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April 15, 2021

Read: Viewpoint April 2021 - A Stephens Inc. Economic and Financial Commentary

We recently caught up with Dr. Thomas Goho, former Chief Economic Consultant for Stephens Inc. to ask him if his outlook for our economy had changed since the end of 2020. Particularly, in light of the recently enacted stimulus package as well as anticipated income tax increases along with a proposed historical spending proposal from the new Biden administration.

It's Party Time USA: A Post-Covid Celebration.

Even before America has reached herd immunity from vaccinations, there is a euphoria building in America, and government is playing a key role in party planning. Forecasts of real economic growth indicate quarterly growth of over 6% in early 2021. Strong economic growth is providing a boost for employment, with the unemployment rate falling to 6% in March 2021. Unemployment is still high compared to the pre-Covid rate of under 4%, but it is headed in a positive direction.

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