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First Look at BLDR 1Q19: Beat Across the Board PDF BLDR 05/02/2019
First Look at Solid 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF IBP 05/02/2019
First Look at Strong 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF VMC 05/02/2019
First Look: 1Q19 EPS Beat, FY19 Guide Maintained PDF KEX 05/02/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Production Miss, GoM Downtime Causes Light 2Q19 Volume Out... PDF MUR 05/02/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Results-Oil Below Expectations, Midstream Monetization PDF PDCE 05/02/2019
First Look: A Great Start to CY19 PDF TFX 05/02/2019
First Look: Beat & Raise PDF PODD 05/02/2019
First Look: CORE Wins Contract With TravelCenters of America PDF CORE 05/02/2019
First Look: Down But By No Means Out, Time to Revisit A Quality Growth Stor... PDF ABMD 05/02/2019
First Look: SFM Reports 1Q19 PDF SFM 05/02/2019
First Look: Solid 1Q19 Results; 2Q19 Guide PDF APA 05/02/2019
First Look: Sound The All Clear PDF SIEN 05/02/2019
GPN 1Q 1st Look: Beat/Raise; Good Growth; Margin Results Support Software S... PDF GPN 05/02/2019
GPN 1Q Call: Accel Growth + NA Margin Expansion = Validates Software Strate... PDF GPN 05/02/2019
Increasing Estimates: Organic Growth Off To A Solid Start PDF TFX 05/02/2019
Investor Day Highlights; Guidance Reaffirmed; Discount Valuation Unwarrante... PDF CADE 05/02/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/02/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/02/2019
Morning Update: Direct Retail Revs +39% Won't Be Enough to Carry the St... PDF W 05/02/2019
Near-Term Outlook Puts Lid on Stock Gains; But We Like Long-Term Potential;... PDF W 05/02/2019
Post Call Takeaways PDF ABMD 05/02/2019
PPC Reports 1Q19; Raising PT to $32; Reiterate OW(Vol.) Rating PDF PPC 05/02/2019
Raising Estimates As PODD Off To A Solid Start PDF PODD 05/02/2019
Solid 1Q19 Results, Guidance for Core Business Unchanged & Positive ME ... PDF SRI 05/02/2019
SQ Final: Squaring Up for the LT; Valuation Keeps Us on Sidelines PDF SQ 05/02/2019
Stephens Monthly Airline Update PDF 05/02/2019
VMC 1Q19 Earnings Recap; Adjusting Estimates, PT to $155 & Reiterate OW... PDF VMC 05/02/2019
Waking Up From A Secular Dream To Face Cyclical Realities; Reiterate EW PDF XPO 05/02/2019
1Q19 Initial View: 1Q Beat on Better Revs & MLR; Raises Low-End of EPS ... PDF HUM 05/01/2019
1Q19 Recap: CH's Model Will Adapt, But Secular Overhang Is Here For A W... PDF CHRW 05/01/2019
1Q19 Wrap: HUM Frames 2020 Expects; EPS Growth, But Less than L-T Target PDF HUM 05/01/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 05/01/2019
Automotive Retail Industry Rankings 1Q19 PDF 05/01/2019
CBO Medicare for All Report Expected Today - Without a Formal Score PDF 05/01/2019
CF1Q19 First Look PDF CF 05/01/2019
CMP 1Q19 Just The Outlook PDF CMP 05/01/2019
FICO FY2Q: Weaker Guide Raise; Not Yet Willing To Value Full SaaS Transitio... PDF FICO 05/01/2019
Final: Friends in Low Places Nashville Bank Tour Vol. 3 - June 5-6 PDF 05/01/2019
First Look At 1Q19 Adj. Results; FY19 Guide Maintained PDF XPO 05/01/2019
First Look at 1Q19 EPS Miss; 2019 Guidance Unchanged PDF RAIL 05/01/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results; A BKI-Type 5 Iron Off the Tee Beat PDF BKI 05/01/2019
First Look at 1Q19: Adj. EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Unchanged (Excl. Divestitu... PDF SRI 05/01/2019
First Look at DOOR 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF DOOR 05/01/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Volumes Miss Expectations, We Are Buyers on Weakness PDF VNOM 05/01/2019
First Look: Beat and Raise Quarter as Expected PDF FIVN 05/01/2019
First Look: DXCM Crushes Consensus Rev. Estimate and Raises CY19 Rev. Guida... PDF DXCM 05/01/2019
First Look: High Quality Beat On Better Yields And Higher Asset Growth PDF AER 05/01/2019
First Look: PPC Reports 1Q19 PDF PPC 05/01/2019
First Look: Simply Put, It's Mixed PDF STAA 05/01/2019
First Look: Solid 1Q19 Results; 2Q19 Guidance Announced PDF DVN 05/01/2019
First Look: Strong Revenue Offset by Elevated Op Ex. PDF CBTX 05/01/2019
FISV 1Q Final: Temp Issues On Mixed 1Q; Remember FISV Quality+40% FDC Accre... PDF FISV 05/01/2019
Hitting Their Marks Is Enough To Get Stock Out Performance: Overweight PDF CURO 05/01/2019
HWC Announces Tuck-In Acquisition of MSL: ~3% Accretive to Annualized EPS PDF HWC 05/01/2019
