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Relatively Good 1Q19, Still More Room For Purchase Loan Growth PDF CACC 04/30/2019
Solid 1Q19 Results Driven by Cost Controls; Maintaining PT to $25/OW Rating... PDF STXB 04/30/2019
Stephens Inc. Real Estate Services Valuation Tables PDF 04/30/2019
Stephens Monthly Real Estate Update - April 2019 PDF 04/30/2019
Updating Estimates Post Earnings: Improving Our 2H19 Cash Cost Assumptions PDF HES 04/30/2019
Weekly Commodity Monitor 4/30/19 PDF 04/30/2019
WRK F2Q19 First Look PDF WRK 04/30/2019
WRK F2Q19: Just the Outlook PDF WRK 04/30/2019
1Q Beat; New Car Margin Favored Over Volume; Strategy Questions; EW PDF AN 04/29/2019
1Q19 Initial View: MOH Churns Out Another Hefty Beat & Raise PDF MOH 04/29/2019
1Q19 Initial View: Revs & EBITDA Both Slightly Above Street PDF THC 04/29/2019
1Q19 Model Maintenance; Maintain OW/V and $19 PT PDF TGNA 04/29/2019
1Q19 Wrap; Moderating Forecast Driven by NIM; Maintain OW PDF BOKF 04/29/2019
1st Look 1Q19 Results: Rev/EPS Beat; Early Results From M&A Look Solid PDF CADE 04/29/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/29/2019
ASF Downside Case for Fertilizer Demand and Prices PDF 04/29/2019
Balanced Growth Model; Salin Deal Closed PDF HBNC 04/29/2019
Beating Expectations + Laying the Foundation for Brand Awareness; A Great C... PDF TREE 04/29/2019
Challenging Macro Overshadowing Operational Improvements; Remain EW PDF FWRD 04/29/2019
Commercial Loan Growth & NIM Compression; Oak Park Closing Shortly PDF BY 04/29/2019
Core NIM Headwinds Weigh on 1Q19 Results; Lowering EPS Forecast; Maintain E... PDF ABTX 04/29/2019
First Look at 1Q19: Adj. EPS Miss, But 2019 Guidance Reiterated PDF CNI 04/29/2019
First Look at TREX 1Q19 Earnings Results; Unexpected Start-Up Costs PDF TREX 04/29/2019
First Look: MUSA Reports 1Q19 PDF MUSA 04/29/2019
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 04/29/2019
ICL Has Settled Royalties Arbitration PDF ICL 04/29/2019
Margin Momentum With Technology Upside; Reiterate OW on Land Drilling Leade... PDF HP 04/29/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/29/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/29/2019
Naming OMF New Best Idea For 2019 PDF OMF 04/29/2019
Payments, Bank Tech, Data Services Comp Table PDF 04/29/2019
Restaurants - Brief Preview of This Week's Earnings PDF 04/29/2019
Rev/EPS Beat; No Change in Guidance; Increasing PT to $22 PDF HTH 04/29/2019
State of Washington Set to Implement Public Option Plan for 2021 PDF 04/29/2019
Stephens Healthcare Services Weekly PDF 04/29/2019
That First Quarter Was Rough, But We Still See FCF Growth in 2019; Reiterat... PDF NOV 04/29/2019
Upgrading To Equal-Weight/Vol. On Valuation: Still Concerned Fundamentally PDF ADS 04/29/2019
1Q19 EPS In-Line With Preannouncement; Profitability Metrics Standout PDF FFBC 04/26/2019
1Q19 Results and Near-Term Outlook In-Line With Pre-announce PDF NOV 04/26/2019
1Q19 Wrap: Lowering UHS Estimates and Target Price Post Softer 1Q Results PDF UHS 04/26/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/26/2019
Amazon Speeding Up Prime: Positive for ATSG, AAWW, UPS & FDX PDF 04/26/2019
Another Tough End Market & Another Great Result; More Bullish on the Na... PDF FAF 04/26/2019
Beat and Raise: Guidance Raised 12%-15% For 2019 EPS, Expect Stock Higher PDF ENVA 04/26/2019
EPS Beat and Inline Revenue; Maintain OW Rating PDF BFST 04/26/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results; Mortgage Slowed But Big Beat + Raise PDF TREE 04/26/2019
First Look: BY 1Q19 Results PDF BY 04/26/2019
First Look: FFBC 1Q19 Results PDF FFBC 04/26/2019
Good Results but Cautious Guidance Pressure Forecasts; Moving PT to $100 PDF CFR 04/26/2019
LKQ Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate OW Rating & PT PDF LKQ 04/26/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/26/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/26/2019
Morning Update: EPS Beats on Margin Expansion/SG&A Control PDF AN 04/26/2019
NIM Compression Impacts 1Q19 Results; Deal Closing in 3Q19 PDF FRME 04/26/2019
ORLY Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates; Reiterate OW Rating & PT PDF ORLY 04/26/2019
