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First Look: Net Interest Income Drives EPS Beat; Expenses A Miss PDF NAVI 01/27/2021
First Look: Op. EPS Significantly Exceeds Consensus; Guides 1Q21 Above Stre... PDF LSTR 01/27/2021
First Look: Reports 4Q20 EPS Beat, Reiterates FY21 EPS Guidance PDF KNX 01/27/2021
First Look: SYBT 4Q20 EPS Review; Buying Kentucky Banc for $190 Mil. PDF SYBT 01/27/2021
First Look: TCBK 4Q20 Results PDF TCBK 01/27/2021
First Look: WSBC 4Q Results PDF WSBC 01/27/2021
Healthcare IT App User Tracker PDF 01/27/2021
HES 4Q20 First Look: Adj EPS Beat; '21 Capex/Production Tracking PDF HES 01/27/2021
Increased Confidence in the EQBK Story; Raising PT to $27 PDF EQBK 01/27/2021
Increasing EPS Forecast and PT Following 4Q20 Results; Maintain OW Rating PDF FBK 01/27/2021
Increasing EPS Forecast Following 4Q20 Results; Price Target to $27 PDF SFNC 01/27/2021
Maintaining $35 Price Target Following 4Q20 Results; Reiterate OW Rating PDF FBMS 01/27/2021
Margin Headwinds Offset Credit Improvement - Lowering Est. and Maintain E/W... PDF NWBI 01/27/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/27/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/27/2021
MRTN Keeps Truckin'; Reiterate Overweight Rating, Target To $21 PDF MRTN 01/27/2021
MSLP Focus Drives Impressive 4Q20 Results; Increasing Forecast and Price Ta... PDF STXB 01/27/2021
Optimization Strategies Gaining Traction; Raising Estimates and PT PDF FMBI 01/27/2021
PKG 4Q20 First Look PDF PKG 01/27/2021
Productivity Gains Encouraging, But TL Volume Growth Key To Story; Reiterat... PDF CHRW 01/27/2021
Profitability Remains Robust; Waiting & Ready for M&A PDF PB 01/27/2021
Progress Made to Strengthen Risk Management; Maintain EW PDF GWB 01/27/2021
SBUX F1Q21 Recap; Staying EW PDF SBUX 01/27/2021
Strong Close to 2020; Maintaining Overweight Rating / $25 Price Target PDF BFST 01/27/2021
Structural Margin, Return & Balance Sheet Improvement Story Unchanged; ... PDF CVLG 01/27/2021
Thinking About The Path Forward for 8x8 + 3Q21 Earnings Preview PDF EGHT 01/27/2021
Updating Estimates & Price Target Following 4Q Results; Maintain EW PDF PFBC 01/27/2021
Updating Estimates & Target Price Following 4Q Results; Maintain OW PDF PPBI 01/27/2021
Updating Forecast Following 4Q20 Results & Recent M&A; Maintain OW ... PDF BXS 01/27/2021
Updating our Model for F1Q21 Earnings PDF ROK 01/27/2021
We'd Be Buyers After F2Q Results & Today's Market Dislocation PDF EAT 01/27/2021
4Q20 Data Preview: AVLR, CSGP, DNB, EFX, and FICO. PDF 01/26/2021
4Q20 Initial: Initial 2021 Guide Light But L-T Growth Targets Raised on IRF... PDF EHC 01/26/2021
A Deep Dive Into the Most Interesting Long-Term Public Resty Unit Growth St... PDF KRUS 01/26/2021
Active M&A Quarter; Targeting a Pickup in Organic Loan Growth in 2H21 PDF HTLF 01/26/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/26/2021
An Optimistic Guide? Staying Within EPS Range But Worried About Competition... PDF AXP 01/26/2021
DuPont Announces Preliminary 4Q Earnings Ahead of Tender Offer PDF DD 01/26/2021
