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July 02, 2018

Read: Viewpoint Mid-Year 2018 - A Stephens Inc. Economic and Financial Commentary

Many challenging events are changing the American and global economic landscapes. Some are positive, such as the new U.S. tax plan, others are negative, such as the possible tariff wars with U.S. global trading partners. These factors and others are impacting the U.S economic outlook. And certainly the economic landscape is energizing. Times like these warrant perspective, therefore, Stephens is relaunching Viewpoint. A well-timed move, as I found in retirement that I am not content to be just a distant observer of the economy.

In the “final” Viewpoint one year ago, I indicated my expectation that the U.S. economy would continue growing at a rate similar to that of the Obama years—2% to 2.25%. President Trump’s economic growth goal of 3% to 4%, I believed, was unrealistic because too many factors in the American economy were and are impeding such strong growth.

Let’s assess how the U.S. economy has been performing under the Trump presidency. What is going well, and what is hindering strong economic growth?

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