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Report Title PDF Companies Publish Date
Calendar 4Q18 Earnings Preview PDF 02/14/2019
CF 4Q18: Just the Outlook PDF CF 02/14/2019
Demonstrable Progress: Big Time, IVC's Operations Getting Better PDF IVC 02/14/2019
First Look At 4Q18 Miss / 2019 EBITDA and FCF Guide Down PDF XPO 02/14/2019
First Look at 4Q18 Results; Impressive Profit Beat Ex. Noise PDF FAF 02/14/2019
First Look at 4Q18 Results; Redfin Now-Driven Rev. Beat, Guidance a Bit Mix... PDF RDFN 02/14/2019
First Look at 4Q18; Big EPS Beat Ex. Realized Losses Aided by Lower Reserve... PDF STC 02/14/2019
First Look at Slight 4Q18 Beat; In-Line 2019 Guide Better Than Feared PDF R 02/14/2019
First Look at TREX 4Q18 Earnings Results; Strong Beat & Light Guide PDF TREX 02/14/2019
First Look: Miss on Expenses, Looking for More Guidance on Interest Expense... PDF AER 02/14/2019
First Look: Positive UroLift Coverage Development PDF TFX 02/14/2019
First Look: Solid 4Q18 Earnings Results and 2019 Guidance: Time to Own PDF VMC 02/14/2019
Georgia GOP Pursuing Partial Medicaid Expansion (+ve for CNC, WCG, ANTM &am... PDF 02/14/2019
Lowering EPS By 8% On 7% Higher Q/Q Sharecount PDF WRLD 02/14/2019
Lowering Estimates Again on Industry Checks; Sales Weaken in 4Q PDF CWH 02/14/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/14/2019
More Positive Than Our Initial Take; Expect Steady ROAs Going Forward PDF AER 02/14/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/14/2019
President & COO Retires Unexpectedly PDF FDX 02/14/2019
QTWO 4Q Call: 10% Organic Backlog Growth, Dramatic Usage Increase = Remain ... PDF QTWO 02/14/2019
QTWO 4Q Final: Expensive, But Worth It On Secular Trend/Catalysts PDF QTWO 02/14/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/9/19) PDF 02/14/2019
Tax Refunds Down 23% In 2019 So Far, Negative Implications: Tax Refund Trac... PDF 02/14/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/13/2019
CF 4Q18 First Look PDF CF 02/13/2019
CFO to Retire; Bank Remains Well Positioned for M&A PDF PB 02/13/2019
EPS Beat; SG&A Still Heavy; Waiting for Progress With Recent Acquisitio... PDF LAD 02/13/2019
First Look at 4Q18 Results PDF FNF 02/13/2019
First Look at 4Q18 Results; Down the Middle For Us PDF BKI 02/13/2019
First Look: Encouraging 4Q Bolsters CY19 Outlook PDF IVC 02/13/2019
FIS 4Q Final: Got Through Guide Risk; Think '19 and '20 Visibility ... PDF FIS 02/13/2019
GPN 4Q 1st Look: 4Q Rev/Profit Meet; Rev Beat/PF EPS As Expected For '1... PDF GPN 02/13/2019
GPN 4Q Call: Guide Even Better Under the Hood: Ex FX >100bps Expansion/+... PDF GPN 02/13/2019
LPX 4Q18 First Look PDF LPX 02/13/2019
LPX 4Q18: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 02/13/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/13/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/13/2019
Morning Update: 4Q Beats; CFO To Resign PDF LAD 02/13/2019
One-Timers Drive Upside; Merger Has Kinks, No Cross-Sell/Op Leverage For No... PDF TWLO 02/13/2019
QTWO 4Q 1st Look: Rev Beat/In Line Users; Three Big Bank Wins; Low EBITDA G... PDF QTWO 02/13/2019
Quarter as Expected; Nice Set Up for the Rest of the Year; Target Up to $65... PDF BKI 02/13/2019
Strong Beat Across the Board, Stable Performance PDF RM 02/13/2019
UNH 10-K Review & Model Update PDF UNH 02/13/2019
14% Y/Y EPS Growth, 3% Dividend Yield, Deleveraging Yet 5.8x EPS; Reiterate... PDF OMF 02/12/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/12/2019