Few Surprises with F3Q Given Pre-Release; SSS Recovery Encouraging; OW PDF BOOT 01/26/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: Beyond the Noise, Steady Core PPNR Trends PDF BXS 01/26/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: MSLP Focus Drives EPS/Rev Beat PDF BFST 01/26/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: Strong Fees Drive 4Q20 Beat; Credit Stable PDF STXB 01/26/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: Strong PPNR; Good Loan Growth PDF VBTX 01/26/2021
First Look at 4Q20: In-Line Results, But 2021 Guidance Well Below Street PDF CNI 01/26/2021
First Look at LIQT Preliminary 4Q20 Results and Update PDF LIQT 01/26/2021
First Look at ROK F1Q21 Results PDF ROK 01/26/2021
First Look at SBUX F1Q21 Earnings PDF SBUX 01/26/2021
First Look: $1.6 Bil. Buyback Authorization Versus $1.725 Bil. Est, Only 3c... PDF SYF 01/26/2021
First Look: ADM Reports 4Q20 PDF ADM 01/26/2021
First Look: AUB 4Q Results PDF AUB 01/26/2021
First Look: Conference Call Takeaways PDF ROK 01/26/2021
First Look: EQBK 4Q20 Results PDF EQBK 01/26/2021
First Look: Guide for 2021/2022 EPS Inline With Expectations, Expect Stock ... PDF AXP 01/26/2021
First Look: Ocean Forwarding Drives 4Q Beat PDF CHRW 01/26/2021
First Look: PPBI 4Q20 Results PDF PPBI 01/26/2021
First Look: RBB 4Q20 Results PDF RBB 01/26/2021
First Look: Reports 4Q20 EPS Beat PDF MRTN 01/26/2021
First Look: SNV 4Q Results PDF SNV 01/26/2021
First Look: WSFS 4Q Results PDF WSFS 01/26/2021
High Quality Bank with BMT Delaware Sub Primed for Growth - Maintain OW PDF BMTC 01/26/2021
HUM Announces 2021-2023 Growth Plans for Partners in Primary Care Centers PDF HUM 01/26/2021
IFF Announces Preliminary 4Q Results, Look Largely In-Line PDF IFF 01/26/2021
In-Line 4Q20 Op. EPS & PPNR; Remain Patient With Our EW Rating PDF HBAN 01/26/2021
Increasing EPS By 30%, Target To $39, Following Acquisition; Waiting For Gu... PDF FRG 01/26/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/26/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/26/2021
Stephens Monthly Medicaid Enrollment Tracker - January 2021 Update PDF 01/26/2021
UPS' Trash Is TFII's Treasure...Accretion Math Suggests Meaningful EPS Powe... PDF TFII-CA 01/26/2021
Weekly Commodity Monitor (1/26/21) PDF 01/26/2021
1st Look: NCR Formal CATM Agreement, $100-$120 mil. Cost Cuts, Accretive Ye... PDF NCR 01/25/2021
1st Look: NCR Near Buying CATM, Bid War Seems Over, Should Preserve Accreti... PDF NCR 01/25/2021
4Q20 Bank Tech Prev: Warming To JKHY; QTWO Digital Pure Play; EPAY Subs Out... PDF 01/25/2021
4Q20 EPS Review; No Change on Timing & Amount of MOE Cost Savings PDF TFC 01/25/2021
4Q20 Hardlines & Auto Parts Supplier Preview PDF 01/25/2021
4Q20 Industry Railcar Data: Backlog Falls 8% Sequentially PDF 01/25/2021
4Q20 Results & 2021 Outlook Top Off a Successful Year at RF, Raising PT... PDF RF 01/25/2021
4Q20 Wrap; Maintaining $21 Price Target and Overweight Rating PDF CADE 01/25/2021
Adjusting Estimates & Target Price Post 4Q Results; Maintain EW Rating PDF BANR 01/25/2021
Adjusting Estimates and Price Target Following 4Q Results; Maintain EW Rati... PDF SASR 01/25/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/25/2021
