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BLD 3Q18 Earnings and Conference Call Recap PDF BLD 11/07/2018
Building Momentum PDF STE 11/07/2018
CORE Reports 3Q18; Revising Estimates and PT; Maintain OW Rating PDF CORE 11/07/2018
Dedicated Fleet Outperformance in 3Q18 Extending Into YE18 and 2019; PT to ... PDF PUMP 11/07/2018
Fine-Tuning Estimates As Thesis Remains Essentially On-Track PDF SIEN 11/07/2018
Fine-Tuning Estimates: It's All About Execution PDF CUTR 11/07/2018
First Look: Above Consensus Revenue, Missed EPS, CY18 Guidance Raised PDF GKOS 11/07/2018
First Look: Adds Scale in South Louisiana With FPB Acquisition PDF FBMS 11/07/2018
First Look: Not Much Change On Analyst Day Updates PDF FCFS 11/07/2018
Increasing Price Target & Estimates As Growth Outlook Bolstered PDF DXCM 11/07/2018
JKHY FY1Q Call: Good Bookings Again; EPS Guide Looks Lower Mostly On 606 Im... PDF JKHY 11/07/2018
Light 3Q/4Q Guide – Disappointment & Delay But Still Worth Waitin... PDF TRUE 11/07/2018
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/07/2018
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/07/2018
NTR 3Q18: Just the Outllook PDF NTR 11/07/2018
Prop 112 Denied on Colorado Ballot; Economic Overhang Removed PDF 11/07/2018
QTWO 3Q 1st Look: Rev/EBITDA/User Beat; Guide Raised By Beat Ex M&A PDF QTWO 11/07/2018
Reiterate O Investment Rating: Stay With Me. Hold The Line PDF AVNS 11/07/2018
SQ 3Q First Look: Rev/Profit Beat; Raised Guide Above Beat/Above Street For... PDF SQ 11/07/2018
Stephens Bank Research - Upcoming Investor Events PDF 11/07/2018
3Q18 Recap; Global Trade Uncertainty And Valuation Keep Us EW PDF EXPD 11/06/2018
3Q18 Recap; New Ships Coming But Tariff Uncertainty in 1Q19 Keeps Us EW PDF MATX 11/06/2018
Adj. EBITDA Beats Consensus; Revenues Light; Guide Maintained PDF CWH 11/06/2018
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/06/2018
Alexa, What Banks Are Set to Benefit From Amazon’s Potential HQ2 Move... PDF 11/06/2018
First Look At 3Q18 Results PDF WTTR 11/06/2018
First Look At 3Q18 Results PDF PUMP 11/06/2018
First Look at DOOR 3Q18 Earnings Results PDF DOOR 11/06/2018
First Look at MLM 3Q18 Earnings Results; Initial 2019 Guide Encouraging PDF MLM 11/06/2018
First Look at Preliminary 3Q18 Results; Big Rev. Beat Against Weaker Housin... PDF EXPI 11/06/2018
First Look at SUM 3Q18 Earnings Results PDF SUM 11/06/2018
First Look: 2Q19 Above Consensus, FY19 Guidance Raised PDF STE 11/06/2018
First Look: 3Q as Billed, Guidance Maintained PDF CUTR 11/06/2018
First Look: CORE Reports 3Q18 PDF CORE 11/06/2018
First Look: In-Line 3Q18 Revenue, Lowered CY18 Revenue Guidance, Maintained... PDF AVNS 11/06/2018
First Look: KAR Reports 3Q18; Transition of Coverage PDF KAR 11/06/2018
First Look: Story Remains On-Track PDF SIEN 11/06/2018
First Look: Tax Driven 3Q Beat, But Operational Results Better Than Feared PDF EXPD 11/06/2018
First Look: Whoa Nelly! BIG Beat & Raise PDF DXCM 11/06/2018
JKHY FY1Q 1st Look: Rev/EPS Beat Ex Items; 7% Org Growth; Margin Down Per G... PDF JKHY 11/06/2018
LPX 3Q18 First Look: Better Than Feared PDF LPX 11/06/2018
LPX 3Q18: Just the Outlook PDF LPX 11/06/2018
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/06/2018
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/06/2018
MOS 3Q18 Results First Look PDF MOS 11/06/2018
MOS 3Q18: Just the Outlook PDF MOS 11/06/2018
NTR 3Q18: Just the Outlook PDF NTR 11/06/2018
ZG First Look at 3Q18 Results; Miss & Soft Guidance PDF ZG 11/06/2018
2019 Outlook & Updated Long-Term Financial Goals PDF HBAN 11/05/2018
3Q Adj. EBITDA Miss & Guide Down; LT Growth Opportunity Remains; Reit. ... PDF ATSG 11/05/2018
3Q18 Earnings Recap; Revising Estimates and Reiterating Price Target of $19... PDF BMCH 11/05/2018
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/05/2018
Announces $255 Mil. Acquisition of CaseStack; Reiterate Overweight Rating PDF HUBG 11/05/2018
Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates and Price Target Moves to $14 PDF BLDR 11/05/2018
Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates and Reiterating Price Target of $50 PDF USCR 11/05/2018
End Market Headwinds a Given; But Agent Count Slip Was Surprising PDF RMAX 11/05/2018
First Look at 3Q18 Results and Raised FY18 Guide PDF MATX 11/05/2018
First Look: Announces Acquisition of CaseStack for $255 Mil. PDF HUBG 11/05/2018
First Look: Below 3Q18 Top Line Results, In-Line GAAP Loss PDF IVC 11/05/2018
First Look: Building Momentum: UroLift Receives Japanese Regulatory Approva... PDF TFX 11/05/2018