Compass 4Q18: Just the Outlook PDF CMP 02/12/2019
First Look at MLM 4Q18 Earnings Results; Initial 2019 Guide PDF MLM 02/12/2019
First Look: Higher Than Expected Expenses Overshadows Strong Revenue Beat PDF TWLO 02/12/2019
First Look: Jan. Title Orders; Open Orders +, Closed - on Lower Closing Rat... PDF FAF 02/12/2019
FIS 4Q 1st Look: 4Q Rev Miss/Profit Mixed; Rev Guide Light/EPS Growth In Li... PDF FIS 02/12/2019
FIS 4Q Call: Ex Early JV Close, '19 Profit >Street; Buy Now B/c Past... PDF FIS 02/12/2019
FMC 4Q18 First Look (revised) PDF FMC 02/12/2019
FMC 4Q18: Just the Outlook PDF FMC 02/12/2019
Increasing Price Target to $135; Thesis On-Track PDF STE 02/12/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/12/2019
Mixed 2QF19; Waiting for Stabilization in NMG; Maintain EW and $56 PT PDF MDP 02/12/2019
MOH Wrap: Impressive Margin Execution in 2018; Performance Bar Rises in 201... PDF MOH 02/12/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/12/2019
Northeast LTL Files for Bankruptcy; Incremental Positive for Other LTLs PDF 02/12/2019
RAMP 3Q Final: AbiliTec GM Reset, But Worth It; Rev Growth Remains Key Driv... PDF RAMP 02/12/2019
Stephens TL Rate Index 4Q'18 Update PDF 02/12/2019
Tough Year Though Record Results; New PT $21 PDF ICBK 02/12/2019
Tweaking Numbers; Maintain OW/V; $58 PT PDF VIAC 02/12/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 2/12/19 PDF 02/12/2019
4Q18 Market Share Hits All-Time High; New Rentals Catalysts Ahead in 2Q19 PDF WHD 02/11/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/11/2019
CCAR Deferral Allows Santander/Banks More Leeway in 2019 Capital Return PDF 02/11/2019
China Phosphate Exports Update; Still Bullish on Mosaic PDF MOS 02/11/2019
CMP 4Q18 First Look PDF CMP 02/11/2019
First Look at ROAD F1Q19 Results PDF ROAD 02/11/2019
First Look: Big 4Q Beat Again on Exchanges; 2019 GAAP EPS View Above Street... PDF MOH 02/11/2019
First Look: Fiscal 3Q Beat: FY19 Guide Stable to Improved Despite Headwinds... PDF STE 02/11/2019
First Look: Slight 4Q18 Volume Beat, '19 Outlook Largely Reconciles PDF PDCE 02/11/2019
First Look: Strong 2019 Guide, Capital Return, 5% Beat @ 5.3x 2019 EPS PDF OMF 02/11/2019
First Look: We Get A Good Feeling PDF STAA 02/11/2019
Fourth Quarter 2018 Earnings Preview PDF 02/11/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 02/11/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/11/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/11/2019
New Infrastructure Investment A Positive Catalyst With Take-Or-Pay Economic... PDF WTTR 02/11/2019
NSC Announces Financial Targets Ahead of Investor Day PDF NSC 02/11/2019
NSC Investor Day Recap: The Targets are Out, Now It's Time to Execute PDF NSC 02/11/2019
RAMP 3Q 1st Look: High-Quality Rev / Profit Beat; Accel Rev Trends; Upped G... PDF RAMP 02/11/2019
RAMP 3Q Call: Think '20 Prelim Guide Reasonably Conservative; Rev Trend... PDF RAMP 02/11/2019
Restaurants—Previewing This Week's Earnings PDF 02/11/2019
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 02/11/2019
Updating Our Model Following Earnings PDF PTEN 02/11/2019
Volume Headwinds in the Rear View, Strong Margins In Place; Reiterate OW Ra... PDF BECN 02/11/2019
Weekly Reader: CDXS, LGND, MYGN, RGEN, OSUR, CTLT, TECH PDF 02/11/2019
4Q Final: Even Post-FDC Move Still Money To Be Made: 40% Accretion Over Tim... PDF FISV 02/08/2019