Call: CATM 20%-25% Accretive Solely On Costs Synergies; Rev Upside; 4Q Deri... PDF NCR 01/25/2021
Competition-Driven Shift in the Growth Profile + P&L Is Only Early Inni... PDF APPF 01/25/2021
Credit Helps Earnings In The Near Term, But What Happens To Growth? PDF WRLD 01/25/2021
First Look - EPS Beat on Provision as PPNR Misses on Fees PDF CBU 01/25/2021
First Look - EPS Beat on Provision While PPNR Misses PDF NWBI 01/25/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: Cost Controls & Larger B/S Drive Profitabil... PDF FBK 01/25/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: In Line With Preannouncement; New Buyback Annou... PDF CADE 01/25/2021
First Look at Stock Repurchase Announcement PDF HOMB 01/25/2021
First Look: Acquires Pet Supplies Plus For $700M, 8.75x EBITDA for a 23% CA... PDF FRG 01/25/2021
First Look: Adj. 4Q20 EPS In Line With Consensus PDF CVLG 01/25/2021
First Look: Another SPAC Combo; Another Reason to Get Involved PDF CNNE 01/25/2021
First Look: Favorable View of CFO Hire PDF VCEL 01/25/2021
First Look: HES Announces '21 E&P Budget; Capex In Line With Expectatio... PDF HES 01/25/2021
Grand Rounds: Weekly Medical Device & Hospital Supply Review PDF 01/25/2021
Impressive Relative Results in 4Q20 and 2020; Maintain EW Rating PDF LKFN 01/25/2021
Lower Credit Costs Drive Higher EPS - Adj. P/T and Maintain E/W PDF PBCT 01/25/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/25/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/25/2021
Op. PPNR Beat in 4Q20, Revising 2021 EPS and PPNR Higher PDF FITB 01/25/2021
Provision and Expense Plan Driving Higher EPS - Incr. P/T and Maintain E/W PDF WBS 01/25/2021
Restaurant Weekly: 1/25 PDF 01/25/2021
ROE Guidance Implies Significant Upside To Consensus EPS; Staying Overweigh... PDF ALLY 01/25/2021
Solid Growth Quarter With Improving Credit Trends; Maintain OW & Adjust... PDF WAL 01/25/2021
Stephens Weekly Rail Update (Ended 1/16/21) PDF 01/25/2021
Still Looking Good: Reiterate O/V Ratings on Aesthetic Industry Coverage PDF 01/25/2021
TFII To Acquire UPS Freight PDF TFII-CA 01/25/2021
Updating Estimates & Price Target Following 4Q Results; Remain OW PDF UMPQ 01/25/2021
Updating Estimates Following 4Q Earnings; Maintain PT and EW Rating PDF BKU 01/25/2021
Updating Our Model for 4Q20 Earnings PDF SLB 01/25/2021
Weekly Fuel Report (1/25/21) PDF 01/25/2021
Weekly Reader: BLFS, CDMO, CYRX, REPH, OSUR PDF 01/25/2021
ZoomInfo Expert Call Takeaways; Sales Intelligence Momentum Continues Into ... PDF ZI 01/25/2021
3Q21 Earnings Preview PDF MNRO 01/22/2021
4Q20 EPS Review, Higher Milk Prices Puts Some Wind in County's Sails PDF ICBK 01/22/2021
Adjusting Estimates and Target Following 4Q Results; Remain Equal-Weight PDF FNB 01/22/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/22/2021
BJRI Releases F4Q and QTD Results; Announces At-The-Market Equity Offering PDF BJRI 01/22/2021
Core Spread Tailwinds Drive Rev./EPS Beat; Increasing EPS Forecasts & P... PDF OZK 01/22/2021
Double-Digit Rev. Growth Outlook Driven by TPAY Platform; Increasing PT to ... PDF TBK 01/22/2021
