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September 11, 2018
Episode 011

Prentice McIntosh, Vice President of risk management at Stephens Insurance, discusses the initial impacts that businesses can face following a severe hurricane and how businesses can deal with the aftermath of a storm. 


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Small Business Hurricane Survival: The Aftermath

Prentice McIntosh, a vice-president of risk management at Stephens Insurance, talks about how having and following a natural disaster preparedness plan and working with insurers can help small businesses get back to business after a hurricane.


Small business owners need to get back to their property as soon as it is safe to assess the physical damage and identify any immediate, temporary fixes that you can be made to avoid compounding the losses. Damage needs to be documented and photographed during this process.  A small business’s insurer can work with loss adjusters to get the rebuilding phase started as quickly as possible.


The aftermath of a storm can show where the gaps were in a small business’s preparedness plan, and help the small business owner assess and revise their plan so they’re better prepared in the event of another natural disaster. Not everything can be mitigated or avoided, which is why it’s critical that small business owners partner with their insurer to make sure they have coverage to protect them against potential losses.


Ideally, a small business would have a plan before hurricane season ends, November 30th. But if you haven’t put a plan in place, check in with your insurer. They can walk you through the most critical things to think about, and should a disaster strike, they can help you navigate the adjustment and claim process and develop a plan for going forward.

Prentice McIntosh

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