FIS 3Q Final: Bookings+IFS Rev=Growth Accel Evidence; Still See Mult Expans... PDF FIS 11/05/2018
FMC 3Q18: First Look PDF FMC 11/05/2018
Grand Rounds: Medical Device & Hospital Supply PDF 11/05/2018
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/05/2018
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/05/2018
Paper & Wood Monitor - November 2018 PDF 11/05/2018
Restaurants—Previewing This Week’s Earnings PDF 11/05/2018
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 11/05/2018
Stephens Monthly Airline Update PDF 11/05/2018
Top Picks After Reviewing 3Q18 Regional Bank Results and Changes in Forecas... PDF 11/05/2018
V 4Q: Secular Growth, Profit Accel, Capital Allocation, ROIC = Continue to ... PDF V 11/05/2018
WRK F4Q18: Just the Outlook PDF WRK 11/05/2018
WRK First Look F4Q18 - Containerboard strong PDF WRK 11/05/2018
​FICO 4Q Final: Clear 9% Rev Guide; Cloud/Price Timing Limiting Margi... PDF FICO 11/02/2018
3Q18 Beats Across the Board; Positive Inflection in Cash Flow Materializing... PDF FTAI 11/02/2018
3Q18 Earnings Season Recap: Airlines PDF 11/02/2018
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/02/2018
Decreasing Target, Company Focused on Returning Value to Shareholders PDF APA 11/02/2018
Discover Raises To Within 5bps Of Sallie Mae CD: Deposit Rate Tracker PDF 11/02/2018
Downgrading to Underweight/Vol.: Negative Forward Implications From WMT Law... PDF SYF 11/02/2018
Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates and Price Target Goes to $126 PDF VMC 11/02/2018
First Look at 3Q Results; Miss But Safer Guidance; CFO Retiring PDF RLGY 11/02/2018
First Look at 3Q Results; Ok Q But Market Trends Pressure Guidance PDF RMAX 11/02/2018
First Look: Workforce Reduction PDF IVC 11/02/2018
FMC: Five Key Questions PDF FMC 11/02/2018
GPK: Five Key Questions PDF GPK 11/02/2018
LYV’s Concerts Flywheel Keeps Rocking; Solid 3Q18; Maintain OW/V and ... PDF LYV 11/02/2018
Making Slight Adjustment to Estimates, Reiterate OW Rating at $90 Target PDF EXP 11/02/2018
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 11/02/2018
Model Update PDF TFX 11/02/2018
Morning Research Summary PDF 11/02/2018
Mortgage Fears Realized But Mortgage Fading in Importance to the Story; Buy... PDF TREE 11/02/2018
Mosaic: Five Key Questions PDF MOS 11/02/2018
MUSA Reports 3Q18; Revising Estimates; Maintain EW Rating PDF MUSA 11/02/2018
New 2022 Financial Goal Establishes Fresh (and Achievable) Targets to Play ... PDF RP 11/02/2018
October SAAR of 17.59 Mil. Above Consensus of 17.3 Mil. PDF 11/02/2018
Retail/Broadlines - Weekly Fuel Report PDF 11/02/2018
SFM Reports 3Q18; Revising Estimates; Maintain EW Rating PDF SFM 11/02/2018
Solid 3Q18 But Governance/Management Ambiguity Remains; Maintain EW and $58... PDF VIAC 11/02/2018
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 10/27/18) PDF 11/02/2018
Strong October Preliminary Class 8 Orders PDF 11/02/2018
Underlying Leverage To Cool Off Splits Pressure; Drive EBITDA Growth Next Y... PDF RLGY 11/02/2018
WRK: Five Key Questions PDF WRK 11/02/2018
3Q Revs Top Forecast, Losses Bigger Than Expected; Remain OW PDF W 11/01/2018
3Q18 EPS Review; Acquisition of Salin Bank Announced PDF HBNC 11/01/2018
3Q18 Margin-Driven EPS Miss; Production Guidance Reiterated; Remain EW PDF RAIL 11/01/2018
3Q18 Recap: 3Q18 Miss & Guides FY18 EBITDA Lower; CSO Departs PDF XPO 11/01/2018
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 11/01/2018
Big Apple Bankathon; Updated Thoughts on the NYC Metro (and Arkansas) Banks... PDF 11/01/2018
Cautious On Growth-Driven Credit and Yield Deterioration PDF WRLD 11/01/2018
CF 3Q18: Just the Outlook PDF CF 11/01/2018
CMP 3Q18: Just the Outlook PDF CMP 11/01/2018
DWDP 3Q18 First Look PDF DD 11/01/2018
DWDP 3Q18: Just the Outlook PDF DD 11/01/2018
Expect Better Than 2018 Guide, and Rolling Out Performance Into 2019E PDF OMF 11/01/2018
FICO 4Q 1st Look: Rev Beat/EPS Beat Ex Tax; Guide In-Line Rev/Miss EPS Ex T... PDF FICO 11/01/2018
Fine-Tuning Estimates As Story Remains On-Track PDF ABMD 11/01/2018
Fine-Tuning Estimates: Future Looks Bright PDF PODD 11/01/2018
Fine-Tuning Estimates: Thesis Remains On-Track PDF TFX 11/01/2018
First Look At 3Q Results and Updated Guidance PDF ATSG 11/01/2018
First Look at 3Q Results; Mixed Q as Expected; Mortgage Weighs Heavy PDF TREE 11/01/2018
First Look at 3Q Results; Solid Q & New Sizable 2022 Targets PDF RP 11/01/2018
First Look at BLDR 3Q18 Earnings Results PDF BLDR 11/01/2018
First Look at BMCH 3Q18 Earnings Results PDF BMCH 11/01/2018
First Look at IBP 3Q18 Earnings Release PDF IBP 11/01/2018
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