DuPont, Corteva, Chemours PFAS Agreement, Step 2 PDF 01/22/2021
E&P + Mineral: 4Q20 Preview & '21 Thoughts; Raising PTs on Higher O... PDF 01/22/2021
Exceptional Growth Quarter & 2021 Guidance Appears Robust; Updating Est... PDF SIVB 01/22/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: Revenue/EPS Solid; Core Loan Balances Flat PDF OZK 01/22/2021
First Look at 4Q20: Adj. EPS Miss, But 2021 & 2022 Guidance Well Above ... PDF KSU 01/22/2021
First Look at SLB 4Q20 Results PDF SLB 01/22/2021
First Look: Beat Driven By Equities Gains, Reserve Releases; Inline Finance... PDF ALLY 01/22/2021
First Look: Best Idea WAL 4Q20 Results PDF WAL 01/22/2021
First Look: Bid Process Drawing to a Close?; The Drama Not Dying Down Quite... PDF CLGX 01/22/2021
First Look: December EHS Units +22% YOY; Price Up +13% YOY PDF 01/22/2021
First Look: HBAN 4Q20 Results PDF HBAN 01/22/2021
First Look: MUSA Prices Debt Offering - Accretive To Prior QuickChek Estima... PDF MUSA 01/22/2021
First Look: RF 4Q20 Results PDF RF 01/22/2021
First Look: Saved By The Stimulus; Earnings Miss On Everything Except Credi... PDF WRLD 01/22/2021
Growth in Consumer Channel, Hedging Activity & Branch Cuts Support PPNR... PDF KEY 01/22/2021
Larger Balance Sheet and Lower Provision Drive Increased Estimates, Maintai... PDF AMNB 01/22/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/22/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/22/2021
Op. EPS Beat, Op. PPNR Miss - CEO Retirement Announced PDF ASB 01/22/2021
Profitability vs. Valuation Gap Remains Attractive - Increasing Est. and P/... PDF STL 01/22/2021
Slight Miss in 4Q20, But Very Strong 2021 & 2022 Guidance Steals the Sh... PDF KSU 01/22/2021
Updating Model for Recent Accretive Acquisitions; Raise Ests & TP to $1... PDF ADUS 01/22/2021
Updating Our Model for 4Q20 Earnings PDF BKR 01/22/2021
Weekly HCIT Vaccination Tracker PDF 01/22/2021
1st Look: Barron’s Indicates ACIW Considering Strat Alternatives Incl... PDF ACIW 01/21/2021
4Q20 Likely A Challenge...But Leading Demand Indicator Beginning To Recover... PDF KEX 01/21/2021
4Q20 PPNR and EPS Beat; Share Repurchase Announced PDF CFG 01/21/2021
4Q20 Results Slightly Above Street; 2021 Guidance for Volume Growth Above G... PDF CSX 01/21/2021
4Q20 Wrap; Maintain $23 PT and Overweight Rating PDF HOMB 01/21/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/21/2021
All This Talk on Mortgage Overshadowed Solid 4Q20 Growth & Credit Trend... PDF WTFC 01/21/2021
BMTC First Look: Provision-Driven Beat with Strong Wealth Management Trends... PDF BMTC 01/21/2021
Cuomo Releases FY22 Budget Proposals w/ Potential $600M Cut to Medicaid Spe... PDF 01/21/2021
Deserves More Love After Solid 4Q: Increasing Estimates and Target, Remain ... PDF UCBI 01/21/2021
First Look - Consensus Beat as Fee Income and Core NII Solid PDF STL 01/21/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Adj. EPS Beat PDF CSX 01/21/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: EPS/Rev Beat; Credit Stable PDF HOMB 01/21/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: In Line With Pre-Release PDF UNP 01/21/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: PPNR Beat Driven By Loan Growth & NIM PDF TBK 01/21/2021
