Here PDF AVLR 08/08/2019
Strong 2Q19; Upgrade From EW to OW; PT From $84 to $120 PDF ROKU 08/08/2019
TCL Reports 1H19 North American TV Sales Volume PDF ROKU 08/08/2019
2Q19 Wrap & Model Update; Lower Target Price to $150 (from $158); Maint... PDF HCA 08/07/2019
2Q19 Wrap & Model Update; Lower Target Price to $150 (From $160); Maint... PDF MOH 08/07/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 08/07/2019
Bracing for Weaker RMC Volumes Post Competitor Results and Commentary PDF USCR 08/07/2019
CMP 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF CMP 08/07/2019
Core Thesis Firmly Intact; Buying Weakness from Transitory Issues PDF BKI 08/07/2019
Countervailing Forces: Near-Term Headwind Vs. Favorable Long-Term Outlook PDF AVNS 08/07/2019
Disappointing F3Q19, Guide Down; Stock Overdone. Reiterate OW, Target to $3... PDF BECN 08/07/2019
Executing Well In Tough Market, But Trade Headwinds Likely To Impact 2H19 PDF EXPD 08/07/2019
First Look 2Q19 Results: Lower-Than-Anticipated Capex; Accelerated G&A ... PDF PXD 08/07/2019
First Look 2Q19 Results: Permian Volumes Exceed Our Expectations/2H19 Track... PDF DVN 08/07/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results PDF ZG 08/07/2019
First Look at 2Q19 Results: EBITDA Higher Than Expectations PDF TALO 08/07/2019
First Look at AVLR 2Q19 Results: What a Quarter PDF AVLR 08/07/2019
First Look at July Update PDF ODFL 08/07/2019
First Look: 7%-11% Raise to Guidance Likely Drives Stock Higher Today PDF RCII 08/07/2019
First Look: CORE Reports 2Q19 PDF CORE 08/07/2019
First Look: GKOS To Acquire AVDR, 2Q Above Consensus, CY19 Guidance Raised PDF GKOS 08/07/2019
First Look: GOLF Reports 2Q19 PDF GOLF 08/07/2019
First Look: KAR Reports 2Q19 PDF KAR 08/07/2019
First Look: Posts Rare Miss; Lowers Outlook Due To Sluggish Hawaii Vols PDF MATX 08/07/2019
First Look: Updated '19 Guide Positive; 2Q Results In-Line PDF FANG 08/07/2019
Initial Look at 2Q19 Results: Production Higher Than Expected PDF ESTE 08/07/2019
Louisiana Medicaid RFP Scorecard Released; HUM Scores Best of Public MCOs PDF 08/07/2019
LPX 2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 08/07/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 08/07/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 08/07/2019
Nexmo and Channel Momentum Drives Strong 2Q19 Results PDF VG 08/07/2019
Paper & Wood Monitor - August 2019 PDF 08/07/2019
PDCE First Look: 2Q Production Beat; 2H19 Capex Guide Below Expectations PDF PDCE 08/07/2019
Sluggish Hawaii Vols Drive 2Q Miss & Guidance Cut; LT Thesis Remains Un... PDF MATX 08/07/2019
Solid 2Q19 Results Demonstrate Strength of Business Model; Reiterate OW Rat... PDF ATSG 08/07/2019
Stephens TL Rate Index 2Q'19 Update PDF 08/07/2019
2Q19 Earnings Season Recap: Rails & Transportation Equipment Suppliers PDF 08/06/2019
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