PKG 1Q19: Just the Outlook - Downgrading to Equal-Weight PDF PKG 04/26/2019
Potentially Nearing Margin and EPS Growth Inflection Point; Reit EW For Now... PDF UPS 04/26/2019
Raising Our Price Target as BOOM Extends Its Lead PDF BOOM 04/26/2019
Solid EPS Beat; HomeStar Now in Estimates PDF MSBI 04/26/2019
Solid Start to the Year & Better Margin; But Questions Remain on the MT... PDF CLGX 04/26/2019
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 4/20/19) PDF 04/26/2019
TSCO Reports 1Q19; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterate OW Rating PDF TSCO 04/26/2019
V FY2Q Final: Cross Border Improving: Retaining TSB; Still Lots of Growth PDF V 04/26/2019
Vince Zampella on Apex Legends & Other Takeaways From GamesBeat 2019 PDF 04/26/2019
Weekly Fuel Report (4/26/19) PDF 04/26/2019
Widening And Deepening The Moat PDF GKOS 04/26/2019
WY 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF WY 04/26/2019
WY 4Q18 First Look PDF WY 04/26/2019
1Q Beats By Wide Margin; Growth Initiatives Pulling Together; Overweight PDF GPI 04/25/2019
1Q Slight Miss; UK Headwinds, Supply Challenges Transitory; Reiterate OW PDF PAG 04/25/2019
1Q Was Weak; But Don't Take it at Face Value PDF STC 04/25/2019
1Q19 EPS Review; Branch Deal Closing in June PDF ASB 04/25/2019
1Q19 Initial View: EBITDA and EPS Miss Driven by Acute Care Segment Shortfa... PDF UHS 04/25/2019
1Q19 Recap; Business Model Performing Well In Challenging Freight Market PDF LSTR 04/25/2019
1Q19 Results & Guidance Better Than Feared; GET Integration the Focus PDF WAB 04/25/2019
2Q19 Looks Good; Better Purchase Vol. + STC Deal Represent the Next Leg Hig... PDF FNF 04/25/2019
4% Higher EPS Estimates On Better Credit; Operating Trends Remain Benign PDF DFS 04/25/2019
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 04/25/2019
Banc Ed Now in the Numbers; ROA Expected to Improve Over Course of 2019 PDF BUSE 04/25/2019
Caught Up With "Kermie" on Weak Mar. ABI; A "Blip" Expe... PDF 04/25/2019
COLB 1Q19 First Look PDF COLB 04/25/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Adj. EPS Beat; 2019 Guidance Reiterated PDF WAB 04/25/2019
First Look at 1Q19 Results; Big Beat & Impressive Title Leverage PDF FAF 04/25/2019
First Look At Adj. 1Q19 Miss; FY19 Guide Reiterated But Is 2H19 Loaded PDF UPS 04/25/2019
First Look at F2Q19: Strong Beat/Guide Should Send Stock Higher; Reiterate ... PDF HP 04/25/2019
First Look: $3.77 Normalizing for Taxes, Tough 2019 And Execution Risks PDF ADS 04/25/2019
First Look: 1Q19 Earnings Beat on Lower Expenses, Higher Volumes PDF HES 04/25/2019
First Look: GWB F2Q19 Results PDF GWB 04/25/2019
First Look: HBAN 1Q19 Results PDF HBAN 04/25/2019
First Look: LKQ Reports 1Q19 PDF LKQ 04/25/2019
First Look: MSBI 1Q19 Results PDF MSBI 04/25/2019
First Look: SDC Partners With UnitedHealthcare PDF ALGN 04/25/2019
First Look: SDC To Materially Expand Footprint PDF ALGN 04/25/2019
First Look: Surprising Beat On Expenses, Expect Stock Higher PDF AAN 04/25/2019
First Look: TSCO Reports Strong 1Q19 Results PDF TSCO 04/25/2019
Healthcare Services Model Updates & Company Commentary PDF 04/25/2019
Increasing Estimates To High End Of Range After Strong Invoices / Expenses PDF AAN 04/25/2019
Increasing Price Target While Maintain E/V Rating PDF ALGN 04/25/2019
IP 1Q19 First Look PDF IP 04/25/2019
IP 1Q19: Just the Outlook PDF IP 04/25/2019
Lowering Estimates Below Range: Execution Risk Keeps Us On Sidelines PDF ADS 04/25/2019
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 04/25/2019
Mixed 1Q19 Results; Guidance Reiterated But Backlog Falls 15% Sequentially PDF TRN 04/25/2019
Model Update Post 1Q19 Earnings; Increasing Target PDF RRC 04/25/2019
MOE on Track for Mid 2H19 Close; Updated Estimates PDF TCF 04/25/2019
Morning Research Summary PDF 04/25/2019
Morning Update: 1Q Beats By Wide Margin; Growth Initiatives Pulling Togethe... PDF GPI 04/25/2019
Morning Update: 1Q Slight Miss; UK Headwinds, Product Shortages Transitory PDF PAG 04/25/2019
Morning Update: Strong EPS Beat; Echo Park Swings to Profit PDF SAH 04/25/2019
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