First Look at BKR 4Q20 Results PDF BKR 01/21/2021
First Look: AMNB 4Q Results PDF AMNB 01/21/2021
First Look: BKU 4Q Results PDF BKU 01/21/2021
First Look: BSX Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Preventice Soluti... PDF BSX 01/21/2021
First Look: FITB 4Q20 Results PDF FITB 01/21/2021
First Look: KEY 4Q20 Results PDF KEY 01/21/2021
First Look: SASR 4Q Results PDF SASR 01/21/2021
First Look: TFC 4Q20 Results PDF TFC 01/21/2021
First Look: The Growth Continues - EPS Beat and Deposits +17% Q/Q PDF SBNY 01/21/2021
First Look: UMPQ 4Q20 Results PDF UMPQ 01/21/2021
Generac’s Enbala Acquisition and the Market Outlook for Virtual Power... PDF 01/21/2021
Golf Equipment 4Q20 Preview PDF 01/21/2021
Healthcare IT App User Tracker PDF 01/21/2021
Lowering Estimates Following Negative Tone On Loan Growth, Expenses PDF DFS 01/21/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/21/2021
Mixed Bag but Growth Outlook Strong & Expenses Not as Bad as Feared; Re... PDF PACW 01/21/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/21/2021
MSM Continued "Mission Critical" Progress as Branch Footprint Red... PDF MSM 01/21/2021
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag- Best-in-Class Growth Continues- Incr. Est. and ... PDF SBNY 01/21/2021
Payments Remains a Drag on Profitability, Buy USB Before the Recovery PDF USB 01/21/2021
Profitability Improvements; Positioned Well For M&A; Increasing PT to $... PDF SMBK 01/21/2021
Revenue Beat; Credit Trends Stabilizing; PPNR Headwinds Likely in 2021 PDF TCBI 01/21/2021
Starboard Seeking to Replace Collins as CEO PDF CTVA 01/21/2021
Strong 4Q Results; Still Runway for OR Improvement + Enhanced Focus on Grow... PDF UNP 01/21/2021
Updating CYRX Estimates for 4Q Pre-Release PDF CYRX 01/21/2021
Updating Our Model for 4Q20 Earnings PDF FAST 01/21/2021
Urner Barry Call Takeaways PDF 01/21/2021
1st Look at 4Q20 Results: EPS/Rev Beat; Notable Organic Loan Growth/Outlook... PDF PNFP 01/20/2021
4Q20 EPS Beat from Upside in ICS; LT Margin Targets Under Review PDF JBHT 01/20/2021
4Q20 EPS Review; Op. EPS Beat as Excess Liquidity Continues to Build PDF NCBS 01/20/2021
4Q20 Industry Wallboard Volumes Up 3.1% YoY; EXP Markets Show Greater Stren... PDF 01/20/2021
4Q20 Wrap: Key Takes Post the Call; Raise Ests & TP to $390 (From $380)... PDF UNH 01/20/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/20/2021
AVO Reports 4Q20; Revising Estimates & PT; Reiterating OW Rating PDF AVO 01/20/2021
Credit Trend Continue to Stabilize; Increasing PT to $43 PDF HWC 01/20/2021
Expanding Into the Northern Chicago Suburbs; Acquiring Cummins-American Cor... PDF BUSE 01/20/2021
EXPGY 3Q Final: Key DTC Strategy, Sustained Rev Growth, Better Margin Over ... PDF EXPGY 01/20/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: EPS Beat Driven by Fees/Zero LLP Expense PDF SMBK 01/20/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: EPS Beat Driven by LLP expense; Mixed Outlook PDF BOKF 01/20/2021
First Look at FAST 4Q20 Results PDF FAST 01/20/2021
