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Central Moloney

Value Not Disclosed 10/20/2023 Power & Industrial Technology Complete
Lead Bankers: Ross Rucker, Joe Mowery
Financial Sponsors
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Transaction Details

  • Wind Point Partners (“Wind Point”), a Chicago-based private equity firm, announced on October 27, 2023 that it has partnered with Central Moloney (“CMI”), a leading manufacturer of critical infrastructure products for the U.S. electrical grid.
  • Wind Point is partnering with CMI management, led by CEO Chris Hart. Under Mr. Hart’s leadership, CMI has experienced substantial growth by strategically implementing organic expansion initiatives and prioritizing exceptional customer service during a period of heightened demand for electrification.
  • Through a series of acquisitions and divestitures, CMI was established in 1994 and converted to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) in 1998.

About the company

Central Moloney
Central Moloney is a leading manufacturer of distribution transformers and transformer components to the United States utilities market. CMI has five facilities in Arkansas and a sixth in Panama City Beach. Since becoming Central Moloney in 1994, CMI has primarily grown organically and has over 500 employees.

Wind Point Partners
Wind Point Partners is a Chicago-based private equity investment firm with approximately $6 billion in assets under management. The firm focuses on partnering with top caliber management teams to acquire well-positioned middle market businesses where it can establish a clear path to value creation. Founded in 1984, Wind Point is one of the oldest private equity firms in Chicago and an early adopter in developing a partnership model to align with top operating talent in private equity investments.

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