4Q18 Recap; New CEO Has Forward Air Headed In Right Direction PDF FWRD 02/08/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/08/2019
Coverage Update: Reallocation of Resources PDF 02/08/2019
eHealth Releases Analysis of 2019 Medicare Enrollment Period PDF 02/08/2019
First Look: Two Key Read-Throughs From QNST PDF TREE 02/08/2019
Follow-Up Comments on the BBT/STI Deal PDF 02/08/2019
JKHY 2Q Call/Model Update: Guide Down On Term Fees; Spending Environment Ro... PDF JKHY 02/08/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/08/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/08/2019
ORLY Reports 4Q18; Revising Estimates; Reiterate PT & OW Rating PDF ORLY 02/08/2019
Railcars in Storage: February Report PDF 02/08/2019
Rate Cut A First Since Flat Fed Rate Decision: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 02/08/2019
Step Back Driven by Non-Core Items; Underlying Growth Solid; Buying Weaknes... PDF QNST 02/08/2019
Stephens Monthly Rail Update – February 2019 PDF 02/08/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 2/2/19) PDF 02/08/2019
Strong 4Q18 EPS Beat; 2019 Comparable Guidance Above the Street; Reiterate ... PDF HUBG 02/08/2019
Super Regional Bank MOEs PDF 02/08/2019
Updating Forecast and Price Targets for Select Southwest U.S. Banks PDF 02/08/2019
Updating Our Model Following Earnings PDF NOV 02/08/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (2/8/19) PDF 02/08/2019
A.M. Update: Rare Miss in 4Q on UK Inventory Delays; OW PDF PAG 02/07/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 02/07/2019
As Panel Approaches, Headline Noise Increases PDF SIEN 02/07/2019
BB&T to Buy SunTrust: Implications for Payment And Bank Tech Vendors PDF 02/07/2019
BBT/STI Bank Tech/Payments Vendors Implications, Part Two PDF 02/07/2019
ELY Reports 4Q18; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW Rating & PT PDF ELY 02/07/2019
First Look at 4Q18 Results PDF PTEN 02/07/2019
First Look At 4Q18 Results PDF NOV 02/07/2019
First Look at FY2Q19 Results PDF QNST 02/07/2019
First Look at Impressive BECN F1Q19 Results PDF BECN 02/07/2019
First Look at Significant 4Q18 Beat; 2019 Adj. EPS Guide Above the Street PDF HUBG 02/07/2019
First Look: 11% Guide Miss on 2019 Consensus EPS, No Sale Announcement PDF ADS 02/07/2019
First Look: PTEN Conference Call Takeaways PDF PTEN 02/07/2019
First Look: Reports Solid 4Q Beat; 1Q19 Guide Modestly Below Consensus PDF FWRD 02/07/2019
First Look:'19 Capex & Production Outlook; 4Q19 Y/Y Growth Better-T... PDF APA 02/07/2019
FISV 4Q 1st Look: 4Q/'19 Guide In Line W/Pre-Release; Still A Must Own PDF FISV 02/07/2019
FISV Call: $50 Bil. Bank DNA / Two Big-Bank Dovetail Wins = Moving Up Marke... PDF FISV 02/07/2019
Implications for BBT/STI: Positive For Bank Valuations; Additional MOEs Lik... PDF 02/07/2019
Initial Thoughts of BB&T and SunTrust MOE PDF 02/07/2019
Investor Day Preview: Outlining the PSR Gameplan to Skeptical Investors PDF NSC 02/07/2019
Little Aircraft Lessor Exposure To Germania, Ryanair PDF 02/07/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 02/07/2019
Model Update Following CFR 10-K Review and 4Q18 Results PDF CFR 02/07/2019
MOH Continues Progress on Harvesting Savings With New IT Contract With Info... PDF MOH 02/07/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 02/07/2019
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