First Look: 2021 Guide In line, 4Q20 Miss On Expenses = Stock Slightly Lowe... PDF DFS 01/20/2021
First Look: CFG 4Q20 Results PDF CFG 01/20/2021
First Look: Conference Call Takeaways PDF FAST 01/20/2021
First Look: FNB 4Q Results PDF FNB 01/20/2021
First Look: MUSA Reports Preliminary 4Q20 Results PDF MUSA 01/20/2021
First Look: PACW 4Q20 Results PDF PACW 01/20/2021
First Look: USB 4Q20 Results PDF USB 01/20/2021
First Look: WTFC 4Q20 Results PDF WTFC 01/20/2021
FULT 4Q20 First Look: EPS In Line as Fee Income Decline Offset by Core NII PDF FULT 01/20/2021
IFF & DuPont Pro Forma PDF IFF 01/20/2021
Information Resources Inc. Monthly Market Share Data - Period Ended 1/10/21... PDF 01/20/2021
Lagging Profitability Remains Key Headwind - Adj. Est. and Maintain P/T PDF FULT 01/20/2021
Leverage to the Recovery in More Ways Than One; Raising PT to $74 PDF CMA 01/20/2021
Mid-Day Research Summary PDF 01/20/2021
Morning Research Summary PDF 01/20/2021
N. Am. Humming as Int'l Begins to Inflect; Upgrading to OW PDF HAL 01/20/2021
Negative LLP & Higher PPP Fees Drives 4Q20 EPS Beat; Sticking With EW PDF ZION 01/20/2021
New Ests. Top Consensus By Wide Margin; Strong Demand, Elevated Margins; OW... PDF CWH 01/20/2021
Restaurant Weekly: 1/20 PDF 01/20/2021
Retail/Broadlines: On Inauguration, A Look At the ARP's Potential Impact PDF 01/20/2021
Revenue Headwinds Likely in 2021; Maintain Equal-Weight Rating PDF BOKF 01/20/2021
Share Buybacks Less Than Expected; Lowering EPS 3% PDF DFS 01/20/2021
Solid 4Q20 Results / Positive Outlook; Increasing PT to $80; Maintain OW Ra... PDF PNFP 01/20/2021
Stock Reaction To CFPB Director Pick: Favors Rent To Own, Pawn PDF 01/20/2021
UNH 4Q20 Initial: 4Q Revs & EPS Beat; 2021 EPS Guidance Reaffirmed PDF UNH 01/20/2021
Weekly Commodity Monitor (1/20/21) PDF 01/20/2021
ZoomInfo Expert Conference Call | TOMORROW | 2:00pm ET/1:00pm CT | Sales In... PDF 01/20/2021
Afternoon Research Summary PDF 01/19/2021
Delivering on the ONB Way; M&A Likely Back on the Table PDF ONB 01/19/2021
EXPGY 3Q: Beat/Accel Org Rev FXN (7% vs. 4% Guide / 2Q's 5%) On Better UK/E... PDF EXPGY 01/19/2021
Final 2022 MA Ratebook Analysis; Public MCOs Average +4.33% Rate Boost PDF 01/19/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: GNTY PDF GNTY 01/19/2021
First Look at 4Q20 Results: GNTY PDF GNTY 01/19/2021
First Look at HAL 4Q20 Results PDF HAL 01/19/2021
First Look: 4Q EPS In Line With Consensus PDF HTLD 01/19/2021
First Look: AVO Reports 4Q20 PDF AVO 01/19/2021
First Look: CHX Announces CFO Leadership Transition PDF CHX 01/19/2021
First Look: CMA 4Q20 Results PDF CMA 01/19/2021
First Look: FDX Announces Workforce Reduction Plan in Europe PDF FDX 01/19/2021
First Look: NOV Provides Preliminary Results PDF NOV 01/19/2021
First Look: NOV Provides Preliminary Results PDF NOV 01/19/2021
First Look: ONB 4Q20 Results PDF ONB 01/19/2021
First Look: UCBI 4Q Results PDF UCBI 01/19/2021
FMC Fourth Quarter Update: Weaker than Expected PDF FMC 01/19/2021
Good PPNR Trends; Maintain OW Rating; Increasing PT to $36 PDF GNTY 01/19/2021
Initial Take on JBHT 4Q20 EPS Beat PDF JBHT 01/19/2021
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