JKHY 3Q 1st Look: Rev Miss/EPS Meet; Card/Analytics Products=Long-Term Posi... PDF JKHY 05/01/2019
JKHY Call: In-Line FY20 Rev Outlook; 4Q EPS Guide Down On Term Fees PDF JKHY 05/01/2019
MDP Rumored Seller of TV Stations – Our Take PDF MDP 05/01/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 05/01/2019
MLM 1Q19 Recap; Adjusting Estimates Slightly and PT Moves to $266; Remain O... PDF MLM 05/01/2019
More Positive On Lease Yield Stability; Good Readthrough To AL/AYR PDF AER 05/01/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 05/01/2019
New CBO Report: M4A Could "Significantly Affect" Overall U.S. Eco... PDF 05/01/2019
No Hypo Alarms As DXCM Delivers A Material Top-Line Beat & Increases Gu... PDF DXCM 05/01/2019
Post-Call Thoughts; Incrementally More Positive, Buying Weakness PDF BKI 05/01/2019
Slack Files for Direct Listing, Touts New Era of Email Replacement PDF 05/01/2019
Solid Quarter with Margin Lift from SendGrid, “A2P Tax” Puts A ... PDF TWLO 05/01/2019
SQ 1Q 1st Look: Rev/Profit Beat; TPV Miss; Rev Raise < Beat; No Profit R... PDF SQ 05/01/2019
SQ Call: Cash App/Card A Growing Driver & Enabling Low Cust Acquisition... PDF SQ 05/01/2019
Steady 1Q19 Results; Maintain Overweight Rating and $24 PT PDF BSVN 05/01/2019
Takeaways From NDR; 1Q Headwinds Transitory; Reiterate OW PDF PAG 05/01/2019
TREX 1Q19 Recap; Production Headwinds Expected to Abate; 2H19 Bar Raised PDF TREX 05/01/2019
UFS 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF UFS 05/01/2019
UFS First Look 1Q19 PDF UFS 05/01/2019
1Q19 Adj. EPS Beat & Slight Guidance Raise From Lease Accounting Upside... PDF R 04/30/2019
1Q19 Challenged from Weather, But Service Metrics Recovering & Guide Re... PDF CNI 04/30/2019
1Q19 Continues the Streak of Significant EPS Beats; 2019 Guidance Raised PDF HUBG 04/30/2019
1Q19 Initial View: EBITDA & EPS Beat and Raise PDF HCA 04/30/2019
1Q19 Wrap: 1Q on Track w/ Plan; Street Still Waiting on Conifer Resolution PDF THC 04/30/2019
1Q19 Wrap: Sustaining the Margin Strength So Far in 2019 PDF MOH 04/30/2019
1Q19 Wrap: Validating its Best of Breed Status in Hospital-Land PDF HCA 04/30/2019
1st Look 1Q19 Results: Peer Leading Profitability Continues; B/S Growth Sta... PDF BSVN 04/30/2019
1st Look at 1Q19 Results: Good Expense Control; NIM Expansion has More Runw... PDF STXB 04/30/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/30/2019
Benign Results With Incremental Positives To Continue Near Term PDF SC 04/30/2019
CMP 1Q19 First Look PDF CMP 04/30/2019
Deposit Growth, Insurance Fees and Credit Trends Highlight Quarter PDF FMBH 04/30/2019
Early Results from STBZ Look Promising; Increasing Forecast; Maintain OW Ra... PDF CADE 04/30/2019
Eventful Quarter; Strategic Actions Creating Path to Low 60s Efficiency Rat... PDF HTLF 04/30/2019
First Look At 1Q19 Results And April Net Revenue Trends PDF CHRW 04/30/2019
First Look at 1Q19: Adj. EPS Beat & Slight Guidance Raise From Lease Ac... PDF R 04/30/2019
First Look at 1Q19: Margin-Driven EPS Beat & Raise PDF HUBG 04/30/2019
First Look at Strong MLM 1Q19 Earnings Results PDF MLM 04/30/2019
First Look: Beat On Lower TDR / Credit Provisions, Higher Fee Income PDF SC 04/30/2019
First Look: Beat-and-Raise Quarter, As Expected; Limited Op. Margin Upside PDF TWLO 04/30/2019
First Look: In-line EPS With Consensus, Strong Trends Throughout PDF OMF 04/30/2019
First Look: Many Nice Surprises: Deposits/Debit, Share Buyback, No Cash Tax... PDF CURO 04/30/2019
FIS 1Q 1st Look: Accel Rev/Profit Beat; Raised Rev Guide; Still Like WP Dea... PDF FIS 04/30/2019
FIS Call: WP Early Waiver; Strong Sales; FIS Growth Accel Helping WP Synerg... PDF FIS 04/30/2019
FISV 1Q 1st Look: Roughly In-Line Rev/PF EBIT Miss; +10% Sales; Reit Guide PDF FISV 04/30/2019
FISV Call: Mixed 1Q From Timing; Co Expects FDC To Close W/o Divestitures PDF FISV 04/30/2019
In-Line Quarter, Strong 2019 Trends and 5.8x P/E; Reiterate Overweight PDF OMF 04/30/2019
MA 1Q 1st Look: Rev/Profit Beat; Reit Guide; Cross Border OK PDF MA 04/30/2019
MA Call: Implied PF EPS Raise; Cross Border QTD Accelerated/Reiterated Guid... PDF MA 04/30/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/30/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/30/2019
MUSA Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate EW(Vol.) Rating & PT PDF MUSA 04/30/2019
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